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Face to facial Josie shares her lip gloss with the last person she expected. It's the battle of the century with her boy toy Reese.


"That's it for Hamlet guys."

Josie McKellen heard the bell as she paced her classroom holding a hardbound copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet in her hands, the binding perched right between her cleavage. Closing her book briskly while holding it there she ogled her male students devilishly and rolled the binding up and down between her tits. She just could not stop flirting. At one point she knelt in the aisle between two students and held her palm up poising with a skull as if Yorick in the story. While reciting, "To be or not to be." , one boy mouthed silently, "A slut." A second boy said pointing at his enclosed erection, "My head should be in your hand. This head." A flirty wink she departed but agreed 100% with both 18 year old boys. The trouble was the other half of her class was not 18 and her tactics were more relaxed so as not to get herself into more trouble than necessary. At least they were grasping Hamlet. Of course they would have rather been grasping her.

With everyone departing Josie returned to her desk seating herself appropriately and packing up for the day. After ignoring her extra curricular partner Coach Roman Crandell much of the last two days due to various reasons she had planned on meeting him in his office after school for their afternoon quickie before heading home to her husband. Today, she was being headed off at the pass. Awaiting her last student to vacate Roman stood at her classroom doorway with a scowl on his face. Not noticing him at first she began humming to herself until he cleared his throat. Eye contact made her eyes flare wide.

"Roman? I was just getting ready to come downstairs and find you."

"Can you believe Carl looked up the camera footage onlooking my truck and it was blacked out? Say's he needs to get a tech to come readjust it properly. The cam guys are adding cameras to the gymnasium Saturday so he'll fix it then. So I'm screwed in finding out who busted my truck window out."

"Oh noooo!" She pouted, "What bad timing. You do have insurance though, right?"

"You know I do. There goes my premium through the roof." He rolls his eyes with a disgusted huff. "Who the hell has it in for me? I'm a good Coach, my troops adore me right?"

"Of course they do." Josie gently smiled with concern but thought to herself, "They adore me more." Her pussy got wet just picturing his entire football team with their dicks poking through the chain link fence on the football field, coaxing her to go after them. So much fun. While she did feel badly for Roman's woes it was not enough to rat the boys out for breaking his window. Loyalty toward them, meant loyalty toward her. She wanted those big cocks enough to lie to her man, well her lover. Technically her own Husband Henry had no idea of her in school hijinks, even after he and she had agreed to open relations as long as the other knew about it. So far only Henry had been up and up with her. He might not be so happy over what she was getting away with. In her mind it was better that way.

"Are we going to your office?" She stood up from her seat, sliding her purse on the desk closer. "Or, are you going to take me here on my desk? You did get pretty bold in here the other morning. I liked that gutsier you." She winked playfully.

"Hate to break it to you but I'm in a mood right now. Not sure I could even get it up right this minute."

"Challenge accepted." She moves the four foot distance to his side and hugs him first, before crouching to unzip his slacks. Pausing her hands he looks back at the open doorway seeing students still filtering from other concluding classrooms.

"Shouldn't we close the door? Still kids herding out."

"Where's the adventure in that?" She slaps his hands away and continues her mission in drawing out his limp cock. Seeing it much smaller than usual she scowled, "Poor thing." With alluring eyes rising to meet his she puckers her lips over his crown and kisses it, a twitch certainly but Roman was still not convinced he could perform. With all the stress lately from his window breakage, to the big game tomorrow, compiled with potentially being busted Roman huffed his cheeks and caressed Josie's hair.

"Maybe once I know the students are all gone home. Gimme a minute." She flicked her tongue over his urethra and shook her head negatively, she wanted him too badly to take no for and answer. Meagher in size or not she insisted, knowing her abilities to get what she wanted. Taking in the entirety of his cock it did indeed grow up, but for short periods. Trying his best he just closed his eyelids and let her give it her best shot.

