As Nora headed back home, Caitlin was fooling around with Courtney and Chloe. Caitlin led her two future daughters off to her bedroom and closed the door behind them. She then turned to face them. "You two," Caitlin said as she pointed at the bed. "Go over there and sit down."

Chloe and Courtney nodded and walked over to the bed. They sat down and began to wonder what Caitlin was going to do. "Mom," Chloe said. "Did we do something wrong?"

Caitlin shook her head as she sat down between her two daughters. Chloe and Courtney were both extremely beautiful. Chloe had short, dark brown hair with orange streaks and slightly tanned skin. The 19 year old also had slight curves and a decent booty. She had 32D boobs and a nice 10 inch cock of medium girth. Her inherited metahuman ability gave her cum a strange consistency, almost like that of a slushie. As a result, her cum was also very cold and she liked to use it as an ice substitute when making drinks at home.

Courtney was slightly different from her twin sister. Though they were both 19 years old, they were not identical twins. Courtney had shoulder-length brown hair with pink streaks and nicely tanned skin. She also had great curves and a big booty. She had 32DD boobs and a nice 10 inch cock just like Chloe. She possessed the same 'cold cum' as her twin. She had an interest in learning more about watersports and couldn't wait to see what classes at Dickgirl University had in store for her. Currently, they had to talk to their mother Caitlin. "You two did nothing wrong," she said. "I just wanted to talk to you both alone. I've been hearing rumors that you two have been having issues with older women. Is that true?"

Chloe and Courtney shook their heads. "Mom," Courtney said, getting a little bit defensive. "We did nothing wrong."

Caitlin nodded. "I know that sweetie," she said. "I just wanted to know if there was anything I needed to know. You and your sister Loriane are the most precious things to me, Nora and Kara. We love you so much. Okay?"

Courtney nodded. Chloe nodded as well. Before Caitlin could leave, she spoke. "Mom," Chloe said. Caitlin turned and nodded at her daughter. "There's something I need to tell you. Something that I saw."

Caitlin sat down and placed her hands on her daughter's lap. "What is it sweetie?" Caitlin said.

Chloe paused for a moment. She was nervous about telling her mother what she saw, but she took a deep breath and relaxed. "I saw you and Iris having sex," she said.

Caitlin was taken by surprise. Iris was 42 years old, and they both had been fooling around with each other, but she always thought no one would catch them, let alone their own daughter.

Caitlin leaned forward and smiled. "Telling me what happened?"

Chloe nodded and began to tell her mother and sister about the incident.

Start Flashback...

Iris was reading a book about lesbian incest. The reporter was a light-skinned(mocha) black woman with shoulder-length black hair. She was a loving, caring mother for Nora, but could be a bit on the stern side. She had no piercings but wore a belly chain. She had large 38D boobs. She was well-hung at 12 inches and her cock was a bit darker than the rest of her skin color. She loved having the other girls take her BBFC (Big Black Futanari Cock). She was also circumcised.

Suddenly, Caitlin walked into the room, wearing a set of pink panties and a matching bra. Iris was too interested in the book to notice her wife was standing there, practically naked. "How do I look Iris?" Caitlin spoke.

Iris looked up and nodded before she then looked up again and gasped at the sight of her wife. "Jesus Christ Caitlin," she said. "What are you doing? Put some clothes on."

Caitlin smiled and walked over to the couch and sat down on it. She spread her legs. "Why?" Caitlin was teasing Iris. "Anyways I think I could use a drink of ginger ale." Caitlin stood up and slowly walked over to the kitchen.

Iris tried her best to take her mind off her wife, but watching Caitlin shake her rear end in front of her as she walked was becoming too much for her. "You're such a little tease," Iris said. "You know that right?"

Caitlin giggled. "You love it don't you?" Iris smiled and stood up from the couch and headed over to the kitchen.

"Yes I do," Iris said as she wrapped her arms around Caitlin's body and kissed her neck and shoulders. "You're such a good snowflake aren't you?"

Caitlin purred in happiness. She loved it when Iris called her 'Snowflake'. It made her feel even more aroused. Iris slipped both of her hands down Caitlin's panties and began to rub her pussy and cock. "Oh fuck," the bio-engineer moaned.

Iris smiled as she continued to stroke and rub Caitlin's genitals. "Does that feel good to my little 'Snowflake'?"

Caitlin nodded as she moaned in pleasure. Iris smiled and delivered a spank to Caitlin's left buttcheek, causing the bio-engineer to yelp. "What was that for?"

Iris smiled and leaned forward and kissed Caitlin's ear. "For being a nasty little tease," Iris said. "Now I'm gonna make you scream for release."

