I laid out on my bed and loaded the video on my iPad, got comfortable then once I was ready I put a little lube on my hand and began to slowly stroke my cock as I watched the movie. I never could make it to the end without cumming, hearing the noises from her pussy and her moans as she climaxed always set me off and I was already rock hard in anticipation of it.

Right as I got close though, Heather, my older sister, walked right into my room without knocking and after spotting what I was doing, froze with her eyes wide open and glued to my cock. I quickly threw the iPad on the bed, not thinking to close the movie and pulled my bunched up sheets over my body.

"What the fuck Heather, can't you knock?" I said.

"You're supposed to be at work, I needed to borrow your charger," she replied.

Right then, the video got to the climax, the girl moaning, her soft voice filled with lust "that's it, fill me with that big hard cock, fuck me baby, take my pussy...".

Heather's eyes narrowed and before I could move she quickly snatched up my iPad and looked at the screen. A few taps later and she just glared at me.

"This, and all the fucking pictures you have, were in a hidden folder on my computer. How the fuck did you get them?" She said, clearly pretty angry.

"You'd left it unlocked one time and I was looking for a picture you'd taken of me," I replied.

"So, you downloaded my personal pictures to jerk off to them?"

"Y... yes."

"Why the fuck are you home anyway?"

"It was quiet so I got sent home early."

Heather stood in front of me for what felt like forever, I'm sure it was just 30 seconds or so but she didn't say anything, she put the iPad back on my bed, took my phone charger and left the room. I quickly checked to see if she'd deleted them but they were all still there, a few minutes later I got a text from her.

"Have you shown them to anyone else, don't fucking lie to me."

"I swear I haven't."

"Why, there's so much porn online, why my pictures and that video?"

"You're so sexy, your pussy is the prettiest I've seen and your nipples are perfect Heather."

"I'm also your sister, you remember that part right?"

"Yes. I can't help that I like you so much."

"Me or my body."


"I want payment for what you have."

"But I'm broke, I don't get paid for another week."

"I didn't say money, little brother. Turn your cam on, I want to see you cum."

I hadn't cum from my masturbation that morning but I had started to go soft and with my ipad camera trained on my cock I couldn't focus and couldn't get hard. Heather messaged me again.

"What's wrong?"

"I usually jerk off to your video, this is Mom's old iPad and it won't play anything at the same time as video chat."

"I'm coming in there to watch then."

"Wait, I can turn my laptop on."

"Fine, hurry up."

I think I had my laptop booted up and my ipad video playing in record time, Heather watched me on cam as I got hard then masturbated to her playing with her pussy. When it got to the point of her climax on the video, I came too and groaned in pleasure as my cum sprayed over my stomach and chest. I'd no sooner finished cumming when she messaged me again.

"Do you always cum that much?"

I wiped my hand on my towel and replied.

"Yes, but I played last night too so it's usually more. Are we done now?"

"For today, yes but you have a lot more to pay me back. I'll tell you what I want."

I got in my shower, almost embarrassed at what I'd just done but also stupidly turned on. The thoughts I'd been raised not to have, being told your sister is not to be objectified in a sexual manner only made it more desirable for me and I wanted more. I was semi hard thinking about the possibilities and the thought of jerking off for her again by the time I dried off and about jumped out my skin when Heather was sitting on my bed. Thankfully my robe hid my growing cock.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I don't think I need to remind you but this between us goes no further, you tell a living soul and I swear you'll regret it," she said sternly.

"I'd never do anything to hurt or embarrass you Heather, you don't need to threaten me," I replied.

"Well good."

"Are we done with it then?"

Heather just laughed.

"Not by a long shot little brother," she said then left my room.

The next day, the start of my regular days off, I showered and since it was raining I planned my day around just playing video games like usual. I hadn't even dressed when I got a message on my phone, 'I want to see you cum on cam again'. I sighed then set up my laptop, the iPad video beside it and waited for her to connect. After a few seconds though I heard a pretty loud "FUUUUUUUCK" coming from Heather's room. I threw on my robe and went to make sure she was okay.

"What's wrong?" I said, not knocking.

Heather was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding her laptop over the rug, it was dripping liquid.

