Siobhan woke up bleary eyed and not quite knowing where she was. The hangover felt quite bad and it took many seconds before she could start to take in her surroundings. A shaft of light from the mid-morning sun cut a trail of bright light across the room and helped her see things that looked familiar. Her clothes screwed up in the middle of the floor, clearly quickly deposited when she arrived home from the party she had visited the night before. The taste of stale red wine in her mouth reminded her of the heavy night drinking at the welcome party she had attended on her first night at Southampton University.

The previous night was a great opportunity to get to know new friends at this strange new place. Siobhan, although friendly and bubbly, found it difficult to engage with people she didn't know. The alcohol certainly helped break the ice with her new housemates in the student house she had found herself in.

Siobhan had always dreamed of being a doctor and the chance to practice medicine at a University only 50 miles from home was ideal, as she was never far from home if she found she missed her family. However, this was the chance to break free and make something of her life and she was determined to become as independent as possible.

The curse of the red wine meant Siobhan's mouth was bone dry and she could feel her tongue stick to the roof of her mouth and it felt like sandpaper. She needed water and quickly. Her body ached, she gave a tentative stretch and stuck one naked leg out of the bed and immediately felt the cold air that enveloped the warm comfort of the brand new duvet. Siobhan staggered to her feet, still quite disorientated but straightened her back and wandered towards the door. As she turned the handle of the door she realised she was naked - usually she wore a nightie to bed - but obviously in the drunken state she found herself in last night Siobhan had stripped off and slept nude for the first time in a long time. She was immediately conscious of her naked body and turned to the full length mirror which leaned up against the wall next to her single wardrobe. There was enough light to see the entire profile of her naked body, her shapely but pert and well proportioned breasts that she usually took for granted and ensured were normally well covered up to avoid any unwanted attention. But today she stared at them and realised that she looked pretty good despite her long wavy brown hair looking like it defied gravity with bits sticking out in all directions. The rest of her body was, some might say, a perfect size 10 with a slim waist and flat stomach and round and peachy bottom which, as most of closest girl friends back in Guildford, was enough to make a woman jealous.

But today, she needed to cover her body. She had only just met her four other housemates the night before. She couldn't give them the impression on the second day of meeting them that she was a complete exhibitionist. She looked around for a garment to cover her modesty and the closest thing was the thin white blouse that she had worn the previous night. She pulled it back over her head; the buttons were still done up from the night before and inside she felt quite impressed she had somehow managed to remove it without undoing the buttons. As she slipped it over her head, the thin white cotton blouse paused at the crest of her bosom resting on her nipples erect from the cold morning air. She tugged at the bottom of the material until it passed over her nipples which gave her a slight tingle across her chest. The bottom of the blouse hardly covered her buttocks and the thin material wasn't enough to obscure the darkness of the neatly trimmed bush that it failed to hide.

But the thirst inside Siobhan's mouth was too much to waste any more time and she walked out onto the landing of her new home. The fuzziness in her head made her feel a little dizzy and it took a few seconds to get her bearings. She walked quietly as she thought other housemates were probably sleeping off their own hangovers and she didn't want to disturb them and set off their potential friendship on the wrong foot. She tiptoed across the landing of the four bedroomed house. Siobhan was the furthest room from the top of the stairs and crept past the first two doors without making the sound. As she reached the top of the stairs she heard a quiet groan from the bedroom immediately at the top of the staircase.

Instinctively, Siobhan paused so not to create more noise. Another groan, this time a little louder. Siobhan turned her head without moving another muscle. The door to the bedroom was ajar by about six inches. She heard a small cry. She'd not heard such a sound before, then a short muffled groan. Curiosity became the better of her. She took one step closer to the door, then another.

Siobhan was now at the door's entrance and she could see the foot of a bed. She didn't know whose bed it was. She was yet to establish who slept in which room. There were four other housemates - Rebecca an art student who was quiet and unassuming and a likely good friend in the coming years, Rachael a lively but slightly insecure girl who despite her gorgeous looks didn't seem to appreciate them, much like Siobhan. Toby was studying economics, clearly a clever guy and nice to boot; good boyfriend material but Siobhan wasn't sure he was her type. Then there was Carly, a gregarious sort who was also studying medicine. But from what Siobhan had established from the night before, Carly didn't seem serious about medicine as she kept talking incessantly about the good times medical students had at Uni.

Siobhan edged her head closer to the gap in the door so she could see more. The light in this room was much better than her own. The curtains were much thinner and the morning light was shining through to provide good vision in the room. As Siobhan's eyes worked their way up the bed she saw the sheets moving around in a slow but methodical way. Siobhan knew she shouldn't be imposing on someone else's privacy. But the door was open.