Caitlin whimpered in pleasure as she felt Iris's hand tightened up around her cock, while her other hand was fingerfucking the bio-engineer's pussy. "Please Mistress," Caitlin whimpered. "Let me cum."

Iris smiled as she held Caitlin tight. "Okay," she said. "I guess you deserve to cum."

Caitlin nodded and rocked her head back. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk," she screamed as she came. Her pussy juices squirted all over Iris's fingers while her cock fired globs of ejaculate all over Iris's other hand. Iris smiled as she watched Caitlin's orgasm began to subside.

"What a good girl," Iris said. "Now let's start the second round." Caitlin nodded and smiled as Iris lifted her up and laid her down on the kitchen table. Iris looked at her wife. "You are so fucking sexy. Remember that first night we had sex 18 years ago. We were in the pipeline of STAR Labs."

Caitlin nodded. "What was it that made you fall in love with me?" Caitlin said.

Iris smiled. She slipped her cockhead into Caitlin's pussy, causing the bio-engineer to moan. "I have always loved you," Iris said as she humped Caitlin. "But when Nora changed the timeline, my love for you as a friend became a love as a soulmate. Then you told me about your relationship with your mother, which was similar to my relationship with my mother."

Caitlin nodded. Her mother, the well known Dr. Carla Tannhauser, had sex with her when she turned 18 years old. Caitlin had repressed the whole incident. That night in the pipeline, when Iris told her that she had been intimate with her own mother as well, Caitlin finally had some form of sympathy. The two women then made love to each other and the following week, Nora was born.

Iris smiled as she stroked Caitlin's hair. "That night was when I first fell in love with you," she said. She leaned forward. "And I always will." The two women then kissed as they fucked.

At that moment, Chloe had gotten home from school. She heard noises coming from the kitchen and began to head that way. She thought that someone had broken into their house. When she entered the room, she was shocked by the sight before her eyes. Iris was plowing Caitlin. Iris then locked eyes with Caitlin and smiled.

"I'm ready to pound your backdoor now," Iris said. Caitlin nodded and smiled as Iris flipped her over onto her belly. Iris then began to rub her fingers over Caitlin's asshole. "Ready baby." Caitlin nodded. Iris nodded as she slipped her cockhead into Caitlin's anus.

Chloe was speechless. She was watching her mother Caitlin getting assfucked by Iris. "Fuck me Iris," Caitlin screamed as she was getting assfucked hard. "I love when you get rough with me."

Chloe watched as Iris unloaded her ejaculate inside of Caitlin's backdoor. The two women were still in love and caressed each other. Not wanting to get caught, Chloe left the kitchen and headed upstairs to her own bedroom. She closed the door behind her and laid down on the bed. She couldn't get the image of Caitlin getting assfucked by Iris out of her head. Suddenly the image changed, it was her that was assfucking her own mother Caitlin. Chloe slipped her hand down her pants and pulled out her cock.

"Oh Mom," Chloe moaned as she stroked her cock. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to fuck you. I want to make you cum."

Chloe closed her eyes and pictured her mother Caitlin, lying next to her, stroking her cock. "My beautiful daughter," Caitlin said. "I would love to suck on your cock." The mental image of Caitlin began to suck on Chloe's cock.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk," Chloe screamed as she came, spraying her creamy ejaculate all over herself and her bed. She collapsed in exhaustion.

End Flashback...

Chloe was so embarrassed by her own urges. She looked down at her lap. Caitlin placed her hand on her daughter's lap. Chloe looked up at her mother. Caitlin smiled as she leaned forward. She pressed her lips against Chloe's lips. Caitlin then pulled away from her daughter. "Courtney," she said. "Why don't you go downstairs and help Nora and Loriane with dinner." Courtney nodded and began to head out of the room. "Iris, can you come over here. We need to have a talk with Chloe."

Chloe watched as Iris entered the room and closed the door behind her. Iris sat down next to Chloe. "What's this about?" Iris asked.

Chloe looked at Caitlin. "Well," Caitlin said. "Remember that day we had sex in the kitchen." Iris nodded. "Chloe caught us in the act. She got aroused and wanted to have sex with us."

Iris smiled. "I would love to fuck her," she said.

Caitlin shook her head. "Not us fucking her," she said. "The other way around. We can teach her how it's done by fucking her first, but then she can show us what she learned. Sounds good?"

Iris nodded. "That sounds good to me," she said. "What about you sweetheart?"

