Where Do We Go From Here? Ch. 12.

You often hear that women who are escorts or prostitutes hate men or are lesbians. If you knew what bizarre, kinky, demeaning and dehumanizing things that men inflicted on them you would certainly understand why that could be true. It is as if all the nasty and weird behavior that they could dream-up, or view on the web, they wanted to pay for and act out.

It would appear that money gave men permission to turn women into their own personal playthings that were simply objects for their own pleasure. They were not really people and it did not matter what you did to them because you paid for it. My own sweet Jan was beginning to feel this way as well and it was starting to scare me.

No matter what you may believe, escorting and especially fetish escorting, is far from glamourous, easy, and certainly not often fun for the woman involved. For some reason people believe that fetish means leather and whips and that is far from the truth, much of the time. It is often more of a head game.

Not all of Jan's dates were horrible and demeaning for her in fact some of them were actually enjoyable. In particular were the dates known as the weekend girlfriend experience. Jan had not had any real adventures as an escort being someone's girlfriend but she was excited and looking forward to it. The day before her first weekend date, she took the day off from work and had a full-spa makeover day using the money she had earned from tips on previous dates. She had her long beautiful hair done in a soft perm to give it some body. She had a mani-pedi as well as a full-Brazilian wax as she wanted to look as fresh and girlfriend-like as possible.

She arrived home from the day-spa about the same time I was coming home from work so we decided to just have a date night for the two of us. It actually worked out for us as the service and Steve both knew that she was going on a weekend girlfriend experience date and would be earning more than a full week's amount of money. We had dinner, drinks, and a pleasant conversation and I believe it helped ground and bond her and I again. It was a fun and pleasant evening and we both realized how much we had missed that aspect of our relationship with her and I both working full-time jobs and her escorting 5 nights a week.

Jan returned early Sunday evening and was in a light and happy which was a stark change from her usual demeanor after an appointment. She appeared to have spent the weekend in the sun as her skin tone was darker and the little tiny freckles on the bridge of her nose were a bit more apparent. Jan was dressed in a pair of white shorts that looked great against her long-tanned legs. She also wore a blush-colored embroidered floral blouse with rose-colored sequins. It had a strap over one shoulder and three spaghetti straps on the other shoulder that bared both shoulders but was form fitting across her breasts and torso. It was very pretty and flirty. On her feet she wore a pair of matching almost 5-inch-tall high heels. A pair of delicate 3.5-inch chandelier earrings adorned her ears. She looked desirable and classy.

She came into the house and smiling and relaxed and rushed over to me and gave me a warm and loving kiss. It lingered. I was tempted to grab and hold her luscious ass but restrained myself as I wanted to ascertain her feelings before I just groped her. She smelled as fresh and lovely as she looked and my heart melted as I held her in my arms.

"Gosh you look great!" I said as I held her back so that I could look into her dark and beautiful eyes. She wore long and sweeping artificial eyelashes and that look on her always surprised me as she had never worn them before she met Steve and began escorting.

"Thank you, sweetie." She said with a radiant smile. "So, do you."

"I missed you so." I said as I continued to take in the sight of this beautiful woman in my arms. "How was your date?"

"It was really fun...for the most part." She said lightly. "Want to go up to bed and hear all about it?"

"Yes!" I shouted enthusiastically as we both dashed upstairs to our bedroom laughing and playfully tickling each other.

As I followed her sexy swaying ass in the tight shorts I marveled at her attitude. If this was how she looked and felt after escorting then she could keep doing this weekend girlfriend experience for ever. I wished that this was how all of her dates went. Jan jumped on top of the still made-up bed and we rolled and tumbled atop each other kissing and hugging. Finally, she began to tell me the story of her weekend date.

"Sean and I agreed to meetup at a cozy little bistro over on the West Side in one of those renovated neighborhoods. It was place called Tilly's and had indoor and outdoor seating. There were a few tables available outside under large and colorful umbrellas and he was sitting alone under one of them looking at his I-Phone. As I approached, he got up and giving me a big smile extended his hand. I took it and then reached over and gave him a friendly hug. He had a fantastic smile and is a great looking guy. He is tall and handsome, with a full head of blond and well-kept hair. He is clean shaven and has a fit and trim body. He would be a fine catch for any girl.

