I opened my mouth wide, and then she started. There was too much fluid squirted out of her pussy so I had some problems in swallowing it all. I swallowed this honey like liquid and could feel its power. Even the power from the drops that were overflowing from my mouth and were in that moment running down my neck and chest had magic that I could feel. I could feel how my magical powers were growing.

After Alyssa was empty she sunk down to her knees. She leaned on the side wall and said to me, "Get them now. The amplification of your power will not last that long. You have only some minutes."

I could feel the fire Alyssa's spell was giving me. The magical feeling was incredible. I felt stronger than ever before. But now I needed to act before the spell wears off. I melted the iron door on the two hinge joints and the lock. The effect was faster than I expected. The door was free after some seconds.

I kicked the door and stepped aside. They had too much time for preparation. When the door was hitting the ground a small ballista arrow from a scorpion was piercing the wall on the other side. So they had prepared indeed. I took a quick look into the room.

At the quick look I could see five men in the room. Two of them were using the scorpion and three were seeking protection behind large shield on their arms. Since their ballista was reloading now, this was the best time for my attack. I stepped into the door and used my spell, "Igniplano!"

The whole room was set on fire. I heard some short screams. After five seconds I let the fire down, to see what is left. The fire was down but only ashes remained. A little kind of leftover bonfire was on the ground where they put their scorpion. Now I took a closer look to the room itself. There was another door in the room, but this time made of wood. I checked the door, but it was locked, so I melted this lock, too.

Alyssa was back on her feet again meanwhile and came to me. I kicked the door with the melted lock in order to have it open. This room was the prison of the hideout. Three girls were here bound in chains that were pinned in the wall.

Alyssa looked at me and said, "Look for the keys in the ashes. I will talk to them. It might be better if a woman is speaking to them."

"You are probably right," I confirmed and started to dig the ashes of the mercenaries.

"Hey, my dears. Everything is over. We are going to free you now," my sister started to speak to them. "None of them is alive any longer. Nobody will hurt you now."

While I was searching in the ashes I could see that the first woman was hugging Alyssa and was crying. On the women's legs on the inside there were many scars and wounds from multiple rapes. I am not sure what else they had done to them but I wanted to burn these scum again and again to make them feel pain. Then I found a key. It had some heating traces, but it was not melted that much.

"Alyssa, I found a key," I said and gave it to her.

"It fits!" she said and opened the girls chains.

The girls could barely stand up, so we needed to support them. Two girls were leaning on me while Alyssa was still a little weak. I gave her my staff as help so that she could support the third girl to walk out of here. The way out was not easy and took a long time.







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