Lily awoke with the sun shining on her face, the sheets resting against her nude body. She yawned and brushed back her long red hair, grinning as she remembered what today was. It was her birthday! She ran her hands down her perky breasts and flat tummy, resting on her smooth thigh and finally her sensitive lips. She was both nervous and excited about what today would bring.

In her family, a nineteenth birthday was a big coming of age, she thought as she teased her lips and made herself wetter. When a family member turned nineteen, they would have a coming of age ceremony and be free to fuck anyone they wanted, especially others in the family. She was the youngest of her siblings, and she'd begged to join in the fun early, but they made her wait. It was tradition.

She slid her fingers over her slippery clit. She was just teasing herself; she wouldn't cum before the fun even started. She knew her whole family was waiting to fuck her fresh new pussy too, and it would come soon enough. She heard the sound of her door opening, but her fingers didn't stray from her clit.

"Happy birthday sweetie," She heard her mother's voice as she emerged in the doorway. She was holding a little pink cupcake with a candle smiling. She had a commendable curvy body, her hair a shade darker than her daughter's. Her large D cups were covered by a red lacy bra and she wore a pair of matching panties.

"Thanks, Mommy," Lily said smiling as she sat up, moaning a little from her finger sliding against her pussy.

"Someone's eager already?" her Mom said, grinning as Lily's sheets fell off and showed her hand in her pussy. She set the cupcake down and sat on the edge of the bed, hugging her daughter.

"Just teasing myself Mommy. I won't cum before I'm told," Lily said.

"Good girl. Now come downstairs, the others are waiting for you," She said, resting a hand on Lily's soft breast as she flinched. She gave her a kiss on the lips and smiled, her hips swaying as she walked from the room.

Lily eagerly hopped out of bed and pulled on a pair of dark panties. She pulled some long black knee socks over her legs, sitting at her dresser and looking in the mirror as she applied makeup. She threw on a tight white tank top as well. Although most of the family members preferred little or no clothing, it was tradition to wait until the coming of age ceremony to reveal their fully nude bodies.

She finally opened her door and ventured out down the stairs. The smell of bacon cooking filled her nostrils. She passed through the den where she found her older twin brother and sister, Josh and Katie. They were spooning naked on the couch, and Josh's cock was buried in his sister's pussy from behind.

"You two are at it early," Lily smiled. They hadn't even noticed her come in. Josh slowed down his thrusts as he looked up.

"Hey, there she is. Happy birthday sis," He smiled squeezing Katie's breast.

"Yeah, happy birthday. Give us a hug," Katie smiled. Lily bent down and wrapped her arms around her naked sister and brother. It was a passionate hug, as Katie still had Josh's cock sawing in and out of her pussy.

Katie wandered to the living room where she saw her brother Danny playing a video game, wearing just tight boxers. She came up behind and hugged him and he turned to look at her. Danny was only a year older, and it was no question the two of them were the most eager to make love when the time came.

"Hey, happy birthday Lily," He said kissing her lips softly.

"Thanks. I can't wait to celebrate with you later," She smiled at him rubbing his chest.

"Breakfast time!" their Mom shouted from the kitchen. "Come on, it's Lily's big day let's not keep her waiting," She said coming in the living room. She saw the twins fucking on the couch and scoffed. "Josh, Katie let's go! There will be time for that later!" She shooed them. "Fucking like rabbits like they'll never have the chance again," She muttered.

"Aw mom, I was almost gonna cum," Josh complained as she pulled Katie off of the couch.

"All the better then. You can do the honors for Lily's cake," She smiled leading him to the kitchen.

Lily arrived in the kitchen alongside her other family members. Her Dad was sitting at the head of the table reading a newspaper, wearing just his boxers. He was in shape and still decently muscular, his hair dark brown with streaks of grey.

"There's my princess. Happy birthday sweetie," He said holding out his arms. Lily jumped into his lap for a hug, giving him a kiss.

"Thanks Daddy," She giggled as he held her ass with his hand as she sat on his lap. Her Mom brought out some eggs and bacon along with a bright pink cake that had Lily's name on it. After a round of singing happy birthday she cut Lily a piece.

"Alright Josh, since you were close already you can do the honors," She said. She stood Josh up and positioned his cock over the cake, tugging on it. Lily watched from her Daddy's lap, thinking about tasting cum for the first time.

Soon enough Josh was groaning as his mother's hand stroked him faster and faster. It didn't take long for him to shoot a load of his homemade frosting right onto Lily's piece of cake.