"We sat and talked and got to know each other over a bottle of Chardonnay and a chicken Caesar salad. They were yummy. He explained that he was busy and often worked long and late and did not have time for a real relationship; that his new boss was coming up to Saugatuck from Chicago in his large boat that he called a yacht. He expected Sean and his significant other, as his boss called Sean's girlfriend, to meet him at the Marina, where he was docking for the weekend, so he could get to know them both. His boss Daniel believed that it was truly the best way to get to know his employees and their spouses. I was to play the role of the significant other and girlfriend.

I told Sean that I had a few ideas about how we could do a good job at deceiving his boss who had never met Sean before but believed that only men with women could be solid employees. I told him we needed to take some pictures of each other, and many selfies together, on our phones so that if he asked, we could show him us being together. Sean liked the idea and we began right then at the bistro taking pictures of us laughing, hugging, kissing, and mugging for the camera. I also suggested that we change clothes a few times so as to give the impression that we had not staged the pics. Sean agreed and totally liked the idea.

After lunch, we drove to his house, with me following his new looking, blue Beemer with my Subaru Forester. We arrived at his townhouse and he helped me carry my suitcase inside while I carried my little carryon case. His townhouse was in a recently built complex and he owned it and had had it professional decorated. It was impressive. We moved my things into his bedroom which contained a large king-sized bed, a dresser, an armoire, and two bedside nightstands all matching each other. It appeared masculine and solid.

Sean then gave me a tour of his townhouse. It had three levels and all three were tastefully decorated and he finally admitted that he had the saleswoman at the furniture store decorate his entire place. She had done a great job with it. Sean appeared to be a truly nice guy but he seemed shy and unsure of himself and often wanted me to take the lead in our sexual activities.

"Ah Sean, I was wondering if you might want to have a taste of your girlfriend just to see if we are compatible?" I asked innocently while biting my bottom lip coquettishly and give him my best come-hither look.

"Can we?" He asked as he gave me a wide-eyed look. His expression was so sweet that I grinned at him and reached for his hand. I led him back upstairs to his bedroom.

"No baby it is not can we, it should be let's." I directed as I pulled him to me for a kiss.

Sean and I kissed and held each other as the passion between us built. If I was not married this is the kind of guy I would have dated; he was so much like Justin. He fondled my breasts though my top and it felt nice and caring.

"Oh! Sean that feels so nice." I told him as I lifted my top over my head so as not to wrinkle it. I stood before him in my white satin strapless bra. He looked so adorable at that point.

We tumbled on to the bed as we took each other's clothing off between kisses. Sean was a great kisser and I have to admit that he was warming me up. Soon we were naked and he could not stop sucking and playing with my nipples; he loved my breasts. I got up on my knees and scooted between his legs and went down on him. He seemed to enjoy my actions as his eyes rolled back in his head and he kept moaning mt name. Finally, I took the lead, rolled a condom on to his nice and thick 6-inch erection, and sat down on it with my very wet pussy. I needed no lube for that bad boy.

Sean made up for his shyness with his prowess in bed and he soon had me on my knees as he fucked me from behind. I was on my third orgasm when I felt his cock spasm and grow within me. With a deep manly groan, he shot off his load in me within the latex sheath. It felt heavenly and afterwards we cuddled and kissed like lovers. Soon he drifted off to sleep and I dozed off myself.

We both awoke at a little after 3 and I suggested that we take a shower together. He of course heartily agreed. The bathroom had a large glass walled shower that easily fit the two of us. It even had two shower heads with separate controls. It was heavenly.

"Hey sweetie." I said gently. "You are a great lover." I then leaned up and we kissed and caressed each other in the shower.

"You are so easy to love." He replied as he offered to wash my back. I of course agreed.

"You know Sean we need some more pictures of us for your boss, I mean if he gets curious, right?" I said as we both agreed that we need to get going and though we both wanted to do it, there was no time for additional sex right then.

