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M. From C.M. Moore


*Chapter 5*


Clay couldn't believe he had the grader in his arms. Now that he had Brice, he planned to hold on with everything he had.

When Clay suggested that they get naked, Brice's eyes went wide, but the man didn't seem against the idea. The hard cock in Brice's pants liked the new plan.

"The last time I had sex was before I was captured," Brice spoke like he was using caution, but his hips kept up that rolling thrust against Clay's thigh like he couldn't help himself. The feel of Brice's erection shoving against his jeans had Clay's mind burning. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be in this spot with the man who held him in The Original's shanty prison.

"Me too." Clay got that out before he pushed Brice off him, rolled him over, and sat on top of the grader. After placing both hands next to Brice's shoulders, Clay buried his face into the crook of the other man's neck. Brice's skin was a mixed fragrance of laundry soap and wine. The grader smelled like something Clay could eat. His mouth salivated at the thought of Brice on his tongue, in his mouth, and shoved past his lips. In Clay's past, he'd never wanted to suck cock, but now he did. Clay's hands went to Brice's pants and opened the button.

"Really? Before you were captured." Brice chuckled. "That long? I will give you a B plus for agreeing with me."

"I should get an A plus for all the things I'm about to do to you." Clay missed the grades. At one point, when he got home to his home water base, he thought he would never hear them again.

Brice laughed, and Clay thought the deep chuckle might be the most erotic sound he'd ever heard. Brice, all stony and somber was hot, but Brice laughing was drop-his-pants-sexy. Clay kissed Brice's mouth again—a soft touching of lips. When he lifted his head, the grader stared at him intently.

"We can talk if you want," Brice breathed.

"I know we can talk, but how about later? Right now, I want you. I'm not normally into sex, but you're—"


"I was going to say phenomenal."

"I know what you mean." Brice sighed. "I want you too."

Clay's lips brushed against Brice's a second time before they roamed down his chin. Brice had a bad habit of finishing his sentences incorrectly, but he was fine with it right now as long as the grader got naked while he interrupted him.

"I've thought about this since the second I set eyes on you." Clay got Brice's zipper loose.

"I'm sure you have." Brice chuckled again. "This scar on my face gets all the men hot." Brice tipped his head to the side and licked at Clay's neck. His tongue went right over the scars that peeked out of Clay's shirt.

"I like it," Clay groaned. "I have some of my own. Let's get naked, and we will compare them." Chills ran down Clay's spine. He'd wanted Brice since their imprisonment.

"Naked. We can start there." Brice untangled himself from Clay's wandering hands and then stood next to the sleeping bags. Clay followed and stood opposite the other man. His heart raced with excitement as his hands began to unbutton and unzip anything he wore.

Clay didn't waste time. He stripped rapidly. The panic that Brice might vanish and this moment would be lost spurred his speedy actions. Maybe this meeting was a dream, and he would wake up. Just as he was down to his blue boxer briefs, Brice slipped off his shirt and regarded him. The wide expanse of bulky chest muscles, fuzzy brown hair, scars, and ready-to-be-licked skin had Clay temporarily dazed.

"Is there a fire somewhere?" Brice removed the sock over his non-prosthetic foot. "You got another date to get to?"

"I'm going to give you a D minus for slow execution of the mission." Clay paused with his fingers on his underwear. He could hardly wait to see more of Brice. "You will get an F if I'm naked before you."

"I don't get failing grades," Brice smirked.

In one smooth motion, the grader pushed down his pants and boxers. He kicked the clothes away. When the last of the clothing was gone, Clay's eyes hungrily traveled over Brice's thick thighs and well-built physique. The man was put together. Even though the scars marred areas of his muscled peach skin, the marks didn't take away from Brice. The healed wounds only added to the man. They made Clay feel bound to Brice. Now he was glad Luna didn't take away the scars Clay carried on his torso. He wanted to have the blemishes. They were from a time when Brice held him, licked him, and they had shared a feeling that was too big and too important to name.

As Clay took in the man he wanted more than air, his eyes traveled lower. Brice wasn't shy, and with what he had, and he didn't need to be. Clay's eyes became glued to Brice's long, thick, and full erection. He tried to force his eyes up to the grader's face, but that wasn't happening. Brice's thick member had filled out and was pointing forward with a slight curve.

