Helen was bored out of her mind.

She'd agreed to go, and thought it would be interesting to see her wife's hometown. The thing is, before everything had changed for them Tera was conceited, territorial, lazy, ignorant, and most of all, cruel. Now Helen was married someone who was humble, easy going, lazy, ignorant and caring.

What worried Helen, were the extreme changes that her wife had undergone. Pretty much everyone was oblivious most aspects of it, and what they did notice, they referred to as Tera's "condition." It was as if her dickneck and heavily redacted body was right up there with a salmon allergy.

But most people weren't Tera's high school friends, let alone her parents. What would they think about all of this? It was making her anxious and she tapped the steering wheel impatiently. They had driven four hours that day, and there were three more to go.

"Helen!" Snapped Tera. "Just put something on to listen too! You're driving me nuts!"

"Sorry! Ugh, I know I keep doing that. This TRUCK is just so... damn SLOW." Helen let out an exasperated sigh and slumped back in her seat.

"I know a way to pass the time, hun." Tera grinned unevenly. "You know you want it." Helen looked at her wife, who was currently bobbing her dickneck up and down in her body. "And... I'll clean you up afterwards."

"Tera! I-Fine, yes! Let's do it." Helen pulled up the hem of her dress and wrestled at her penis. She was already getting hard. She rubbed it a few times and let it bob vertically; the tip was at the same level as her breasts. She pulled Tera out of her body and placed the lower vagina at the top of her dick and pushed down. Tera's warm, wet interior felt lovely as usual, and even better when Helen's large cock popped out the other end.

"Both hands on the wheel," said Tera. "I got the rest." Her head was resting on the seat cushion, with her dickneck sticking out from behind, like some sort of fucked up tail. "Mmmm..." Tera began manipulating her vaginal muscles to push her body up and down on Helen's cock.

Helen was struggling to stay focused on the road. She loved Tera's constant state of desire, but this was a bad combination.



'Oh thank God,' thought Helen. She was really getting hot now. "Tera, hun. Let's stop for a sec, I'm going to get us killed this way."

"But baaaaaaby, I'm so close" purred Tera. Helen sped up. She had been wanting this too. 'Exit, yes! Parking spot, yes! My wife's ridiculous dickneck, yes!' Helen barrelled the car down the off ramp and swerved into an unoccupied space.

Helen parked, opened her door and swiveled to stretch her legs on the pavement. Her wife's body was still impaled on her dick as she grabbed Tera's head and started sucking her dickneck.

"OH FUCK," shouted Tera. Helen's mouth was far too busy to reply.

"Um, excuse me?" A stranger's voice. "Hi, sorry if I startled you! Could I ask for directions?"

"In... a... oh shit.. a second," gasped Tera. The woman nodded, and looked back on her device.

Helen and Tera moaned like idiots and both started cumming within seconds of each other. Helen swallowed and sprayed at the same time. Their observer took a casual step back to dodge their fluids.

Finished, Helen leaned against the seat and cradled her wife's head, not even bothering to pull out of her body. "Sorry... long drive."

"Oh, that's quite all right! I'm the one intruding. I'm kind of stuck, it looks like there's a detour and my navigation isn't rerouting me the right way." She held up her device with a shrug.

"I can take a look." Helen stood and approached. The woman faced the device to her, in spite of the fact that between them was a foot long cock with a disembodied torso plunked around it.

"So fucking hot," mumbled Tera, a consummate exhibitionist now. She was buzzing with the eroticism of the situation.

"What's that?" The woman looked puzzled.

Helen replied, "Oh, my wife. She... Nothing, she's... tired."

The woman blushed and looked at Tera's head on Helen's lap. "Well miss, I think you're just so brave. You know, just being a penis and all."

Tera needed to cum again.


Helen was bored out of her mind. Again.

The reunion was just like hers had been. Some rented convention room with crappy music, crappy food and crappy people she didn't care to know anymore. They were all of them skeevy, greasy or just weird. Tera seemed to be the center of attention though. Helen had tried to engage in conversation, but it was impossible. People only wanted to share memories and inside jokes with each other.

In frustration, she batted a decorative "thing" off of a decorative pillar and dragged it to the middle of the room. She plopped Tera on it and said she'd hang out at the table. Helen sulked for a while and watched as a group had begun to gather around her wife.


