It had been a week since they arrived at the campsite. Alex was hating it more and more with each hour. She had never camped before and when she signed up for a sleep research study, she had never dreamed it would require camping. She had never camped before in her life. The amount of work they wanted her to do each day to keep the camp running was the worst part.

It was 7 AM when Alex woke up that morning. She begrudgingly got out of her sleeping bag and dressed before she left the tent. All the sounds of the birds kept her from sleeping in. She hated the bugs, but had only packed shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops because it was so hot. As she left her tent she looked for someone to collect the firewood for her that day.

*Who's going to be the simp to do my work today?*

Alex thought as she looked around the camp. She was hoping to see Kyle because he was like a little puppy to her, but then she caught Stan looking at her and quickly look away when she noticed. His reaction made him the perfect choice. Alex fixed her hair and walked over to him.

"Good morning, Stan," Alex said in her sweetest voice. "How are you doing?"

"Morning, I'm doing good. How are you, Alex?" Stan replied without looking up.

"I'm not doing well. I have to collect firewood, but my back is hurting from sleeping in a sleeping bag. You're not doing a lot, so when you get a chance could you do it for me?" Alex asked, trying to look as sweet as possible.

"Sure... I... will do it for you," Stan said, looking at her a moment before quickly looking away.

"Thank you! You're a lifesaver," Alex said as she rubbed his shoulder.

As Alex walked away from Stan she noticed some of the other guys looking her way. She gave them a smile and wondered how many of them had actually spent time with a woman. Her stomach rumbled with hunger as she headed to the supply tent for a granola bar. Kyle walked out of the tent with a bottle of water and granola bar in hand.

"There you are, sleepy head," Kyle said with a smile. "I was just about to wake you up and give you these," he continued as he handed Alex the granola bar.

She took the granola bar and started opening it while Kyle opened the water for her. Alex took a bite from the granola bar and took the water from his hand.

"Get someone to get the firewood yet? You know I'll be happy to gather it if you haven't found someone," Kyle eagerly said.

"Yeah, I told Stan to get it for me," Alex said before taking a drink.

"Then let's sit and chat for a minute before I have to gather the data from last night," Kyle said as he started walking towards the fire pit.

Alex took another sip of water. "Sure," she replied and walked with him over to the fire pit.

Alex was finding it hard to focus on what Kyle was saying. Her vision became blurred and her speech slurred. She tried desperately to find words to talk, but her eyes grew heavy as she slowly lost consciousness.

The feeling of grass against her bare ass was the first thing Alex noticed as she began to wake up. Her vision was blurry and brain lost in a fog as she began to look around the camp. She took a look down and panic filled her as she noticed she was nude. The multi colored markings on her skin were hard to see. She tried to get up, but was held in place. The feeling of rope digging into her wrists, slightly burned as she felt tree bark digging into her back.

"About time you woke up, sleeping fucktoy," said a man from behind her.

Alex began to struggle harder, hoping to free herself from the rope. The bark scratched her back as she desperately tried to get away. She could hear men chuckle as she fought to free herself.

"Look at what a pathetic little cunt, Alex is," Liam said as he walked in front of her. He had his phone in hand taking pictures. "Look at you. Just a little bratty cunt that needs to learn. See how lovely you look, bitch."

Liam kneeled beside Alex and began showing her pictures of herself. She tried to look away, but he slapped her hard. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head towards the phone.

"Tell me what you think, cunt," Liam sneered. "Read what we wrote on you," he commanded.

Tears began to run down Alex's face as she looked at the pictures of herself. "Toilet" was written across her forehead in black marker. "Piss Here" was on her left cheek with an arrow pointing to her mouth. On her right cheek "Thirsty for piss and cum." The words "Free-use Cumdump" was written above her small breasts. They drew cocks on her stomach and "worthless cunt." "I've been a good girl:" wrote on her thigh.

"No! Stop-" Kyle yelled from behind her.