"If my foot bothers you, I can cover it." Brice glanced down at where the metal and plastic gripped his flesh.

"That's not what I'm staring at." Shoving his underwear to the floor, Clay grabbed Brice and tugged until they both knelt on the sleeping bags. Face to face, Clay wrapped his arms around the other man and pressed their chests together.

Hot skin made Clay light-headed. He could live in Brice's arms forever. His eyes went to Brice's big hands as they traced a path over his abdomen. Dragging his fingers lower, Brice brushed his clever digits along Clay's straining length. Right as Clay was about to yank him to the floor, Brice stopped him.

"You're too good to be true. I really like you, Clay. I don't even know what to say right now."

"We don't have to say anything." Clay grinned. "We can use our mouths for something else."

"I give you an A for that answer." A slight smile kicked up one side of Brice's face. "Creative."

"You're making me work for that A plus, aren't you?"

"I'm going to need an example of all the things we can do with our mouths before I can do a proper evaluation." An enormous grin spread on Brice's face as he ran his fingers over Clay's forearms. Without warning, Brice tightened his hold and pressed Clay to his chest until he lost his balance.

As the two of them tumbled back on the sleeping bags, Clay reveled in the feel of the other man's body as his frame covered him. Exactly like in the hut, that lava feeling seemed to go deeper than his skin. The heat seeped into his bones. It was like a set of warm strings were wrapped around his heart.

Clay's cock didn't need any more encouragement. His shaft nudged at Brice's washboard abs. When Brice's thighs straddled Clay's hips, he rubbed against him.

"I like how you feel in my arms." Brice dug his fingers into Clay's hair and brought his lips closer.

"Good because I want to stay here." Clay connected his mouth to Brice's and kissed him with no restraint and no finesse. This is what he should've done in that damn hut and fuck the consequences. At the time, Clay didn't know Brice's name, and yes, Clay's face looked like ground beef, but if he was honest with himself, even in pain and looking like he'd stuck his face in a food processer, Clay had wanted to kiss Brice.

When Brice pulled his mouth away, his breathing came out in harsh gasps. He tugged on Clay's hair.

"You still want to do something with your mouth?"

Lust stole his words. Clay only nodded

"I just want to make sure we attended the same mission briefing." Brice kissed his cheek. "What I mean is, this is good?"

"Fuck that noise. This is phenomenal."

"Yes," Brice whispered. "In fact, I'm going to make this so hot that you won't even remember that I cried earlier." Brice descended on his lips, and his tongue drove into Clay's mouth.

A fire started in Clay's chest and spiraled outward. In seconds, he began to burn. Already Clay couldn't remember anyone or anything outside of this room. His brain was in his cock, and he became enslaved. He thought maybe if he thrust under Brice's frame, he might climax with that alone. Brice pulled on his hair again. The tug separated their lips. With no warning, Brice rolled over on his back while still holding Clay. When Brice was pinned under him, Clay lifted his head.

"Move down my body. Kiss every part of my skin as you go." Brice's eyes were expectant and hopeful. He didn't even try to hide his desire.

"Is that how I get my A plus?" Clay grinned at the instructions. He liked that the grader gave directions and wasn't timid about asking for what he wanted. Since Clay didn't have tons of experience, clear information was welcome.

"Affirmative," Brice hissed when Clay bent his head to lick tentatively at a rough scar along his neck. He paused.

"If anything hurts, tell me."

"Nothing hurts but my..." Brice groaned out what might have been the word cock. Clay grinned as he twisted downward along Brice's body.

The salty taste of Brice drew Clay in and quelled his worries about not being proficient at sex. As he inhaled the grader's unique scent, he licked again and again. The smell of Brice's skin, the taste, and feel, all of it seduced Clay. He began to worship the man before him.

Sucking on Brice's tightening nipples, Clay began to explore every one of his ribs. No scar was left untouched. As he progressed lower, Brice's harsh breathing became his music. When Clay got past Brice's belly button, he paused. The other man's thick member bobbed and shifted toward his face by itself.

"I want you to grip me like this." Taking Clay's hand, Brice interlaced their fingers and then grabbed his erection. Instantly, Clay was in love with the other man's hard length in his palm. The thickness was iron and silk. He squeezed the mushroom head. Briefly, Clay wondered if Brice could tell he didn't have a lot of know-how regarding sex.