"Mmm. There you go sis, I had a lot in me," He laughed handing it to her. She smiled as she held it up, smelling the sweetness. She dipped her finger in the cum, putting it to her lips. It was not what she expected, but it tasted delicious. She grinned as she licked up the rest from the cake and swallowed it happily.

"I think someone's going to fit in well," her Mom laughed as she watched. They all chuckled.

After breakfast Lily sat down to open her presents. She had no doubt there would be lots of fun toys to discover. She opened one from her Mom, which was a sexy black lingerie outfit with stockings.

"For you to wear to the ceremony," her mother said.

"Thanks Mommy, I love it," Lily smiled hugging her.

She opened a present from Katie and Josh, a thick blue dildo with an attachable strap-on.

"For when you want to have a little fun with me," Josh added grinning.

"It's great guys, thanks!" Lily laughed.

Danny got her a tight black choker and a gag, promising to use it on her later as they eyed each other lustfully.

She opened her last present from her Daddy, a little silver vibrating bullet she could slide in her panties.

"You know I love to tease you princess," He said as she hugged him. She thanked everyone again for her amazing gifts.

"All right, we've got a lot of preparing to do for the ceremony. Now hit the showers and get ready!" Mom said, cleaning up breakfast. It was tradition for Mom to help get her children ready for their coming of age ceremony, so Lily waited for her to do the dishes as everyone else went off to get ready.

"Alright, let's do this honey," Mom said heading upstairs. She took Lily to her room where she laid out the lingerie outfit and stockings. They then went to the bathroom where she started up the shower and pulled of her bra and panties, showing her curvy, voluptuous body. Lily pulled off her own clothes and followed her Mom into the shower. She felt like a bride before a wedding, she thought as her Mom rubbed soap into every inch of her skin.

"I must say honey, you are a very attractive young woman," She said rubbing her hands over Lily's perky tits and down between her ass.

"Thanks Mommy," Lily smiled, washing off her mother's round breasts in turn.

"Are you nervous?" her mother asked.

"Kind of. But also excited. I just want it to be perfect. Will it hurt... the first time?" She asked.

"A bit. But it will soon change to the greatest feeling you've ever had," Her mother told her. Lily of course was a virgin, and she'd been forbid from pleasing herself vaginally until she turned 19. She'd of course gotten herself off by rubbing her clit, but she wondered how good it felt to have a big cock inside her.

After they washed off Lily wrapped herself in a towel and they headed back to her room. She dried her hair and put on red lipstick and mascara, her mom applying the finished touches. She pulled on they silky lingerie and stockings, fastening the choker around her neck. She stood up and looked herself in the mirror. She looked even more beautiful than she could imagine.

"Oh Mommy, thanks for making me look so pretty!" Lily cried wrapping her arms around her mother, who hadn't had a chance to dress yet.

"Of course baby, you look stunning baby girl," She said proudly wrapping an arm around Lily.

"Alright, I'm off to get myself ready. Come downstairs around 2, and good luck," She said kissing her forehead. She gave her one last hug and exited the room.

Lily could barely contain herself waiting that afternoon. It was only a short time before she would become a woman and be included in all her family's deepest fantasies. She looked at herself in the mirror a lot, feeling like a true woman already.

Finally there was a knock on her door. It was Danny, and he was nude as he walked in.

"We're ready sis," He said as he walked away. Lily gulped and headed out of the room to the living room.

Her family was standing in a circle in the room, all nude. Their faces were all warm and inviting as Lily looked from her siblings to her Mom and Dad, looking at her mother and sister's curvy bodies to the guy's thick cocks.

"Welcome Lily. Have a seat," Her Dad said, directing her to the large mattress that was set up in the middle of the room.

"How beautiful you look, princess. The last of my children to come of age is truly special," He said as she sat on the mattress, crossing one of her stockinged legs over the other. Her Mom went to the table pouring glasses of red wine and handing her the first one. They all raised their glasses and drank. The warm liquid trickled down her throat, burning in a good way.

"Now Lily, please show us our little girl's body," He said watching her.

"Yes Daddy," she stammered. She unclasped her bra with shaky hands and let her perky breasts show, taking down her stockings one by one. She finally laid back and pulled off her panties, her bare ass and pussy now fully exposed for everyone.

"What a beautiful woman you have become," Daddy told her, eyeing her body.

