"Suck them fucktoy."

Franklin accepted the gift, making a show of licking her fingers until every trace of her honey was gone.

"How was it fucktoy?"

"It was delicious, Mistress Madeline." It was delicious. It was rich, pungent with a musky odor. Franklin of course wanted more but already knew better than to speak up.

"That's good fucktoy. I'm going to fuck your ass. If you make me cum I'll let you lick my pussy. Is that acceptable fucktoy?"

"Yes Mistress Madeline."

"Yes what, fucktoy?"

"Yes I want you to fuck my ass and I want to make you cum Mistress Madeline."

"I'm impressed fucktoy. You're my submissive little bitch. You like this, don't you fucktoy?"

She reached down and squeezed his cock with a strong grip. It gave Franklin a surge of painful pleasure.

"You wait here fucktoy and you'll get your reward."

Franklin watched her out of the corner of her eye as she went into the bedroom. He stood there, hands on the bar and legs spread apart, starting to shiver, as he heard her rustling in the bedroom. Minutes later she emerged naked, wear only impossibly high stiletto heels and a harness with a long fake cock protruding from the front.

"Get it wet, fucktoy ... it's going into your ass."

Franklin got on his knees, worshipping her fake cock with his lips and tongue, licking it and fellating it until it glistened with his saliva. The silicone dildo was cold, and had a slightly plasticky taste, but it excited him when the head of it rammed against the back of his throat, gagging him, and causing him to drool more on the fake cock. He tried to keep focused on his task, but his eyes kept wandering, looking at his Goddess, for the first time naked. Her tits were as big and as perfect as he had imagined -- areola the size of silver dollars and brown nipples that looked like delicious gumdrops, her skin creamy smooth, and her legs long and supple.

"That's good fucktoy," she said encouragingly, watching his slobber drip off her cock. "Nice and wet."

Franklin was getting into a rhythm, moving his head up and down the dildo, trying to take in more with each stroke. He was enjoying it too much so Madeline cut him off.

"Enough fucktoy. Lean against the bar with your chest and use your hands to spread apart the cheeks of your ass."

Franklin's curiosity was about to be satisfied. His thighs were trembling with anticipation as she spit on the head of the cock and wiggled it against his anus.

The cold sensation made his anal ring snap shut.

"Relax fucktoy. Pull your cheeks apart and think about how full you're going to be with this cock all the way up your ass."

Franklin thought about it. The thought pleased him. He pulled his cheeks farther apart, creating a small gape.

Madeline gripped near the head of the cock and thrust her hips forward, guiding the cock past the anal ring, and then sliding freely until her hips were planted firmly against this ass.

"All the way in, fucktoy. How does it feel?"

"Full Mistress, stretched ... so full," he grunted between sips of air.

"I'm going to start fucking you."

He was almost doubled over, her thick fake phallus as far in as she could push. His ass cheeks reflexively squeezed the plastic cock, pushing the pad on the harness against her clit. She mashed her tits against her fucktoy's back, rhythmically undulating her hips.

She fucked him, and he fucked her back. They were both living out their fantasies. Madeline's mind was soaring as she fucked him. It was better than she imagined. Franklin needed little training. He was meant to be her slut.

"I'm going to cum, fucktoy, and I want you to cum when I tell you. Do you understand?" she asked, her voice wavering.

"Yes, Mistress Madeline," he choked out.

She reached underneath Franklin, and gripped his cock, pumping it in time with her fucking motion.

Her velvety soft hand, sweaty, stroked him hard. He could feel cum rising from his balls. He wasn't acquainted with orgasm denial, and the effort he made to forestall his orgasm made him break out in a hot sweat. Her fake cock was pushing against his prostate. His urge to cum was irresistible.

"Please ... Mistress Madeline," he croaked. "Please ..."

It gave her pleasure to hear him beg. But he was going to learn something about himself.

"Not yet fucktoy. You don't fucking cum without my permission. Got it fucktoy?"

She gave him an extra hard stroke, making him shudder again.

"Yes ... yes Mistress Madeline," he said desperately.