If the grader could tell that Clay wasn't very adept, he didn't say that. He only closed his eyes as if he couldn't keep the lids open any longer. Clay memorized the feel of Brice. The shaft was the softest velvet over wood. Smoothly, Clay ran his hand up and down exactly like when he masturbated himself. Brice let go as his back arched.

"Now that's a go," Brice moaned.

The power over Brice's body was an overwhelming turn-on. Clay began to squeeze harder and then softer as he tested the man's reaction. He pressed his thumb into the weeping tip and received exhilarating pleasure when Brice's hips bucked. His grader's responses were so carnal, so real—the urge to make Brice explode swept through Clay.

Shifting along Brice's legs, Clay brought his mouth closer to the erection he fondled. Brice's eyes tracked him. Clutching the sleeping bags, his grader breathed heavily.

Pausing, Clay licked his lips. He tried to decide if this was the best angle to suck such a large body part. This was more than a mouthful.

"We can stop."

"No." Clay laughed. "I'm earning an A plus remember?"

Brice laughed, but the sound turned into a groan when Clay took Brice's pulsating shaft into his mouth. The last time he did this, Clay hated the taste and the smell. He'd only done it for a few minutes before he'd stopped, gotten dressed, and left. This time, running away was the last thing on Clay's mind. He liked this. No. He loved every inch of Brice. Opening his lips wider, Clay slid the swollen crown across his tongue. First, he sucked on the head. The move seemed natural to him. It was as if he and Brice had always been together.

"More." Brice groaned. "Use your tongue."

Silently, Clay cheered when Brice's words dissolved into moans. As Brice flopped back on the floor, his hips rolled upward. The man pushed himself deeper into Clay's suction.

The sensations were many, and Clay tried to take them all in. The sharp musk of Brice's arousal mixed with his own. Letting his hands wander freely over Brice's stomach, Clay traced a scar down the side of his grader's thigh to his ass. The hair on Brice's legs tickled his fingertips. The sucking sounds were the background melody to Brice's sighs of pleasure. Clay fell in love with it all and a little with the man displayed before him. He had no idea why he had never liked doing this before. Now all he wanted to do was suck on Brice.

Moving faster, Clay dropped his head and then popped back up again. He swished his tongue over the wet skin and sampled Brice's flavor. His grader was hot and salty, and A plus delicious. Clay wanted Brice to spurt down his throat. He drew on the other man harder.

"That's hot, Clay." Brice angled forward while he put his hand on the back of Clay's head. "Good, very ah..." Gently, Brice stroked his hair as Clay kept up the smooth rhythm for sucking. "What's the word you like? Phenomenal?"

While Brice's palm caressed his hair, Clay brought his fingers up to squeeze the base of Brice's shaft. Clay's hands followed up the wet skin to his mouth and then stroked back down. He twisted through the saliva that dripped down a thick vein on the underside of the crown.

Brice's hands dropped to Clay's shoulders. His fingertips dug in, and the grader pushed away from him.

"Stop," Brice growled. "That's too phenomenal." Turning his hips, his cock slipped from between Clay's lips. The exit made an obscene popping sound.

"Do I get a failing grade?" This was his first time he'd sucked cock other than that time with Abdul. With his friend, the oral sex didn't even last more than a few minutes. Even though Clay was trying to be funny, he was actually concerned about being told to stop. If he'd made a mistake, Clay would feel sick.

Scanning Brice's expression, Clay tried to read the other man. He'd keep his teeth off the skin. Their eyes met. In the end, deep down, Clay just didn't want to disappoint his grader. He wanted to be what Brice needed in every way.

"That was a pass or fail course." Brice freed his shoulders. "You passed with flying colors, but now I want you to turn around."

"Turn around?" Clay's one eyebrow rose. "You want to fuck me? I've never had anyone inside me before." Surprising himself, Clay realized he wasn't going to turn down anal, but he had to let Brice know that anal entry would be a new experience. "I've only ever—"

"Done oral?"

"I was going to say that I've only ever given it to someone."

"I thought we could sixty-nine." Brice looked at him with that expression of expectation and hope. "We can start there unless you want to stop, or we can talk." Brice's eyes dropped when Clay didn't move.

"Sixty-nine." Clay's shoulders relaxed, and he smiled. "That sounds like a great mission."

