The Coffee Shop

Alexa arrived early and by prearrangement ordered both of the coffee drinks. As she sat in the booth she thought about how this morning might unfold. She had been acting as a confidant to both Jim and Tera and each was aware of her separate conversations with their spouse.

Alexa was acutely aware of how rapidly Tera and Jim's relationship had shifted towards a Female Led one and her sense was that future developments were highly likely to accelerate further changes at an even more ambitious pace. She unconsciously allowed her tongue to brush her upper lip. She wouldn't deny, nor did she feel any shame, that Tera's taking control over Jim was exciting her. She wondered how much further Tera could extend her will over Jim. Alternatively, observing Jim's reactions were fascinating and a testament to the capacity for human behavioral change.

Looking to the entrance of the coffee shop she leaned to the aisle side of the booth and raised her arm signaling an "I'm over here wave".

"Good morning, Alexa. How are you?"

"Quite well. It's nice to have an open day on my schedule and I've been looking forward to spending some time with you this morning. So, tell me, how is everything going, Jim?"

"Um, okay, good, I guess. Strange, too." Jim seemed nervous as he looked around the seating area to see if he knew anyone else. Alexa noted the flushed color of his face and thought it 'cute' that he appeared a bit embarrassed. Her emerald green blouse was cut just a bit lower than her usual tops offering Jim just a glimpse of the top of her perfect medium sized breasts. Her natural raven like dark hair, the emerald green top, and her white skin with a necklace of dark stones were impossible for anyone to ignore, let alone a man. Alexa was beautiful and smart, and always a presence in any social venue.

After some brief chit chat Alexa nudged open the door to learn the real reason that Jim had suggested meeting her. "So, what's on your mind, Jim, you look a bit frazzled?

"Okay, so, Alexa, the thing do I say this?"

"Simple, Jim. By just coming out with your feelings."

"Yeah, but, that's not so easy for me. I'm a guy, right?" Jim's nervous laugh spoke to his anxiety of the moment.

Alexa smiled for Jim to continue.

"Well, you know how things have been changing for Tera and know, in the bedroom, and, um..." Jim's face was scrunched up and he actually looked a bit pale.

"Jim, you make this far too hard for yourself. Give yourself some space to explore your world. Or, looked at another way, tell me one thing that has happened that has changed anything on a permanent basis. Just one."

Jim laughed, "True, true. Ok, let me try this, again. Uh, it has to do with I guess my sexuality and what it is to be, well...a man. I feel like I'm blurring the lines when Tera and I the games, not games, but, switch roles. That's it, it leaves me confused. Not really confused, I mean, I know I'm a heterosexual man...I'll always be that, but, I hate it that I even have to question it. You know what I'm saying?"

"I think so. You're uncomfortable playing in a way that doesn't conform to the only thing you've ever known. And, that is to be expected."

"Tell me, Jim, how long have you and Tera been 'experimenting' with your sexual play?"

"I think...about 5 or 6 weeks, now."

"Ok, now, contrast that to how long you have been 'practicing' your sexuality in the traditional male role. Does it make sense that in 5 or 6 weeks you would be comfortable with roles and behavior that contradict your established norms in such a short time?"

Jim nodded clearly understanding the point Alexa was making. He let out a breath and seemed to relax with his exhale.

"So you see that when we ask ourselves to change, Jim, we are asking ourselves to stretch in a new way. That invokes push back from the part of the self that doesn't want to feel threatened in any way. The part that wants a safety net."

Alexa continued, "You need and depend on that part of your brain to alert you to danger, Jim. But, sometimes the brain can falsely tag something dangerous when looked at another way it could be exciting. Empowering. Even giving up control can be empowering."

"Let me ask you this, What's the worst thing that can happen to you if you continue to expand your sexual boundaries, Jim?"

"Good question. Well, I can't think of anything, really. I mean, I wouldn't want this to get out of hand.

"What do you mean, 'out of hand'? What does that mean?"

"Well, you know, like, say, introducing a third person for example. I mean I might be okay doing these things with Tera but I wouldn't want to go beyond the two of us. And, that's just it, I don't know how far she will go. Alexa, she is this wild and unpredictable unleashed woman in the bedroom. She is so energized and controlling. Well, it's sort of scary."


"Yeah, somewhat, in a way."

"Is it more scary than it is sexy?"

