Mind blowing sex was all Nicole could think of all day. Nicole hadn't put on panties for the past few days just to keep thinking about Luke. However, Luke's texts were starting to become more sporadic, and Nicole was wondering what might be going on. After about a week, Nicole finally got the text she knew was coming.

"Hey, babe, sorry I've been a bit more distant lately. I've been talking to my ex, and we are going to try and work things out. She is not into the lifestyle and that was one of our major sticking points. We are gonna try to make it work. Love, Luke"

Nicole felt ambivalent: she was not upset or disappointed, but she felt appreciative to have met Luke and her introduction to her new life and "the lifestyle." Nicole now had a much better understanding of what she was looking for and needed in a future partner. More importantly, Nicole now had a language,for what she was a, submissive, and what she was looking for, a dominatrix or simply a dom.

The next step was for Nicole to post a new Tinder profile. This time she knew what she wanted and was going to try to target an experienced dom. Nicole's profile read:

"Sub looking for experienced DOM. Let's not watch porn, let's make it."

Nicole felt that this profile summed up what she was looking for in her next relationship. Again, Nicole posted a few more headless selfies of herself in various stages of undress. Just like before, the response on Tinder was immediate and overwhelming. After several days of swiping and flipping through profiles, Nicole happened across a profile that caught her eye.

The profile was from a guy named Josh, and he stated that he was an experienced dom. Josh was 5'11" with a stocky, solid build. He had sandy blonde hair and a handsome baby face. Nicole right swiped on his profile and was notified that they were a match. A few minutes later, Josh messaged her.

"It's nice to have matched. Tell me more about you."

This was not what Nicole had imagined her new dom to be like, and their chat sessions started out very casual at first. The chat initially centered about what they liked and simply getting to know each other. However, every day each message became more and more dominating, with Josh telling her what to wear or how to wear her hair for the day. The more Josh would tell her what to do, the more Nicole was turned on.

Josh had told Nicole that he was married, but that he was in an open relationship. Nicole imagined how something like that could work. Could Nicole simply ask Chad for an open relationship and skip all the sneaking around? Hell, Nicole thought since it was Chad who started the cheating, he might welcome the opportunity to be in the open with his sexual partners. Nicole was not ready to have that conversation, but she did think the time would come soon enough.

After talking to Josh for a few weeks, their dom/sub relationship was developing rather well. One day Josh said that he was coming to see Nicole. It wasn't really a question, more of a statement. Josh told Nicole to meet him at the local Target. It was 9:45pm on a random Tuesday night and Nicole was supposed to just drop everything and go to Target?

Nicole thought of a quick excuse and told Chad that she needed to head to Target to pick up a few items for the baby and that she needed to go now. Chad didn't protest and told her he would see her in a few hours.

Nicole wanted to look good for Josh but was afraid that if she dressed too sexy, it would tip Chad off that something was up. Nicole decided to keep it simple. She wore a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a brown, loose-fitting sweater. Nicole was feeling both tense and excited driving to Target. She wanted to meet this person with whom she had been talking but was wondering what their chemistry would be like.

Nicole pulled into the Target parking lot, parked, took a deep breath and then turned off the engine to her car. Just then her phone sprang to life with a text from Josh.

"When you get here, meet me in the Starbucks."

Nicole stepped out of her car, she closed the door behind her and with all or her confidence strode into the store. When Nicole walked in, she found the Starbucks, and there sitting at a table alone was Josh. He was looking down staring at his cup as if trying to look through it. Nicole approached the table and cleared her throat. Josh's eyes quickly snapped to life and he looked up at her. Josh looked into Nicole's eyes as if she were the only thing on earth. She felt as if he were peering into her soul.

"Hello," Nicole mustered, feeling nervous as she held out her hand.

"Hi," Josh said as he stood up and gave Nicole a hug. "It's so nice to finally get to see you in real life. I was starting to wonder if you were real," Josh said his voice slowly relaxing. "Go into the women's changing room and wait for me in the room furthest to the right."