"Teruhhhhhhh, how ya been?!" It was Trevor. The Homecoming King.

"Wow good to see you, Trevie!" Tera was Homecoming Queen.

"You know.. I was afraid to come talk to you! I uh, get uncomfortable around people with you know... medical... stuff."

"That's all right, Trev. I love my body the way it is!" And she did. She was draped with in silky green miniskirt which accentuated the flare of her hips. I was an amazing contrast to her red hair, and was currently tented with the boner her shortened body was presenting from down below.

"Hey so the guys were asking," Trevor pointed at the rise in Tera's miniskirt. "Is that thing real?"

Tera grinned. "I'd show you, but I'm afraid I can't." Trevor frowned. "I don't have hands, goober. Anyway, if you want to see for yourself... I'm powerless to stop you." She made her dick twitch slightly.

Slowly he lifted her dress, revealing her penis. "That's crazy... You didn't have this in high school right? Nah, I would have noticed." He tapped it a couple of times, eliciting a slight gasp from Tera. "Hey guys!" Trevor shook her cock a couple of times. "It's real, check it out!"

Her former peers crowded around and took a moment to manually confirm the veracity of her ding-dong. Her friend Lacy turned to see the action. "Hey what are you guys-Tera! When did you get that?"

"Nnng, last... year." Tera was getting really excited. All of her old friends and rivals were gathered around her, examining her sexybits.

"Well I wanna see!" Lacy slumped her drink on the nearest table and rushed over.

"I've got... more than one-hahh-cock. Lacy, pull my head out."

Lacy held her friend's head on both sides, and slid her out of her truncated body. Her dickneck was finally free. Lacy was amazed at how long it was. "Girl, you are packing ain'tcha?"

"Hey, eyes up here a sec," said Tera. "I need you to help me fuck myself... Please!" Her friend did as Tera requested, and began to slide her dickneck in and out of her body while her other friends were groping her body's penis. "Oh shit, YES!"


Helen was staring at her empty wine glass when she heard Tera swearing from across the convention hall. There were a score of people where she had left her wife, sitting on a pedestal like some sort of sculpture. She rolled her eyes. "I guess that one's on me..." She sidestepped through the group and found Tera being groped and fondled by at least a dozen people.

Tera's expression wasn't even an expression anymore; she was lost in sensation. "Excuse me," Helen said as she tried to wrest Tera's head from some woman.

"Hey! I had her first!" The woman tried to slap Helen's hand away.

"She's my wife!" The woman backed away and hurried to another part of the room with Tera's muddled head. Helen gave chase. "Goddammit!" They continued to struggle and Helen pinned her to the wall, then headbutted the woman. Not enough to harm her, but to loosen the grip she had on Tera's dickneck. She was successful and cradled Tera in her arms as she made her way back to the crowd. Thankfully it had started to thin.

It was gone. No body, just the empty pedestal. Helen felt sweat on the back of her neck. Tera continued to moan, so she knew that SOMEone had the rest of her wife somewhere. In a panic, she began approaching strangers. "Have you seen Tera's body?!" Shrugs and Dunno's were all she got in return. Cheers sounded from the other end of the hall.

Racing over, she found that some male alumni had formed a circle and were tossing Tera's body to each other, as if it was merely a ball. Upon catching they'd stick a finger in, or wiggle her dick-All of which was making Tera writhe in her arms. "Let go of my wife!!"

"Your what?" The man caught Tera's body and stuck his finger in her neck hole.

"Uhhnnnn," moaned Tera.

Helen stood in front of him. "Get your fucking finger out of my wife. NOW." He removed it. "Give her to me." She snatched Tera's torso from him and stormed back to her table. "I knew this was a bad idea."

Setting Tera's body on the table, she could see it flexing it's muscles (as much as a headless stump of a body could) in time with Tera's pathetic attempts to hump Helen's lap with her dickneck. "H-Helen. Please... need it... so bad."

Helen knew her wife would be useless unless she was properly taken care of so she unceremoniously stuck Tera's dickneck in her mouth and got to work.

"More... inside."

What could she do? Helen pulled up her dress and rummaged around for her penis. She was already hard; her wife had that effect on her. She laid Tera's head on the table and plunged into her body as her wife screamed in pleasure. The alumni at the table watched her with interest, making sidelong comments about how novel this was.