Siobhan looked further up the bed and her eyes became transfixed on the beautiful round breasts that were clearly visible just above the top of the Playboy Bunny duvet cover. She could see the girl's hard erect nipples that were pointing firmly upwards. Siobhan couldn't keep her eyes off the movements of the breasts up and down with every increasing breath the girl made. Siobhan felt unable to turn away, the water was still needed but could wait. She wanted to see more.

Siobhan could see the duvet cover further down the bed rise and fall with increasing frequency. This girl was masturbating in front of her eyes. She had never witnessed anything like this before. Sure, she masturbates from time to time, who doesn't. But watching someone else do it was something. Siobhan felt her heart beat faster, her nipples were even more erect against her thin blouse. She was aroused by the sight of another female getting off. It must be wrong, but it felt so right. Siobhan heard another groan of desire, she felt a tingle between her legs. Siobhan wanted to see more, hear more and edged closer by bending forward until her head was practically through the door. Siobhan saw a hand grab one of the breasts and start tugging and pulling at the nipple, which stood even more erect in the sunlight that was now burning its way into the room.

Siobhan couldn't ignore the feeling between her legs any longer and her right hand almost subconsciously moved between her thighs and felt the wetness of her own pussy. Her left hand automatically found itself covering her left breast and stroked her nipple through the cotton blouse. Siobhan felt excited and nervous and scared all at the same time. But it was the excitement that was taking over and she couldn't stop herself. Her middle finger of her right hand slipped between her lips and into moist cunt. She had to muffle her own groan as she heard another and another from the room she was invading.

As the groans in the room became ever increasing so did Siobhan's finger against her own clit and her other fingers on her breast, tweaking the nipple so hard it almost hurt. Then Siobhan saw the duvet cover move and grow ever larger, first down between the girl's legs then her abdomen and then seemingly from nowhere a head popped out of the duvet and started sucking on those gorgeous tits Siobhan had been focusing her attention on. There was a man in the bed, her bed, the bed she was imagining she was in. The invader was sucking and licking those hard nipples causing the girl to groan even more, then a bite and a cry that was so loud it caused Siobhan to pause for a second and realise where she was. But she couldn't stop looking, her finger returned to her clit and her nipple was pulled again causing another rush of electricity through Siobhan's body. The duvet cover was thrown backward by the man revealing an athletic male body on top of this girl. She peered even further into the room, risking being seen but needed to know who was receiving the attention of such a fit body. It was Carly, her blond hair draped across the pillow and her face screwed up with lust and desire. Then suddenly Carly flipped her larger male counterpart over without any obvious difficulty and without hesitation moved down towards his groin.

That's when Siobhan saw the man's cock. It was massive, not that she had seen many in her relatively brief sexual experience, but this was bigger than she had ever seen before. The sun shone through the thin material of the curtains and revealed a glistening shine to the tip of the bulbous member. Carly quickly devoured the throbbing piece encasing her lips over the circumcised head as if it was too big for her tiny but willing mouth. Once past the head, her lips easily slid down the shaft and Siobhan was astonished by how much of this long and thick shaft she managed to take into her mouth and throat. She was virtually at the base when an involuntary gag stopped her going any further, quickly sliding her mouth back to the tip before an audible slurp broke the silence. Carly repeated the action many times with increasing speed bringing a much deeper than before groan from the willing counterpart.

Siobhan found her own hand and fingers increase their own speed rubbing her clit to respond to arousal the situation was giving her. It was only then did she realise that her bare ass was exposed to the rest of the landing for any unsuspecting housemate to come across. Her hand clearly visible between her legs as its digits massaged the clit and its wet pussy that begged to be satisfied. Pausing briefly for thought, Siobhan pulled her fingers out of her wet cunt and without realising it let out a small groan of her own.

Before Siobhan could react Carly turned towards the door to see a silhouette of a figure watching on. Siobhan was horrified with the thought of being caught but could only retract a few inches, mesmerised by the scene being played out in front of her. And rather than bring a halt to the proceedings Carly only appeared more turned on by the prospect of someone seeing what was happening and continued sucking the huge cock with even more vigour and bringing her fist to the base of the shaft started to squeeze and pump the thick pole to speed up the process. The man's groans were getting louder and louder; Siobhan wanted to run but she needed to stay and watch. Carly turned to Siobhan and, with the tip of the glans on the edge of her lips, she stuck her tongue out once more into the man's slit; a stream of cum came gushing out of the tip and deposited the sticky liquid onto Carly's upper lip and nose. Carly didn't flinch; her eyes were fixed on the figure in the doorway. Siobhan rubbed at her engorged clit until she too came.

Siobhan ran as fast as she could back to her room, the much needed drink of water would have to wait until she could face ever showing her face in the house again.


Back in the room Siobhan collapsed on to her bed still breathing heavily from the sight she had just witnessed and the intense orgasm that had swept through her body like nothing she had felt before. She felt her knees physically tremble from the combination of the excitement and the fear of being caught satisfying herself.

After a few moments Siobhan composed herself. 'Get a grip girl,' she told herself.