"Shut the fuck up, simp," Stan snarled. "She's just another cunt."

Alex could hear Kyle's crying getting closer. She was still trying to process it all, hoping it was a dream. The rustling of leaves behind her grew louder. She saw a blur from the corner of her eye and quickly turned her head to see what it was. It was Kyle on his back amidst the leaves. She could hear Stan and Corey laughing loudly.

"This was just supposed to be a prank," Kyle said as the tears ran down his cheeks.

"Kyle, this bitch has been using everyone here for over a week," Corey snapped. "It's time we use this bitch for once."

"Help me! Please someone, help," Alex sobbed as she saw the men gathering around. Her vision blurred by the tears in her eyes, she couldn't tell the seven men apart, except for Kyle bound on the ground. "Please," she begged.

"Always wanting everyone to do it for you," Liam snarled. "Now it's time you're a useful bitch."

Liam grabbed her by the hair while unzipping his pants. His cock was hard as it sprang out. Alex tried her best to resist, but with a firm slap and tug she could feel his cock press against her lips. Her lips pressed tight as the tears ran down her cheeks, she struggled to free herself from the grip he had on her head.

"Stop it, Liam! This was supposed to just be a joke," Kyle pleaded as Liam grabbed Alex by the jaw and squeezed hard.

"This is the perfect job for a lazy little bitch," Liam snarled while forcing Alex's mouth open and shoving his cock inside.

The taste of Liam's sweat filled Alex's mouth as he shoved his cock deep inside her mouth. The tip of his cock at the back of her throat made her gag. She squirmed as she fought the urge to vomit, the crunch of dead leaves as they crumbled beneath her legs mixed with her gagging. He began to thrust hard into her mouth causing the rough bark of the tree to dig into her back while the leaves scratched her legs as she struggled against his grip.

"Fuck, I knew you'd be good for at least one thing," Liam groaned. "Don't just stand around, let's finally put this cunt to work," he said to the men standing around.

"Let me see how well the slut can suck," Matt said as Liam pulled his cock from her mouth.

Alex felt the drool hit her chin as her head was wrenched the other way. She gasped for air before Matt shoved his cock into her mouth and began thrusting hard. The feeling of all their eyes on her naked body while she gagged on a cock filled her with disgust, and yet arousal began to form in her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet as Matt and Liam took turns fucking her throat.

"Don't look away simp. Take a long look at what cocksleeve you've been drooling over is," Ritchie said as he grabbed Kyle by the hair and forced him to watch Alex being used.

Alex heard Kyle sobbing and saw the other men gathering around her. She could feel the sweat forming as it mixed with her drool and tears. Her arousal began pool on the ground and shame filled her because of her body's betrayal.

"Let's get the useless bitch off the tree. Let Kyle get a good look at how you use a cumdump," Chuck snarled.

Alex knew this was her only chance at being free. As soon as the ropes were loosened she tried to get to her feet. Matt slapped her hard and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her towards Kyle. The sticks and leaves on the ground sent sharp pains through her as she was dragged over them. She saw Kyle struggling the best he could as the tears rolled down his face as she was pulled closer to him. They forced her on her hands and knees across from him. The fear began to immobilize her as they spanked and slapped her.

"Stupid bitch," Eddie said spanking her ass hard, then rubbing her, her pussy coating his fingers in her arousal. "The cunt is wet!" He gleefully said as shame filled Alex.

Alex hated her body for betraying her. They grabbed her by the legs and placed her pussy in front of Kyle. Ritchie took Kyle's head and pushed it closer while Eddie spanked her again then spread her pussy so Kyle could get a better look. Kyle tried to close his eyes and turn away.

"Such a fucking simp," Ritchie snapped as he slapped Kyle. "Look at what a slut your friend is. See how wet this cunt already is. Haha! This bitch has been fucking you over all week and all you've wanted to do was get a taste. All you had to do was take it, simp."