Helen knew that these people didn't care that she was fucking her wife in front of them. They were probably on about some "Tera is soooo courageous" bullshit.

The man sitting closest to her leaned over, and while Helen was mid-thrust, said, "You know, my wife and I are just... SO happy to see that you're taking care of Tera, what with her medical condition and I-"

"Fuck her condition," she muttered. She kept at it until Tera let out a final wail. Helen came and it formed a languid arc of fluid onto the table's centerpiece. Helen fell back against the chair, exhausted; her arms dangled to each side.

She looked at her dick sticking out of Tera's neck hole. She looked at her her wife's head on the table, then at the mess she had made. Then the fifty-odd people staring at them. Her gut reaction was to cover up, to get out.

"She's going to be OK!" shouted someone, and the crowd cheered. The man next to her shook her hand.

Helen thought to herself, 'Do they think Tera was just having an asthma attack or something? Sheesh...'


Towards the end of the night, the class president gave a small speech. Some tripe about rivers flowing to the sea. Trevor got up and bragged about his fancy wife or something. Helen was practically dozing, but was brought back to attention. "...from our Homecoming King, and not let the Queen have the last word!" Clapping.

Tera twitched her dickneck. "Come on Hel, that's me!"

"But-I, uhh.."

"Hurry, get me up there!" Tera was now gyrating in her lap.

Helen stood at the rostrum and held her wife up, a single hand gripping her by the base of her dickneck, all eyes were on them.

"My friends. It's been too long. I know I wasn't the easiest person to get along with in the past. I'm sorry for that. Seeing you all here is heartwarming, and since we last saw each other, I've learned so much! I met my wonderful wife, Helen." Helen meekly waved. "I've learned to live as an object of nothing but pleasure! Most of all, I have learned to show gratitude towards others. So many of you used my body today, and seemed to enjoy me. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. Finally... I'd like to say that... This is making me so fucking hot right now." Her classmates loudly applauded. "In fact, with all of you looking at me, I'm so hot I think I'm gonna cum..."

Helen could feel Tera's dick pulsing against her grip. She rubbed her forehead as Tera came all over her high heels.


The next morning they arrived at the home of Tera's parents. Tera was in the shoulder bag Helen had designed. Helen knocked, and when Tera's parents answered there was an eruption of joy.

Her mom grabbed Tera's head from her body and held her close. "It's so good to see you, dear! Let's take a look at you." She held Tera up and turned her from side to side. "I was so worried that it would be serious!"

"I'm fine mom," said Tera through squished cheeks.

"Come in, come in!" They sat on the living room couch. Her father brought some coffee. Her mom, still cradling Tera, said, "You look good. Helen must be taking good care of you.

"Yeah mom, she's great! Sorry you couldn't be there for the wedding. It was kind of last minute."

"Well... That's OK. In some ways we got our daughter back."

Helen cocked her head, "What do you mean?"

"Oh she stopped calling or coming around. We hadn't spoken in years. Her father and I wondered what we had done to drive her away. Next thing I hear, she's met someone, she's in love. Then she told us what had happened to her."

"What-What did she say?"

"Oh, that her body was going through some kind of weird process, but that you were there with her every step of the way." Her eye's misted as she spoke. "Helen, I'm so glad you're a part of this family! Could I get a picture of you two?"

"Of course!" Tera was handed back to Helen. She nestled Tera's head in the crevice of her large breasts and they smiled for the camera.


"OK now a silly one! Suck her dick or something," said Tera's mom. Helen coughed. "Oh, don't be like that, come on!"

Helen placed her lips around the tip of Tera's penis. Tera crossed her eyes and made a derp face.


Helen rested Tera's head in her lap. "H-honey?" Tera whimpered, "Could you finish me off?"

"Uhhh" Helen looked back up at her in-laws.

"That's fine, go ahead!" Her father said as he rose, "We'll set the table."

Helen lifted Tera and planted a kiss on her lips. "Love ya."

"Mmmmm, love you too, hun." Helen sucked her off. It was kinda sweet.


The photos were on social media the next day. Helen, as usual was pissed. They were shown to Tera who merely remarked, "I dunno, I think they look good. My dick looks huge in THAT one!"





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