"I spilled my fucking soda on my laptop trying to get comfortable, I forgot it was sitting there. There's no saving it this time either, I heard it spark."

"I can pull the hard drive for you, save your data."

"I bet you will little perv, you already have all my nudes," she said with a grin.

"I'm serious, I'll restore it to a new one for you."

"Well thank you. But it can wait, you still owe me and I need to get off."

I wondered what she meant, I figured she'd find another way to view me on cam but she put her laptop on the floor, dropped her own robe and got up onto the bed and sat resting against her pillows naked. I was in awe, her pictures and video were amazing but to see her breasts shake as she moved had my cock starting to grow. I froze, transfixed by her body.

"Hey, snap out of it, sit up here beside me, lose the robe," she said, patting the bed beside her.

I was already semi hard by the time I dropped my robe, I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I got up onto the bed. Heather opened her legs, draping one over mine and looked at me.

"What are you waiting for, long as you keep stroking you can touch them if you like."

I was shaking, my cock was throbbing and gently touching her breast felt electric. I slowly stroked my cock as I fondled her, I wanted it to last forever but when I looked down to see her fingering herself I knew I'd not last. Her hand was a blur, when I heard her moan softly I lost it and groaned as I erupted. Jets of cum spurted from my cock, the first one hit my chin but the second and 3rd splashed over Heather's stomach and breasts. She gasped as she came too, watching my cock as the last few spurts hit my own stomach.

"Th... that was so fucking hot. You're still hard!" gasped Heather, still catching her breath.

"Yea, I take ages to go down," I replied.

Heather gazed at my cock for a few more seconds then muttered 'fuck it' and in one quick move, she had mounted me, guiding my cock into her and impaling herself to the hilt. I inhaled sharply then groaned in pleasure as she began to slowly ride me.

"Wh... what are you do...oh fuck that feels so good..." I stammered.

"Your cock feels amazing, just enjoy this okay."

Being inside a woman's pussy felt more amazing than I had imagined. Until that moment I was a virgin, using hand cream or lube to try and imagine what it would be like. I had fantasized about fucking my own sister on many occasions, especially after finding her pictures but watching her breasts bounce as she rode my hard cock was like a dream. Heather started cumming again after a few minutes, I could feel her pussy tighten as each wave hit her and when she was almost done I came again, it shocked me, I'd never cum so soon after a climax and I almost roared as I pushed up into her, spraying my seed deep up inside her.

"Oh wow, again? That's fucking awesome," she said breathlessly as she kept riding.

Heather slowed down and eventually stopped, my cock finally started to soften inside her, she climbed off me and got a damp washrag from her bathroom and gently cleaned the juices from my cock. She then got back on the bed and just laid on my chest as she caught her breath and eventually kissed me on the cheek as she leaned on her elbow to talk to me.

"I hope you're not upset that I did that, I know jerking off for me and with me is one thing but we kinda crossed a pretty big line, well I guess I did. Are you okay with it?" she said softly.

"It was amazing Heather, I've fantasized about doing that for so long," I replied.

"How many women have you been with?"

"You were my first."

"Really? Wow, okay. I have to tell you something, I kinda have a problem, sex is like the only thing that keeps me level. They've tried drugs, toys and therapy but if I go too long without this I get pretty crazy. I don't care that you're my brother I really don't, I'm not your girlfriend but if you want to you can fuck me as much as you want. Same rules, don't tell anyone okay?"

"I think I'll probably like that a lot."

"Well good, try and be subtle about it though okay, no 'hey, wanna fuck' in front of Mom and Dad."

"How about, I'm going to read for a while if they're home."

"Sure, that will work. Holy shit, are you getting hard again?"

"I have a naked woman laying with her breasts touching me, it hurts a little but I could go again."

"You're big, you can take me from behind this time, I'm a little tender too."

Looking down at Heather's perfect ass as I held on to her hips, fucking her as hard as I could as she moaned and gasped with each thrust, will be a memory I'll probably cherish forever. I lasted for ages, my cock had a dull ache that kept me from cumming so quickly but when I did cum again, a few weak spurts of probably just fluid, I was exhausted and Heather was a grinning mess. We collapsed together in a heap and once I could breathe again she had me stand up and hold her.

"That was fucking great, you should go shower and get some rest before Mom gets home, I need a nap, you wore me out."

