Lizzie couldn't help but smile, watching her son suck on her tit. She grabbed his head and held him tight as he hungrily sucked. Looking over at her daughter, Amy had taken the opportunity to get rid of her clothes and knelt in front of her father completely naked as she sucked him off. Lizzie watched as her husband's eyes finally opened and saw her having her tits sucked by their son. The shock on Mark's face quickly disappeared as he groaned in excitement. The site of his son pleasing his mother turned him on nearly as much as his daughter sucking him off.

As Lizzie turned her focus back to her son, Jack removed his lips from his mother's nipple and asked, "Mom, can you suck me off like Amy is sucking Dad off?" Hearing the words come out of her son made her pussy twitch, somehow her kids were now in charge, and she and her husband were enjoying it as much as they were. She nodded with a smile. Jack quickly stood and separated himself from his clothes in quick fashion. Standing naked in front of his mother, he stepped closer. His cock already hard, Lizzie didn't have to reach far to wrap her fingers around her son's member.

She took a moment to study her sons cock. 'Beautiful', she thought. Not as long as her husband's but certainly thicker. Much thicker, she could see thick veins run down the side of his cock, as she slowly jerked him off. Moving to the edge of the couch, and spreading her legs so her son could step closer, she parted her lips and took her son into her mouth in one sweep. This was not her first blowjob and she couldn't wait, she needed to feel her son's girth in her mouth. She expertly moved her tongue around, extracted moans and grunts from her son.

Jack didn't know what to do with his hands, watching his mother give him his first blowjob - the feeling of her tongue and lips moving around his cock flatlining his mind.

Amy let her fathers cock slip out of her mouth and said; "Daddy my pussy needs what Mom is doing but I don't think getting eaten out is going to do it, I need something more... I need this Daddy," she grips Mark's cock tightly. Now Mark, much like his wife had done moments ago, silently nods his permission as his daughter takes charge. She gets up and places her knees on either side of Mark's hips on the couch. Mark reaches down and holds his cock straight up and his daughter slowly lowers herself on to him. His cock spreading her virgin pussy lips aside as she continues to sit down. Jack and Lizzie (still with her mouth full of Jack's cock) both watched as Amy was being penetrated by her Dad. Slowly, she kept sitting down as inch after inch disappeared.

Mark could feel her tight pussy trying to push her off and push his big cock out, but his daughter kept going. "That's my girl," Mark complimented as Amy finally was sitting fully on her father's lap, consuming him in completely. Taking a second to enjoy the feeling of having her first cock inside her, Amy smiled as she looked over her shoulder at her Mom and brother. They both smiled and Amy lifted off her Dad, leaving only the tip inside before sitting back down. And then up again. Then down again. Soon, Amy was slowly moving up and down, letting her father's cock repeatedly impale her. She could feel her pussy walls gliding past her Dad's cock.

Mark slid his hands to his daughter's hips, helping her push down on him and lift her up. Soon they were picking up the pace. It dawns on Amy that she is finally fucking - she is actually fucking and she was fucking her Dad! Suddenly, an orgasm blasts through her body. She slams her hips down and Mark holds her hip in place as he feels his daughter quiver. He watches her face contort in blissful agony and Amy looks down to see her father waiting patiently as she cums. She falls forward and her lips met her Dad's as they kiss again. Just as quickly as the orgasm had arrived, it melts away but Amy was far from done, she restarts sliding up and down and this time she was going for speed. Soon a fast paced clapping echoed through the room as the hips of both father and daughter slammed together.

Jack looked at his Mom but before he could say anything she whispers hungrily; "I know." Lizzie pushed back into the couch, laying flat with her hips resting just off the edge. With one hand she pulls her panties to one side and Jack grips his cock and takes aim. Moving between his mothers legs, Jack's cock finally reaches it's destination as he slides the head up and down his Mom's pussy lips, coating himself in her wetness. Failing this test of patience, Lizzie jolts her hips forward, forcing her son's cock to penetrate her.

Jack savours the feeling of entering into his mother. The most taboo act, to return to where he once came from. To push further in, watching his thick cock glide into his mother. She was tight and oh so wet. So wet that he suffered hardly any resistance pushing in. Jack glanced up at his mother who was watching their privates connect. He pushed in till his balls made contact with his mother's ass cheeks.