Nicole didn't say a word. She just started walking towards the ladies dressing area wondering what would happen next.

As Nicole started walking away, she could feel Josh's eyes following her. Nicole reached the dressing room and before she could close the door, Josh's left hand grabbed the door and he entered the dressing room with her.

Before Nicole could do anything, she felt his right-hand slide under her jaw and then down her neck. He then pulled the dressing room door closed behind them. Josh now had Nicole by the throat, and he pulled her mouth into his, kissing her deeply. Nicole's pussy was throbbing. She wrapped her legs around Josh and started to dry hump his leg. She no longer cared. Josh released her throat and began working the clasp on Nicole's jeans. Josh undid Nicole's pants and ripped them down to her knees. Then he grabbed her hips and spun her around so that her ass was facing him. Nicole turned her head and she could see Josh unfastening his belt and then in one smooth motion, he had his pants down midthigh. Nicole saw Josh's cock spring to life; it was huge. She wasn't sure she could take all of it, but she was dying to find out.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" was all that Nicole could think to say.

Josh simply nodded, licked his fingers, and spread the saliva on his cock. Instinctively, Nicole arched her back pushing her pussy closer to that massive dick and angling her pussy up for easier entry. Josh placed the tip of his shaft into Nicole's moist slit as she slowly started impaling herself onto him.

Nicole felt like Josh was forever entering her, as his long shaft slowly slid into her. Finally Nicole's ass was pressed against Josh's torso and he started pulling back out of her, then slowly pushed forward trying to find a rhythm. Josh grabbed Nicole's hips as she bent forward a bit more, feeling him bang into her a little harder with each thrust. Nicole's hands grabbed ahold of the bench in the changing room so that she could stabilize herself. Josh was fucking her harder now and she could feel her pussy stretching from the pounding it was taking.

Nicole noticed their reflection in the dressing room mirror and could see Josh taking her from behind. The visual of watching herself getting pounded while feeling herself with this huge cock nailing her pushed her quickly over the edge. Nicole started to cum. She could feel her pussy clench over Josh's cock, and she expected he would cum quickly afterwards. To Nicole's surprise, Josh only picked up speed and began fucking her harder.

Nicole's pussy was so sensitive now that each thrust sent shockwaves through her body; she literally began gritting her teeth. Just when Nicole thought she couldn't take anymore, Josh took his right hand off Nicole's hip. Nicole looked again in the mirror wondering what he was doing. Josh then slid his thumb into his mouth and once it was all wet, Nicole watched as Josh slid his wet thumb into her ass.

Instantly, all the discomfort Nicole was feeling went away, and having his thumb us her ass gave her a whole new sensation. A minute later Nicole had a second, more powerful orgasm. Nicole tried to stifle her moans but she couldn't, as her legs began to shake. Josh started grunting harder and then without any fanfare erupted into Nicole. She could feel his warm cum fill her up. Nicole allowed herself to relax and took a deep breath through her nose. Josh slowly slid out of Nicole as his cum started dripping out of her pussy and into her panties, which looked like a hammock stretched between her knees.

Josh flipped his dick back into his pants and zipped up. Nicole was in a trance-like state. She could barely move. She just stood there with cum still slowly dripping out of her, caught by her panties. Josh broke her spell by slapping her on the ass.

"Come on! We gotta get out of here. I think we may have worn out our welcome," Josh said in a playful, sing song tone.

Nicole snapped out of her daze, her pussy throbbing and sore but in a delicious way. She pulled up her pants and began adjusting her clothes, combing through her hair with her fingers and trying not to look like she had not just had some of the most earth-shattering sex of her life.

"Wait thirty seconds and then follow me out. Meet me by the front doors," Josh said, then gave her a quick kiss and slid out the dressing room door.

Nicole literally counted in her head as if she was playing hide and seek. When she hit thirty, she slinked out of the dressing room, afraid to look up or make any eye contact at all. Nicole hurriedly walked towards the front doors, trying not to look rushed, when she spotted Josh. She walked up to him and just kissed him: a quick, soft kiss on the mouth. It was intimate and brief.