Alex was filled with disgust at herself.

"Pussy or ass, cocksleeve?" Liam asked, but she didn't understand what he meant. "Do you want it in your pussy or ass?" He said louder as he wrenched her face towards him.

"Pussy! Please, please, just my pussy," Alex sobbed.

"Good cunt," Liam snarled as he slapped her hard and let her hair go.

Matt grabbed her hair and slapped her face with his cock. Liam teased her pussy with the tip of his cock. Relief filled Alex. She didn't want any of this, but at least her ass was safe. Liam slowly stuck the tip into her pussy. She held back a reactionary moan while she blushed with shame. Matt lined his cock up with her lips as he gripped her hair tight. She tried to move her face away as his cock pushed against her lips. Suddenly she felt a searing pain in her ass as Liam forced his dick inside. She cried out in pain and Matt shoved his cock inside her mouth. Her nose pressed against his groin as she gagged on his hard cock.

Liam began thrusting faster as his cock painfully stretched her asshole. He spanked her ass hard, his handprints forming on her ass while Matt had a fistful of her hair while thrusting harder into her mouth. Sweat began to drip down her body. Sticks and dirt scratched her legs as Liam thrusted harder and faster, groaning as he fucked her ass. She sobbed in pain against Matt's cock. The other men were laughing and deciding who was going next.

*Why won't anyone help me?*

Alex thought as Matt and Liam used her. They had found a steady rhythm and the pain was turning as her arousal overtook her. She lost herself more with each hard thrust and slap. The taste of precum hit her tongue and Matt's grip tightened on her hair. With one last thrust he held her mouth to the base of his cock as he filled her mouth with cum. She could feel the arousal begin to run down her leg as his cock pulsed in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out as disgust filled her.

"Swallow it cunt," Matt commanded.

Alex swallowed it all in a single gulp. Liam was fucking her ass harder. Matt let go of her hair and pulled his cock from her mouth. Liam grabbed her hair and yanked her head back as he gripped her waist. She struggled to catch her breath. A yelp escaped her lips and Eddie quickly filled her mouth with his cock.

"See, simp, she's just a set of holes. Nothing worth worrying over. You should get you a piece of the cunt," Ritchie teased Kyle.

"Never!" Kyle said defiantly and Ritchie slapped him hard across the face.

Liam thrusts became more erratic and his groans grew louder. The pain Alex had felt subsided. The taste of cum mixed with the taste of Eddie's sweat as he fucked her throat like a pussy. She felt Liam's cock pulsing and the warmth of cum filling her ass. Liam kept his cock in her ass for a moment after he came.

"Fuck that's a tight little ass," Liam said catching his breath. "Take your cock out of that fuckhole mouth of her's and give me a marker. Need to keep track for the cumdump," he continued as he pulled his cock from her ass.

Eddie pulled his cock from Alex's mouth and rolled her onto her back. She was shocked as the cum began to slowly leak out between her ass cheeks. Corey gave Liam a marker. Liam uncapped it and threw the cap at Alex's face. On her thigh below "I've been a good girl:" Liam put two tally marks.

"The toilet looks thirsty," Corey chuckled as he stood above Alex and took out his cock. "I've got something just for you," he snarled as he began pissing on her face.

Alex began to squirm as the urine hit her face and trailed down her body. The sticks and rocks dug in her ass as she kept her mouth shut tight and her eyes closed.

"Stupid cunt wasted it," Corey snapped as he slapped her tits. "Still got something else for you cunt," he said as he grabbed her up off the ground and rammed his cock into her pussy. "Holy fuck this fuckmeat is wet!"

A moan escaped Alex's lips as she felt Corey's cock feel her pussy. She was surprised at how effortless he picked her up. Without thinking she wrapped her legs around his waist as he began thrusting hard.

"I'll take the ass," Eddie said then thrust his cock inside her cum filled ass and Alex moaned loudly.

