Bill raced out the door. He had overslept, and was trying to narrowly avoid being late for work. He sped all the way there, turning a 40 minute drive into a 25 minute drive. Luckily, he got there on time, with just under a minute to spare.

Due to Covid, the bank had limited drive-thru hours, as well as no lobby hours. Bill was working the closing shift. The bank would have a manager working 9am to 6pm, with a lunch break. Then they would have one teller open, from 9-3, and the other close, from 12-6. This was their way of sharing the limited number of hours. To be fair, the shifts rotated between tellers. Bill was closing all week, and didn't want to start Monday by being late.

Bill had recently moved to this small town, from a much larger city, and was having a hard time adapting. Trying to figure out the nightlife (or lack thereof) and how to meet women, was giving him hell. It had been over a month since he last got laid, and was growing frustrated. He was 22, tall, and moderately handsome. He was used to getting girls at clubs. But this town only had a couple of bars, and they weren't the spot for younger people.

To make matters worse, Bill was getting blue balls from work. The other teller was a 20 year old named Jen. Jen was short, chubby, and cute. She was blonde, and had a plump ass and a nice pair of tits. But she never shut up about her boyfriend, and Bill knew he wouldn't be getting lucky with her. But he enjoyed watching her plump ass bounce around in her tight dress pants, all day. It definitely did not help his blue balls, but the scenery was very nice.

Bill's manager was a MILF. A 36 year old latina woman named Luna. Luna was also short, but not at all chubby. She was curvy. A juicy ass, a slim waist, and a pair of D cups tits that made Bill's imagination run wild. And her face was very pretty. Big brown eyes that were hard to look away from, and a set of wonderfully full lips. Luna had been married for a long time, and had 3 kids. Bill didn't think for a second that he'd ever even ask his boss out, but he had recently overheard her talking on the phone. Through context, he figured out that Luna's husband had cheated on her. She was going to stay with him, for the sake of the kids, but she was furious. It gave him just enough fuel for his imagination to make him crazy, with the possibilities.

The day was progressing normally. There were 3 drive-thru lanes open, as usual. They had closed the direct contact lane, adjacent to the building itself. So all 3 open lanes operated with a camera, intercom, and vacuum tube. This meant that the tellers would stand at the computer for most of their tasks, and walk around when needed, to get something that was out of reach. The main difference for this Monday was the way Luna was dressed.

Luna was wearing tighter dress pants than normal, and seemed a little more easy going than normal. Like she just didn't care as much as she normally did. During normal daily conversation, she'd said something about doing what she wants to do. Both Bill and Jen pretended not to know what she was referring to, since she hadn't personally told them about her marriage troubles. Luna didn't elaborate, but seemed more to be talking to herself.

Jen left for the day, and Bill and Luna had 3 hours to themselves. This was far from the first time Bill had closed with Luna, and they went about business as usual. Around 4, Luna went to the restroom. When she came back, a button had been unbuttoned on her top. Bill could see a little cleavage, which was more than he'd ever seen from her. Luna caught him looking, more than once. Then the teasing started.

Luna kept dropping things. She kept having to pick them up, pointing her juicy ass at Bill. He was suffering. Luna was never direct, but seemed to be toying with him. It got to the point where Bill was in pain. He had a 10" cock, thick and veiny, and it was struggling to get comfortable in his dress pants, as it grew to full size. When Luna wasn't looking, Bill would try to adjust himself. Fortunately, the drive-thru customers couldn't see anything below Bill's belly button, since the counters were blocking their view.

After an hour of teasing, Bill was ready to explode. His fat cock was straining against his pants. Luna had to see it, by now. And that's when things took a turn. Luna walked over to where Bill was standing, and just dropped to her knees. She didn't say anything. She just dropped to her knees in front of him, and started unbuckling his belt. Finally, she managed to free his monster cock, and she let out a small gasp, followed by a moan.

Luna took Bill's thick cock into her mouth. Her tongue was sliding along the underside of his shaft, and she was moaning. Bill knew he wouldn't last long. He tried to warn Luna, but she wouldn't have it. She started sucking furiously and aggressively. Bill couldn't hold back. After just 2 minutes of this wonderful blowjob, he exploded into Luna's mouth. She pumped him with her hand, and swallowed spurt after spurt after spurt. Bill felt like a new man. He was finally noticing the customer that had pulled up to the speaker. But Luna wasn't done.

As Bill dealt with the customer, Luna's lips never left his cock. She didn't allow him to go soft. She kept sucking. Gently, at first. Then more and more aggressively. Bill was bracing himself on the counter, as he tried to help customers. This was the best blowjob of his life. Then Luna started deepthroating him.

Due to his length and girth, Bill had never found a woman capable of deepthroating his cock. But Luna was a fiend. She acted like dick was her last meal. Cupping his balls, while she sucked every inch into her throat. Thanks to his first orgasm, Bill was able to last a little longer, this time. But after about 10 minutes, he knew he was going to cum. He again tried to warn Luna.

Luna sucked Bill even deeper into her throat. Her hand gently cupped his balls, and her tongue and throat worked like she was milking a cow. Bill was in heaven, and knew he wouldn't last. Bill braced himself against the counter with one hand, and grabbed the back of Luna's head with the other. She went as deep as possible on his cock, and locked eyes with him. Bill shot a massive load of cum directly into Luna's throat. Wave after wave bypassed her gag reflex, and went right down, into her stomach. Bill came so hard, his leg was shaking.

When Bill's orgasm subsided, Luna got up and headed to the restroom, to fix her hair and makeup. Bill put away his cock, and tried to focus on his work. He was now sleepy, and very happy. When Luna emerged from the restroom, Bill tried to talk about what had happened. Luna stopped him, and changed the subject. Every day that week, Bill closed with Luna. Every day that week, Luna sucked every drop of cum out of him. She never talked about it. She wouldn't let him undress her. But every time they closed together, from that point forward, Luna sucked the soul out of Bill. It went on for years. Bill was reluctant to change jobs, and would fight Jen for the closing shift. Lucky for him, Jen didn't much care for the closing shift. Bill stopped worrying about finding a girl. & uid=13842

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