"That was amazing," his voice a mix of whisper and excitement.

"Yes, it was amazing. When can I see you again?" Nicole asked, hoping to see Josh again soon.

"I'm not sure. I have to check with my wife and see what we have going on the next few days," Josh said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"Your wife?" Somehow in the excitement of the afternoon, Josh's wife had slipped her mind.

"Yes, I think you two would really hit it off. I gotta run. Text you tomorrow," Josh said, giving Nicole a quick kiss goodbye on the forehead as he stepped towards the exit doors. They whooshed open and he was gone.

An open relationship, Nicole thought, what a novel idea. I could get all of this out in the open and it could be so much more fun!

That night Nicole knew what she had to do. She needed to talk to Chad and finally come to an understanding of where their relationship was going. She no longer wanted to keep things from him, and she didn't want things kept from her either. Nicole knew that she wanted an open relationship where they could feel safe being with other people yet keep their primary relationship intact.

"We need to talk," Nicole said, as Chad plopped down next to her on the couch that night. It all sounded so cliché but the words just oozed out of her. "I know you have been cheating on me," she said in a calm matter-of-fact tone. "It doesn't even bother me that you want to have a physical relationship with other women. It bothers me that you aren't honest with me. I realize that you seek attention and affection from other women, and I know that no matter how much sex we have, those desires in you can't be satisfied by just me. I also have desires that you have not or cannot satisfy and I want us to come to an understanding that we can see other people as long as we are open with each other about it."

Chad's mouth was literally agape as Nicole's words hit him like a ton of bricks. "Nicole, I really don't know what do or say. I'm shocked. I just want you to know..."

"Please save me any lies about how you haven't cheated on me. I know the truth and I don't care about that now. I want us to move forward, but If you are not willing to do that, then I want out," Nicole said, the words flowing out of her just like she had practiced in her mind a thousand times.

"Ok, how would this work?" Chad asked, still feeling extremely off guard.

Nicole laid out the plan. The two of them would still be each other's primary relationship, but they could date other people who would also be partners. They would still make love, raise kids, and have a family life, but also be allowed to fall in love with other people, share intimate moments, and of course have sex with other people. Nicole loved Chad so much that she was not jealous if they were both happy and would keep each other safe in their new arrangement.

Chad of course was stunned, a little leery of how all of this would work, but he was willing to give it a try. It was either make this work or the two of them really didn't have much of a future together.

A few days later, Josh sent Nicole a text: "Let's meet for dinner on Saturday night. I have everything planned." Nicole knew that this was the moment of truth. She was going to tell Chad she was going out on a date on Saturday night.

"Hey babe. So I sort of have a date for Saturday night," Nicole said shyly, hoping Chad would not be upset.

"Ok, be safe and have a great time," was Chad's matter of fact response.

"Really? You are ok with it?" Nicole said, her voice sounding more upbeat and happier now that she knew Chad was ok with everything.

"I've thought about it a lot and I know that we are going to be together. I figure if you can go out and have a good time and I can go out and have a good time, then we both get what we need," Chad said, sounding way more ok with everything than Nicole had ever imagined he would be.

Saturday morning came and Nicole was nervous. She felt like a schoolgirl. She loved having this feeling, the feeling that something wonderful was going to happen. Now that everything was out in the open, Nicole just felt able to enjoy herself with any sense of guilt or remorse. Nicole thought about what she was going to wear all day long. She landed on a simple little black dress and a black cotton thong.

At 6:00pm, Nicole gave Chad a quick kiss goodbye, got in her car, and drove to the restaurant where she was meeting Josh. Nicole arrived at the restaurant and she was early. She couldn't help it. She was just so excited. She decided to have a drink at the bar while she waited, to calm her nerves and kill a little time.

Twenty minutes later, Josh arrived thinking he would be at the restaurant before Nicole, but to his surprise, he noticed her sitting at the bar sipping a cocktail.

"Is anyone sitting here?" Josh asked, as he pulled up the stool next to her.

