It was Sunday morning in London and my eyes cast over the things to do in the newspaper. I was very surprised to see that there was an exhibition of plaster casts of vulvas. I checked the date -- it was not April 1. I Googled and sure enough it was true. I was only 20 and I'd only seen three pussies in my life so it sounded interesting. They were all students at university with me -- the first one was an English girl who had shaved her pussy and it didn't look very interesting at all. I don't think I even noticed her clitoris. The second was an English girl with Chinese parents -- she hardly had any hair at all. I was really surprised but she allowed me to make love with her. I just remember how tight she was. I think she just wanted to try an English dick. The last one was a beautiful Indian girl -- boy, was she hairy. I just remember that she had a meaty pussy but I can't remember the details. I had nothing to lose and I might learn something.

The exhibition was just what it said it was -- a wall of plastic casts of vulvas - 400 of them. It was a bit surreal in a way. It was like going to a dog show and all the dogs had been shaved. Here were 400 pussies all made in white plaster. They didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before except that the little bits on show were on every girl and every one was different. Who could have imagined some would have long inner lips and others short ones, and some would have prominent clitoral hoods and others practically nothing. I started to look at each one individually trying to make out whether I liked it or not. It was difficult to choose. What made a nice pussy and what made an ugly pussy, I wasn't sure. I wasn't even sure if there was such a thing as an ugly pussy. I find it hard to imagine any man have a negative response to a pussy.

As I moved along the exhibition I took a few photos that appealed to me. Just as I took a photo of one, I was aware of a young woman standing next to me.

She said, "Why did you take a photo of that one?"

I was taken aback. It was very unusual for somebody to talk to you out of the blue like that and even more unusual in this particular situation. In fact I can't remember ever talking to a girl about her pussy. I suspect that many of them would even deny that they had one if you asked them. How was I going to talk to a woman that I didn't know about pussies? I mean what could I say?

"I like it. Is it you?"

There was a pause -- a long silence. "Yes it is."

"Is it the first time you've seen it?"

"Yes. The artist took the cast a year ago and then I went overseas travelling and I've just come back. This was the first opportunity I've had to look at it. "

"Well, do you like it?"

"I wanted to see what I looked like and I wanted to compare myself with other women. This is the first time I've ever really looked at other women's genitalia. You've probably seen more than I have."

"I've only seen a few but this is certainly different. They look so unnatural."

"I agree. They do look rather strange without any hair. You still didn't tell me why you liked this one."

"Well I have taken a few photos and all the ones that I like show a prominent clitoris and well-shaped fully formed inner lips. Yes, that is what I liked about yours."

"Thanks. I was always worried whether I had a good looking pussy. You read about women who have surgery down there and I was always worried that I might have a problem. "

And with that she drifted along the wall while I trailed behind. When I got to the end she was waiting for me and said, "I understand now what you're talking about. I think you're right. The definition makes all the difference and the prominence of the clitoris grabs your attention."

"What surprises me most of all is that I don't think there is one like another -- they are all different."

"You're right. I suppose it's the same with men. You're probably all different."

"I wouldn't know, but you're probably right. I don't know of an exhibition like this showing men, do you?"

"No, I've never heard of one. I would love to go and look. I am sure it would be more interesting for me than for you."

It suddenly occurred to me that she was trying to pick me up. She was a good looker, hair a bit of a mess but a good figure. Yeah, why not?

"You sound like you've not seen too many men."

"You're right. I grew up on a farm near a small village and I'm only starting university this year so I haven't had much of a chance to meet many men. "

Here was my chance.

"I'm Jerry. Do you want to come down to the cafe and we can talk some more."

"I'm Claudia. That would be nice. "

We talked for quite a while and even began to hit it off. We had a wide-ranging discussion about sex and the fact that she was 19 and keen to chance her arm. We never actually said it but I'm sure she wanted to be a willing participant in a game of 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine'.

"How would you like to come back to my flat and I'll make you lunch."

"Sounds like a good idea. Can you cook?"

"I make a great spaghetti Bolognese. How does that sound?"

We went back to my digs after picking up a nice red wine on the way. The dinner went well and we were getting on like a house on fire. Claudia was 19, also a university student just about to start her studies. She had just arrived in London and I was one of the few people that she had met. I was a bit surprised when she asked to look at the photographs I had been taking at the exhibition. She looked at them all closely and asked me if I could remember which one was hers. I pointed to one and said, "That's you, isn't it?"

"Yes. That's me. I bet you would like to see if I really look like that."

I was quite surprised that Claudia could be so blunt but I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd known what was going through her mind. I wasn't to know that I was actually the first male that Claudia had ever discussed sex with in any way. She had never had a serious boyfriend. The thought kept running through her mind that I would like to see her naked and she kept wondering why. I had seen the plaster cast of her vulva-why did I need to see the actual thing? It was at that point that she started thinking that she would like to see me naked -- she wanted to see her first real, live penis. That was what she really wanted.

