Shane had to work on Saturday morning so Scarlett got up early and walked with him into the city centre, holding hands. The weather was unusually warm and they left their coats at home, they both wore jeans, short sleeves and canvas shoes.

Stopping outside Shane's office building, Scarlett expected the usual quick kiss before he headed into work. Instead Shane wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled her into his chest with his arms around her neck, she rested her chin against his chest and looked up at him.

Shane kissed her in a soft, slow kiss that made her stomach flutter before looking down at her, smiling. "Oooh that gave me butterflies" Scarlett said timidly, looking down. He stroked her face and lifted her chin up to look in her eyes, kissing her again. "I'll meet you for lunch after work?" she asked.

Shane nodded. "I'll text you when I'm leaving, babe." he said, hugging her.

Scarlett headed to Starbucks for coffee and some breakfast, feeling smug that she snagged a big armchair in the corner for time to herself to read her book. Once the shops opened she browsed, enjoying the leisurely pace and the fact she only had to please herself. She tried on clothes, looked at books, tested makeup, smelled perfumes, poured over CDs and DVDs and treated herself to another bath bomb. She was persuaded by a sales assistant to buy a small bottle of relaxing massage oil. Scarlett liked the idea of trying it but she wasn't sure Shane would be keen, he normally scoffed at that sort of thing, "hippy shit" is what he called it. She bought him his favourite music magazine to soften the blow.

Soon she got his text message and made her way to the sandwich shop. They got sandwiches and took them to City Hall Gardens to eat in the good weather. Scarlett clasped his hand in both of hers as they walked and they made plans for the rest of the weekend. They went for a drink and sat in the sunshine outside the bar then went to buy groceries.

As they left the supermarket, the rain started pouring down. "TYPICAL!" shouted Scarlett "Actually, we're going to get drenched so why don't we have fun?" she said, looking mischievously at Shane. They walked along the street and in a few minutes they were both drenched and their shoes squelched. The rain was coming down so fast that puddles quickly formed on the pavement. Scarlett let go of Shane's hand and ran ahead, jumping full wack into a puddle and screaming in delight as the water splashed up around her.

Shane laughed "Alright, you big child!"

"You're never to old to jump in puddles, Shane! You should try it, you might enjoy yourself" she said sarcastically, waiting on him to catch up. As he got level with her, she jumped up again and the puddle splashed over Shane. Scarlett laughed as Shane yelled in protest. "Sure you're already soaking wet from the rain!" she said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her to match his walking pace. They made their way home, splashing each other with the puddles they walked by, laughing and chasing each other, they were freezing and their clothes drenched and heavy from the rain.

When they got home, they took off their shoes and trousers in the porch and ran upstairs quickly. "What about a nice hot shower, Scarl?" Shane asked as they undressed and threw their wet clothes off. Scarlett nodded, her teeth chattering. He rubbed her shoulders "Together?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Save the planet and all that." Scarlett smiled and nodded. Shane lifted his dressing gown and slid it over Scarlett's shoulders, wrapped a towel round his waist and they went downstairs to the bathroom.

Shane turned on the shower and they stepped in under the warm water. He washed Scarlett's hair and leant down so she could wash his, then they washed each other's bodies. Scarlett liked caring for each other in this way. Once they'd dried off, they went back up to Shane's room to get dressed. Shane sat down on the bed watching Scarlett towel dry her hair. He grasped the belt of his dressing gown she was wearing and gently pulled her to him, opening the belt and wrapping his arms around her waist, pressing his chest against her naked, warm body. "How are you, babe?" he asked, kissing her stomach and chest and looking up at her.

Scarlett slid her arms round Shane's neck and smiled at him "Good, I really liked showering together. We haven't done that for ages, have we?" she reached down and kissed him. "It felt nice and intimate. Quite sensual." she blushed and looked away. "I would like that more, I mean just touching each other. I love feeling you stroking my skin no matter where it is on my body and I love doing that for you." She looked in his eyes and he smiled up at her, nodding"

"Mm hm. Yeah, I'd like that more too. We can make that a thing" agreed Shane.

Scarlett remembered her earlier purchase and moved from his arms to find it in her bag. "Eh...I bought this today..." she said timidly, handing Shane the bottle of massage oil. "It smells nice and I thought it would be nice to try it... maybe?"