Jack took a big breath in, finally he knew what it was like to have sex. Finally. And to top it off - it was his mother who had so generously and lovingly blessed him with this gift. He could feel his mother's pussy pulse around him. Jack starts to pull his cock out and slowly return in to his new found home.

Lizzie was just sitting back, enjoying the sensation of her son's cock spreading her pussy apart. Her husband could reach further in with his longer cock but her son's much thicker cock brought an entirely new element to the game. She stroked her hair out of her face as she looked over at her husband. Mark was now ramming into their daughter from below, meeting each of Amy's bounces with a thrust of his own. Somehow, Mark must have known his wife was watching as he glances over at that very moment. Both Mark and Lizzie made eye contact and almost telepathically communicate the same message: 'let's show these two what it's really like to fuck'.

Lizzie snapped her eyes back to her son and wrapped her legs around his hips, her ankles locking behind him. She gave enough room for Jack to still pump his cock into her. Lizzie then slid her hands up her son's torso and pulled him forward till his chest crashed into hers.

Jack knew where his Mom was going with this, he let his weight fall on her, feeling her breasts press into his chest. His mouth moved towards her's as her tongue met his before their lips touched. Hungrily making out, the mother-son duo pounded away as across from them the father-daughter duo were lost in their own act of passion.

Beads of sweat now dripped down Amy's back onto her Dad as she rode him faster and faster. The sounds of the claps getting louder only fuelled Jack to fuck his Mom harder and harder. Soon their own claps were matching that of his sister and father.

The four continued to fuck, letting out moans and grunts as all inhibitions were lost. Amy was the first to reach her climax and started to moan loudly. This of course set the other three off and soon all four were feeling waves of pleasure pass over them.

Mark could feel his daughter's pussy convulse around him and Jack could feel his Mom's pussy pulse. Lizzie could feel her son's cock throb inside her and Amy could feel her Dad's cock twitch inside her. Lost in the moment, Mark grunts as he starts to cum inside Amy. Amy doesn't slow down and their clapping sound turns into a sloshing sound as cum starts dripping down from her pussy, around Mark's cock and onto the couch.

Knowing they were cumming set Lizzie off who wrapped her hands around Jack's back and dug her nails into him. Jack could feel his Mom shake under him and she let go off their kiss and moved her lips down to his right shoulder. Soon, out of instinct, Lizzie bit into Jack's shoulder, unable to control herself.

The pain from his mother's bite pushed Jack over the edge and he felt his balls clench as he started to shoot his jizz into his mother. As soon as Lizzie could feel her son cum, her legs clamped around his hip, pulling him in and holding him there.

In contrast to his mother's bites, Jack reached forward and begain kissing and licking Lizzie's neck. The two, holding each other in an intimate embrace as their waves of pleasure rode through them. At that time, Amy lets her finally cries and whimpers as her climax comes to an end and she collapses onto her father who holds her in his strong arms.

The four laid there, amazed at their united climax, holding each other in a silent love grip. Both the men were still buried deep inside their respective sexual partners. The four could still feel each other's most intimate parts twitching and pulsing every now and then.

Amy was the first to break the silence; "Daddy, that was amazing but you came insi...."

"It's alright honey, had my wires snipped years ago" Mark reassured his daughter. Jack looked at his mother with slight worry.

"And I had my tubes tied, we're fine baby," Lizzie whisper, not quite mustering the strength to speak. Jack moved his lips to hers to kiss her once more. Amy gave her Dad a quick peck.

"You know, maybe we could make some kind of an arrangement, where we help each other out till me and Jack get married, I mean I'd definitely like to do this again!" Amy's suggestion did not have to wait long for an answer.

Between his sloppy kisses, Jack muttered "I'" Lizzie couldn't hold back a smile as she continued to kiss her son. Still not really having the energy to talk, and not wanting to break their kiss, Lizzie just clamped her pussy around her son's cock a few times. "I' least... her....pussy does!"

Mark chuckled before adding, "Then we have a deal, till marriage." Amy smiled before slowly grinding her hips on her Daddy's cock. She returned to kissing her Dad as the four continued their sinful embraces, the room slowly filling with moans and groans once again....

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