While standing tall lost to reality a familiar face arrived in her doorway, Josie's boy toy Reese froze before walking right on in. Witnessing her blowing Roman he grinned and decided to hide out for awhile and see how far their passions might go. For now Reese was content on being a voyeur. Easing from sight he noticed that Mimi Alexander's door was still open. Spying the clock in the hallway he wondered why she was still here. Quietly and with swagger he moved down the short amount of hallway to peek inside her room. She wasn't at her desk yet he did hear what sounded like a mouse squeaking and winced.

"Wonder what Minnie Mouse is up too?" Cautiously hugging the door frame he peered into the room and found an unexpected sight. "Holy crap!" He mumbled and ducked back to avoid her sensing his presence. She was in the back corner of her classroom with of all people fellow instructor Kevin Fowler, the geeky Spanish teacher whose classroom was just next door.

Shrill squeals of delight forced Reese to become nosey. While he always found Josie the hottest teacher in school, he had noticed a big change in Mimi. Her attire was adapting to that of both Josie and Counsellor Cherry in short, if not quite as revealing dresses. At the moment she was sitting up on a rectangular fold up table used to display her students artwork for class participation critiques. While she herself was facing right at the front of the class, feet up in the air over Kevin's shoulders Reese instantly knew what was going on. The Nutty Professor was eating her out. "Nice!" Reese puckered, "I might have to take his place sometime." Evil he took his cell out and set up video mode and captured their romantic rendezvous to use at his discretion. His thoughts were on Josie still, but this was just plain amusing. Even the geeks needed love. "Heard she was a lesbo. Guess not." Bi-sexual but who truly cares these days, right?

Arm only, extended inside the room at an angle to record them Reese spotted Kevin lift his right hand in the air with something in his hand. With a simple push of a button Mimi reacted with a round of giggles which fought to be pushed aside in favor of moans. "What's El Geeko doing?"

He decided to peer around straight at them for a less obstructed view and realized Kevin was holding up a pink remote. Knowing immediately what his weapon of choice was Reese almost laughed. Mimi Alexander was wearing a silver bullet either up her cunt or in her asshole. Either way she was loving the combo of his tongue and the vibrations. Recording just a bit more Reese opted to back away and see how Josie and Roman were doing.

Tiptoeing to Josie's class they were still in the same positions, Josie's riled up moans proving her mouth was still full. Roman staggering in step had found his pecker more alive than predicted but just let her do all the work. Recording them now Reese was accruing quite a bit of footage. This part was for his own benefit, Josie his pet project more than willing to do anything he asked of her. However, she had already reneged on showing up early today as he had directed. He didn't like being denied, even in her 1st period class he was challenged to reel in his desires due to the younger girl in the class Tabitha. He and the other students all working as one with Josie were feeling neglected, guys and girls alike. This footage might force his hand to get what he wanted regularly. Even if it upset Josie should he use it as blackmail he knew deep down she would cave in. The nympho loved her fans. He would only abuse the footage should she decide enough was enough.

Hearing Roman groan he knew the Coach was nearing a nice detonation. As the growling intensified Reese was caught off guard by his cell vibrating, he was lucky the ringer was turned down. Ducking out of sight he stepped down the hall further to avoid detection, hiding in the shadows of a sunken doorway four classes down on the opposite side of the stairs. Noting his messenger tipping him off as one to of his best buds on the basketball team wondering where he was, Reese told him upstairs by Josie's room. Asking his ally Dean where he was the boy returned with, "Parking lot." Inspiration hit immediately.

"Dude I need your help." Instructions typed the boy replied with, "Are you insane?" Reese chuckled under his breath and replied with, "You know I am. Just do it. Nobody got in trouble last time." The boy ended his texting with, "I'll kill you if I get suspended, arrested even." Nothing further was written, Reese trusted Dean and knew that if carried out he would have his sign. Fearing any more buzzes he silenced his cell completely.

Starting for Josie's room he heard Mimi Alexander have an ear piercing orgasm. The racket was so loud that he heard Roman and Josie laughing in her room, discussing that Josie was rubbing off on the Art Teacher. It wasn't just due to Josie, Piper Cherry had a hand in it too.

