Of all the categories that I might have expected to submit a story in, I never thought I would be telling mine in the Lesbian Sex category. As a straight 49 year old female, married 25 years to my husband Pete, I probably could have written about group sex, from my days in college. Or maybe even something in the fetish section from a dalliance Pete and I had, to spice things up one night. But, this I did not see coming.

First things first, I know I'm a straight female, because I truly love dick. I love sucking dick, having a dick inside me, and I definitely enjoyed two of them that one time, but that story is for another day. One night, a very long time ago, Pete even asked me to have a threesome with another woman, but I had no interest in girls, and did not fancy having one in our bed, so we never explored that side of me.

But, last summer, a typical girls' weekend changed all of that. The occasion was a group of co-workers on a weekend adventure to a cottage owned by the family of one of the girls in my office. It boasted huge ceilings, 6 bedrooms and four sofas; each bedroom having either a double bed, or bunk beds in it. The place was plenty big enough for 10 of us to spend the weekend, no husbands or boyfriends welcome.

Four of us took the journey in my car, on the Friday night of our long weekend holiday excursion. My long time BFF, Allison, rode shotgun. I was driving, (I'm Lydia, by the way), and Janet and Lisa were in the back seat. I'm usually the designated driver (at 49, being one of the oldest in the group), which allowed the other girls to be four drinks in, by the time we were halfway to the destination. The car reeked of booze and pot and we were doing our own version of karaoke to the music on the country radio station, while we meandered along the back roads to the secluded cottage on a small lake front setting.

We got there early enough to get everything settled before darkness set in. Soon there was a fire going, along side were picnic tables lined with food and coolers. As the alcohol got to most of us, Allison and I found a place back from the gaggle of giggling teens and twenty-somethings, and began to have our own little chat going.

Ally and I have always been able to talk about the most delicate subjects, probably because we've known each other since we worked at McDonalds as teenagers. Ally is the one who got me this job at our office, almost 15 years ago.

I was telling her that I felt bad for Pete, because normally we have sex the night before one of us goes away for a weekend, or if work takes either of us out of town. But Pete had to stay late at his job on Thursday and cover a shift, so he was going without this weekend. Also, I missed my chance to get my weekly dick.

Allison leaned over, her voice just above a whisper and definitely slurring a little, and said, "You think you've got it bad, Dan has been out of town on a work project for the last three weeks, and I've burned out two sets of batteries in my rabbit." We both giggled at her predicament, and continued sipping at our pińa coladas.

Allison suddenly burst out with a laugh, spraying her last sip of alcohol toward the fire, and said, " Dan told me he has blue balls, but I think my blue pussy is worse!" We both nearly fell out of our chairs laughing, and a few of the girls looked over at us, not sure of what was said to make us laugh out loud like that.

When we finished up our last of many drinks of the evening, I checked my watch. It was almost midnight, and I was getting pretty sleepy from the long drive, and more than a few pops. I leaned toward Ally and said, "Well, girlfriend, I think its time for bed." She gulped down the last of her drink and stood up with me.

"I think I'm ready too, Lido," a name only Allison is allowed to call me, "Lets call it a night." We said our good nights to the other girls, some of whom were just beginning to make lots of noise in the cool stillness of the night. We staggered back to the cottage together, holding each other up when needed.

The cottage had an enormous window that looked out toward the now roaring fire and on to the lake that was dotted with points of light from other homes along its shore. It had one indoor bathroom, in the center of the building, but with the thin walls, you could hear pretty much every tinkle or sound from within. There was an outhouse in the back if you didn't want the others to hear what you were doing, or passing, but no one used it once darkness set, because it had no power to it.

At the end of a hallway were four rooms, ours being the last one on the right. We found our way to the bedroom we would be sharing for the weekend. It had a double bed, and had a big, fluffy mattress and ornate steel railings at the head and foot, like at your grandmother's house.

We entered and went through our own overnight bags to get out our nightgowns. It was funny that Allison and I have a lot of things in common, and long cotton nightgowns for bed was one of them. We have seen each other naked in change rooms over the years, so there wasn't any embarrassment at undressing together.

