Emma had her first rehearsal today with one of her on screen fake lovers. That is, it's supposed to be fake, but Emma was ready to surprise this guy and to let him fuck her for real!

The meet and greet with her first male costar was in one hour. Emma thought long and hard about what to wear. It was an unusually warm day in London, so she decided to go minimal.

She put on a silky top with no bra, and a tight skirt that reached to mid-thigh, and no panties. Sandals finished her dress out. She was determined to seduce this guy.

An hour later, she walked into the rehearsal room with her hips moving seductively. She was the last one to show up. A few feet away, Emma saw her first male costar. He was very tall: maybe six foot six inches tall! He wore a t-shirt which showed off his muscular physique: just the way she liked her men! She smiled her best come-hither smile at him. He seemed to get the message.

They walked towards each other and lightly kissed.

"Hi! My name is John, and I know your name Emma." He said.

"Very nice! I just love meeting you! Shall we get down to business?" said Emma.

The overweight Director said, "Yes, of course. In this scene, Emma has been picked-up by John in a nightclub and they've gone home together. They went to John's apartment and had one drink each. Then the love scene begins on the couch. So, could you both sit on the couch over there and begin kissing. Then just follow my directions."

Emma took John's hand and pulled him to the couch. She sat in the middle and he sat very close to her.

Emma looked John in the eyes and opened her mouth a bit and kissed him. Her tongue darted out and back in. His tongue then filled her mouth as they French kissed. One of John's hands drifted onto Emma's hip and slowly moved up towards her right breast. Emma's hands went up to his chest as she explored his muscular frame.

"Perfect you two! Now John, begin touching Emma's breast." Ordered the Director. He did!

Emma felt his large hand squeezing her right breast. She loved it. She broke off the kiss and moved her head up against his until her mouth was near his ear, and she said, "When we begin filming this scene, I want you to fuck me for real! It's the only way to get genuine responses."

John said nothing back, but gave her tit a rough squeeze and pinched her nipple.

"Fuck! Does she really mean it? Will we fuck in front of the camera?" John thought.

"Can we go back to my place after the rehearsal and practice there?" John asked.

"Let's just see how you can rev up my motor here on the couch." Emma answered.

For the next twenty minutes they followed the Director's instructions. Emma ended up on her hands and knees wearing only the tight skirt which was pulled up over her ass. John was positioned behind her ready to plow the row!

"Cut!" yelled the Director. "That was HOT!"

Emma pulled her skirt down and put her silky top on, covering her perfect tits.

Emma and John were each flushed and out of breath.

"How do you each feel about filming the scene just as we ran through it hear today?" asked the Director.

Emma replied, "I think we can do it!"

John seconded the motion.

"Well, I'm off to my flat. I have some research to do." Emma said.

"But...what about us?" John asked.

"I'm sorry baby. You'll just have to wait until the final shooting. But, trust me, it will be worth the wait!" Emma crooned.

Two days later, Emma was at the rehearsal room standing if front of her second lover. His name was Al. He was also very impressive, at six foot five inches tall with beautiful dark black skin. Emma was dressed in a white tank top and no bra. She also wore very tight red short shorts and white sandals.

"Jesus Christ!" she thought. "He's gorgeous! And he looks like he has a big package: he has a large bulge in his shorts. I can't wait for Al to fuck me for real!"

Once again, the Director ran them through the scene. Once again, Emma's breasts were played with, and this time, Al was told to grab her

ass and rub her crotch. Again the scene ended with Emma on her hands and knees wishing it was time for the shoot. She said nothing to Al about fucking her for real.

When the scene was finished, Al whispered, "John said you wanted the sex to be genuine during the filming. Was he just dreaming, or did you tell him that?"

"What a liar! John must have been dreaming." Emma answered. "No way does he get to fuck me during the shoot. I'm an actress, not a slut!"

Al had a perplexed and disappointed look on his face. But as she spoke, she had a wicked smile on her face.

Five days later, Emma was once again in the Director's office. But this time it was Emma who had asked to see him.

"Hello Emma! Mr. Hadden will see you now!" said the Director's Secretary. She held the door open for Emma.

"That will be all for today, Marilyn. I'll see you tomorrow." He said.

The Director (James Jones), was in his mid-fifties, overweight, married, and not very good looking. However, Emma was determined to give him the best night of his life! "Good afternoon James." Emma said.

"You said on the phone that you had a few questions for me?" James said.

"Yes." Emma said. Emma walked up close to him and asked, "Would you like to spend the night with me? I'm very horny, and I want your cock inside me."

James' mouth fell open, completing the shocked look on his face. "Please, Emma! You know I'm happily married. What made you think I wanted this to happen?"

Emma noticed a bead of sweat forming at his hairline. "I've seen how you looked at me during my rehearsals with John and Al. Was I mistaken? Because I noticed a nice bulge in your pants as we rehearsed."

Emma stepped closer to James. He retreated one step.

"You noticed that, did you?" he said. "I think you were imagining it."

