An Incubus was once thought to be a fallen angel or spirit that visited in the night to lie with women in their sleep, especially to have sexual interaction while they were half awake.

Today we know better. A phone call in the wee small hours of the night that develops into something more than just a sleepy mumbled exchange is not an angelic visitation. When we wake the next day and wonder if we were dreaming, the slight ache deep inside and other, less subtle evidence, tells us we did indeed experience... something.

Such activities should not be dismissed as mere phone sex, they are much more intimate and emotionally involving, very real in their outcomes. So very real...

NightCaller is a series of sensual calls in the night to you from Essemoh. These experiences will work best if you listen just before you go to sleep... In the morning will you be able to tell what was real, or what was fantasy?

Make sure that you leave your phone beside your bed...

Visit #3

Every night, as you get ready for bed, there is that moment...a squirming, gasping, shuddering moment when you wonder if your phone will ring in the middle of the night ... again.

Every night you wonder; why has he picked you? What is it that makes him visit you? Do you want to know the answer...or do you simply want it to continue?

Every night you check to see that your phone is within easy reach...just in case.

* * * * *

* * * * *

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