"Thanks Daddy," Lily said smiling, almost tearing up.

"As you know your first task as a new woman is to be broken by your father. And I'm honored to call you my daughter," She smiled taking a step closer to her. He looked at his cock which was already hard, thick and meaty. "Jane, prepare us please," He told his wife. She smiled and knelt down on the bed, grabbing his cock and slipping it in her mouth. She lubed it up with her saliva, getting it ready to enter to break her daughter's seal.

She moved to Lily and ran her tongue over her daughter's fresh pussy lips. Lily shuddered when she did. She ran her tongue all around her pussy, getting it completely wet. She was ready as sheMd ever be.

Her Daddy knelt down and positioned his cock above her wet pussy. "Are you ready sweetie?" He asked as Jane grabbed his cock, ready to guide it in. She leaned down and grabbed Lily's tits, kissing her daughter softly.

"It's alright sweetie, just relax and enjoy," She said kissing her neck.

"I'm ready Mommy, and Daddy," Lily whimpered as she watched his cock make contact with her lips, teasing them. Her siblings were watching intently, drinking their wine.

"Alright honey... on 3." Lily nodded and hugged her mother tightly.

"1," She slid his cock down her clit to her entrance and she shuddered.

"2," His cock pulsed as it started to part her lips , pushing shallowly into her hole.

"3!" He thrust his hips forward, shattering his daughter's womanhood for good. Lily gasped and dug her nails into her mother's back, a wave of pain rushing through her body. She howled as her daddy's cock slid deep inside her, her toes curling. He slid back and thrusted forward again. This time, a wave of pleasure mixed in with the pain. He thrusted again, this time feeling the best yet. Lily looked up into her mother's eyes and kissed her as the pain slowly subsided, turning into the best pleasure she'd ever felt.

"Are you alright sweetheart?" She asked. Lily looked down at her Daddy's cock sawing in and out of her, some blood trickling down her ass.

"Y-yes Mommy, it feels so good..." She said mesmerized as she watched herself get fucked.

"That's a good girl," her Mom said kissing Lily's tits. Her daddy started picking up speed, pushing his cock farther in Lily's tight pussy. He grabbed her hips, holding them in place as he fucked her faster. His cock was filling her up as she moaned, getting used to the feeling of her Daddy's cock inside her. He grunted, moving his wife aside as he grabbed her tits, pushing his cock into her hard. They locked eyes, and he bent over kissing her as he got ready to unload inside his daughter. They both moaned, Lily feeling her Daddy's cock throbbing as it shot a big load of hot cum inside her. It pulsed again and again, and they shared a passionate kiss as the last drops of his cum leaked out into her pussy and dripped out around his cock. He remained inside her a while, finally sliding it out as the cum leaked down her ass.

"I love you baby," He told her giving her a final kiss and standing up.

"I love you too Daddy," She said as she heard her siblings cheer for her.

"Now let's get cleaned up and finally start fucking like a real family!" He grinned looking down at her. She grinned back.

Lily cleaned herself in the shower, pangs of feeling still shooting through her. She came out and brushed her damp hair back, feeling empowered and ready to fuck like a real woman.

Her family was having great time. Her Mom was sitting on the couch, sipping on some wine with her legs spread as her Daddy ate her pussy. She was watching Josh and Danny fuck Katie, one cock in her pussy and the other buried in her ass. They saw Lily come in and smiled. Katie rolled off the boys, grabbing their cocks.

"Hey sis! Come on, I'll show you how to suck a cock like a good girl," She grinned.

"Ooh okay!" Lily said excitedly. She watched her sister suck on Josh's balls and take his cock into her mouth, sucking him off with a puckering sound.

"Try it out!" Katie said holding Danny's cock to her lips. Kate kissed his tip and sucked on it, tasting the sweetness of his precum mixed with her sister's juices. "Great job sis," Katie said smacking her ass playfully, holding her sister's hair back as she sucked down Danny's cock.

"Now just let it slide down your throat," Katie demonstrated, taking Josh's whole cock in her mouth. Lily did the same, letting Danny's cock enter her throat as he groaned.

"There you go!" Katie said watching her sister deepthroat her first cock. "They like it when you play with their balls too," she said rubbing her twin's as he moaned. Lily tried moving her fingers around Danny's balls while she sucked on him. The feeling of his cock filling up her mouth was satisfying in that she was giving him so much pleasure. Katie grabbed both cocks again and stroked them at once, pressing the boy's cocks against each other as she stroked. They groaned simultaneously.

