We've been together for 20 years and married for 15. We're both early 40s. We were living in our own place and engaged when I found out about swinger websites, resorts, and clubs. I never understood what a "kink" was until I discovered "the lifestyle". We'd always enjoyed a bit of exhibitionism, especially while traveling. We enjoyed thrills like leaving hotel blinds open during play and having sex outdoors while hiking/camping. We enjoyed watching porn from time to time and we were both preferred group sex / threesome / lesbian scenes a single couple. There was certainly a "no way, never will I ever" response anytime I suggested pursuing any of these activities. Looking back, I see how I poorly I communicated poorly about these fantasies and wish I knew then what I know now.

Nevertheless, we still enjoyed watching and discussing these fantasies as pure fantasy with a bit of exhibitionist fun sprinkled in. On our honeymoon, we were fooling around at a vanilla resort in a hot tub when an older couple joined us. The asked us what other resorts we enjoyed and they mentioned they liked hedonism. Amy had long hinted in our fantasies that if somehow we naturally found ourselves in a "skinny dipping" opportunity maybe she might play along. I wish this story had a sexier ending but unfortunately I completely froze and nothing more happened! I still can't believe I missed out on that chance. I was too nervous to suggest anything and have Amy freak out or just come off as creepy. We used this story for fantasy many times after but it always felt like a missed golden opportunity.

Several years ago, we found ourselves in Palm Springs, CA for a work related event. I had long known of the clothing optional / swinger options in that area and perhaps I requested to attend this event for an excuse to travel there with Amy. After we had arrived and settled in, I suggested we make a day trip to this resort that was fully nude and allowed open play. I winced as I told her this fully expecting a firm no and ruining the mood of the day. To my surprise, she was hesitantly agreed it could be fun. We're just going to make our own fantasies. We're not going to meet or talk to couples. We agreed that if Amy wants to go she just needs to say "time to go" and we will leave with no questions asked. It was a Saturday so we made our way to our destination after a late brunch with Bloody Marys and mimosas to calm our nerves.

Checking in was surreal. It felt like an out of body experience. It was certainly the wildest thing we'd ever done. It was very crowded and everyone was fully naked. We were shown our lockers and immediately undressed. Somehow, being clothed felt weird while everyone else was naked. We grabbed two chairs in between several other couples. We didn't have a choice because there were few seats available. We kept our sunglasses on and looked around. Mostly everyone was just talking or relaxing. A keen eye might notice a man getting a blowjob in the corner or two ladies kissing in the pool. We each opened a beer from our cooler and started to relax.

We finished our drinks rather quickly, probably due to nerves and decided to take a dip in the pool. It was a thrill to be shoulder to shoulder with so many naked and like minded people. We watched from the side of the pool, taking moments to kiss for a bit and then go back to watching. We started noticing more and more play activities: couples kissing, a wife between two men alternating kisses between them, and wives laughing while playing with each others chests. I was rock hard at this point and Amy was stroking my cock. She loves sucking my cock when I'm fully hard and letting me push a bit to get my everything down her throat. My dick a grower and shower. I'd felt a bit self conscious with in a flaccid state but, now in a fully erect state, my confidence had returned. I told Amy I wanted her to blow me and she gave an inquisitive look because we were submerged halfway under water. I hopped up on the lip of the pool my cock ready to explode. I noticed I caught the eye of a few couples as Amy stroked me and came closer. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her downwards. She instantly swallowed me and clearly wanted to get off all the way. Sex would have been impossible where we were and she loves giving a blowjob to completion.

I watched others watch us as Amy continued to work it. There's a difference in her moves when she wants me to cum in her mouth or get harder to fuck her pussy. I was watching others watch us with interest. I'm not huge but a 7" inch cock isn't small and definitely deep throat territory. I rapidly felt like I was going to finish watching others enjoy the show. I knew she had to swallow it all because it would be a faux pas for my cum to spill in the pool. I pulled her head down and came all the way in the back of her throat. I felt her choke it down past whatever little gag reflex she has left. She loves the feeling of cum shooting down in throat instead of dripping into her mouth.

She gave me a few more head bobs to clean everything up and then wiped her mouth while giving me a shy smile. I saw the other couples give us a big smile and head nod as I slid back into the pool with her. We giggled and realized maybe we like this more than we thought.

We refreshed our drinks, switching to the free margaritas being offered by the staff and went back to our seats. We relaxed in our seats and enjoyed the view of everything around us. It was hot and sunny as it usually is in Palm Springs. Our inhibitions were long gone at this point. We'd forgotten about "the real world" and became fully immersed in our new reality of open sex and naked bodies. We decided to walk around a bit. The place is small but we were so overwhelmed with the stimulation on our first walk through it made sense to do another tour. We settled in at the smaller hot tub and sipped our drinks. There were couples all around but only talking to one another. We continued to chat, kiss, and touch each other a bit. The other couples seemed to be doing the same. Amy was leaning into me more and more as we kissed and I could tell she was ready to fuck. About an hour had passed since our little poolside blowjob scene and I was getting hard as rock, even underwater.