We both dried off and while I reapplied my makeup he sat and watched me in the mirror. He sat on the toilet clad in a waist high towel while I stood before the mirror nude. I think he liked that look as his towel sported a large tent.

After I was ready, we took some pictures of each other in the bathroom, nude, partially clad, and dressed. It was fun and we laughed and teased each other the entire time. After we were both put together and looked like a typical trendy couple, we packed a few clothes into one suitcase and prepared to leave.

"So, tell me about your boss." I said as I put the finishing touches to myself by spritzing with a light floral scent that I really like.

"His names Daniel Bergin. He just came on board a few months ago and is now the managing partner for this entire region." He said as he picked up our suitcase and began walking out of the room.

"Okay." I said pleasantly. What's he like?"

"Don't really know Krystal as I have never met him. This is our first meet and greet." He replied as we made our way down the stairs and towards the garage. Sean had me park my car in his garage and we loaded our things into his BMW. It was plush.

"Have you ever talked to him? What is he expecting of us?" I asked trying to understand my role for this weekend better so that I could play the perfect girlfriend.

"I have talked with him several times. Rough, direct and no nonsense." He replied as we got into the car and prepared to leave.

"And?" I asked while putting on my seatbelt and adjusting my seat.

"He believes that all of his employees should be married, attached, or in a relationship as that promotes stability in the ranks; his words not mine." He explained as we pulled out of his driveway and began our 1-hour journey to the lake shore.

"That is where I come in, right?" I replied as I looked at his face while he drove.

"Exactly. You are my girlfriend. We have been dating just a few months. Still exploring and getting to know each other better." He said as he drove.

"Got it. How did we meet?" I asked still trying to find things out about us.

"We met through some friends while at a bar-b-que." He replied.

"Okay. Have we met each other's family yet?" I asked.

"Not quite to that stage yet but close, really close." He replied. "My turn?"

"Yeah, sure." I replied off-handedly as I reached over and took his hand. Hey I was his girlfriend, right.

"Krystal, you seem like a really nice woman, and you are so sweet, so beautiful, so intelligent and so sexy. Why are you doing this?" He asked turning serious on me.

"Doing what exactly? Dating you?" I asked teasingly while squeezing his hand.

"No, you know...ah escorting?" He said uncomfortably. I sat and looked at him for a minute.

"Whew! Hm...tough question...difficult answer. Let's just say I have no choice and I like being with sexy and handsome men like you." I replied trying to not reveal too much about my situation or self.

"Like me? How many men like me have you been with? Don't answer." He said with a grin.

"It's okay. You are my very first date like this." I said and gave him my sweetest smile. "I really think you are a nice guy."

"Really? Wow! Why aren't you married? I mean really?" He asked as he continued to hold my hand as he drove.

"Honestly? How many men want to be married to an escort? Hmm?" I asked staying with my story of not giving my real situation away.

"I would love to be married to you but you would have to quit escorting." He replied as he looked over at me.

"You are just so damn adorable but therein lies the rub." I replied.

"I guess so. So, what's your education? Is this your only job?" He asked changing the subject awkwardly.

"I have a BS in information technology. A Master's in data mining and dissemination and a couple of certificates in cyber and info-security. No, it's not my only job." I replied.

"Whoa! You are educated but still you are escorting?" He asked somewhat surprised.

"Hey Sean, don't judge me. You don't know my situation. You're not in my shoes." I said curtly. I released his hand and he took his eyes off the road and looked at me.

"I am sorry Krystal. I didn't mean to judge you it's just that you are so sweet and gorgeous. I'm sorry." He said with a somber look.

"It's okay; besides men like you need dates, right? Hey how about you? What's your education? What's your story?" I asked as I took his hand again and dropped back into my role as his girlfriend.

Sean then took a lot of the trip telling me about himself, his family, and his job that he really liked. He had me laughing and smiling the entire rest of the trip as he regaled me with stories from his past. All too soon we had to leave the expressway and find the marina where we were to meet Daniel and his yacht.

