Sarah jumped as an unexpected hand slid up her pencil skirt from behind. She was standing at the printer, zoned out, watching her photocopies spit out. She relaxed as she felt Kenneth's lips press against her neck.

"What did I say about your choice of footwear?" He said quietly in her ear.

He was being unusually brazen today, considering the printer was in one of the two normally busy kitchens in the office. It was another late night, though, and a Friday night as well. The office would be mostly empty, and there weren't sounds of other people in their side.

She turned her head and met his lips, quickly planting a kiss on them before responding: "sorry, my feet were getting so tired today; it's been a long day - "

"I didn't ask for excuses," he cut her off. "I told you what I expected. It wasn't up for debate." He squeezed her ass hard before swiftly turning and walking away.

Sarah shuffled through her photocopies as she slowly walked back to her desk. It had been a few weeks since their initial encounter, and she had kept replaying it in her head over and over again. Nothing like it had happened since - it had been a busy time for them all. Since then, it had been brief teasings like the one that just happened. Kenneth would occasionally squeeze her ass or one of her breasts as he dropped things off at her desk. At one point, she had gone to his office in the middle of the day to ask about a few items, and while listening to her with a blank expression, he had casually leaned over and slid his hand up her skirt. She had stopped talking, thinking he wanted to use her, but without skipping a beat he had asked her to continue. He had nudged her thong aside and teased her by gently rubbing his fingers along her pussy lips. As she continued, he slowly slid two fingers into her, still expressionless. They had the whole conversation like that - her asking him questions, and him responding, all while he teased her. When she had finished, he slid his fingers out and wiped them off on her skirt. "Is that everything?" He had asked her, "I'm quite busy here."

All of this teasing and reminiscing on their first encounter was driving Sarah crazy. She was already a horny mess before - now she practically insatiable, taking breaks to finger herself throughout the workday constantly. She was waiting on any indication from him that he wanted her, so she could jump on it (and him). For a while she was petrified that they had made a huge mistake, and that she would find herself jobless. This had been a long-time fantasy for her, and her imagination ran wild, envisioning all the different things he might do to her.

She was finishing up her work for the day when a new chat pinged on her computer.

"Come see me before you head out tonight pls", it read. Her heart hammered with excitement. "Will do", she quickly typed back. It was the perfect time for another repeat - the office was practically empty.

She packed up her belongings, slipped off her flats, and slid into a pair of black suede toeless pumps - his favourite pair, as he had let her know the week before.

Sarah walked over to his office, her heels loudly clicking on the floor and announcing her arrival. She was about to knock on his door when he turned.

"One of my favourite sounds. I can't quite put a collar on you with a bell here, so that's as good a warning as any," he said with a wink.

She laughed in response. "I wouldn't even necessarily be opposed to a belled collar," she said, "it would be the perfect constant reminder I need of who I belong to."

He frowned slightly as he got up and walked over to her. "Are you suggesting you need to be reminded?" He asked rhetorically as he swung the door closed behind her.

"Well, no," she started, but was cut off when he scooped up her long, thick curls in both hands and made a ponytail. Holding the ponytail with a tight grip in one fist, he pushed her down, hard. She landed on her knees, tripping over her tall heels. Walking backwards, he led her back to his seat. Sarah shuffled along awkwardly on her hands and knees, nearly losing her heels along the way.

Kenneth sat down hard on his chair and pulled her head up to face up at him. He was holding her ponytail tightly, and it hurt slightly when he yanked her head back. She smiled up at him submissively, her hands resting between her knees.

"I've got a reminder here that should be enough for you not to forget moving forward," he said, popping his dress pants button open with his free hand. "I don't have the time tonight to put you in your place. But I've been needing to blow a load all day, and you're as good a receptacle as any right now."

This excited Sarah as she felt her pussy twinge. While she was disappointed that she wouldn't be getting a full lesson tonight, being used and sent on her way was one of the many fantasies she'd had.

Excitedly, she helped him unzip and shuffle his pants down to his ankles. He moved his hands away and let her take over as she slipped her fingers into the rim of his briefs. There was already a large spot of precum forming on his underwear. "Thank you, Kenneth," she smiled up at him as she slid his underwear off. His penis was already half-hard as it bounced out of his briefs that Sarah slid down to join his pants around his ankles. She took a moment to admire his package. There was a bit of pre-cum on the tip of his penis, which Sarah couldn't wait to taste once she had savoured this moment. It didn't look like he had done any maintenance since last time (again likely a product of the busy time at their work), and he didn't exactly smell fresh. This excited her more - she was his property and in her head it was her job to provide him with release, no matter what state he was in.

"What are you waiting for, slut?" He growled, "did you not hear me when I said I was busy today?"

"Sorry," she whispered, reaching out to stroke his cock with both hands. She looked up at him as she jerked him off. "I just love being here. On my knees, in front of you." Her voice was wavering, making her desperately horny and emotional state clear. His blue eyes stared into hers as he gripped her hair tightly and pulled her head back even more. He brought his face against hers as his other hand gripped her throat. She continued stroking him with both hands, feeling his cock grow harder. "This is where I belong," she gasped out as the hand around her throat tightened.