"Just holes to be used. Don't you see that now?" Ritchie laughed.

*Alex must like it or she wouldn't be moaning.*

Kyle thought as he heard her moans.

Eddie and Corey were thrusting faster. Each thrust sending waves of pleasure through her. She could feel herself getting closer to the edge as they used her holes. The feeling of the sweat from the men she was held between, how their hot breath felt against her skin, being so filled all worked together to have her teetering on the edge as she tried desperately not to cum. Suddenly Corey bit her neck hard and the sudden pain mixing with the feeling of his soft lips against her neck pushed her over and an orgasm ripped through her.

Alex tightened her legs and quivered as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her muscles tightened around the cocks inside of her, amplifying the feeling of their thrusts. The men began fucking her harder as her moans filled them with lust. She could feel herself getting close to another as Eddie dug his fingers into her side. Eddie's thrusting became more erratic and soon she felt his cock throb as he came deep inside of her.

"Oh fuck," escaped Alex's lips as she lost herself completely to the pleasure.

Corey was fucking her faster now as Eddie pulled his cock from her ass. The feeling of the cum leaking from her, as Corey thrust deep into her pussy, was turning her on more than she could have imagined. She could feel herself about to cum as Corey groaned loudly. As his thrusts slowed as he came inside of her, the pulsing of his cock and the feeling of the cum pushed her over the edge and she came again, moaning loudly.

Corey lifted Alex off his dick and put her back on the ground. Stan walked to her as she lay stunned on the ground. The feeling of cum leaking from her ass and pussy mixed with the lingering pleasure of the two orgasms. She was catching her breath when Stan grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. He poked her mouth with his cock.

"Open wide, you thirsty bitch," Stan snapped.

Without thought Alex opened her mouth. Stan held the tip on her bottom lip and pissed in her mouth. The warm urine tasted salty and bitter on her tongue, but she kept her mouth open, swallowing it all down.

"Going to be a simp, and watch, or a man and pick a hole on this nasty slut?" Ritchie asked Kyle.

"The ass," Kyle said, void of emotion.

"My man!" Ritchie said with pride as he freed Kyle from the rope.

They took the marker and added three more tally marks to "I've been a good girl:" while Alex waited on the ground. She felt betrayed as she noticed Kyle standing in front of her with his cock out.

"Let's take the urinal to the table," Stan said as he grabbed her arms.

Ritchie grabbed Alex's legs and they carried her to the table in the middle of the camp. They sat her on the bench as Stan lay down on the table. Ritchie slapped her hard before picking her up and forcing her leaking pussy down on Stan's cock. Kyle quickly got into position and shoved his cock into her ass. They began thrusting hard into her as Ritchie slapped her again. Ritchie grabbed her by the throat and choked her before letting go to grab her hair. Her face was stinging as Ritchie shoved his cock into her mouth. They began fucking her faster with each thrust. It took them a few minutes before hitting a rhythm. The coarse wood of the table hurt her knees, but the pain felt wonderful with the pleasure. She felt another orgasm building as the men used her holes. She couldn't help herself as she moaned hard against Ritchie's cock.

Kyle was the first to break his pace, groaning as he came in her ass. This pushed Alex over the edge and she came again. She started grinding into Stan's thrusts as it all started to blur. Her pussy clamping Stan's cock hard as she swirled her tongue around Ritchie's dick, savoring the taste of precum. She began making herself gag on Ritchie's dick causing him to bust, he moaned as he filled her mouth with cum and she eagerly swallowed it down. He pulled his cock from her mouth and she began to moan.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Alex repeated in time with Stan's thrusts till the orgasm ripped through her and he filled her with cum.

The rest of the day was a blur of pain and pleasure. Alex received fifteen tally marks and the words they wrote were smeared from the cum, sweat, and piss. They continued to use her throughout the rest of the trip and she hated when it came to an end. Alex got their numbers on the last day so they could all go camping again sometime.

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