Chloe nodded. Caitlin nodded in agreement. "Okay," Caitlin said. Caitlin smiled and moved closer to her daughter. "Let's have some fun with you. Let's start with taking off our clothes. Now shall we strip her naked or let her do it for herself?"

Iris smiled. "I would love to strip her naked," she said. Caitlin and Chloe nodded in agreement. Iris smiled and began to kiss her granddaughter's neck. She proceeded to unbutton Chloe's shirt, revealing her cute little breasts.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, revealing Nora, Courtney and Loriane. "Mom," Nora said. "Can we play too?"

Caitlin and Iris smiled. "Of course baby," Caitlin said. "After all, The family that LAYS together..."

"STAYS together," replied the rest of the family members. They all proceeded to undress each other and themselves. Each of the younger future daughters paired up with another woman; Nora with Courtney, Caitlin with Chloe, and Iris with Loriane.

Nora and Courtney were dry humping each other in unison. Nora moaned as she grabbed hold of Courtney's breasts and began to cup them. After a while, Nora leaned forward and began to suck on her daughter's nipples, starting with the left one.

Caitlin and Iris were both making out with Chloe and Loriane respectively. Caitlin then stopped and smiled. "I think I would like to have fun with you somewhere else," she said, leading Chloe off the bed and out of the room. Iris followed suit, leading Loriane off. This left only Nora and Courtney.

Nora smiled at Courtney and laid her down on the bed. They kissed each other deeply. As she kissed her mother, Courtney lowered her hand down to Nora's cock. She proceeded to stroke it slowly and gently. As she did, Nora's cock began to get hard and erect in her hand. Courtney looked up at Nora.

Nora smiled. "Go ahead sweetheart," she said as she caressed Courtney's hair. "You deserve it." With that said, Courtney lowered her mouth down to Nora's cock and began to suck on it. Nora moaned as she felt her own daughter's lips wrap around her cockhead. She reached down and began to fondle Courtney's hair. "What a good little cocksucker. You remind me of myself. I can't wait to explore more of your little body."

Courtney just bobbed her head up and down Nora's cock. She slurped on it silently. The taste of Nora's pre-cum excited her more than anything else. She wanted to make Nora cum. Nora smiled as she rubbed Courtney's head.

"Oh baby," Nora said. "If you keep going like this, I'll be too exhausted to do you as well."

Courtney pulled away and smiled at her mother. Nora smiled back and kissed her daughter's lips. She could taste her own pre-cum in her daughter's mouth. "Mmmmmmmmm," Courtney moaned as she felt Nora's hand tightening around her cock. Before Courtney could react, Nora dragged her upto the top of the bed. Courtney tried to speak, but Nora covered her mouth and smiled.

"What a bad little girl," Nora said as she stroked Courtney's cock. "You thought you could hide. I knew exactly what you and your sisters were doing. You have been taking pictures and videos of me and my roommates fucking, and then watching them together as you jerked off. Such a bad, bad girl. Didn't you know that you just had to ask if you could join in. Knowing my friends, I'm sure they would have loved to fuck each of you. Even their mothers. Now let's make you feel good. You love how I stroke your cock don't you? Remember you need to hold it back. Don't cum yet. I'm not done with you."

Courtney moaned. The pleasure was so intense. She arched her back and began to pump her hips, desperate to cum. Nora noticed that and smiled. She tightened her grip on Courtney's cock. Courtney whimpered in pleasure.

Nora smiled. "Don't cum yet," she said as she pulled away. "God. You are so horny. I'm sure that you are going to blow the moment I touch your cock again. That being the case, I want to be inside you. You get to choose which hole; pussy or ass?"

Courtney nodded. She paused for a moment, debating between her two holes. Despite the fact that she had a nice, young snatch, she loved anal porn. "My ass," she said. "I want you to pump every last drop of your cream inside my fudgehole."

Nora smiled. With a slight point of a finger, Courtney rolled over onto her belly and arched her back. Nora smiled and placed her hands on her daughter's asscheeks. She spread them open, getting a nice look at her daughter's little, pink anus. Nora knew it was going to be super tight. She reached over and opened the drawer. She took out a bottle of anal lube. "I don't want you to be stressed out," she said as she squeezed some lube onto her hand and then rubbed it over her cock. "I'll go slowly."

Courtney nodded. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was about to get assfucked by her own mother. She immediately thought about her relationship with Nora in the future.

Start Flashback...

In the future, the year 2039, Nora had become the captain of the Central City Police Department. As she was going over a case, Courtney walked in.

"Hi mom," Courtney said. "Let's go out for lunch. My treat."

Nora looked up at her daughter and smiled. "Sweetheart," she said. "I would love too, but I'm super busy with work."