James was backed up against his desk, and Emma's tight black skirt, closed the distance between them and put one hand against his chest. "I imagined nothing. The outline of your cock was clearly visible against your pants. Do you want to fuck me, James?"

He looked down at her and wondered how he had missed the fact that her nipples were clearly visible pressed against her tight white blouse. He leaned backward. She pressed her hips against his thighs.

"Shit! Marge would kill me if she ever found out!" he thought to himself.

"You are very attractive, Emma. But I could never do as you asked." He said.

"Stay right where you are Baby!" Emma said. Her hand moved down his body as she slowly dropped to her knees.

James was frozen in shock. They locked eyes with each other as she ended up with her face even with his groin. All James could do was watch as Emma undid his belt, loosened the button, and pulled down his zipper. James could no longer deny his physical response as his underwear bulged out directly in front of her face.

He closed his eyes and he felt her hands pulling his pants and underwear off. He felt his cock spring free and bump against her wet lips. He opened his eyes in time to see a big smile cross her face.

"My, my, James! What a big cock you have! May I put it in my mouth?" She asked.

"Please...please don't. I won't be able to stop myself: from fucking your face." James replied.

Emma took just the head in her mouth and then slowly dragged it out, all the time maintaining contact with her wet lips. James shuddered and put his right hand on the back of her head and pulled her face onto his cock.

Emma knew she had him now. One of her hands gripped his cock and pulled and twisted on it as her mouth filled with his dick. She began sucking his cock in earnest now. His hand behind her head became totally superfluous. She closed her eyes and did her best to make him cum in her mouth.

Removing his dick from her mouth, she said, "Fuck my face James. Make me your little cum dumpster. Make me your whore!" She applied all her considerable skills at fellatio and soon had his hips bucking at her mouth.

James was fucking her face: he couldn't deny it. "Well, in for a penny; in for a pound!"

James grabbed Emma by both ears and pulled her back and forth rapidly: so rapidly that she occasionally gagged when his cock hit the very back of her throat.

"That's the way, Emma! Choke on it. Take it all. Take it down into your throat. Deep throat me, whore!" James demanded. "Deep throat me, or say goodbye to this movie. Do it!"

Emma's hands went around his hips and grabbed his ass. She pulled him forward until his cock touched the top of her throat. She had taken a deep breath already, and she swallowed his hard cock. It slipped down her throat until her lips, her chin, and her nose were pushed flat against his groin.

She gagged. "Gluck gluck!"

James held his cock all the way down her throat until she began fighting him to get a breath.

"Oh no you don't! Hold it in there, bitch." He said.

About 10 seconds later, James pulled his cock completely out of her sweet mouth. "I can see we're going to have to train you to do better. Maybe some quick movement to where my cock is as deep as it will go, and then immediately out so only the head of my cock is in your mouth. Let's try it, shall we?"

With Emma still gasping for breath, James shoved his cock all the way in, and then all the way out. It felt great each time it reached the top of her throat and he had to give it extra force to slide down it.

"Fuck! He really knows how to use a girl's mouth." Emma thought.

Her throat fucking continued for ten more minutes until finally, Emma felt a pulse in his cock as he dropped his load directly into her belly! After his first two spurts of cum, he took his cock from her mouth and finished by cumming in her face.

"Yes. Oh, yes James! Cover my face with your jizz! Have you got a camera in your cell phone? I want you to take pictures while we fuck!" Emma asked.

"That's an excellent idea Emma. I'll just set up my high-definition camera on the bookcase and we can fill my phone as I ravish you!" James said.

"Ravish me? I can only hope. From here you look like an overweight geezer with a nice cock. I'll be doing you a big favor by allowing you to fuck me. What's next?" Emma asked.

"Take off your clothes...slowly. Play with every part of your body as it is exposed. Play with your tits and talk dirty to me. Tell me how you were fucked for the first time." James directed.

"Yes sir! I was eighteen and ready to lose my virginity," Emma cooed, as she lightly squeezed her tits through the fabric. "I found one of my actor friends was ready to fuck me and I made a date with him. He was nineteen and muscular and cute. Of course I said our 'date' was just as friends."

James watched as Emma pinched her nipples one after another, making them stand out even more. "That's the way Emma! Play with those fine tits of yours."

Emma pressed her tits together and opened one of the buttons that held her blouse closed. She bent forward and showed James a lot of cleavage.

"On our 'just as friends' date, we had a good time swimming in his backyard pool. I wore a black bikini and the top of it was very small." Emma opened another button. She wore no bra, but then her tits were so firm that she didn't need one. "Do you like my tits, James?" she asked.

"I haven't seen then yet, but from here they look great!" James answered.

"Oh, poor deprived James. Here, touch them." Emma said as she leaned in towards him again.

James couldn't resist. His hands cupped both her breasts. He squeezed them. "Continue with your story, bitch!"

Turning her back to James, Emma pressed her ass against him. She was wearing only a tight black skirt and James knelt down and bit at her twin ass cheeks. Emma wriggled her ass against his face and continued her story.

