As promised, my reward will come today. Actually, it kept me awake half the night. This is so exciting!

We get up together again and I dare not ask what my reward will be. I'll wait and see. I feel the butterflies in my stomach when I think about the delicious things I would like.

We have breakfast and Mieke starts with a large glass of lukewarm water. I know that has a laxative effect and my dick jumps up. She also takes a strong cup of coffee with it. This starts well!

I baked some fresh rolls and we include jam and hard boiled egg. A glass of fresh orange juice completes the breakfast.

I wait patiently to see what comes next. After clearing the breakfast table, I grab my guitar to make the wait a bit more pleasant. I just finished one song when Mieke comes to pick me up.

She takes me to the bathroom where she lets me lie on a large bath towel and starts tying me to the heater and sink drain with bondage rope. In this way I lie stretched and firmly fixed. My arms are up close to my head so that I can barely move my head.

"Just lie back and wait for your reward!"

A wave of desire rushes through my stomach. To tease me a bit, she takes my cock in her mouth for a moment and then spits some spit over it.

"I'll be right back with you."

Fifteen minutes later she comes back in and has a large funnel with her. She puts it in my mouth and holds it with one hand as she squats over my face. I already know exactly what will happen and brace myself.

"I haven't peed today because I thought you were entitled to the strongest taste I can give you. You have to drink a lot because I'm not stopping! The funnel should not overflow, otherwise you will not be allowed to cum even today! "

I can only make an affirmative sound because the funnel is in my mouth.

Then it comes. She begins to pour her warm and salty morning pee into the funnel. The first amount of urine fills my mouth and I try to swallow in doses. It tastes very intense but I literally enjoy it to the fullest. How delicious and horny this is. I do my best to swallow everything as quickly as possible in order to comply with her command.

That works. When the last drops fall into the funnel, I have drunk everything without spilling. What a great start to the day, My stomach feels a bit sick because of the salty drink but that makes me realize how kinky this is. I would like to drink a lot more and I tell her that too.

"Well, then you can still have a glass of pee from me later. But first something else. "

She removes the funnel and puts it in the sink. Again she crouches over my face and hangs just above me. Slowly her asshole opens and she lets a big wind. I eagerly sniff the heavy scent. So close to the anus, a fart just smells the most intense and delicious.

Then I see a brown dot appear. Her sphincter opens wider and wider. A first hard droppings fall out of her asshole and land on my nose. It bounces off my face and rolls on the towel.

Then the rest follows, which is much softer. Very soft even. My nose, now closed eyes and forehead are covered with a thick layer of creamy poo. A bit of her shit is also running in my open mouth.

This is a satisfaction for all senses that a human has. The wonderful scent. The crackling and simmering sound of the shit coming out of her ass. The taste of her shit. Watching her opening anus and watching her shit fall. And then feeling the warm gunk slowly brushing my face as it sinks down my face.

I am enjoying myself intensely in a flood of happiness. Mieke takes two thin gloves and puts them on. With both hands she starts to spread her poo thickly all over my face. She continues for minutes. I groan loudly. I want to cum and she gets it. But I'm not allowed yet.

"Open your mouth!"

I do that well and she shoves a good part of her shit into my open mouth and stuffs until no more poo can reach it.

"You don't have to swallow, but if you can try to swallow something, you can do it."

I decide not to. That will sometimes come. I really enjoy lying there with a stuffed mouth and only able to breathe heavily through my nose.

Then she unties me and tells me to get up. I can't empty my mouth just yet.

In the meantime she gets on her knees in front of me and says that I can finally jerk off now.

"I want all your cum in my face!"

Realizing that I have a full mouth of her shit and a greased face. Being allowed to drink from her morning pee. And that I can carry out her assignments. All this means that it doesn't take long before I come unbridled. She keeps her face close to my shaking head and almost everything ends up on her nose and cheeks. At the last bit she keeps her mouth open and neatly collects the last strings of sperm and swallows it briskly. What an enormous amount of seed!

In order to breathe properly, I deflate my mouth and the poo, mixed with my saliva, runs in fine streams down my chin and over my chest and stomach. With her gloves on she also smears it all over my upper body and finally she rubs everything in my face again.

I love to be forced and overpowered even after cumming. The dirtier it is, the better. Then it looks like I'm coming longer.

I realize I'm a total pervert but I'm in good company. Mieke understands me and gives herself to me as far as she can. And I can't wait to do something out of her fantasies for her again.

Was this a reward? It was the greatest reward I have ever earned and received!

Panties II

We bought such a nice club of a vibrator. A Magic Wand. Well whether that thing is magical may be correct. Mieke wanted to be pampered with this.

One of her fantasies was to be tied up tightly while being "worked" with a sturdy vibrator. Well, this rod can handle that.

One rainy afternoon, I take the plunge and take her to our bed. There I ask her if she wants to undress and lie on her back on the bed. She only has to keep her panties on.