"All right, I want you boys to both unload on your little sis here, we're gonna make her a good little cumslut as a reward," Katie said aiming both cocks at her. Lily sucked Danny's and Josh's cocks in turn until they both started trembling.

Danny was the first to shoot a load, Katie aiming it at her sister's face. She got a hot spurt in her mouth, dribbling down her chin and then another shot over her chest and tummy. Just as the final spirts drooled out on her thighs, Josh started cumming on Lily's face.

"Fuck sis!" He moaned hitting her across the cheeks, sticking some in her red hair. She basked in the warm fluid happily, licking up what was left in her mouth.

"That was so hot," Josh said looking to both his sexy sisters.

"You bet it was," Katie said, stroking him slowly as she touched her clit. "Now let me show Lily how getting eaten out feels," She grinned, laying Lily back on the bed. Katie kissed her lips, then licked her face where her brother's cum was collected, holding it on her tongue and kissing her again. She licked down her body, tasting the cum as she went. Josh and Danny looked on, stroking themselves slowly to make themselves hard again. Their Mom had her head in their Daddy's lap, sucking him slowly as they both watched.

Katie made her way down to Lily's trembling pussy and slid her fingers over the slippery clit. She guided then into her hole as she pressed her tongue to Lily's clit. Lily's hips shot up to met Katie's tongue and she giggled. Katie slid her tongue in circles around her clit. Lily couldn't believe how much better it felt with Katie's tongue than when she did it herself. She moaned out as she put her hands on her sister's hair.

Behind her Josh and Danny's cocks were already hard again. They watched Katie eat Lily out, their eyes moving to Katie's ass which was sticking up in the air, the back of her wet pussy glimmering. They looked at each other and grinned. Josh held out her palm for a game of rock-paper-scissors to see who would get to fuck her while she ate Lily out. Danny won, chuckling as he stepped up to Katie's ass as slid the tip of his cock over her tight asshole. He started guiding it in, her ass squeezing him along the way. Katie grunted into Lily's pussy as her toes curled. Josh made his way over to his mother who was laying on her side sucking his Dad's cock and lifted one leg up. He eagerly guided his cock in her pussy while they watched.

Lily felt the vibrations of Katie's ass being pounded while she lapped at her pussy, her fingers prodding in and out of her. She felt her body tense like she was about to leave the world entirely. The sounds of Katie and her Mom moaning while being fucked filled her ears. Just a few licks later Katie screamed out, wrapping her legs around her sister as she started to cum. Her body convulsed as she closed her eyes, a wave of pleasure spreading through her. Toward the end she looked down, seeing herself squirt a jet of warm liquid into Katie's face. Katie smiled and licked her lips.

"Oooh! So we finally have a squirter in the family," Katie said, teasing her fingers around Lily's pussy lips as she came down.

"I didn't know I could... do that..." Lily panted.

"Well you're very lucky to have such a special talent," Katie said. She grabbed Lily's hips and rested her face down, enjoying Danny's cock filling up her ass. "Alright boys," She said looking around the room, "I want you to show Lily three cock special," She grinned. They all grinned, getting up from their positions with their cocks in hand. Katie helped her sister to her knees and positioned her on all fours, her ass sticking in the air.

"Alright sis, you're gonna love this one," Katie said grabbing Josh's hand and laying him down on the bed. He crawled under Lily and held her hips, and Katie pressed his hard cock against her pussy. He easily slid into her. Danny got behind her, looking at her pretty pink hole. Katie retrieved some lube from the nearby drawer and squirted it on Lily's hole and Danny's cock.

"Just relax, and it will go in easy," Katie told her as she felt Danny's cock pressing into her slowly. Her Daddy came to her front, his cock dangling down in front of her face. "Suck on this Lily, it will help you from screaming so loud," Katie said holding her Daddy's cock to her lips. She wrapped her lips around it, acting like a gag to stifle her moans as Danny shoved his cock deeper into her ass.

Lily propped herself up against Josh's chest as she felt his cock sliding against the walls of her pussy, slobbering on her Daddy's cock. She was getting used to the feeling of Danny's cock in her ass. She was covered in cum and had three cocks in her now, fucking like the little family slut she wanted to be. Katie sat back on the couch next to her mother, grinning proudly and grabbing her camera, taking a picture of her sister's first time. She and her Mom rubbed each other's pussy while they looked on.

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