One of my embarrassing confessions (I have many) is that my beautiful Asian girlfriend will be very open about men she finds attractive, but will punish me if I so much as glance at another woman.

Sometimes at crowded places like restaurants, etc. she'll even test me by subtly putting her hand on me over my trousers and then interrogate whether I find a beautiful woman attractive or not. If I start to get aroused, which is almost impossible not to with her touching me, she whispers in my ear that I'm going to pay for that later.

But then then she'll openly flirt with the waiter, or if we're at a club she'll flirt with other patrons, acting as if I'm not even there. They seem confused at first, seeing me sitting with her, which scares some of them away, but the more confident guys will flirt back with her, and even give her their number in front of me.

Once we get home she tells me to strip and stand facing the corner, or bend over the sofa or a coffee table, and then she swats me with my belt for looking at other women. Sometimes I get turned on while she's swatting me, and she laughs and calls me pathetic. Sometimes she even grabs me by the balls roughly and whispers into my ear behind me "Do you like this? You like this don't you! You stay just like this for awhile and think about what you did."

As I remain there red-faced and humiliated, she'll call one of the guys she flirted with, acting very shy and demure. Sometimes the conversations don't go anywhere, but sometimes they'll end with her making plans with them.

I could tell a couple guys would ask about who she was with, because she'll reply "Oh him? He's nobody - just a friend." It hurts when she says that, more than the physical punishment.

Sometimes if she has a good rapport with the guy she's talking to, she even responds with the truth. "Oh him? He's my boyfriend, but don't worry about him." A couple times I could hear the guy laugh on the other side.

When I get jealous and insecure, I tend to shrink, and then she'll notice and say something to him like "He's very sweet, but he's too small, and soft, like a girl. I need a real man, like you."

I can't hear what he says, but she coos and responds "Ooh, I bet you could." After more intimate talk, she says "It's getting late and I have to go. I'll see you Friday. Goodnight." It's the coy way she says goodnight, like it's an invitation, that gets me.

After she hangs up, she pauses a moment thinking. Then she notices me, still in in the position she told me to stay in. "Hey pussy boy, crawl over here and take care of me. I'm so horny right now!"

I do as she says and crawl over, kneeling between her shapely legs. She grabs my belt and cinches it around my neck, pulling my head into her groin. I can tell she's moist. After I kiss her there a bit she pushes me back and stands up, looking down on me, and pulls down her pants. She then sits back down and pulls me into her, belt wrapped around my neck, and has me pleasure her to orgasm. Then we kiss and she lets me up, and we go to bed, me still frustrated as ever.

As Friday approaches, she grows more impatient and critical, criticizing everything I do. She has me clean up around the house, and fix our meals, and bring her drinks. If her feet are sore after work, she has me sit on the floor and rub her feet. She becomes more emotionally distant, seemingly lost in her own thoughts, or texting with her newfound beau. Sometimes she'll go to the other room to talk with him, closing the door behind her.

When she comes back she seems more relaxed, and will sit down on the sofa, waving me over to join her. She'll put her hand on my leg, or sometimes toy with my neck or hair, in a loving but distracted way, as she turns on the TV or reads. When we eventually turn in, she'll turn away from me, ignoring me. I feel so lost and frustrated, and can hardly sleep.

When Friday arrives, she seems so happy and eager, singing to herself and teasing me playfully. She asks me "What should I wear for my date?" I hesitatingly offer a suggestion, but she dismisses it. "No, no, that won't do. I know! Say, have you cleaned the bathroom yet?"

As the hour of her date approaches, she busily gets ready, and pretty much ignores me.

It's time. "Okay honey. I need you to drop me off. I might have a few drinks, and it wouldn't be safe to drive home."

I drive her to the restaurant where she's supposed to meet her date. It's our favorite restaurant, where we go all the time. "Why here?" I ask, irritated. "It was his idea," she responds. I feel sort of angry about this, as that's our place.

She's holding my hand. I can tell she's nervous. When we arrive there, she quickly leans in and gives me a light peck on the cheek. "Okay honey, I'll text you when I'm ready to be picked up. Or maybe I'll take an Uber home. I'll let you know."

"Make sure you get all the dishes and laundry done! And no touching yourself! Be good!! Oh, and give me your credit card - I want to treat him to dinner." I reluctantly hand her my card and with that she quickly exits the car and walks toward the restaurant, her short skirt swaying as she walks, showing off her sexy legs and high-heeled shoes. I suddenly feel very sad and empty, like a stupid fool, but also very turned on. I drive home.