"Ha. Not really, no. Tera, well, Tera is the sexiest woman I know. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at her and think about how beautiful and intelligent she is. I mean, she is the woman of my dreams."

"Good, as it should be when you are married. Getting back to the 'scary'...let's take the worst case scenario, say, Tera brings a third person into the scene. What does that do to you? Imagine it."

"No way. I couldn't. I love Tera and having, you mean like another guy? Having another guy in the room, no, I would draw the line there. For too many reasons to even explain." Some of Jim's tension appeared to resurface with this new topic. Clearly the idea was abhorrent to him.

"What if, Jim, what if the third person were...a woman?"

"A woman? Oh, well, geeze, um, I don't know, Alexa."

"Is it still scary? You have to imagine it. Then decide."

"I can't. I mean, I wouldn't know what to imagine. Too many unknowns for this brain, Alexa." They both laughed a bit with that comment.

"Hey, Jim, do you want another cortada?"

Jim looked down at his empty cup, and said, "no, I'm good, but I am going to hit the restroom."

While Jim was in the restroom Alexa ordered a tea and two biscuits. She simply looked toward the barista station and found the young barista that normally attends so well to her and made a motion. The young woman knew the signal and brought her an Earl Grey and a plate of biscuits that arrived about the same time Jim did from his bathroom stop.

"Have a biscuit Jim, they are wonderful. Shortbread."

"Sure, he picked one up and took a small bite. Hmmm."

Alexa stirring her tea, inquired, "What if the third person in the room were me?"

Jim stopped chewing. His eyes got big. "You?"

"Yes, I'm just giving you a visual so you could imagine what you fear. Three people in the room. What if I were the third person? Someone you knew. Does that change anything?"

"Wow. Um...I. You are definitely messing with me, Alexa." Jim appeared to be embarrassed as he definitely felt out of his league. His face reddened. Alexa imagined that Jim must have entertained or imagined some detail of such a scene as something made him blush. She knew she was probably enjoying this too much but pressed on.

"Don't over think it. What did you feel when I made the suggestion? Identify the feelings, not the part of the brain that plans and strategizes."

"So, yeah Jim, what was your first feeling?"

"OK. Well, I felt surprised. A bit freaked, or, shaken up, but not scared."

"Was there any part of you that welcomed it? That excited you? It's all theoretical, just for discussion. I doubt I would ever actually be with you and Tera."

"It feels wrong to say it, but, ok, sure, what man wouldn't be excited around you Alexa? Seriously, you and Tera together?" Jim laughed. "The two most beautiful women I know."

"Well, that is your homework assignment, Jim. Over the next few days, unleash the imaginative part of your brain and see what unfolds. What would the three of us do? What role would we each play? You are not doing anything wrong or betraying your wife. I mean, Tera is there with you, right? She might even be directing the scene. Or, it could be something else. You decide."

The two friends finished the biscuits and Alexa her tea. The conversation was surprising light and even animated at times. Jim did not resemble the uptight and nervous guy who practically tip toed into the coffee shop an hour ago. He was standing taller and breathing easy. A natural smile, his inner joy smile, all over his face.

They exited through the front door and established that they were going in different directions. Jim spoke next, "Thanks, Alexa, I always feel better after talking to you. At least, my thinking is clearer."

"Sometimes you have to just drill down deep, Jim. There are a lot of people who are afraid to take that step. They fear what might be in the subconscious part of the mind. Of course, that's understandable. If you pick up a rock you never know what wiggly creatures will be staring right back at you in the bright light. Not the prettiest of analogies, but, it's one that befits introspection into our deepest inner thoughts."

"Well, um, thanks, again." Jim leaned forward and gave Alexa a brief and awkward hug. Awkward, because he wasn't sure if he'd ever embraced her before. Her presence so strong and impervious to anything was so intimidating that he always tried to position himself so that he was never too close to her when Alexa was at their home and preparing to leave. This way he could avoid having to be too close to her. It was like she was so much woman that it was safer to just have a little space in between himself and her. She could easily be a temptation if he wasn't careful. It didn't, however, impede him from espying the beautiful psychologist from across the room if he thought he could steal a glimpse without detection. She had that effect on most men. Compelling.

He made his way to his shiny red sports car and climbed in acknowledging that he had a lot to think about.