"It is, isn't it?" He replied in a soft tone that she was not used to.

"Yes," she gasped desperately, "yes! I've fantasized about this for so long, Kenneth, I've wanted this so bad -"He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her deeply and passionately, their tongues intertwining. She never stopped jerking him off, now rubbing her thumb over his leaking head when her hands reached the top of his shaft.

He broke the kiss suddenly and yanked her head towards his cock, stuffing it into her mouth.

"Tonight isn't about what you want. And while I love hearing about your desperate fantasies of being used by your boss, we'll need to have that conversation another time. I don't know if you noticed, but I need to bust a nut." He said this while crudely manuvering her head up and down his cock, using the makeshift ponytail as a guide.

She began sucking him off eagerly, applying extra suction whenever she reached his cockhead. With her right hand, she gripped the base of his cock and firmly jerked him off in a twisting motion whenever her mouth moved up his cock. Her other hand held his balls in her palm and fondled them gently. The mild taste of sweat on his cock was soon gone as she cleaned him off with her mouth. She heard him sighing and moaning slightly as he sat back and his grip on her ponytail loosened.

"Now this," she heard him breathe out, "this is what your mouth is for. Your place is on your knees, and your mouth's place is on my dick." She moaned on his cock in agreement.

"Take your tits out," he ordered, "but don't take that mouth off my cock."

Removing her hands from him, she complied, continuing to bob her head up and down his cock as she popped open the buttons on the front of her blouse. Kenneth was being proactive; she felt his hand slip down the back of her shirt and unclasp her bra for her. Sarah slid it down partway and reaching her hands into her unbuttoned blouse, scooped each tit up out of her shirt, so that they were propped up out of the gaping unbuttoned top.

Her breasts were now hanging out of the top of her shirt, swaying around lewdly as she refocused her attention on her task at hand. She was sucking his cock with more vigour now, working up saliva in her mouth which was now coating his penis and her hands. Her hands moved closer to the base of his cock as she got ready to take him down her throat. This wouldn't be easy - she had pictured his thick cock often during the last few weeks and remembered how hard it had battered against her tonsils before her throat gave way.

Occasionally, she made sure to bob her head down and slurp on his nutsack. She could tell he loved this from the sharp inhale and sigh that followed every time she ran her mouth along his balls, swirling her tongue over them. She would take each one into her mouth, gently sucking it. At one point, she tried to cram both of them into her mouth without using her hands that were jerking his cock. As she moved her head side to side to fit them both in, his moaning grew heavier. He helped her along, stuffing the rest of his scrotum into her mouth. He seemed to love looking down at her in this position, making as much eye contact as they could with his thick cock covering most of her face.

As she salivated over and worshipped his dick, he was laying back in his chair, watching her with a glazed-over, drunken expression. His whole body was lax, his legs resting against the arms of his chair. They were spread wide open to accommodate the cocksucker on the floor before him - his full-time employee that he had turned to his part-time cocksleeve. He had sent her that chat on a whim - seeing her standing at that printer, the shape of her ass pressed tight against her skirt - had caused a stirring in his pants. Just like ordering dinner through a phone app, he had ordered her over to be of service and there she was. On her knees, her heels half off as she kneeled on the floor servicing her cock with her tits hanging out of her top, bra straps loosely hanging against the crooks of her elbows. Kenneth had his hands in her wild hair, periodically gripping two fistfuls and curling his toes whenever she applied the perfect amount of suction against his head. He watched her pleasure his cock, tits bouncing around as she moaned and gagged occasionally on him.

Looking at those funbags - those tits that he had summoned to his office and ordered to be put on display - was driving him over the edge. She was swallowing the head of his cock and, deciding to help her along, he suddenly sat up slightly and placed a hand on the top of her head. His other hand reached down to fondle her breasts, squeezing her left one hard before moving onto her right tit and back, pinching each nipple lightly.

While he manhandled her tits, he forcefully pressed her head down. Sarah tried to relax her throat the best she could, sensing his urgency. His cock was slick with her spit and her throat already loosened. With a groan, he pushed himself all the way into her throat. She gagged immediately and tried to instinctively pull back, but his hand held her head firmly in place. He pressed his hips upwards at the same time, seemingly trying to stuff each millimetre of his cock down her throat. The upper half of his body was now bent over her kneeling figure as he played with her breasts and occasionally pulled her skirt up to expose her ass, giving her a few hard smacks before going back to fondle her tits. Sarah could not see a thing, as her face was pressed into his stomach with his thick cock blocking her airway. She made muffled noises on his cock in response to his rough handling and gagged harshly. He moaned enthusiastically whenever she gagged on his cock, loving how her throat squeezed against his penis. His balls were pressed right up against her chin, and Sarah could feel them tightening as he approached his finish.