I showered and actually dozed off on my bed for a couple of hours, I was on cloud nine, felt like I was a real man at last. My stomach growled at me so I got dressed and wandered to the kitchen. I could hear Mom and Heather talking as I approached, they sounded heated.

"I fucking told you Heather, he was to be left off limits. What happened to Colin, he was respectful and still cared about you," said Mom.

"He had a tiny dick Mom, he'd leave me more frustrated than anything else, I couldn't take it anymore," replied Heather.

"So you just decide to fuck Marcus, drag him into this too? How did it happen, did you flash him?"

"No! I swear. I caught him jerking off to videos I had of me, I don't know how he got them but he said he was into me. It just kind of happened from there."

"He wanted you?"


"I'm not happy about this, I don't want to see or hear it do you understand?"

"Yes Mom."

"Now let me enjoy my wine."

I managed to make it back to my room before anyone came into the hall, I waited to hear Heather's door close before I made my way back to the kitchen again. Mom was sitting at the breakfast table, looking out the window as she drank a glass of wine.

"Hi Mom, how was work?" I asked.

"The usual my love, too many patients, not enough nurses. How was your day?"

"Oh it was okay, couldn't go running because of the rain so I stayed home."

"Well don't eat too much okay, your Dad is bringing pizza home with him."

I had a couple of cookies to stave off my hunger then went to my room to read, I could barely look at Heather as we all ate pizza but Mom and Dad were too occupied with fighting each other to really pay attention to us. That night in bed I let my mind wander to what I'd done with Heather and before long my cock was hard again. I'd had a good 6 hours since I'd been hard but I could still feel a little tenderness, I was about to start jerking off when my door opened and Heather quietly crept in. She was in her robe that she let fall to the ground once she got close and quickly got under my covers.

"Were you about to jerk off?" she whispered.

"Was thinking about it, yes," I replied.

"You should have messaged me, I told you, my pussy is yours little brother, you can fuck me any time you want. I couldn't sleep though, will you fuck me, wear me out so I can sleep?"

"Thought I wore you out earlier?" I said, already playing with her breasts.

"You did but I had a nap. I'm already wet, Mom and Dad are asleep, just climb on and fuck me."

I wasn't about to protest or argue with her, she opened her legs and once I was on top of her, she guided my cock into herself and I began to thrust. It took me a few thrusts to fully coat my cock in her juices but I was soon going balls deep with each thrust, Heather was softly moaning as she gazed up at me in the semi darkness in my room and I was grinning like an idiot as I fucked her for the 3rd time that day. I lasted through 3 of her orgasms before the tingling in my poor overworked balls told me I was close, I hadn't thought about it until then but as I pushed deep to fill her with my cum I wondered about birth control. It didn't stop me thrusting though, I kept going until I was spent then rolled off her as I caught my breath.

"I uh, I haven't been wearing a condom, what if I've got you pregnant?" I said when I could finally speak. Heather giggled.

"Oh honey, do you think I'd let you cum in me if I wasn't on the shot? I wouldn't do that to you my love."

"Oh, okay."

"I'm enjoying just having you in me but soon I'll teach you how to really please a woman. Fuck, you're still hard aren't you, think you could do me again from behind?"

I don't remember what time we finally crashed but I woke up to Heather still fast asleep, her leg draped over my thigh and my arm numb from her head on my shoulder. Our parents still hadn't left for work though, I woke her gently and she crept out of my room after kissing me. The next few days were a blur, every time we were alone she jumped me, I was loving it, my first pussy and I really didn't have to put in any effort, I just had to smile at her and she'd suck me hard. One morning at breakfast I sat drinking coffee, Heather had to work and Mom had the day off.

"Honey, when was the last time you had a full night's sleep?" Mom said to me.

"What do you mean?" I replied, terrified about what was coming next.

"I mean, when was the last time you got a full night without your sister demanding sex? I know, I'm not overly happy with her but you look exhausted."

"It's probably been a few days."

"I'm betting it's been more than that. Tonight you sleep alone, no company, I'll talk to Heather."

"Okay. I uhm, I didn't mean for it to happen."