Courtney took offense to that. "You're always busy with work," she said, frustrated with the fact that her mother cared more about protecting the city than spending time with family. "Maybe you should think about what is really important." Courtney left, with Nora not even noticing that she was gone.

End Flashback...

"You never really cared about us," Courtney said. "To you, work was more important than anything else."

Nora nodded. "That's all going to change," she said. "We can talk more about it later." Nora rubbed her finger, coated in lube, around Courtney's butthole before she slipped the finger inside. Courtney moaned. "Let's have some fun." Courtney nodded and moaned louder as she felt Nora's cockhead enter her anal canal.

"Oh fuck," Courtney moaned. "It feels soooooo gooooood."

Nora smiled and began to push more of her cock inside. With a second thrust, she was now halfway inside her daughter's anus. Nora moaned. Courtney was so tight. Nora wanted to shove her entire length inside of the tight, young hole. Not wanting to give into her urges, Nora tightened her grip on Courtney's hips and pushed another quarter of her cock into her daughter's anus.

"Ready baby," Nora said. Courtney nodded. Nora smiled and gripped her daughter's shoulders. With a slight grunt, Nora pushed the final quarter of her cock into her daughter's ass.

"Oh fuuuuccccckkkk," Courtney screamed. Nora stopped immediately.

"Are you okay?" Nora asked. She was worried that she had hurt her daughter.

"I'm fine," Courtney said. "I didn't know you had such a big cock. I've seen it before, yet seeing is nothing like feeling."

Nora nodded. She reached down and wrapped her arms around her daughter's body. She lifted Courtney up and sat down on the bed with Courtney on her lap. Nora kissed her daughter's lips as they fucked. "I love you so much Courtney Snow-West," she said as she fucked Courtney's backdoor. "I promise to spend more time with you and your sisters."

Courtney nodded. "I love you too Mom," Courtney moaned. "Just fuck me. I want to feel your cum fill up my anal passage."

Nora smiled and wrapped her left arm around Courtney, while she used her other hand to stroke Courtney's cock. Nora and Courtney began to make out with each other. Their pleasure began to build more and more.

Nora looked into her daughter's eyes and smiled. "I know that you probably have heard this before," Nora said. "But you have a great ass."

Courtney smiled. "Then pump your juices in it," she said. With that said, Nora, using her superspeed, began to drill her daughter's butt harder and faster. Within seconds, Nora and Courtney came hard, spraying their respective ejaculate. Courtney was slightly exhausted from her orgasm, but still enjoyed the pleasure of Nora's cum shooting inside her butt. After a while, they cuddled.

Courtney then proceeded to slip off her mother's lap. She knelt down in front of Nora and began to suck on her cock. Nora couldn't believe this. Her future daughter was an ATM slut, just like her mother. Nora placed her hands on her daughter's head and began to hump her face slowly. Courtney then proceeded to stroke her own cock. Within a few minutes, Nora unloaded her second orgasm into her daughter's mouth. Courtney gulped it all down and sucked the cock clean. Nora looked down at her daughter, her eyes so innocent, but her mouth well fucked. "I think we both deserve a shower," she said. Nora led Courtney off to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Iris and Caitlin were in the living room. Caitlin and Iris were both making out with Chloe and Loriane, respectively. After a while, Caitlin pulled away from her daughter's lips.

"Have you two ever had a rimjob?" Caitlin asked. Chloe and Loriane shook their heads. Caitlin and Iris smiled. "Maybe we can demonstrate that to you later. For now, how about you two sit on our cocks in your pussies while me and Iris tell you a story." The two girls nodded. They turned around and sat down on the laps, Chloe on Caitlin's lap and Loriane on Iris's lap. Caitlin moaned as her cock entered Chloe's pussy while Iris entered Loriane's young snatch. "Now then. Have you girls heard the story 'The three little pigs'?" Chloe and Loriane nodded. "Well, this is a similar story, but very different ending. Here's what happened." Caitlin leaned back against the couch. "This story is called 'The three little sluts'. Here's how the story went. Once upon a time, there was an old woman. She had beautiful light colored skin. As she turned old, her beautiful brown hair turned grey. Her beautiful 36B breasts had become saggy. She had three daughters. Their names were Dakota, Riley, and Jenna. They each had a nice body. Dakota had short blonde hair, Riley had light brown hair, and Jenna had dark black hair. They each had a pair of 38B breasts. One day, their mother realized she didn't have enough food for the four of them. She told her daughters; 18, 19, and 20 years old, respectively that they had to go out into the world and seek their fortunes." & p=10749824 & book=141705 & page=1

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