Kenneth pulled her head back suddenly and sat back. Sarah coughed and gasped as she sucked in deep breaths of air. While she was trying to regroup, Kenneth didn't skip a beat. In a frenzy, he leaned down and scooped up her breasts with both hands, squeezing them together as he buried his face in them and groaned, sucking and kissing them all over. He pinched her nipples hard while doing so, causing her to squeal with pleasure.

He stood up and grabbed her by her throat, his other hand attempting to wrap her thick hair back into a ponytail. She found herself suddenly pushed back against the drawers of his desk with his cock invading her mouth. Kenneth started forcefully pounding her face, holding her head in place with his hands, the one on her neck squeezing her jaw and throat. She couldn't get away even if she wanted to.

She didn't want to, though. As he fucked her mouth rapidly, breathing becoming ragged, she snaked her hand into her underwear and started fingering her soaked pussy. He noticed. In between hard thrusts he growled down at her, "stop...fucking...touching...yourself!" She pulled out immediately and rested her hands on the ground and her sides, moaning an apology on his cock.

"I made it clear I called you here for my own use" he said, squeezing her throat harder as he continued thrusting into her. "Play with your dirty pussy on your own time, slut."

She went limp and allowed herself to be used as a fleshlight. Another confirmation of the fact that she was just his fucktoy made her want to touch her clit even more. She couldn't wait to remember this later when she was at home on the couch or in her tub. He was fucking her mouth harder and deeper with each thrust. He propped a leg up on his desk and angled down, continuing his thrusts. With this new angle, his cock slid down her throat easier and she finally had a view of his face rather than his stomach. His face was red and scrunched up as he neared his orgasm. Looking down at her glazed-over, teary eyes smudging her makeup, her mouth loosely hanging open as she relented to his rough pounding - the visual combined with the sensation of her slippery throat on his cock finally sent him over the edge.

He gave a few more final hard strokes into her throat and then pressed in deep, her nose pressing into him. Kenneth groaned loudly as he unloaded straight down her throat. Sarah could feel his balls contracting on her chin with each blast that shot into her. She started choking and panicking, pushing against him as she gagged. He kept her back pressed against the desk for a few moments longer, moaning as he unloaded more of his cum into her. When he finally pulled back, she coughed up some of his cum as she gasped for breath, his penis unloading the last few spurts on her tongue.

The cum she choked on was dripping out of her mouth and onto her tits. She had entered his office polished and well put-together, and she wasn't leaving that way. Sarah allowed herself to lament on how quickly he had altered her entire appearance in a matter of minutes.

He stumbled backwards a few steps. They were both breathing heavily, her on her knees swallowing down the load in her mouth and still gasping for breath. His cum tasted salty and she had to swallow a few times before she finally regained her breath.

Kenneth sat down hard in his chair and leaned his head back, rubbing his face and letting out a loud sigh. His penis was softening and was covered in her spit and remnants of cum. She crawled over to him, thinking about what a sight for sore eyes she must be. Clothes in a complete state of disarray, her already wild hair dishevelled, covered in cum. He watched her shuffle over to his cock, observing her indifferently with those stark blue eyes.

She looked up at him, searching for approval as she began gently sucking his cock and balls clean. Sarah thought she saw a small smile before he leaned his head back and relaxed, letting her work away.

"I needed that," he sighed, placing a hand on her head and stroking her hair. "Good girl."

The praise filled Sarah with joy and made her pussy twinge. "I love being your good girl," she said quietly in between gentle licks of his now clean shaft.

"Get up, my little slut," he ordered. She stood up, needing his help to steady herself. He pulled her onto his lap and pressed his lips against hers. She longed to be held close by him, but, she also realized she was covered in his jizz and he had no intentions of leaving the office yet.

"Thank you," she whispered against his lips wrapping her arms around her neck. He kissed her deeply.

Kenneth broke the kiss and pushed her off his lap. He stood up and slipped his pants back on. Sarah watched him transition back into business mode as he straightened his shirt and buttoned his pants back up.

"That is all I needed from you tonight. There's a box of Kleenex on the shelf there, but I'd recommend visiting the washroom before anyone sees you."

Sarah grabbed a few tissues from the box and began wiping at her face and chest. She clipped her bra back on and adjusted her now sticky tits back into their original spots. She heard Kenneth behind her already typing away at his computer, murmuring something to himself as he responded to an email.

Him using her tonight had only strengthened her desires. She approached his chair from behind and wrapped her arms around him. Kissing the side of his face, she whispered in his ear, "these last few weeks I couldn't stop thinking about last time. I want you so bad, Kenneth, when can we..." she trailed off.

He squeezed one of her arms tight. "I'm tossing around a few ideas in my head now that I'm getting these few projects off my plate. I think a full night is needed...maybe one where you spend most of it tied to the bed."

This caused her breathing to deepen and her kissing more insistent.

"But for now," he said as he pulled her arms off of him, "I have a pile of work to do. So put those heels back on so I can watch your ass walk out my door."

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