The hot talk, and the stimulating beat against her clit, made a sweet orgasm wash over her. This man would do anything for her. His power became her power. The ass fucking, the power over this man, and his eagerness to accept it -- she wanted to stop time and freeze that perfect moment.

Franklin was babbling, annoying Madeline as it interrupted her too brief reverie.

"Don't you cum fucktoy," she said, keeping up the unrelenting motion of her fist pumping his cock. He was going to learn the power of submission.

She ignored his incessant begging. She wanted to bring him to the edge one more time.

She stopped stroking him. He groaned when she took her hand away from his cock. Her voice softened as she rested against his back, whispering in his ear.

"That was good ... no ... that was great fucktoy. I don't say that lightly."

"Thank you Mistress Madeline." Understanding that his orgasm was hers to control, he wanted to pleasure his Goddess further. "May I lick your pussy now Mistress Madeline?"

"You may fucktoy."

Franklin would have done anything for that woman. She hovered over him, making clear with her body language that he needed to please her. He got on his knees and slobbered over the fake cock, sucking on it and licking the sides, eager to show his submission. She watched, amused that an inexperienced man had taken so quickly to his new role.

"That's a good boy," she said as she lightly slapped the fake cock against his cheek.

She sat down on a narrow wicker chair. She sat on in backwards, so her bottom was hanging over the edge.

"You're going to kneel behind me and use your hands to spread the cheeks of my ass. Do you know what you're going to do after that, fucktoy?"

Franklin had become a quick study at this game. He knew exactly what she wanted. "I'm going to lick your ass Mistress Madeline."

"That's right fucktoy. That's what you're going to do. Now do it."

He dropped to his knees and gripped her perfectly formed ass cheeks, meaty and firm. He pulled them apart, exposing a pink rosette, and the tiny hole in the middle that begged for his tongue. He steeled his tongue and pushed into her anal ring, her muscle tensing and acting as a vise against his tongue. He retreated, then pushed forward again and stretched her open until his tongue was buried as far as it could go.

"That's good, fucktoy ..." she panted. Her fingers had found her hot, sopping mess between her legs and rubbed against the small hardened knob of flesh.

He fucked her harder with his tongue, pushing inside, smelling her sweet musk and desperately trying to bury every inch of his tongue in her asshole.

"That's it ... yes ..." she uttered, almost too far gone to care. Her hand was a blur, and then fine droplets of moisture sprayed as her body convulsed.

The aftershocks rumbled through her, causing an audible gasp each time her pleasure crested. The air, heavy with sex, hung over their sweat soaked bodies.

They cooled there, Madeline slumped against the chair, and Franklin laying on his side, satiated but still hard.

"That was amazing fucktoy." She was trying to straighten up, but not trying too hard.

"Thank you Mistress Madeline." Franklin was glowing. This was a different level of sex ... and intimacy. It was exactly what he was looking for.

She was likewise elated. She knew now that they'd be together for some time. It was too good. Too perfect. She was going to do something she almost never did with her subs.

"Lay on your back fucktoy."

Franklin complied without complaint or question. She got up from the chair and knelt next to him.

"I'm going to suck your cock, fucktoy, as a reward, and you can cum in my mouth when I tell you."

He felt her plush lips form a perfect "O" and slide down slowly and tight against his pulsing cock.

This is where he wanted to be. It was heaven feeling her lips glide up and down his cock, causing a burst of pleasure with every stroke. She wasn't just giving his a blowjob, she was mouth fucking him, squeezing him with her lips. He tried to keep his eyes open so he could watch her, her face in concentration, her breasts hanging low. He wanted it to go on forever but he had already been edged twice and was already beyond the point of no return.

Her words "cum fucktoy" rang in his ears. A sharp spike of pleasure, the pressure heightened by her denial, reverberated in his head, almost to the point of pain. He grunted, and spewed wad after wad of cum into her eager mouth until his cock spasmed and nothing came out. She made a point of him seeing her throat constrict as she swallowed with a smile of satisfaction.

She licked her lips, removing the last remnants of his spend, and letting the bittersweet ejaculate pool on her tongue.

She leaned over him, still prone and gasping for breath, and kissed him, passing his seed back to him.

"I own you now, fucktoy."

* * *

End of Part 1

Part 2 -- The Party




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