I turned from side to side as I watched the black lace fit over my curves in my reflection.

Carter liked lace.

I rocked from foot to foot in my heels and turned around once more. The light glimmered off the diamonds around my neck and ears. My hair was pinned up and my face still painted with makeup from the party we had just attended. My red dress hung on the door right next to me.

Carter had said that he liked to see me in it tonight and from then it set me in a mood. The many glasses of wine I had done nothing to help the budding feeling between my legs. This feeling wouldn't last for long though because once Carter saw me, we would be up all night. We hadn't made love in a while and I was craving for his touch. With him being the CEO of CC Industries I almost never had time with my husband.

I heard his footsteps coming closer to our bedroom door and the feeling grew. The door swung open and there he was standing in the door frame still fully dressed in his suit from our party. This was a norm, seeing Carter in a suit. He had said many a time that being in a suit got him to work better. I hadn't questioned it, well because of course he looked hot.

"I don't want to hear this Robert!" He barked into the phone. "You fix it! That's why you're the head accountant."

He listened for awhile while he marched over to his bed side table. There were a stack of papers there he rummaged through them. Not content with his finding he sucked his teeth.

"Robert, I don't care if it was one of the interns fault, you should have made sure the supervisor of that division checked it and you should have checked it yourself. I'm coming down there it had better be fixed by the time I get there or you're fired!"

Carter combed his fingers through his hair and groaned as he angrily hung up the phone. I rushed up behind him and snaked my hands around his shoulders. Carter never yells like this to his employees, or any one for that matter, so I knew something was very wrong.

"Can I get your mind off it?" I asked him kissing down his neck. He wasn't even taking me on. I let my hands wander and I cupped his dick in my hands.

"Not now Natasha, something's wrong at the office and if I don't go down the it'll get worse."

"But if you don't fuck me now I'll get really horny," I whined.

"I'm sorry, I'll fuck you later."

He had the audacity to kiss my forehead then run out of the room all the papers that were on the table in hand. I groaned falling back on the bed.

Its been months, months since we last fucked and I was growing really upset. I pushed my hands in my panties and rubbed my clit. Just that feeling got me so turned on.

I can't believe Carter didn't even notice my lingerie. I bought it specifically for him and he barely even looked at me.

I rubbed a little faster on my clit. Damn, that felt good. I moaned imagining that it was Cater playing with my pussy. I brushed my nipples through the lace slightly. It had me dripping instantly.

Suddenly, the lights flickered. I shot up. Wiping my hands on the towel that was on the bed I stood up. Lights never flickered in this house. We had a solar powered generator. There was no way light could flicker unless someone tampered with the electronics in the power room.

I waited awhile before I sat down again. When the lights didn't flicker I pushed my hand in my panty again and fingered my pussy. I drove two fingers in slowly at first but then needing instant release I pounded into it faster while using my other hand to tease my nipples.

"Ohhh Carter."

I needed more. I took my vibrator out of the closet and plugged it in. The plug in one I had was the best. It was a design that someone in Carter's office had done and to me it worked to the T. Even if it was a prototype I didn't care. It fucked me when Carter couldn't. I lay on my back and pushed the vibrating madness in to my wanting hole. It thrusts on it own as it went back in forth inside me.

I was getting close rubbing my clit and my nipple while the vibrator did its work. I imagined Carter hovering over me, his strong dick moving in and out of me. His thrusts hitting mine and him whispering naughty things to me.

"Fuck me Carter!" I moaned.

I was close to my peak. I took a hold of the vibrator and pounded it into myself.

"Oh yes, yes, yes..."

What the actual fuck?

It stopped. Right as I was about to come!

I opened my eyes to see that the lights were off. Nothing was on. I reach for my phone on the nightstand, dead. I was on it most of the night and I was too distracted to put it to charge.

How is everything off?

I heard footsteps outside the door. The door was opened. Had I left it open?

"Carter, baby is that you?"

I walked closer to the door. The sight there was honestly surprising. A guy dressed in all black, ski mask in hand and his cock out while he stroked it.

His black cock was huge, bigger than Carter's by far. It looked amazing in the dim light.

"That was a great show you were putting on," he said. My pussy throbbed with anticipation.

"Would you like to join?" I found myself asking. When the words left my lips I was surprised at myself but as I looked at his big cock and I knew I wanted it.

In two bold steps the man had his arms around me each on an ass cheek.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard!"

I melted at his words.

He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. Carter never did that with me.

"I want you to suck my cock!" He said. He pulled down his pants and put one for on the bed. I crawled over on all fours and I took his erect cock in my mouth. It was so big. I barely had any cock in my mouth and he was down my throat already.

I sucked on the head, swirling my tongue around it and then continued to venture down deeper. He was moaning, that was good. He backed away suddenly probably not wanting to come just yet.

"Turn around," he said. I did and he pulled me to the edge of the bed. My feet were on the floor and he bent me over. I felt his dick at my entrance teasing me a lot.

"Fuck me already."

I felt my hair being pulled back that my neck went back.

"I fuck you on my terms, got it?"

I nodded.

This was exciting.

He let go of my hair and I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. Then I felt a tongue circling my pussy and I let out a loud groan. This was amazing. Whoever his guy was could eat pussy. I spread my legs more so he could have more space. His tongue pulsed inside my pussy. I suddenly felt fingers stretching my asshole. I had never felt anything there and damn it felt good.

All of a sudden the tongue stopped but a dick slammed inside me. It was amazing and I let out a moan. He came out once more then slammed back inside me.

"Oh fuck, your pussy's tight as fuck!" He moaned. He moved in and out of me, fucking me right and hitting all the good spots.

"Oh yes!" I moaned. "Fuck me harder!"

He complied, driving his dick in and out of me at a faster pace. Never had Carter fucked me so well.

"Oh yes, you like that? Letting a complete stranger fuck you like a hoe."

"Oh yesssss!" I moaned. "Fuck me!"

I heard a tear then all I knew my sexy lingerie was in pieces. He held onto my breasts and drove into me deeper and harder.

"Oh yes fuckkkkkk!" He said. He reached under me and rubbed by clit.

At that, I just let go and came hard, the hardest I had ever.

"Your pussy's too god, I can't take it."

Then he he came releasing his sperm into my wanting pussy. I slumped on the bed. Never had I been fucked so good in my life.

"Here drink some water."

I did and I was so tired from such a good fucking.

"Sleep Natasha sleep." The guy said pulling sheets over me. And that's the last thing I remember.



I woke up and was faced with Carter. I winced. My head hurt so badly.

"Babe, where is all our stuff?"

I could barely see around the room but everything was gone.

"Someone hacked into the security from the office and turned off all electricity in the house. Then they stole everything!"

So the guy who robbed us was the same guy who fucked me so well. He took everything from me, including my heart because I fell in love with his big black cock.












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