Shane read the label aloud. "Yeah, sure." he said, opening it to smell it. "Shall we have a go now? Your skin is nice and warm and relaxed from the shower." he said, softly kissing her. Scarlett looked surprised but pleased, she nodded. Shane moved back on the bed, making space for her to sit between his legs, patting the space and she sat on the edge of the bed, slipping his dressing gown off her shoulders. Shane shook the bottle gently and put a few drops on his hands, rubbing them together before firmly rubbing Scarlett's neck and shoulders. "Oh that smells nice! It smells like that bath bomb you had the other day. You're so tense, babe. Your shoulders and your back. Does that feel ok?" Shane asked.

She nodded and stroked the back of his knees. Shane massaged her neck, shoulders and back before wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pressing his chest against her back, placing gentle kisses on her neck and holding her tightly. Scarlett caressed his legs, his arms and hands and tickled the tops of his feet and kissed his forearms. "Shall we make some dinner?" she asked.

"Yeah, Are you relaxed and warmed up now and feeling hungry?" Shane asked.

"Yeah. Can I wear your blue jumper?" Scarlett asked. He handed it to her to put on.

They got dressed and went down to the kitchen. They prepared and cooked dinner together, chatting and laughing with each other as they ate their meal. Scarlett cleared the dishes and did the washing up while Shane dried the dishes and made them tea and coffee.

"You know the folks at work kept me going all morning." Shane said, laughing as he sat back down at the table with his coffee.

"Really? What for?" asked Scarlett, offering him a packet of biscuits. Shane shook his head and reached for Scarlett's hand as she came to sit opposite him. He tipped his head and smiled, signalling her to come over to him and he held her hips, sliding her down onto his lap. She snaked her arms around his neck.

"Turns out Nosey Paul was looking out the window when we were standing outside and called everyone else over to watch our PDA this morning" Shane said. "I'd been thinking the last few days how I usually just give you a quick kiss and leave you outside work and then when I'm in work I wish I'd kissed and hugged you properly. I mean I know I'll see you after work or the next day or whatever but you know, just in case."

"Aww you're so sweet" Scarlett whispered, hugging him.

Shane continued "That's why this morning I wanted to give you a proper kiss and of course that's when they were all gawping out the window. Fuck sake!"

Scarlett cringed and laughed "Aw Shane, what were they saying to you then?" she asked.

"They all whistled and cheered when I walked in and people were saying things like 'Under the thumb, mate'. I didn't twig for a minute until I sat down and Nosey Paul started singing Mr Boombastic and gyrating against the window" Shane rolled his eyes and grimaced. "He's such a twat!"

Scarlett laughed "Ah I bet you were mortified, Shane! You know what they're like though, especially Nosey Paul. It's all in good fun. They're just jealous cos you've got such a hot girlfriend." she said, sticking her tongue out.

He held her tight around her waist and nuzzled her neck "Too damn right!" he said, kissing her neck. Scarlett giggled.

"Oh! I forgot, I bought you something!" said Scarlett, running to get her bag and bringing back the magazine she'd bought him earlier. "It's the new one" she said, handing it to him.

"Aw thanks, babe. That's really thoughtful." Shane said sincerely, kissing her.

"It's only a wee thing sure. I knew you hadn't got it yet." she smiled as he hugged her. "Do you fancy getting comfy in bed and watching a film?" Scarlett asked. "I got some popcorn today."

"Yeah, that sounds great, babe. Bring a bowl and I'll get us a glass of water each" Shane said.

Upstairs, they settled down to watch a film. "Are you comfy, babe?" Shane asked.

"Mm Hm. I'm really comfy and cosy" Scarlett said, snuggling into his chest. "I know it sounds... silly maybe but it feels a bit like we forgot ourselves and now we're back to how we were at the start a bit. Thank you" she said, kissing him.

He kissed her back in soft little kisses on her lips, looking in her eyes. "Don't thank me. We're both in this. But I'm glad we're getting back to us." Shane said, in a soft voice.

"How about tomorrow we have a lie in and then I'll make you breakfast? Or brunch?" he winked. Scarlett smiled and stroked his beard. "French toast?" Shane offered.

"Oooh, yes please!" said Scarlett "I wish it was tomorrow now." Shane laughed and squeezed her body into his as the film started. "It's a lazy Sunday tomorrow then?" asked Scarlett. Shane nodded and kissed her head.

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