Jason was pragmatic. He realized his plan was a long shot, but it was the best one he could think of up to now. It would take a while because he was in no shape now to run anywhere. How many months would he have to train until he felt ready?

AS he got stronger, he could think about his other idea. He would make a break for it as they were taking him out of the cage after servicing a client in the back yard. He didn't care who saw him running naked down to the highway. The only question was how would his body respond after being mounted on the horse for a couple of hours while his asshole was being destroyed.

"Have you noticed anything yet, Jason?" asked Delilah, breaking his train of thought. Vixen had moved back, and Delilah had stepped closer to him.

"Look where you are," she continued. "You aren't aware that you've been moving back. It's a natural subconscious response to the cage bars coming closer to you. The cage is now less than half the size it was when the motor went on. In a few minutes, you'll feel the horse touching you. The video is going to be even better than I hoped it would be."

She stepped back and Angelique stepped forward and began talking.

"We'll record you reacting to the cage and also every minute you're working. The best videos will go on our website, hiscage.org. It will be another source of revenue. Your face and all of your customers' faces will be fuzzy, but your mouth and asshole will be high definition.

"Some of the elite customers have already subscribed for a year when we offered a pre-launch discount. They are a strange bunch, totally different from the lowlifes. They want to do all sorts of things to your cock and balls as well as your ass and mouth.

"As long as what they suggest won't keep you from going to work the next day, we'll listen and be open-minded. As you used to remind us, the customer is always right if he has enough money. We'll quote them an outrageous price for the special services, so that will stop all those who aren't crazy rich, like the sheik.

"Would you believe some of them want to come to the warehouse, watch you work for a while and then get in line to take their five-minute turn? They've done almost everything, but they've never put their cocks into an ass full of other men's come.

"Did I leave anything out, ladies?"

"The donation," Vixen said.

"Oh, yes. Our lawyers and accountants will prepare the papers for you to donate all your assets to the EAF, but we're in no hurry. You've got years of work ahead of you before you earn enough to retire.

"So, we'll present a few forms at a time for you to sign. We're not going to use the collar or any violence to persuade you. If you decline, everything will stay the same except your diet.

"Instead of eating Vixen's gourmet meals, you'll only smell the aromas of what she cooks for us. You'll get your nutrition from Kitten's custom-made smoothies. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be thick shakes containing ground-up vitamins, powdered protein, vegetables, fruits, fiber, and fats. It won't taste great, but it will be fully balanced. You'll also get one glass of wine twice a week.

"When you decide to sign, you'll let us know. As soon as you put the pen down, you'll begin enjoying mealtime again and get a lot more alcohol. We think you'll miss the booze the most."

"Tell him about becoming an invalid," Delilah suggested.

"Oh! I forgot that, too. Sorry!"

Angelique watched Jason shifting inside the cage.

"I see you're feeling the horse now. Isn't it soft and comfortable? The material is non-abrasive, so it won't give you rug burn, even after three hours of rubbing against it. And it's easy to wash and dry, so it will be fresh for you every day. It's funny how you're trying to avoid it.

"Anyway, about your upcoming health challenges. They will be purely imaginary. When Kitten arrives in town in her uniform, she'll make sure that before she leaves to come out here, all the town gossips know that you've had a setback and she's been hired by your relatives to be your live-in nurse. She'll also mention some women relatives will be taking turns helping her take care of you. That will set it up for us to do your grocery shopping for you.

"With good food and exercise, you're going to be more fit than you've ever been, so you'll never have to take a sick day to stay home from work. You're even going to exercise your libido, because Kitten says low testosterone can cause health issues.

"You won't get any sexual gratification when you're working, but every week or so, you'll get to be the top instead of the bottom. No more expensive hookers, but we've bought a bunch of inflatable sex dolls, and we'll have the cameras rolling while you go to it.

"At the same you're satisfying yourself; you'll be earning more money as the star of an Internet sex comedy show. We looked for the weirdest and goofiest sex dolls we could find, and we'll inflate them until they look like obscene balloons in a holiday parade. Then we'll give them a bath in oil.

"You'll get the same treatment. First, we'll fill you full of water through your asshole until your stomach looks bigger than Santa Claus's and your cock and balls will almost be out of sight. After we push a plug in to keep you fat, we'll give you a bath in oil, so you'll be as slippery as the sex dolls. The only thing you'll get that they won't is a big dose of Viagra in your breakfast.

"So, you'll be primed and ready for action, except your big belly will make it hard to get your cock lined up, and the greasy dolls will be hard to maneuver. The heads will be too easy to grasp, so we're taping over the mouth holes. You'll have to go for the pussy holes.

"When you do find them, you'll have the challenge of keeping your cock going into them as you bounce off the overinflated dolls. We think it will look like you're trying to fuck a trampoline.

"We'll put you and the dolls in your big bedroom without the cage so you have plenty of room to play. We've got a bet on about what you'll do. Some of us bet that you'll just sit there for the first few weeks and stare at the cameras.

"But I think I know you pretty well. When you realize this will be the only way to get your rocks off for the next few years, and you feel the effects of the Viagra, you'll go after the dolls the first time, and the cameras will catch every strategy as you work out how to keep the friction going while you bump bellies.

"You'll have a few hours to do whatever you want. Each time you come, we'll remove that doll temporarily, so eventually you'll get around to all of them. We already have more than a dozen dolls, and we've ordered some more online that are even more grotesque. Each fuck will be an episode of your Internet show."