Nicole looked up, a little surprised, but happy to see him as she flung her arounds him and pulled him in for a kiss. She suddenly noticed he was holding a guitar case.

"Are you going to serenade me later?" Nicole asked, an incredulous look on her face.

"You'll see," Josh said, a smile parting his face.

The rest of the meal was incredibly normal, just as any other couple enjoying a night out at a restaurant laughing, talking, and flirting.

When the meal ended, Josh paid the bill, took Nicole by the hand, and grabbed his guitar case.

"Where are we going now?" Nicole asked with excitement in her voice.

"You'll see," Josh said. He pulled her closer to him as they walked quickly.

"How far is it...are we going in your car?!" Nicole was now firing questions, her mind racing.

"You'll see, no more questions until we get there," Josh said, the excitement oozing from his voice.

They walked a few more blocks and then entered a place called The Harvard Club. Josh checked in at the front desk and they walked into the club.

The downstairs was fairly simple: a bar with music playing, couples holding hands, drinking, and laughing. Josh ordered a few drinks and then they started walking around, exploring the different rooms in the club. There were private rooms where couples could have sex in privacy, or the door could be left open if they wanted others to watch them have sex. The various rooms had themes form hard core SM to simple bedroom layouts.

Finally, Josh and Nicole came to an open area on the third floor of the club. People were standing around a large cross in the shape of an X.

"What is that?" Nicole said, as she hungrily looked at Josh.

"That, my dear, is known as a Saint Andrews cross. You get strapped in and then flogged," Josh explained.

"Does it happen in front of all of these people?" Nicole asked sheepishly.

"Absolutely, it happens in front of all these people. In fact, I need you to take off your dress because you are next in line."

Nicole turned bright red and she could feel her face starting to flush. Josh finally set down his guitar case and opened it. Inside were multiple devices used to flog people. He had a riding crop, a whip with multiple tails, a paddle, and a replica light saber from Star Wars. Nicole unzipped her dress and stepped out wearing a black bra and panties.

"You look beautiful. Follow me," Josh said, taking Nicole by the hand.

As they got closer to the St. Andrews cross, she could see that on each end of the X there were straps, one for each wrist or ankle. Josh took Nicole by the hand and began delicately strapping her into the cross. Once she was securely fastened, Josh reached into his guitar case and pulled out the riding crop. He started off lightly striking Nicole on the left thigh and then the right.

"Harder!" Nicole exclaimed. She was quickly discovering the excitement rushing through her body.

Josh began to strike her harder on the left, then right ass cheek.

"Harder!" Nicole repeated.

Josh set down the riding crop and picked up the whip, knowing that its tails would give her the stinging that she desired.

"More!" Nicole groaned with a deep, guttural moan.

By now a small crowd was starting to gather, wanting to see how much pain this newbie could take on the cross. Josh was striking Nicole harder and harder, watching to see if she wanted to surrender or if she wanted more. He could see her mouthing the words "more" or "harder" after each strike. He set down the whip and picked up the replica Light Saber and with two hands began striking her on the legs and ass.

"Yes!" Nicole cried out in ecstasy. Josh stuck her several more times, putting all he had into whapping her on the back of the thighs. Josh went through all his flogging instruments, and Nicole showed no interest in stopping. As Josh started to undo the straps of the cross, the rather substantial crowd that had gathered around started to applaud. Nicole was in subspace. She felt a euphoric sense, as if she were floating. She was aware of the applause from those around her, but she just wanted Josh to touch her, to be with him. He undid all four straps as Nicole almost fell into his arms. Nicole rubbed her wrists and ankles and then gave Josh a deep, passionate kiss.

Josh then whisked Nicole into a private room. There he undressed her and laid her down and began making love to her. His touch was soft at first and Nicole could feel his tenderness. It was just the two of them, no prying eyes, no one else interfering. Nicole was not sure where all of this would lead, but she was optimistic that wherever it went, it would be a new adventure. Her soul would be free to roam and explore. She realized what she most longed for was simply a connection with others and new adventures.







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