The train clattered along, rocking her back and forth as she gently bit her lip. She had been weirdly horny all day, and the vibrations of her seat against her pussy weren't helping. She didn't know what it was, but it was driving her mad. Reaching down, she almost started rubbing her cunt before she remembered where she was, and blushed with embarrassment.

The truth was, she wanted to be fucked. She didn't really mind how it happened, she just wanted to be held down and pounded. She had been flaunting her body all day at work, grinding against her co-workers. She had even started kissing a female intern, and they almost fucked before someone had knocked and entered the room, forcing them to hastily ignore each other. Why couldn't she be satisfied? Her mind drifted where it usually did. Her ex. The tall, intimidating man, who had fucked and trained her almost every day. She was craving some kind of attention, any kind, but she wouldn't let herself go back to him.

A month ago, he had raped her, forcing his cock into her ass against her will, and fucking her until she came. She had shouted at him and tried to explain how she didn't want to feel unsafe, all while he had smiled and nodded. She broke it off, and since then, she had been on the lookout for a replacement. But it wasn't the same. None of them knew how she wanted to be fucked, none of them were big enough or strong enough, it all felt wrong.

Arriving home, she immediately found her dildo and started pounding her own pussy, not even bothering to strip, her short, tight dress riding up and exposing her big jiggly ass. She tried to replicate his rhythm, but it wasn't right. Moaning in frustration she undressed and went to shower.

He of course, had been waiting, just as pent up as her. His dick was almost always hard now, throbbing against his underwear at all times. He tried his best to stay inconspicuous, but it just didn't work. Women had attempted to seduce him, but he wasn't interested. He wanted her. Her smooth brown skin, her soft black hair, her perfect curves and fat fuckable ass. She would come back soon, he knew it, but waiting was becoming difficult. He jerked off daily, hoping for some kind of relief, but it never came. His dick would get just as hard again after as it had been before. Luckily for him, she was breaking.

Moaning loudly as she fucked her pussy in the shower, the hot water ran down her perfect body. She had tried a cold shower to calm her down, but soon she was slamming the plastic dick deep into her pussy again, squatting down like she knew he liked...

She came hard, but it made no difference. After a few minutes of recovering, she needed more. Drying herself off, she promised herself she wouldn't masturbate least not that night.

He, however, did not make any kind of promise. Jerking his fat cock as he scrolled through pictures she had sent him, he could barely resist calling. She'd want him to apologise, and he was not doing that. He stopped and groaned, climbing into bed instead, knowing jerking off would make no difference. Just as he did though, the phone rang.

He walked up to her door cheerfully, his hard dick straining against his jeans. She opened it, and immediately her eyes snapped down to his dick. He waited patiently until she let him in. She was just as gorgeous as he remembered, her wide, swinging hips moving in that perfect arc as she walked, her ass jiggling even in the pants she had chosen to wear to hide that. Even through the layers she was wearing, he could see her perfect figure that she was so oblivious to. She wanted him to promise he wouldn't rape her, she needed him to promise so she could have her relief.

He refused.

Frustration boiling in her veins, she tried to calm herself down, but it was difficult when he kept looking at her like he was going to eat her or something.

He moved to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He told her she'd have to risk it if she wanted him. She whimpered quietly, and then she nodded, giving in.

He had ripped off her clothes in seconds. She gasped as how forceful he was. This is exactly what she had been missing...

He tore her underwear off just as quickly, leaving her nude. Picking her up in his arms, he kissed her passionately, and she could do nothing but kiss him back, her soaking cunt spread and vulnerable as he carried her upstairs.

She begged him to just do it, to just fuck her there, but he ignored her, instead throwing her down on her bed and undressing too.

She fumbled with his belt and gasped as she pulled his pants off, his cock smacking her in the face as she did so. Something in her mind switched and she greedily started licking and sucking his cock. She had to make her daddy happy...what was she thinking? Before she could pull away, he grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. Her lips and tongue were so soft, and she had always been amazing at it.

Groaning, but not letting himself cum, he fucked her face ruthlessly, not allowing her any relief. She, on the other hand, couldn't think straight. Nude and kneeling as her pussy dripped onto the floor, she dropped her hands and let him fuck her limp, helpless face and her eyes slowly rolled back, before he suddenly pulled out, her drool covering him as she gasped for air.

He picked her up off the floor and she felt his hands grope her body, like he owned it. She was so sick of the others petting her like they were scared of damaging her or something. He grabbed her ass like it belonged to him, and she felt herself get even wetter because of it. Picking her up again, he laid her on her back and began licking her cunt. The wave of pleasure hit her too soon and too hard to be able to understand it completely, and she almost came as he first touched her.

He played with her tits while he teased her, and she moaned loudly and freely, barely trying to hide how good this was. Finally, she bucked her hips up and came, for the first time in so long. But it wasn't enough. He moved so he was above her, glaring down at her like he hated her. She fucking loved it when he did that.

He leaned down and growled in her ear.

"Has there been anyone else?"

She nodded. He rested the tip of his cock at the opening of her cunt.

"Were any of them as good?"

She shook her head.


"Please daddy-" was all she managed to say before he slammed his entire length into her and made her cry out in pleasure.

She screeched as wave after wave hit her, and he started fucking her pussy like he owned it, just like he used to, her body was his toy and she wished she had never denied it.

Orgasm after orgasm he made her suffer through, pounding her body like he was trying to hurt her. All it did was make her even hornier. When he turned her over and fucked her, grabbing her hips and ass, spanking her, hitting deeper than ever, she had the most powerful orgasm of her life, and almost passed out, falling face down, ass up.

She felt him pull out, his cock soaked by her juices. She felt him reposition himself, her vulnerable ass so easy to take. She raised herself up to tell him to stop, but he shoved her ripped panties into her mouth and grabbed both her arms roughly.

Before she could stop him, he rammed half his cock into her unprotected ass. She cried out, the panties muffling her voice, as he used her own juices as lube to force himself inside.

She was shocked, the start had hurt but now it just felt...good? He worked himself in and out, over and over, until he was fucking her ass like he fucked her pussy. She couldn't help but moan again, it felt strange but good, like he was pressing in her sensitive spots from the other side.

His pelvis slapping hard against her fat jiggly ass cheeks was a noise that always turned them both on, and it was doing so now more than ever. Grunting and groaning, she could tell he was going to cum. She of course wanted it, but not in her ass.

Fighting herself free and pulling the gag out, she begged for him to breed her, to cum deep in her pussy and make her his, permanently. He nodded, smiling as he pulled out of her ass and slammed back into her pussy. She had been resized now, his personal fuck toy.

Moaning and whining as he gave her what she wanted, she pulled her legs up so he was pounding down into her, looking into her eyes. She said the words again, begging him, and he emptied his balls deep in her pussy, exploding after so long unsatisfied. He filled her up, pouring his seed deep inside until there was none left, and he pulled out.

She laid there, exhausted but satisfied. He leant back, breathing heavy but still hard. She knew what he wanted. Rolling onto her front and laying flat, she spread her perfect bouncy ass cheeks apart and begged him one last time. He smiled and slammed himself back into her, making her whimper in pain and pleasure.

Cum spilled out of her pussy as he fucked her ass, her helpless exhausted body accepting its place and becoming his toy again.

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