Angelique laughed. She walked around the cage and nodded in satisfaction at what she saw.

"It looks like another fifteen minutes until you're mounted on the horse, so I'll tell you what Venus is bringing with her tomorrow when she comes here with Kitten.

"She's been educating us since she found us on Facebook and joined your alumnae organization. She's a professional dominatrix.

"It started with us swapping war stories about our worst tricks - the ugliest, dirtiest, smelliest, nastiest, meanest, stingiest and most brutal. We talked about the thickest cocks and the worst tasting come. We never could find out what the tricks were eating that made it so foul. Then there were the sadists who figured out a way to make anal hurt even more than usual. We figured out what some of them were doing and thwarted them, but others we never did find out. You can't relate to this now, but soon you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

"For instance, why did some tricks squeeze, pull, and slap our boobs while fucking us until they were black and blue and hurt for days? You don't have boobs like ours, but some of your tricks will do the same to your balls.

"We never told you about the bad tricks, because we were sure you would be the opposite of sympathetic. We were worried you might try to find them and bring them back for more.

"You always claimed you were all business, but we all knew you had a mean streak. You told us it was a point of pride to never beat us for fun, only to improve productivity and decrease errors. But even when we were bringing in good money and there were no problems, you'd find something to complain about and work us over.

"Our business plan is so efficient that you won't have a chance to mess up and get disciplined. You'll be in the cage, so the customers will always get their money's worth, and we'll schedule your time, so you'll be working at maximum productivity. If anything goes wrong, it will be our fault, not yours.

"Then it dawned on me that no matter how smooth and efficient our operation is, nothing is ever perfect. Things will come up, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"There will always be more men in line than you have time for at the warehouse, so the only thing that could go wrong is if you catch a cold from a trick. You'd have to miss work until Kitten gave you a clean bill of health.

"But Tuesdays and Thursdays, you'll have only one elite customer, or a group, like today. Sometimes they'll have to cancel - for any one of a million reasons. Since they'll be giving us a down payment of half the fee, we won't care if they never reschedule.

"You'll be left with an empty block of work time. We're going to sell that time to your former employees. Usually, we'll know at least a few days in advance, so they can fly in from all over the world and enjoy their holiday with Jason. They'll stay in one of the guest rooms for a few days, reminisce with us over fancy dinners and fine wines, and have fun watching you work in the back yard and at the warehouse. It will be like a resort vacation for them.

"On the Tuesday or Thursday that they pay for, they will work with Venus. She's ordering costumes in different sizes if they want to dress up. And she's buying duplicates of her entire collection of impact tools and bringing them here.

"Your alumnae will be able to choose from dozens of whips, canes, crops, nagaikas, floggers, quirts, martinets, scourges, lashes, kamchas, paddles, sjamboks, chicotes, rubber hoses, cats-o-nine-tails, klopfpeitsches, hairbrushes, straps, rebenques, belts, birches, knouts, and tawses.

"Venus will demonstrate - on you - any of them that interest the client. She'll demonstrate how to use each to maximize the pain. Then your former employee will use any that she likes to enjoy herself for an hour or until Kitten tells her to stop.

"You will be mounted on the horse and in the cage the same as when you're working, so it will be simple. We'll adjust the dolly so you are at the optimal height for each girl. The girls will be able to swing for everything sticking out at the back of the cage - mainly your ass and thighs. If you can hold your legs together, you'll be able to protect your balls and cock.

"Venus says some men hold out longer than others, but eventually they all start dancing to the beat. That's what she calls it when the pain becomes so intense that the brain loses control of the body, and it begins moving in response to automatic reflexes, like when the doctor taps your knee and your foot kicks up.

"Your body frantically twists and turns and your legs jerk in every direction trying desperately to avoid the next contact. What that does is expose your cock and balls to the dom's discipline.

"Kitten has been reading up on corporal punishment. She told us that deep bruises and flesh cuts are painful but not dangerous, so she doesn't anticipate having to stop any of the sessions, no matter how much your balls swell up and turn purple and the marks on your ass bleed.

"Going to work after one of these sessions will be harder than usual because the slightest skin contact will be unbearable. A lot of tricks will enjoy making you scream. But whenever you're not working, Kitten will treat you with healing creams. Most of the contact pain will be gone in a few weeks.

"We don't want to leave anyone out of the fun, so your former workers will pay on a sliding scale according to their financial situation. Some of them will pay a dollar.

"We won't schedule these sessions often, and after we do one, we'll wait until you're completely healed before we do the next one. We think each girl deserves a shiny white ass free of scars to start with. Those videos won't go online, except privately to all of our Facebook friends.

"I see we're almost ready to move to the back yard. You're pushing hard with both feet, but the cage isn't going to stop, and in a minute or two, the only way to get relief from the pressure will be to mount the horse. You'll be surprised at how comfortable you'll feel when you're in the right position.

"Today is a special day. Everything will be fresh and new because it's the first time for you and us. I don't know about the others, but I'm getting more excited by the minute.

"I'm also looking forward to our gourmet dinner later. There are bound to be some unanticipated glitches that come up. We will talk about them and how to fix the problems going forward. Maybe you'll share your impressions of your first day on your new job. We'd love to hear them."

For background on the stories of edrider73, see "Author Interview: edrider73" by Literoticauthor. Tag: "author interview."










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