"Stretch your arms up past your head. Then I tie them to the headboard. And then your legs nice and wide and also up. With your knees on your breasts. "

With a multitude of bondage ropes and Velcro rings I fasten her in such a way that she can no longer move and is stable and comfortable.

Then I grab a tarp and place it under her buttocks. That may come in handy later.

I take the Magic Wand out of the nightstand drawer and plug it into the nearest outlet. The cord is a few meters so that I do very easily.

With gaffa tape I fix the head of the vibrator on top of her tickler and under her panties. That way I make sure that that thing can no longer go anywhere. All I have to do now is turn it on to give Mieke the time of her life.

I put the Magic Wand on the softest setting and that is already firm. Mieke is already beginning to moan and squirm back and forth.

I watch and see to my great excitement that she is starting to shake and support more and more violently. Within a minute or two she cums screaming. Instead of stopping the thing, she asked me beforehand not to and to make her cum at least once or twice.

Because it now feels uncomfortable on her now overly sensitive clit, she would like me to turn it off. But I don't!

"You asked for it. This is what you wanted. To be forced to endure this. "

She moans affirmatively and while the vibrator continues to do its job she stops for a while and makes a little pee. I had already taken my precautions for that. The tarpaulin comes in handy.

Slowly she gets back into the right rhythm and very soon she cums for the second time. I look at her with a big smile and say: "I'm going to have a drink in the kitchen. You will be fine, won't you? I think you can come a few more times. "

"No do not do that!" she groans.

But I don't listen and walk out of the bedroom and after a few minutes I hear her cum again loudly.

Now I think it's enough and I walk up to her and ask if she wants more.

"No, turn it off now. And quickly because it starts again! "

I turn it off and untie everything. I strip her wet panties from her buttocks and legs and push them into a plug in her mouth. She growls but still finds it nice and exciting.

After I took the panties out of her mouth I put it in my own mouth and wear the panties over my face for a while.

"I know something else with panties honey!" she says. "But you still notice that."

I have a premonition. A good feeling!

Panties III

Of course Mieke does not have to remind me, but the next day she points out that there is another adventure with panties to come.

"I'll have a nice job for you soon!" she says meaningfully.

We have an extensive breakfast with freshly baked croissants, fresh juice, an egg and of course espresso. We talk about our vacation plans in the meantime. We are both actually looking forward to a city trip.

I suggest going to Berlin or London. I think they are beautiful cities and because I have already been there I can also show her the nice places. Then we can eat out every day and we have a good hotel. A hotel is always exciting and offers the opportunity to have sex again in a new place. Somehow that's always exciting.

After breakfast Mieke gets up and starts undressing in a provocative way. She slowly slides her bra over my face. She keeps her panties on.

She turns her butt towards me and tells me to keep my nose nice and close.

Then she starts to squeeze and I start to smell some treats. A first gentle breeze reaches my nose. I can see a huge bulge slowly forming in her panties. I can hear her creeping shit crackle softly and the wonderful scent increases.

Then she's ready and she's in front of me with a slip full of shit. She gently pushes her butt against my face and a little damp poo gets through the fabric on my nose while her poo is also further flattened and spread between her buttocks.

"Now we're going to go to the bathroom quickly because there you take my panties off carefully and you have to lick my butt completely clean."

In the bathroom I get on my knees behind her and start to strip down her panties and try to make sure her poo stays in the panties. The pile wobbles a bit but I manage to put the panties on the tiles with the shit on top.

"When you are done licking clean later you have to put my panties on your face and wear it for a while!" is her new assignment.

I move my face back to her buttocks and push my tongue longingly into her filthy butt crack. It is really pretty thick and I will have quite a job on this.

I lick with big strokes and the first amount of poo collects in my mouth and I will have to swallow the divine gunk to continue licking. The first batch is always difficult to swallow because it is bitter but with enough saliva I actually manage it easily.

I keep licking and swallowing furiously and in the meantime push my nose deep between her dirty buttocks. That is about the best feeling I know. So intense.

Slowly but surely her bare skin reappears and after a few minutes there are really only a few dirty spots to be seen.

By taking off her panties, a few poop stains got on her thigh and I obediently lick it clean. I now clean her completely with a wet washcloth.

As instructed, I bend my knees again and bend over to the full panties on the floor. I push my face in and I feel that Mieke is now holding the panties up together. With a clothespin she ensures that the panties will not easily fall off my head.

"Just lie on your back. I take the kitchen timer and set it for half an hour. That long you must lie with your face in my precious caviar. And if you feel hungry, you can also eat some of it without using your hands. "

I lie down and feel completely and wonderfully humiliated. Just the way I want.

I open my mouth again and suck in some of her soft shit and swallow little bits at a time. I don't know why, but this way it almost tastes sweet.

I focus on it in such a way that I hardly notice that time is already up. Mieke comes to tell me that I can smear the rest of her panties on my face and I can cum. Of course I love to do that. That I experience a gigantic climax again does not surprise me and Mieke at all. & qa_1=poxukepo

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