"My soon to be lover kissed me passionately. His tongue went in my mouth and I met it with my own tongue. We French kissed for several minutes. We embraced each other. I asked him if he wanted to take my virginity and he admitted that he really wanted to. He ripped off my blouse and began sucking on my nipples. I moaned in pleasure."

"That's what I want to hear. You're making a good story out of it. What happened next?" James asked.

"I reached down and felt his hard cock through his trousers. It was his turn to moan as I rubbed him through his pants. He bit lightly at my nipples, which really turned me on. God, I was so horny for him! His hands were pressing against my ass cheeks. I stuck my tongue in one of his ears. I felt his breath coming faster and faster. Looking down, I gazed at my wet tits, and further down I saw a wet stain growing where the top of his cock was. He was oozing with pre-cum." Emma explained.

"I couldn't wait any longer and I started working on his belt. His pants were suddenly undone and I put my hand inside his underwear. Thank God, his cock was long and not too thick. I wanted to lose my virginity without being split open! 'God, yes! I just love your cock. Let's get naked!'" I said.

Emma removed her blouse for James. He dove down and began sucking on both her breasts. His tongue whirled around her nipples as he sucked and squeezed them.

"That feels sooo good, James. Give my tits a good working over. I'm getting so horny for your old geezer cock again. Suck my tits you overweight prick!" Emma said to James. "I can see your cock is ready to fuck me! Fuck me James! Fuck my cute little pussy."

Emma loosened her skirt and slowly stepped out of it She had gone commando today, so suddenly her naked ass and shaved pussy were free for James.

"Mmmmm Emma. Finish your story." James said.

"We were both naked then and two of his fingers slid inside my cunt. But I wanted to lose my virginity to a cock, not fingers. I laid back and he was instantly on top of me: my legs seemed to spread automatically. With no further discussion his cock was at my sweet wet vagina. He pushed slowly inside me. He met my hymen and then gave a forceful shove. I screamed in pleasure and pain as his cock was buried deep in my cunt. I was no longer a virgin. We fucked in several positions: doggy was my favorite." Emma said.

When Emma's story reached a climax, James shoved his cock into her pussy.

"Oh! Yes! That's right. Fuck me hard and fast." Emma screamed. "Oh God, James!" Emma squealed. "Fuck me you old geezer. Fuck my brains out. Take everything you want. I'll do anything for you. I want to be in your next picture too. I'll let you film me giving my co-star an explicit blowjob! Anything. And you'll get to fuck me at least once a week."

James pulled her up and positioned her for a doggy style fuck. "I am going to take everything I want, whore! Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me. I'm gonna cum deep in your ass, and you'll love it!"

She rested her head on a pillow and spread her ass cheeks as wide open as she could. With no foreplay, James rammed his cock full length in her asshole!

"Aaaaiii! It hurts James. Take it out!" Emma begged.

"Don't worry, it'll feel good soon enough. Just lean into it. I'm taking your ass! What do you call this, Emma?" he asked.

"I'm...I'm being sodomized!" she admitted.

"That's not it. What will you call THIS when you tell about it to your girlfriends tomorrow? You weren't sodomized. You were...!" James said.

"I was fucked in my bum." Emma said.

"Not good enough." James continued fucking in and out of her ass.

"He ass-fucked me." Emma said.

"That's right, whore. You're being ass-fucked right now. My cock is rearranging your guts. And when I cum inside you?" James asked.

"You dropped a big load in my ass!" she said.

"Now you're getting it. Now remember how this feels, because from now on I'll be fucking your ass once a week until my next two films are finished. Take every inch of me. Take it, slut." He said.

"God, yes! Don't stop ass-fucking me. Don't stop." Emma demanded.

His big cock stroked in and out for quite a long time. Long enough that Emma was getting tired, even though she was cumming every two minutes or so.

At last, she felt his cock pulse. And then it pulsed again and she knew his was dropping his big load in her guts. She screamed in pleasure.

"Yes! Oh yes! Pump your hot jizz into my ass. Don't stop. Never stop!" she screamed.

"You're my little ass slut now, aren't you?" James asked.

"Oh God yes! I'm your little ass slut for as long as we're making movies together." Emma admitted.

"Not good enough, Emma. I'll be fucking your ass for the rest of our lives, won't I?" he asked.

Emma felt another pulse from his cock as more of his creamy delight filled her ass to over flowing. She felt the jizz running out of her ass and down onto her cunt.

"Please, yes! Can I fuck your wife with a strapon? We could do threesomes together. Make her available to me, and my ass will be available to you. Please! I've seen her before and she's a trophy wife." Emma said.

"Deal! I'll get my slut wife to do everything with us." James said.

Suddenly, Emma felt James' cock leave her little asshole. More of his cum leaked out onto her cunny.

"That was so good! I've never cum that much before." Emma said.

"Your next appointment is for one week from today. Make sure you take an enema before you come." James said.

"Yes Master!" Emma said.

The End of Part 1











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