Eying the clock Reese knew that anyone heading up to Detention would be coming upstairs any minute. A fast retreat to his blind spot he noticed Piper Cherry hurrying up the stairs in her tearaway grey mini dress, which looked almost like a bath robe, her breasts bouncing everywhere. Gritting his teeth at her beauty, especially her peeking ass cheeks in heading up to the next floor he decided a 1 minute video of her in passing warranted his time. The cheeks spoke to him. Hearing a lot of male voices he slithered back against the closed door so as not to be seen. Forced to endure a stampede with stragglers for a good fifteen minutes he was stressing that Josie might finish and leave before he had a chance at her.

Mostly football players and goth punks heading to the 3rd. floor he spotted Angus Furlong talking to a kid named Ebonn, discussing something that held them back. Overhearing Angus wheel and deal financially with them seemed insane but that was all on the Quarterback. With the last second intrusion of Finn Rice carrying a book bag, Angus claimed it then passed it to Ebonn. The jocks then went upstairs alone. Pinned in by loitering punks killing time Reese just said screw it and walked right by them nodding. The punks just nodded back.

The second he passed them a wailing car alarm outside Josie's side of the building began sounding. Pausing a second Reese stepped back and joined the punks as if part of their group. Ignoring them the group heard Roman Crandell yell, "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" and come flying out of Josie's classroom. Pants unzipped but buttoned the Coach bolted past the group who looked in awe. Nobody really noticed his slacks unzipped, nor his accrued erection. "I'LL KILL WHOEVER'S FUCKING WITH ME." Pushing around the gathering Crandell headed downstairs and out to the parking lot.

Feeling they had spent enough time downstairs the goth group of ten moved up to the third floor landing without questioning Reese in any way. Once they had faded from view Reese pumped his fist and huffed, "I owe you Deano." Hurrying to Josie's door he found her peering out her classroom windows overlooking the parking lot. With her attention distracted Reese snuck up behind her and reached down to put his hands up her skirt and guide her dress upward. She jumped and palmed the window without looking behind her, she rather liked being surprised. Forcing her to stand up just long enough to remove her dress entirely her hands went right back to the window. The scent of cologne told her it was Reese but she kept his recognition to herself.

"You're back early. Was it your truck alarm?" Reese grinned but said nothing. Dropping his jeans and boxers Reese just nudged her forward over the window sill and penetrated her juicy cunt without asking. She preferred it that way. While looking out the window as his thrusting claimed her she spotted Roman at his pickup truck. Sure enough his other cab window was broken out. Two for two she giggled under her breath. "So not my Roman. He's down there ready to cry. Did you miss me that much to have his window broken out?"

"Wasn't at my hand, all that matters." Reese revealed his identity, figuring she knew., "Now this is my hand." He snatched up her hair and got rough with her, his other hand palming her right breast. Josie gasped at his aggression and whimpered, "God yes!" In his angst he ravaged her interior with rapid, almost violent thrusts. She moaned extremely loud which made him wonder if Mimi and Kevin had heard her. Just then Mimi herself screamed a second time. Kevin Fowler must have been doing something right. Good enough for Reese. As long as Piper upstairs didn't...Reese shook his thoughts off, "Anything to do with Furlong, Counsellor Cherry is going nowhere." Reese had it all under control.

Hearing Josie's cell ringing on her desk next to her purse he rolled his eyes while she sighed over the intrusion, "That's Roman calling me. I should answer so he doesn't come back up here." In her suggestion Reese picked her up without pulling out of her and awkwardly carried her to her desk. Bending her over the desk and fucking her harder than he had been she nearly dropped her cell in trying to answer it. Phone to her ear she huffed, "Yes Dear?"

The following conversation was mostly Roman cussing up a storm, giving her time to enjoy Reese in his thunderous penetrations. Each caress of his beast over her G-spot made her whimper and hold her breath. "You clean up the glass I'll be here when you get done. Take your time I won't leave this time. I'll find something to keep me busy." A grip over the back of her neck forced her head down to the desk top, in the sudden move she hisses, "Yesssssssssssss!" Luckily Roman had asked her if she was sure. Oh she was certain.