A daybed near the hot tub opened up and we jumped at the opportunity to move to something a bit more logistically feasible. We gave a sheepish wave to the couple on the lounge chair next to us as we laid out our towels. The couple next to us was a younger asian woman with a tight body and an older white guy with a pretty sizable cock. Amy and I laid down and continued to play. We stopped talking by now and we're engrossed in playing. I was sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy while she stroked me and looked around a bit. Everything was still "sensual" between us but heating up. I could tell she was enjoying taking in the scene and it was seriously heightening her arousal. Amy is a fast and repeat orgasm in bed generally but I've never had her ready to explode so quickly. I was only sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy with my hand after all. As she started to cum, I could tell she was looking over my shoulder at something specific. I was too engaged with her body to care. I felt her hips rock back and forth on my hand while she squeezed me tight and came. It was quite an O for just some foreplay and I was definitely ready for another go.

Amy rolled on top of and sat up in the cowgirl position. My cock was instantly in her pussy. I looked over and realized what she was staring at. The asian woman next to us was on all fours while her partner pushed his cock down her throat. He was making eye contact with Amy and clearly this had been going on for some time. Amy was riding my cock pretty hard. Once she cums once, the next one is right behind it ... and again and again. I smiled at the gentlemen next to us giving off the vibe that I was totally into what was happening. He spun his girl around and started fucking her doggy while Amy rode me. I had a great view of his huge cock stretching her pussy wide open. Jen was looking at him and he only had eyes for Amy. His wife started getting very vocal as she got pounded and our pace quickened. She let out a big moan as they finished and we finished nearly at the same time too. We collapsed into our respective beds and cuddled a bit noticing that basically everyone around us was still fucking. I think we got the party started.

After a while, we refreshed drinks and made our way back into the pool to relax on the other side of the grounds. A woman in the pool told my wife she was very pretty as me slipped in. Amy quietly responded "thank you". I wanted to continue the conversation but wasn't sure how. I felt like Amy might be open to exploring more but I didn't want to push my luck. The day had already exceeded expectations as I half expected we'd chicken out upon arrival. After an hour or so passed, I mentioned to Amy that we hadn't been in the "middle room" between the pool and hot tub. It was a play area and I was curious to check it out. Besides, I was ready for a break from the water. We toweled off and made our way up the steps squeezing between naked bodies. I slapped Amy's ass as we walked by a few guys clearly eyeing her up.

From the pool, the playroom looked empty but upon entry we noticed a woman sitting between two guys. She was alternating kissing one or the other while stroking each of their cocks. We felt like we might be interrupting but they paused, laughed, and said welcome. By now, watching people in various stages of sex felt quite normal. Amy looked at me with wide eyes. She clearly couldn't believe what she was seeing. So far in our day, we'd only seen couples paired off. There was a circular bed to our right so we sat down facing our new friends to enjoy the show.

Amy was pulling on my cock as I rubbed her pussy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying watching each other. The woman across the way got on her knees and starting alternating between the guys sucking their cocks. She was a beautiful curvy blonde with a great ass and waxed pussy. Amy dipped her head below and started blowing me. I pushed her hair to the side so the guys could get a nice view of her swallowing my cock. I pushed my cock into her mouth as I held her hair. The threesome across the way shuffled positions so the blonde was on all fours between the two guys. The cock on the guy behind her flopped as he stood it. It looked monstrous even from where we were sitting. I wanted to give Amy a good view of the action so I pulled her onto the bed and her face the group with me behind her. By now, a fair amount of onlookers had gathered on either side enjoying what was going on.

The blonde was really getting pounded and by her muffled moans she seemed to be enjoying both men. I slid my cock into Amy from behind and she let out a big sigh. She can get very vocal when she gets going. I slow fucked her and spanked her ass. The threesome across the way continued to get more heated. The guy in front of her was borderline face fucking her when he came. The blonde let his cock pulse in her mouth as his orgasm subsided and he collapsed on the couch. The blonde rolled over on her back and took the hung cock for some more action. The crowds gaze seemed to switch back to us as Amy was getting louder and louder. I was hard as rock but wasn't sure if I could finish. I started fucking her harder and slapping her ass more to get the blood flowing. I felt Amy starting to tense up and I knew she was ready to explode. Her legs shook and she pushed herself back into as she came. I fucked her through her orgasm and finally came a few strokes after she finished. We collapsed on the bed and some applause started then got louder. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and I could tell Amy felt sexy as hell doing it.











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