As I'm doing laundry, I'm distracted and despondent, wondering how her date is going, wondering if she likes him. My phone suddenly buzzes. It's a text from her: "Are you being good?" I quickly reply yes, but there's no further response.

It starts to grow quite late, and despite feeling anxious and aroused, wondering what they're up to, I get very sleepy while waiting for the laundry to dry. I haven't slept well all week and it's catching up to me. I doze off on the sofa watching TV.

Suddenly I hear the door open. I'm startled as she walks in, fearful that I hadn't folded the laundry yet as she expects. I start to get up, but she waves me down as she kicks her shoes off. I can tell she's been drinking, as she stumbles a bit walking over.

I start to ask how her date went, but she shushes me, holding up a finger to her lips. She walks and leans over me, kissing me passionately and powerfully as a man would a woman. She looks disheveled, her hair a wild mane, her makeup streaked and smudged.

She leans back, pulling me up with her. She drags me back to the bedroom, kisses me again on the lips, and then pushes me back onto the bed. She's like a wild animal.

She fumbles with my pants, trying to get them off. I quickly comply, hoping I might at last get lucky.

Once she has them off, she pulls her own clothes off. I try to help, but she pushes me back down on the bed. Once she's down to her lingerie, she crawls on top, straddling me. Framed in the soft light, her golden skin looks like perfection.

I start to hold and caress her, incredibly turned on by her passion and dominance, but she grabs my wrists and forces them above my head, as if I'm her prisoner. She then pulls my arms beside my torso, and scooches up, pinning my arms with her athletic legs. Her crotch is now by my face, and I can see her panties are sopping wet.

She looks down at me mischievously, her crazy black hair falling down around her beautiful head, and she smiles and slaps me as she pulls her panties aside and straddles my face, rubbing herself all over me, marking me with his load.

I can taste him as her juices run into my mouth. She moans like a demon possessed as she yells at me, "Eat me you f*cking pussy. See what a real man tastes like."

I suck and lick enthusiastically, leading her to orgasm, as she holds the top of my head, her fingers tangled in my hair, grabbing me. She climaxes, grinding into me, squirting all over my face. She collapses, exhausted.

After a bit she gets up to use the restroom. She leaves the door cracked, and I can see her using the restroom and then getting ready for bed. She jumps into the shower, and I get up to wash up also.

I look in the foggy mirror, with drying cum and pussy juice all over my face. She hollers over the shower. "You can brush your teeth, but don't dare wash up. I want you to think about me tonight."

As she steps out of the steamy shower, she looks like a goddess. "Here, make yourself useful and towel me off."

As I do so, tenderly, lovingly, hugging her as I dry her back and then kneeling to dry her beautiful curves, she goes on to recount her evening.

"Oh honey, he was incredible. So goddamn handsome - all the girls in the restaurant were looking at him, and he only had eyes for me. He had his hand on my knee or the small of my back the entire evening, like he owned me, and it made me so wet. I wanted him so bad. He's tall and rugged and he has the most amazing blue eyes."

I feel small and insignificant as she goes on gushing about him. I help her into her flannel pajamas, and she pulls me to bed, as if I'm one of her girlfriends she can't wait to gossip with.

"After dinner he fed me dessert, and I had my hand on his muscular leg. He said he plays rugby. I kept moving my hand up until it brushed his bulge, and it was SO big. He was smiling and taking whipped cream off the dessert and feeding it to me with his fingers. It felt like half the restaurant was staring at us, but I didn't care."

I thought about the staff that knows us, and what they must have thought.

"After dessert and another sip of wine he kissed me, and I just melted. I can't wait to see him again. He wanted to meet up again tomorrow - or today - but I said let's meet up next Friday."

Anxious and intensely curious, I asked, "What happened after dinner?" She suddenly looked at me intently, even seriously, scaring me, but then her face softened.

"Oh silly, it's all over your face. Now turn around and let me spoon you. You know how much I like to cuddle you." I turn away from her, and she holds me tight. I can feel her soft hand rest on my bum, caressing me, and then rest on my hip, as she snuggles in close behind me in her velvety soft pajamas, her soft face nuzzled into the back of my neck.

I'm so incredibly turned on right now, but she doesn't care. I soon hear her softly snoring, evidently spent and exhausted by the night's activities. My face is crusty with dried cum and pussy juice. I fall into a troubled, fitful sleep, but happy that I have her - for now.

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