Home of Tera and Jim

Tera was in the bedroom getting ready for her shower when Jim entered. Tera was gone most of the afternoon and Jim was attending a sports event with a few of his friends so this was the first opportunity they had to catch up. She seated herself in the big rose colored chair across the room from the bed. Tera was in her robe. Kicking off her slippers she propped her feet up on the small footstool in front of the chair. Jim watched her wiggle her toes as they apparently were happy to be free from the confinement of the foot ware.

"So, you and Alexa at the coffee shop. That is a first."

Jim laughed it off. "Yeah, not my usual Saturday morning start to the day."

"Well? How did the therapy go?"

"Very funny, Tera. It wasn't my therapy."

"You sure about that?" Tera now wearing a devious smile.

"Well, whatever it was, Jim, are you going to fill me in?"

"What do you want to know?"

"You know, things like who initiated the meeting? What did you talk about? And, what did you say about me?" Tera was smiling with her mouth, but her eyes were steadfastly locked on to Jim. Waiting for a response.

Jim correctly reasoned that they had entered the serious stage of this discussion rather quickly.

"We talked about sex."

Tera's eyebrows shot up at the bold response. "Sex? Can you narrow it down a bit Jim. You know, get a bit specific?"

"But, first, I have a little favor to ask. Is that okay, baby?" Tera's voice was becoming soft, and seductive.

"What's that honey?"

Tera noticed Jim was already responding to her 'sweet voice' as he was now showing concern for what she might want or need.

My feet are so sore from all the walking I did today. They need some TLC. Can you help them out? I do appreciate it." She did not leave room for a refusal.

"Sure, Tera." Jim walked over, sat atop the foot stool, and picked up both her legs in his strong arms and prepared to begin the ministrations of the massage. He cradled them in his lap.

"No, Jim, honey, can you just leave my feet on the stool? Maybe you could sit on the floor behind the stool. Would that work? Would it be too uncomfortable for you to be sitting on the floor? In front of me at my feet?"

It was at that moment that Jim realized this was not going to be just a foot rub. Tera was working her way towards something else. He had a fair idea where it was heading. He wondered why this aroused him.

Curiously, he was not distraught about this shift. On the contrary, he felt himself stir rather abruptly. He tried to discreetly adjust his penis without Tera observing, yet he knew there was no way she wasn't taking it in.

"Jim, baby, can I ask one more thing? One more thing that would make me happy?

"I want to see my man in his birthday suit. Naked. Then, I can be sure to tell what is making you happy." She smiled down at him.

Jim brushed either sweat or imagined perspiration from his forehead as he felt his body metabolism pick up. His heart now beginning to signal how excited this scene was making him. His erection gaining traction, he granted Tera's request and removed everything, his undershorts the last thing which he playfully flung in the air all the way across the room. They landed inside the master bath. Tera giggled at Jim's display of frolic. "That's my man!"

He resumed his place at her feet and gently picked up one of her legs and began massaging the bottom of her foot. Deep, long, slow pressure starting at the ball of her foot. Tera sighed deeply, "Oh, you are the best, sweetie."

She raised her other foot and brought it to the side of Jim's face, just under his ear. After planting it, she slowly, ever so slowly lightly dragged it down his jaw line towards his chin. Stopping at Jim's chin, she brushed back the other way.

Again, she moved her foot to his chin, stopping as her toes crept up to his lips. Covering Jim lips completely with all of her toes she held them in place. Jim, awaiting instruction to her next request, received none.

He continued to massage her other foot and then, on his own, kissed the end of each of Tera's toes moving from the big one down to the pinkie. He took his time and when he finished the last one Tera let out a little whoop as she oozed with obvious delight.

"So, did you and Alexa discuss anything that would interest me, Jim? Or, is this something between you guys? You don't have a crush on my friend, do you honey?" Tera took the flat part of her raised foot and placed it on Jim's cheek giving it a playful nudge. "Well, do you?"

"Well, I am pretty certain you know what I was talking about. Do you want me to change feet, yet?"

"I'll let you know when I'm ready. Are you stalling for an answer?"

"No, but, yeah, there was one thing at the end. Just before the end. But, I have to back up. She was asking me about 'my fears' as they relate to sexuality. And, yeah, I just told her I could never handle a third person."

"A third person? Oh, baby, you never have to worry about me and another man. You are the man of my dreams, and then some."

"I'm happy to hear that, Tera, ..."