There was one sure way. She would show me her real live pussy. What did it matter if she did? We would be the only two who would know. Claudia briefly thanked her lucky stars that she happened to be wearing a nice bra and sexy panties. How embarrassing it would have been if she had been wearing her normal daggy ones. I wonder if he's got an erection. I can't see. He's looking at my breasts again. Men are supposed to be turned on by breasts but I'm sure he's more interested in my pussy. If he wasn't interested in pussies he would not have gone to the exhibition. I can't wait to touch his penis. Oh boy! I wonder if it will be big or small. Take the bull by the horns. Go for it. This is an opportunity that might not come for a long time. He might not want to see me again. Go for it. There's nothing to lose.

The thought kept going through my mind that I would like to get into her pants but I thought that it might happen next time. After all we had only just met and she seemed so innocent and yet keen. Who knows? Just keep hoping.

There was nothing backward about Claudia.

"Is that an offer?"

"Could be. Try me." And with that Claudia gave me a big kiss -- a really big kiss and hugged me tight. I could feel her breasts against my body. She gave me another big kiss and I gave her a big kiss and manoeuvred her into my bedroom and began to massage her breasts. She looked at me approvingly and my hand probed underneath her sweater and my fingers slipped underneath her bra to tweak her nipples. She purred. I was doing great.

The next thing she disengaged and stood up on the bed and took off her dress and her bra and stood there with just her panties on. She looked down at me as if in a quandary what to do next. I didn't hesitate. I reached up and pulled her panties down so I was looking straight up at her hairy pussy. Claudia smiled. I don't know why. I smiled back. What else was I going to do? She lowered herself lengthwise onto the bed and stretched out. She looked beautiful. Her nipples were still hard, sticking out and, at the junction of her thighs she had a light covering of blonde curly hairs which allowed her slit to be visible. She was watching my eyes intently to see where they were looking.

Claudia said, "Does it look the same as in the plaster cast?"

"You must've had your legs wide open to make the plaster cast. If you did that, I could tell you." There was no hesitation. Claudia drew her knees up and spread them wide so that her lips were separated.

"Yes. It's you. You are identical with the plaster cast, but I have to tell you that you look a lot better now. Looking at the plaster cast of a pussy is like looking at the black and white photograph of a hamburger. You know what it is but it's not very enticing. Looking at you now is very enticing. I think it's the combination of the hair which highlights the pink flesh of your slit and seeing your bits. You cannot imagine how inviting you look. Did you know you had a big clitoris?"

"No. How would I know? I'd never seen a woman's pussy until the exhibition today and I didn't know that we all looked the same -- some a little bit bigger, some a little bit smaller. I've seen porn a few times but I wasn't looking at the pussies. I was concentrating on the dicks. Do you know that seeing the exhibition has changed my attitude totally? My mother brought me up to think that my pussy was very precious and that I shouldn't let anybody look at it. What did she think was going to happen if somebody saw it? It's now obvious to me that every woman has got one. We all have a crack -- that's what makes us female. There is nothing rare and unusual about a pussy. It's just a gateway that a woman controls to give access to her vagina. She wants to control who is allowed to be the father of her baby."

"Well that's one way of looking at it. I have to tell you as a man that it is really exciting for me right now. It is like a Christmas present. It's wrapped up and you can't wait to unwrap it and see what's inside. There is something going on in my mind, inside my brain, that I can't control that makes me excited and turns me on. Only a few of the plaster casts showed the clitoris sticking out like yours. Most of them were hidden."

"I know. I noticed that too. I had never watched porn until I got to London and I only watched a few times. Some of the women had very big clitorises."

Enough talk. It was time for action. I dipped my middle finger into her slit and lubricated her button while I sucked her nipple. Purring stopped and the writhing started. Claudia's hand descended on mine to keep it in place while I kept diddling and sure enough she came like a volcano with her knees clapping together. The look on her face was priceless.

"I've never had an orgasm like that before. Never. Wow. Let me rest a second. I'm still puffing."

"I've never met a girl like you before. I've never met anybody who is so innocent and yet so receptive. You are really something else."

"I grew up on a farm and seeing the horses and cows with the stallions and bulls made me aware that having sex and sexual attraction is a normal thing. I like you and that makes a big difference. If I didn't like you we wouldn't be talking but I can see that you are gentle and I can learn from you. The fact that I've never been with a man before doesn't mean I haven't got sexual feelings. I have and you have aroused them. I like it when you touch me. "


The fact was that I had ever seen a girl have an orgasm like that before either. I don't know whether it was because her clitoris was bigger or what. I had never read anywhere that the size of a girl's clitoris made any difference. Who cared? My curiosity spurred me on. I wondered how she would react when my tongue touched her clitoris. I really wanted to do that. There was a nice fresh aroma coming from her pussy and I wanted to taste it. I didn't ask. I just put my head between her legs and my tongue began licking her clitoris. I heard her suck in a breath when I did it but I didn't stop. I kept going and soon felt her hand on my head and her thighs close around my head. If you scored the first orgasm a 10 then this orgasm was a 10 .