"You're too good to be true." Brice grinned. "Get on all fours in the middle of the sleeping bags. I'll get under you. If you don't like it, we can do something else." Brice moved away from Clay and scooted toward the big windows. Clay was amused when Brice's erection slapped against his abs.

"I'll remember that." Clay chuckled at the directions and then did what Brice told him. Like a teacher or an instructor, the man was a little bossy, but Clay liked the guidance. He got to the center of the sleeping bags and placed himself on all fours.

As soon as he was in the center, Brice pushed Clay's legs apart and moved under Clay's swollen and ready erection. When Brice settled on the sleeping bags, he touched the tip of Clay's shaft with his fingertips. The brush of his hand was like he toyed with him. Clay grunted as his body tingled at the light touch.

Brice shifted and moved his legs around Clay's arms. By the time he finished adjusting himself, Brice's cock was pointed at Clay's chin. Once more, Brice's fingertips petted his shaft. The light contact was enough to remind him that the other man was there with his head between his legs.

"I'm going to copy you. You do something, and I'll do it back. If you want to stop, then I will too. Is that clear?"

"Crystal clear." Clay studied Brice's shaft. The thick head still had his saliva glistening on the ridge. Veins under the skin headed toward the mushroom top. For some reason, Brice seemed larger in this position. He'd never done anything like this before. Clay had fucked a couple of boyfriends and one girlfriend, but in all these years, he'd never gotten around to mutual fellatio.

Cautiously, he bent his head and licked at Brice's tip. He shuddered when Brice's tongue did the same thing to him.

"If you want an A plus, you're going to have to do more than tease me," Clay groaned. The smell of Brice's skin drove him over the edge. Dropping his head, Clay kissed the dusting of hairs at the base of Brice's erection. He inhaled deeply. Wanting Brice was worse than needing drugs.

"I'm not teasing you," Brice whispered back. "I'm copying you. Do I need to go over the directions again? Or would you like a new objective?"

"No." Clay laughed. "I like this objective."

"This time, I'll start." Brice's hands wrapped around Clay's ass. His fingers gave slight pressure. The force had Clay lowering his hips. The head of Clay's shaft probed the other man's mouth. Lust twisted Clay's insides. When he felt the suction, Clay's groan was probably loud enough for everyone in HQ to hear. Brice sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

"You'll get an A plus doing that." Clay got out between clenched teeth. Brice gave a blow job like he was trying to pass a test.

"Are you trying to be the teacher's pet?" Brice pulled his mouth away and laughed. "Because it's working."

Clay wanted Brice to feel the same pleasure. After he opened his mouth, Clay swallowed down Brice as well. His lips reached the center of Brice's cock. He drew on the head and then felt the same thing on his body.

The competition began.

Clay's eyes drifted shut as he slurped, played, and ran his hand and tongue over Brice. The grader emulated his actions. Every time the other man groaned, Clay felt the vibration up his spine. The feelings were over-the-top sizzling, and Clay wanted this game never to end.

Without his consent, Clay's hips started to dance downward into Brice's mouth. Helplessly, he began to fuck Brice's face. The man took his wild movements and deep throated him like he didn't have a gag reflex. That made his head spin. Clay couldn't stop the thrusting even though he tried. To distract himself from the exquisite torment, Clay attempted to draw harder on Brice. All his effort seemed to do was drive Brice to do the same thing in return. The vacuum cleaner had returned with a vengeance.

As he moaned around the shaft in his mouth, Clay's eyes rolled back in his head. When the grader roamed over his balls, Clay shuddered. Brice rocked his hips up. Clay gripped the other man and began to pump his fist. Brice mimicked him.

What did Brice say before? That was too phenomenal? Damn right.

Clay was going to shoot. He didn't want to fall apart when Brice hadn't. Bobbing his head, he did everything he could think of to make Brice bust a nut. The more speed used, the more Brice gulped him down his throat. The other man's palms pressed Clay's ass cheeks, driving him down with more gusto. Clay tried to breathe, to keep the explosion at bay, but he couldn't. So close. Too close. If only Brice would come. He didn't want to give in first.

Offering one last-ditch effort, Clay used his hand to grab Brice's hips to bring him thrusting up toward his mouth. He squeezed, licked, and sucked on the slick flesh as fast and as hard as he could. Brice's balls tucked themselves closer to his body. His legs began to shake.


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