When I shucked my jeans and undies to my feet, I happened to notice that Allison was doing exactly the same, not far from, and facing me. As she hooked her pink thong from her hips, I noticed that her reddish bush was shaved to a landing strip, while mine was shaved smooth. Her long, auburn hair cascaded over her upper chest as she stepped out of her undies.

The shaved pussy thing was something that I started doing a few years back, because Pete had done it first. We both love oral sex so much, and because I HATE to get hair in my mouth, Pete decided to "manscape" his junk for me. I have to say that I loved it like that, and at times I would comment on his nice dick having that pubescent look to it. I didn't mind putting his wonderful ball sack in my mouth, and licking his large egg-shaped balls when I knew I wouldn't choke on a curly hair. So I decided that I would do the same for him. Pete absolutely loves going down on an shaved pussy, and gets rock hard when I call him Daddy when he's down there. But I've departed a bit, so back to my story.

Allison said, "Oh, you shave yours all the way now, Lido?" Her eyes looked at my naked labia, no longer sporting the thick, curly bush that it used to.

I looked down, "Oh, yeah. Long story, but Pete likes it like this, and I don't feel so hairy." We both continued and when our tops came off, she saw me peering at her 36DDs as they fell from her bra. I am only a 36B, so I have to say I've always felt a little jealous of her bodacious rack.

"Sorry," I offered, having been caught ogling, "I just have always wished I had bigger boobs, and hate that my nipples are so small." I played with my barely erect brown nipples as I spoke. While Ally tried to get her nightie over her head, I once again watched her immense boobs jiggle as her arms were raised; her nipples were erect and pointed almost straight down.

"Yeah," she replied, "they are a lot to carry around, so I'm not sure if it is worth all of the back pain."

"Well, I bet Dan doesn't complain." I rebutted.

"That's for sure. But yours are just fine though." Allison smiled at me as she let her nightie fall down over her, and she looked at mine just as I raised my arms to pull my nightie on.

I climbed into bed as she was pulling the heavy quilted bedspread and the cool, crisp sheet up over her body. It was supposed to be hot starting Saturday morning, but it was quite comfortable for now. We each pulled out our tablets; she was reading an e-book and I had a bubble bursting game going on. A few minutes in, Allison got up and went to the bathroom, and I continued with my game. Soon she was back, and settled in beside me once again. She seemed fidgety, her legs moving to one side or the other, and then she would lie on her back again.

I asked, "What's up? Are you okay, Ally?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," was an immediate response, but she still seemed almost as unsettled.

After a minute or two, Allison rolled onto her side, facing me, and I turned to see what was going on with her. She whispered, "Can I ask you something?" Now she had my interest.

"Sure. Anything."

"Girl, I've got a bad case of being horny and I tried to rub one out in the bathroom, but it isn't very private in there. Is there any chance, you know, if I could, uh..."

"Take care of things here? Sure," I offered, and I turned off my tablet and clicked off the bedside table light also. Allison turned her light out too, and I kind of laid there on my back, in the dark, trying to give my friend some alone time. The moonlight from the adjacent window illuminated our bed through the sheers, and though I tried to close my eyes to give Allison some privacy, I couldn't help but peek at my friend as she pleasured herself in our room, now lit only by the moonlight from the window next to the bed.

When I looked over, two things caught my eye. First, her knees made small tents as she splayed them wide, giving her fingers unfettered access to her kitty. Then, I saw the movement of her hand beneath the covers, in the hollow between the two tents. Small circling motions of the back of her hand made the blankets move in sensuous waves. Occasionally, her hand would dip lower, probably to retrieve her own lubricant back up to make her clitty wetter. At times, her hand would deliver long, smooth strokes up and down, and in the quiet of the room I heard the smacking sound of her labia as her finger plowed in and out of her wet slit. Then she tried the circular pattern again. All of this was making me even wetter, seeing Ally's gestures and listening to her intimate sounds of bringing herself relief.