The plan was that the three of us would meet at his boat. Have a drink or two. Go to dinner and then spend the night on his boat. The weather, warm, sunny, and cloudless was expected to remain this way all weekend, so we would be taking the boat out on Saturday and returning to the marina on Sunday sometime. It sounded like a great weekend plan.

In all of my time living in Michigan I have been to the lake shore many times but I have never been to a marina. This one was on Lake Macatawa and was called Bay Yacht Club. We drove up to the gated entrance and Sean gave our name to the uniformed guard who, after checking his computer, allowed us to enter. We were directed to park our vehicle in a paved visitor's lot and how to locate the slip where Daniel's boat was berthed. Just before we got out of the car, I placed my hand directly on Sean's and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Sean from this point on I am your girlfriend Krystal. We have been together 3 months almost. I will not break character and neither should you at any time this weekend. You can kiss me, hug me, pinch me, pat me, whatever you would do with your girlfriend. Also remember this for when we are alone as well; I will do anything with you sexually that your heart desires, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!" I said softly but firmly.

"Got it Krystal, now kiss me." He said and we had a long French kiss that frankly left me breathless.

We strolled down the floating pier that led to the slip with Daniel's boat while holding hands and having fun. We found the correct slip number and there tied up was a huge Blue and white colored Well Craft boat. It looked absolutely huge and appeared to be new as it was all clean and shiny. A tall and handsome man of about 50 years of age, dressed in navy blue shorts with a white polo shirt, was polishing the chrome railing. He stopped and walked over to the edge of the deck as we approached.

"Sean?" He called as we stopped and stared at the lovely boat.

"Daniel?" Sean replied and Daniel walked down the deck and then leapt onto the pier. The two men shook hands in a friendly manner and exchanged greetings.

"Daniel this is my girlfriend Krystal, Krystal this is Daniel Bergin, my new boss." He said with a smile.

Daniel approached me and looked me directly in my eyes as he shook my hand. I had learned long ago not to give wimpy handshakes and mine was a firm one. His smile was disarming and he was so friendly I felt like we had met and known each other for a while.

"Oh, excuse my manners, welcome aboard Krystal, and you too Sean." He said as he helped me over the side onto to the teak deck of the boat. I was in awe of the luxury accommodations of the lovely yacht.

Daniel then gave us a tour of his new baby, as he called her, she was called Daniel's Quest and he made it clear to us that it was a she. He showed us to our cabin that contained a queen-sized berth, and built-in drawers and a closet for our clothing and stuff, he explained that there was only one "head" on the Quest and the three of us would need to share it.

After we stowed our gear, the three of made our way to the aft deck of the boat where we were able sit out of the sun as the deck was covered by a sunshade. Daniel took drink orders and suggested that we try his specialty of the boat, a sea breeze of course. He handed me my drink first and then gave one to Sean. Sean and I sat side by side and we held hands and stared into each other's eyes at frequent intervals.

The conversation was light and friendly as the three of us got to know each other better. Daniel was definitely the alpha here and seemed to dominate the conversations though he was not unpleasant or rude about it. We had one cocktail and then Daniel asked Sean to do him a favor. He needed Sean to drive his car down the road from the marina to get a few supplies for our weekend on the water. He had called in an order and rather than have them delivered he wanted Sean to get them. I offered to go with him but Daniel said I should stay and talk with him as he enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman.

"Krystal you are a beautiful young woman." He said as we sat sipping our second cocktail.

"Oh Daniel, you are sweet." I said with a flirty smile.

"So, you two have been dating for a couple of months?' He said it like a question.

"Almost three next week." I replied as I looked around at the incredible workmanship of the boat.

"So, are you two exclusive yet?" He asked in a nonchalant manner and he gave me a wink.

"No, not yet, almost. What makes you ask that Daniel?" I said trying to put him on the defensive instead of me.

"Not yet, hmmm. Oh, I was just wondering if you would be interested in dinner sometime; just the two of us?" He said almost seductively as he continued to smile at me with his eyes.

"Oh Daniel, I am with Sean." I replied wondering if this was some kind of test and hoping that this would put an end to this conversation.

"Yes, you are this weekend but if you are not exclusive then there is always the possibility of us dating; you and I." He said almost taunting me.r"











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