Hanging up on him she slid the cell away and gripped the chair side of her desk and endured Reese in top form. "This is what you get for not showing up this morning."

"I'll never show up again." She giggled, "I love that cock. I'm sorry I can't be perfect about what you want of me. I have a family, you know that. I told you I would always make it up to you."

"You need to figure out how to get that Tabitha girl out of your 1st. period class so we can tag you every fucking day." He worked up a sweat in his exertion.

"That's a tough one Reese. GOD YES!" She rolls her eyes back into her head, "All I can do is work around her each day. I can't just remove her or questions will rise. I did look into it, her birthday is in a month, then she will be 18. Then, it becomes a matter of her outlook on things."

"Come on...she knows something is up. If she hasn't said anything by now she never will."

"It is difficult hiding things...maybe you're right. I'll try and find ways to see where her mind is at."

"Damn straight you will. I need this cunt when I WANT IT, not when you want me." He raises his voice with a masterful tone.

"If I can get past Tabitha...I'll never deny you again. Please fuck me harder...I'm getting close." A third scream out of Mimi Alexander's room reporting in, Josie laughs, "I think we're having a duel."

"Her and Fowler."

"Did she finally let him go all the way?"

"Dunno! Sounds like it. I saw him eating her out earlier. You don't have to tell her I was snooping."

"Loyalty Reese. However, I believe she might take it better than you think. She's really opening up. Still shy but in private like now...she's...OHHHHH FUCCCCCCK! HARDER DAMMIT!" No more words escape her throat, only cries of pleasure that haunted her for three heartfelt minutes until she squirts all over his cock, a thin waterfall trickling to the tile floor.

Reese hardly done grabs her as he had before and carried her limply back to the windows onlooking the parking lot. There he pressed her awkwardly against the glass, her 34B's flattening under pressure. She could see Roman sweeping his cab seat out as he had yesterday. If he glanced up to her second story window he could easily have seen her being...well...being Josie McKellen. Facial features contorted at Reese's power play she frets that Roman might learn more than she was prepared to explain. Her secondary thought was having to ask Carl Manley to ignore a second terrorist attack upon her lover's truck. That was the easy part.

"Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssseeeeee!" She hissed, effectively greeting a multiple orgasm, her nails screeching as they clawed at the glass. Amid her puppeteers clutches she was drawn from the window ferociously and carried once again in a zombie shuffle toward the classroom door, halfway there he redirected and slammed her against her chalkboard at the head of the class, chalk and erasers toppling to the floor upon impact. Her chest once again compressed under her weight, nails dulling at more screeching along the slate, Josie McKellen lost her sanity.

Squeals to lightning fast strikes over her nerve endings she cum again just that proudly. Her body praised his demonic efforts. This was the kind of sex Josie dreamt of having, raw, losing complete control, unforgiving, savage. BANG BANG BANG! Orgasms one, two, three in a row. The puppet was dancing to a joyous spasm, her inability to stop laughing at herself for her reactions mixed with shrill whimpers of, "Dear God!" Reese was just that talented.

"I expect you here before daylight tomorrow morning. Don't fucking argue with me."

"I...I...I'll make the effort. Shit, Reese!" She tugged at her hair mind still trying to focus properly. "Do this to me every time and I might leave my husband for you." So very untrue but it was meant to boost his ego, as if he needed any extra adrenalin spikes. Before she could fully catch her bearings he yet again claimed her body's weight and continued their Frankenstein waltz. Not once did his magnificent cock leave it's warm, wet residence.

At the doorway he escorted her right out into the hallway in a shuffle, trying not to trip over his jeans around his ankles. Slamming her against the wall, the impact taking the wind from her sails she gasped with a hint of fear. Pinning her there he found his lips kissing her shoulder as his thrusting returned full force. Between a passionate moment, conflicted with a shuddering of sensations Josie's concerns over being caught were fading fast. Tested for five minutes straight and further orgasms they heard voices to their right.




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