I lay very still, hands at my sides, not wanting to move or cause my friend any distraction from her needs. I had never seen another woman touch herself so intimately. Sure, Pete and I have watched porn together, and in them nubile girls would hammer their pussies with their fingers, like a guy would imagine it, but it never looked real to me. I knew how I liked to rub myself, and there was rarely any hammering. I leave that to Pete, when he uses his fingers to please me.

Allison would circle for a bit, and then go to long strokes, and go back again, but was becoming frustrated. I sensed her frustration, then suddenly she uttered softly, "Sorry."

I muttered, "It's okay," and then had an idea. As she continued, I thought, "What the hell," and raised and splayed my own knees up and wide. I knew she could see the same movements of my hands, and I actually exaggerated my movements, as I used my left to peel apart my wet, pink petals. My right hand began those slow, deliberate circles that teased all sides of my hardened clitty, with my middle finger digging all around it. I had become very wet watching my friend, and a few long strokes to let my fingers slip into my sloppy pussy got me close to the brink in no time.

I tried to be quiet, but my breathing became shallow, and then I began to almost silently pant, while my own kitty responded to my ministrations. I saw the outline in the blankets of my hips draw up as my orgasm took hold of me. A tiny groan emanated as I peaked, and then just as quickly, I stopped touching myself. I looked over at her hand working feverishly over her mound. And then Allison stopped. "Frig!" she said, exasperated, and started again.

I turned to my side, and said, "Keep going. You'll get there." Allison then started to pleasure herself again. And this is where I did something I had never envisioned doing before. I supported my head with my right elbow, lying on my right side as Allison began to masturbate. My left hand slid along the sheets and found the softness of her cotton bedclothes beneath. I gently slipped it up along the side of her chest, making out the shape of her bulbous left breast. My fingers searched for the rubbery nipple, and glided over her large areola until they rested at the base of the huge, erect nubbin.

Allison let out a deliberate breath, clearly affected by my incursion. My index finger tapped across the sensitive skin, almost spanking it, and her hand reacted with a quickening pace as her fingers rounded her clitoris, shown in the glow of the moonlight over her. My thumb joined in and the two digits pulled the erect nubbin downward, stretching it from the rest of her massive bosom, through the cotton fabric. Allison's right hand pulled in the same fashion on her right nipple, as her left hand now moved vertically, up over her clit and down into her sopping cleft. I heard her wetness sloshing as she masturbated, and then her breath grew intense. Ally's mouth formed a perfect 'O' as her neck muscles tensed when her orgasm overtook.

My movements gradually stopped, as her hips thrust into a subconscious humping of her finger as it finished her off. I slipped my hand free of her and rolled onto my back, my horniness now long past, and my brain wondering if I had done something i might regret in the morning.

As I lay there on my back, watching her in her afterglow, her arms pulled out from beneath the blankets. When her hand pulled from the sheets, I saw Ally quickly smell and then taste her middle finger. I closed my eyes as quickly, so she wouldn't catch me peering at her most private moment.

"I need to pee," she whispered a few seconds later, getting up out of bed. When she left, I too pulled my hand free and tested my own flavor with my tongue. It smelled of me, and of my sexual arousal. I had just masturbated in front of someone else, and in all of our years married, I've never done that in front of Pete.

When Allison returned she glided beneath the sheet and set her head on her pillow, facing me. I whispered, "I'm sorry, if I..." to which Allison stopped me with her hand.

"That was lovely, girlfriend." She moved toward me and kissed my forehead, and settled back in to her pillow. I heard her chuckle and then she whispered, "Dan and Pete shall never hear of this!"

I giggled too. "Can you imagine? They would never leave us alone if they knew!"

Allison had the last word that night. "This will be our secret, Lido." We both found sleep soon after.

I was up early, just as the light of day entered the room, and the sun was already beginning to heat up the building. I left Allison to sleep and padded my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and sit outside to enjoy the morning. Nobody else stirred until after nine o'clock, when Ally came out with her own mug. "Morning, girl," she bade. The weather called for it to be hot and humid all day, and into the evening. A storm would break the humidity sometime before Sunday morning.

We talked for some time, before any of the other girls came out, but nothing was said of the night before. I was still unsure, having guilty thoughts about being the instigator. And then I thought, well, maybe she feels that she instigated it all. I knew I was over thinking it, because life seemed to be quite normal today, for my bestie. The others eventually came out and we shared breakfast, which was much more like brunch by that time.