"God. Oh my God. Oh my God. No more. That's enough for the moment. Now it's my turn."

Claudia made me stand at the side of the bed and unbuttoned my shirt slowly and lifted my singlet over my head and then undid the belt of my pants and pulled them down and then my underpants down. I was surprised that it wasn't hard and erect but it wasn't. There is no telling what my dick is going to do. It has a mind of its own. So there I was. I'd been here before -- the object of a girl's gaze. My dick is rather long in its normal state and doesn't seem to grow very much when it gets erect. It looks more impressive than it actually is but it doesn't matter -- it works a charm when it gets inside a girl's vagina. Claudia stared for quite a while before getting up the courage to touch it with her finger and then wrap her hand around and pull the foreskin back. I could feel the blood pumping in and that it was getting harder and harder. It must have been obvious to Claudia too.

"It is so interesting to feel your dick grow hard from soft. When I watched porn the man would now put his dick inside the woman but that's not going to happen. What am I supposed to do now?"

"You give me a hand job. You wrap your hand around it and mimic the shape of your vagina and just rub up and down with your hand."

"Then what happens?"

"I will come into this tissue."

You mean I'll see the sperm coming out of your dick?"

"Yes." It did not take long. "Wow! That's really something. I need a pee."

"So do I." It felt funny to have Claudia watching me as I peed but I guessed it was all part of the learning curve.

"If you give me another licking orgasm like the last one, I have a surprise for you."

"Can't you tell me?"

"No. It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you."

Claudia lay on the bed with her legs spread wide so that her lips were open and her clitoris very prominent. I applied all my skills of alternately licking and sucking and I could tell by the sounds of approval that Claudia was really enjoying it. I moved my finger from her nipple and inserted it a little way into her vagina. That was the signal for her orgasm to start. I kept licking and I thought she would never stop but eventually she did.

"Thank you. You are amazing. Now for your surprise. I think you know I am a virgin. Seeing your penis and feeling how hard it was and knowing that it was designed to go into my body has made me want to try it. It might be the two glasses of wine that I had but I don't think so. All I can think of is feeling what it's like to have you put your dick into me. I'm going to let you but you've got to promise that you won't come. I'm pretty sure I can't get pregnant but I can't afford to take a chance. I'll let you put it in but if you start to come, you've got to pull out. Is that a promise?"

"I promise. What a surprise? I never expected that. You really caught me by surprise."

"I'm going to make you hard again and then I'm going to lower myself on to you. I've seen them do that in the porn. If you are coming, just tell me and I'll jump off, okay."

I was on my back and looked up to see Claudia standing over me and then lowering her bottom until my penis was knocking on the door of her vagina. I felt her clitoris with my finger and it was really hard. I wanted to keep rubbing that Claudia stopped me. I think she was scared that if I continued she would have an orgasm and not be able to jump off in time. She lowered herself gingerly and I could feel myself entering her bit by bit and I could see myself disappearing until there was no gap between our bodies. She didn't move and I didn't move. My dick just luxuriated in the wet warmth of her body. After a few minutes, she lifted herself off.

"So how do you feel about losing your virginity?"

"Why is a girl's virginity so important? It's just the same as yours. I'll tell you what. If you tell me what it felt like when you lost your virginity I'll tell you what it felt like when I lost mine."

"I can hardly remember. It didn't seem important at the time."

"Well think about it. You must've felt something."

"Well I do remember it was a bit embarrassing. I was with a woman who was much older than me. I think she was divorced. We were in bed together and I couldn't get hard. She put a hand on my dick and then she sucked until I got hard and then she lay on her back and guided me in to her pussy. I just remember it was nice and warm and it felt good and afterward she said she enjoyed it. It was a lot messier than I thought it would be but she cleaned herself up and then me and was all over."

"You still didn't tell me what your dick felt when you put it in."

"I can't really remember. I think I was so excited I couldn't think of anything."

"Okay. You tried. For me it wasn't all that exciting. You were nice and hard and I could feel the top of your dick forcing its way into my pussy and then it got a little bit bigger and tighter and the next thing you were all the way in and it felt very good. I was worried you were going to come inside me but I'm glad you didn't."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's the main thing."

"If you like I can get myself on the pill and in a month or so we can have a real full on session. How would you like that?"

"Is the Pope a Catholic?"

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