But, try as she might, she couldn't get the image of Carly sucking the huge organ only feet away from her. Watching the cum shoot over and over and seeing the spurt of spunk hit Carly's outstretched tongue and into her mouth, the second and subsequent spurts shooting higher and hitting Carly in her cheek and nose... and not once did Carly blink. She must have seen her, must have known it was her. What was she going to say to explain what she was doing there.

The image in her head was like rewinding and replaying a climax scene in a porn film. Although Siobhan wasn't exactly adventurous she had seen a porn film before. One of her few sexual partners had brought one round to her parents house one night when they were away. Siobhan was reluctant to watch it but her Sam was persistent.

"Come on, hun," he said "it'll be fun and we might learn something."

She knew that was a side swipe at her reluctance to try anything that wasn't conventional missionary style sex. But she felt uncomfortable with some of the suggestions Sam had previously made. Oral sex, for her, was too intimate and anal sex simply too taboo. Other suggestions involved toys and the idea made her shiver. The thought of needing an artificial aid to replace what should be natural. So she always refused despite Sam's piss taking and calling her an old prude. But on this occasion she felt obliged to give some compromise.

"Ok let's give it a go" Siobhan said trying to sound enthusiastic.

Sam loaded the DVD and it quickly became obvious this was a poor quality copy and the picture was grainy with occasional tracking problems as though it has been copied from a 90's video sourced from some mate in the pub.

The scene began with some seriously bad acting which Sam was quick to fast forward to reach the 'interesting' part. Siobhan suddenly was faced with scenes of double penetration and lots of close up shots of flesh on flesh. This was supposed to be erotic? Sam seemed to think so, rubbing his bulge in his jeans and smiling a rather creepy looking smile at Siobhan. Siobhan smiled back politely but was struggling to comprehend what she was supposed to be getting from the rather clinical experience.

"Do you like it," Sam said hoping that it would somehow convince Siobhan would suddenly come round to the idea of a three-way gang bang.

"It's lovely," Siobhan replied, not knowing what a suitable response should sound like.

Siobhan jumped out of her seat when she noticed Sam had unzipped his flies and started kneading his penis with his eyes firmly fixed on the screen.

"Er, I'm not sure this is for me.." Siobhan protested. "Maybe some other time, when I'm more in the mood".

"Oh come on, you old prude," Sam said in one last plea. But clearly that wasn't going to do the trick and Sam was resigned to the fact that Siobhan wasn't going to become the dirty slut he craved by simply watching a few bad actors bang each other senseless.

"I really think you should leave" Siobhan said with an uncharacteristically assertive tone.

"Fuck you, you frigid bitch," Sam retorted, fed up with his 'efforts' being wasted on such a lost cause and with that he stormed out and Siobhan never saw Sam again.

The DVD, however, was the one thing that stayed. Still in the DVD player with the blue flashing neon light reminding Siobhan that it was there ready. Ready when she was ready.

Ten whole minutes past and Siobhan kept watching the blue light, blinking constantly, refusing to go away. Siobhan couldn't bring herself to press the eject button or the off switch. Instead, she peered through the small gap in her parents curtains, looked up and down the road. Looking for what she didn't quite know, but she quickly shut the bright sunlight out by pulling them back together, making sure they overlapped to prevent any chance of someone looking in.

Siobhan already started to feel excited, her heart starting to beat faster as the anticipation of watching the film was completely different to the thought of watching it with a loser of a boyfriend.

She sat on the edge of the sofa, and pressed play. The scene continued where it left off with a woman taking two penises, one in her vagina and the other in her anus. It was such a close up Siobhan couldn't even make out what hole was what and had to tilt her head to try and figure out the camera angle. But as the action unfolded, Siobhan found her heart race faster, heat rising through her body finding its way to her groin and breasts. Her nipples became erect inside her bra and she started to feel a pleasant sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach and an ache between her legs.

Instinctively, Siobhan lay back into the sofa and her left hand found its way between her thighs, pushing up the bottom of the yellow cotton summer dress. Her right hand reached up and over the top of her dress and fingers slide down inside her left cup of her bra where the tips found the hardness of her nipple. Siobhan spent the afternoon touching herself, exploring her own body and masturbating to the many graphic scenes played out in front of her.

But nothing, nothing was as exciting as the scene she saw today in Carly's bedroom. The sheer beauty of it, the lust and true desire was so natural. So real, and so passionate, she found herself touching herself again playing back the images over and over in her head.

Siobhan's private moment was disturbed by a gentle knock on her door.

"Hello," came the woman's voice. "It's me Carly". "Are you there Siobhan?"

Siobhan's heart seemed to stop. That sickness in her stomach returned, but this time it was an unpleasant frightened sensation.

Siobhan stayed silent, hoping she would go away.

"Siobhan, are you there hun?" No reply.

Siobhan breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the creak of the floorboards grow quieter as Carly walked away. & filter=all

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