"Time to change to the other foot, sweetie."

Jim set down the first foot while Tera swung her other leg off his shoulder and placed it on the footstool. The massaged foot went to Jim's other shoulder.

"Ok, so this thing about a third person, you know, I was thinking about another man, just like you were just now. Out of nowhere she asked me if it would be different it the third person were a woman."

Tera's eyebrow shot up. Her eyes were smiling. "Interesting."

"But, it gets better. Or, weirder, depending on how you look at it. She asked me what it would be like if it were her. You know, as the third person."

"Wow, she asked you that?"

"Don't get me wrong, she wasn't inviting herself into our bedroom. At least, according to her. Alexa said she was trying to create a dynamic of trust with a third person, since that's what I said was my line, the one I wouldn't cross."

"What did you say to her?"

"Nothing, I was, like, a deer in headlights. It was too much."

"Hmmm, it is a lot", said Tera. She felt herself flush with a new energy.

"Then she gave me a 'homework assignment'."

Tera laughed out loud, "Homework, seriously?"

"She wanted me to imagine it to see what it might be like. I mean, I don't even want to do it. Maybe she does, but I'm perfect with it being just you and me."

Tera just looked at Jim. "Easy on the foot there, baby, you're really kneading this one. It's not a baguette. Are you, like all worked up talking about Alexa and I alone with you?"

Unable to find the appropriate words to describe his state of mind, Jim made a shoulder shrug.

Tera took her free foot and placed it on Jim's lips. Then she slid it all the way up his face so it covered his chin, mouth, nose, while her splayed toes covered Jim now closed eyes.

It was quiet. It was a moment that seemed to signal yet another change of direction. Not a time for words as much as the two of them being present with each other. Minds and bodies in search of what might unfold. Tera moved her foot down Jim's face and tucked it under his chin, using the top of her toes to very gently sway his face from side to side.

Jim not only sensed Tera's ramped up sexual passion he could smell it. Her scent was wafting into each breath he took. He looked down at himself and noticed he too, was excited. When did he get so erected? He was about to drip pre-cum when Tera intervened.

"Oh, Jim, is my man going to leak? Hmmm, all excited, I understand, but not on the footstool." Lowering her leg, she squirmed around in the chair while peeling her panties off.

Jim watched in fascination as his wife brought them to her nose. "Mmmmm, your pure goddess is right here, darling. Right on these panties." She held them out for display right in front of his face. "Do you see me, right there? The wet spot.

Yeah, that's it baby, that is what you are doing to me right now."

"Smell them." She dangled the black panties in front of Jim who dutifully took them from her hand. After a quick visual inspection he brought them to his face and without hesitation took a breathe. He practically swooned.

"How do I smell? Do you like me on those panties? Then she grabbed his protruding cock and yanked it. "You don't have to answer that question because we both know, don't we?"

Tera seeing the glaze in his eyes, pounced. "Put them on Jim. Put my black panties on so you don't leak on the fabric of the stool. That's it. darling, mix your man juice with your goddess. Won't it be sexy? My scent and your drip? C'mon, you know it is, don't you?"

Jim followed her lead. His heart was pounding. Quickly, he slipped them on and felt the fabric. The juice from Tera's pussy engulfed them and rubbed against his balls and cock. He felt an arousal that didn't make sense, but he was past thinking about it. He was too busy watching Tera. Waiting for her next words. Waiting to see where she would lead him next.

"So, what if, Jim?" Tera's voice was husky and deep. "What if it were Alexa and I? What would we do? What would you like to see?

Jim's eyes glazed over and he closed them imagining whatever it was he fantasized about Tera's suggestion. "Open your eyes, baby. Look at me. Put your cock on top of the footstool in front of me. Leave the pants on. That's it, put it right there. Good boy."

She stood up. Lifting her right foot Tera planted it on top of Jim's throbbing cock and held it in place. "Would you like her to dominate you?" She rubbed her foot deep into the head of Jim's cock, slowly back and forth. "Make you worship her as I watched?" More rubbing. "Or, would you want to see her and I together? The two of us while you watched." She continued to work on Jim's cock expanding on the scenario coming up with an assortment of possibilities that overwhelmed Jim to the point that he couldn't keep up. He could feel himself getting closer to an orgasm. How, so quickly, he wondered? Too worked up to even care.

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