"You can forget about the guilty feelings. You probably already worked out your sister has a problem, we tried a therapist, she seduced him, we tried medication, turned her into a more lethargic sex addict but we don't know what to do. I'm happier knowing you're keeping her from sleeping with some random stranger though, as much as my own children fucking each other is wrong on so many levels I trust you both to keep it behind closed doors."

"I promise."

"Good. Why are you shaking?"

I had expected to be screamed at, my tired mind had braced for a fight.

"I... I thought you'd be mad, thought you were going to yell at me."

"Oh honey, you're just caught up in this because you have a penis, I'm sure you've already pushed past the guilt of having sex with your own sister, not like she isn't cute but I won't yell at you," she said, hugging me.

"Is it why you and Dad have been fighting all the time?"

"That um, no it's not. Well kind of, is a lot to explain."

"I hate seeing you sad all the time."

Mom looked at me for a few seconds and sighed.

"Your Dad also fucked your sister. We were trying to keep her home and locked up, see if that helped but when I left to go shopping I forgot my purse, was gone maybe an hour and came back and she was riding him on the couch. She told me it was the second time since I'd left. We had a long talk and we're still working it out but that's what happened."


"You are going to finish your coffee then go rest, don't worry about the yardwork today."

I watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch, it was late afternoon when I woke, Heather should have been home but she didn't come to see me like I'd expected. I soon found out why, her bedroom door wasn't completely closed, when I looked in she was on her bed on all fours and Mom was behind her, pounding a strap on dildo into her. My cock hardened at the sight, Mom was naked and I could clearly see her beautiful breasts swaying as she fucked Heather and they both had a sheen of sweat like they'd been going at it a while.

"Have you had enough?" said Mom, slowing down.

"Yes Mommy," replied Heather.

"Give him a day off okay, he's exhausted."

"Do you need me to get you off?"

"No, you'll just get excited again, go shower."

I scurried back to my room, my cock throbbing in my shorts and despite being told to rest I had to get off to the scene I'd witnessed. I played it again and again in my head, Heather moaning in pleasure, my Mom's beautiful breasts swaying as she fucked her, Mom's beautiful, sexy, full breasts and it was those I thought of as I climaxed, spraying my cum over my chest and stomach.

"Fuck." I said to myself.

I'd been infatuated with Heather for some time, she was always the hot older sister I looked at but in an admiring way, when I found her nudes and video it turned to lust but Mom, the thought of her sexually never entered my head. That was of course until I saw her with Heather. She kept herself in pretty good shape, her ass was well toned from the gym and her breasts, larger than a lot of women, barely had any sag despite having Heather and I. She was blonde like my sister but I had no idea if she shaved her pussy and I suddenly wanted to know. I showered and kept my mind occupied with video games, at dinner I could barely keep my eyes off Mom's chest, I'm pretty sure she noticed a few times too, just gave me a smile as I looked away. After dinner, Dad left to go bowling and Heather went to her room while I helped Mom clean up.

"So, I know you saw us earlier," she said quietly. I felt my face go red.

"What uh, what do you mean?" I replied, trying to feign innocence.

"I saw you in the corner of my eye, explains why you haven't been able to keep your eyes off these all night," said Mom, cupping her breasts and smiling.

"I uh..."

"It's okay, I'm not mad. I can see you have questions though."

"If that calms her why don't you just do that all the time?"

"You didn't see the size of the dildo did you, it wears her out but it's pretty big, it would start to hurt if I fucked her with that every day. Are you getting fed up of her or something?"

"N.. no, not at all."

"Spit it out, I told you, I'm not upset, just ask what you want to know."

"Does she have sex with you too?"

"Not exactly. Part of me is still upset she took your Dad, if I need to get off I'll make her eat me, she doesn't really like it but with me sitting on her face she doesn't get a choice until I've cum."

"This is nuts." I said, laughing.

"What is?"

"Just not a conversation I thought I'd have with my own Mom is all."

"Well when you fucked your own Sister a few barriers kind of went away sweetie, now go take a cold shower, get rid of that boner, I'll finish up here."

That night when Dad got home I could hear them fighting again, I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could hear some words and know strap on was mentioned. Heather came into my room and slipped under my covers


"You're fine, I just want to be held," she said, seeing the look on my face.

"Could you hear everything from your room?" I replied.


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