In the afternoon, one of the girls came out in her bathing suit, towel in hand, and wandered down to the sandy shore by the lake. The heat was scorching. Ally asked, "What do you think? Should we go in and cool off, Lido?" With my nod, we got up and took our plates in and set them in the sink to soak, and walked into our room.

With our clothes once again shucked, we each got into our one piece bathing suits. Mine was black, with shoulder straps that clipped across the back, while Allison sported an aquamarine blue suit that tied around her neck. "Do me up?" she asked, turning her back to me. I tried not to look at her impressive melons captured inside the lycra, so I lifted her long red hair up for her to hold, and then I tied the string into a bow, against the pale soft skin of her neck.

"Me too?" I said, turning myself around, the clips still dangling apart. Allison came up behind me, and lifted my hair out of the way. I reached up behind my head with both hands to pin my hair up and away for her. Without warning, her cool hands slid under my arms and beneath my bra, fondling a small breast in each. I felt myself shudder. Her index and middle finger surrounded each nipple and pinched them lightly, her warm breath at my left ear, before withdrawing and fastening the clasp for me. "Mmmm," she whispered into my ear, "They are nice to touch, too."

Allison pressed her breasts into my back, and whispered, "Something else not to tell the boys, when we get back." As she was turning for the door, I had a flashback to the night I lost my virginity; how quickly I had become aroused back then. I felt the same lightheadedness, the same wash of fluid between my legs, the tingling in my tummy, but this time was from feminine caresses.

We got our towels and made our way down to the beach, and sat next to each other. Even as we sat and talked, I would peek down at where the cloth of her bathing suit disappeared in a plump triangle as it delved between her legs. There was an obvious rise in the fabric at where her clitoris lay, as though a tiny finger poked from beneath it. I imagined the softness of her mons, the reddish curls of her landing strip. I had never had thoughts like this enter my head before.

Allison's nipples, as always, nearly tore through the fabric, teasing me even more. She caught my glances, yet made no comment. How was I going to get through the day like this - horny as a teenager. I decided to swim, and ran in to the very cold lake, submerging myself up to my neck, even though the water was barely waist deep. Allison soon joined me, both of us staying nearly submerged as we enjoyed the relief from the heat. We chatted and laughed some, and another 4 girls entered the lake, including Haley, the pixie-like accountant, who has a body that any woman would be jealous of.

Haley is only 5' tall, and barely weighs 100 lbs. She has long, blond hair and tiny breasts with boyish hips. Usually girls like that are man hungry, and treat other women like shit, but Haley is one of the sweetest girls I've ever known. She is married to Troy, who is a handsome and well-built man. Most people call them Barbie and Ken. The spray from her splashes felt refreshing as she swam past us.

The property was fairly wide, and the lake shallow for a long way out, so many of the girls moved to their own pairings, or sometimes quads. Haley joined Heather and they remained unusually close, leaving Allison and I alone. Ally gave me a funny smile, and I wasn't sure why, until I noticed that she lost the strap that used to be tied around her neck. There was nothing holding up her heavy breasts but the cool clear water, and I figured that was why she was smiling at me. Any thought that I might have offended her last night, left my head immediately. Allison said, "The girls like being free when I'm in the water." I looked and saw the large pale balloons bobbing just beneath the surface.

I looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to us, and moved a bit closer to her. My hand reached out, beneath the surface and discovered the rock hard flesh. Ally's forearm brushed against my bra, and I closed my eyes at the erotic touch. She washed her hands over each boob through my clothes, her fingers finding the tiny nubs hidden beneath. We didn't do anything else there, as neither of us wanted the other girls to notice, but I felt the mix of my warm fluids with the refreshing lake water in the gusset of my suit.

Once back on the beach, we shared more conversation and a few more drinks, before dinner. Everyone was in a great mood, and once the sun had set, we gathered near the firepit, but all of us well back because we didn't need any warmth tonight. Gale announced, "Okay, ladies, how about a game of Never Have I Ever?"











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