It is hard to express the sexual tension, the effect on the body, the arousal, the actual physical pain of an erection that was cramped by jockey shorts. Yes, it almost hurt. I had never been so hard, so aroused.

I dealt quickly. I wanted to move this forward. I had a Plan and I executed it. I grabbed a couple of Aces and three Kings from under the table. My practice paid off, and it was smooth as silk, so to speak. I was not going to lose this hand.

As I looked at my cheating hand, my eyes moved upward to look at Amy. How would she react. Would she stay with the bet, or would she just quit? She was looking at her hand, but I could not see any reactions. We both laid down our cards at the same time. She lost. But I could not get the thought out of my mind on whose plan was succeeding. However, my dick said to me, "who gives a damn!"

We both sat still with what seemed like an eternity. Amy looked up with a slight smile and said, "Looks like you win." With this she stood up. Her naked breasts slightly swayed as she moved. She stood erect and slowly moved her hands to the top of her panties. Once again, her eyes were glued to mine. She hooked her fingers in the elastic and slowly, very slowly lower her panties.

She pushed them down to her knees, then just stood there with her panties at half-mast, her womanhood totally exposed. She just stood there while I took in the site of her nakedness. I looked at that wisp of public hair at the top of her opening that had just been a shadow with her panties on. The rest of her vagina was totally shaved, completely bald. The contrast was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. She seemed to know the effect and stood like that for several seconds. I seemed like she wanted me to see her, see her naked pussy, her naked breasts. I noticed a small trail of her juices slowing slipping down her inner thigh. She was amazingly wet. I was amazingly hard. A damn good combination.

I finally regained my senses and stood up on two slightly rubbery legs. "I believe those are mine," looking at her panties.

She never left her gaze at me as she slowly bent over and pushed her panties down just far enough so they slipped to the floor. "Yes, these are yours."

"Bring them to me," I commanded in a voice that I still do not know where it came from.

She seemed just slightly startled at my command, but reached down and stepped out of her panties, picked them up and began to walk around the coffee table towards me. She looked almost regal as she walked, totally naked, toward me.

I stood up, my long T-shirt still covering my raging hard-on. She elegantly moved forward and stood directly in front of me. She reached her hand towards me with her panties, never leaving her gaze into my eyes.

I took her panties and laid them on the coffee table. No doubt was in my mind at this instant about this game. I took off my T-shirt, which exposed my underwear and my very hard, very large, almost angry looking cock. "Now, bend down and take off my underwear, "I said.

Amy looked down. This was the first time I think she had no idea what to expect. My rock-hard member was poking out the top of my jockey shorts. I am not physically large guy. I am lean, I was a runner in High School, not a body builder, or a big jock. But I was blessed, or cursed depending on the situation, with a male member of above average in length and girth.

She seemed frozen staring at my dick. "Kneel and pull down my shorts," I said in a soft, but stern voice.

With her eyes glued to my erect member she fell to her knees and grabbed my shorts, and unceremoniously pulled them down to my ankles. Her eyes actually got bigger.

"I...I have never seen, I mean I had no idea," she softly said.

"Apparently we all have our secrets," I said with a smile. "You certainly kept your secrets well hidden."

She then smiled and looked up at me. "Yes, apparently we both had our secrets. I like your secrets." With this she reached out and stroked my twitching cock with her hand. Then she put both hands around it. She looked up at me with that smile. "I need a third hand."

"Use your mouth," I said softly.

She looked like a kid in a candy story with a lot of money. She bent forward, leaving both hands wrapped around my cock and gently put the tip of my cock to her lips, and slowly slipped her mouth around its head. It was all I could do to not shoot my pent up load into her mouth that instant. But somewhere I found the strength to hold back as she gently began to roll her tongue around the tip.

I closed my eyes and let out a small sigh. This was beyond any fantasy I had ever imagined. She continued to work her magic tongue.

She moved away and looked up at me. "I want it. Can I please have it?"

"Stand up," I said. As she stood up, I moved back and sat down in a chair and held out my hands toward her. "Come here."

She moved forward and straddled my legs as I guided her into position. My cock was shooting straight up as I positioned her directly over it. She looked down, smiled, then slowly lowered her extremely wet opening toward it.

When the lips of her pussy touched the swollen tip of my member, she stopped, took a deep breath and then plunged downward impaling herself in one movement.

We both let out sounds that are hard to describe. A mix of shock, relief, of pleasure and pain that transcended anything I had ever experienced. The brief shock of the contact and the stretching of her opening was short-lived and we both begin a frantic, almost animalistic passion. She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face into my shoulder as I grabbed her hips. Our bodies took over our brains as we moved together in a sexual dance with an intensity that neither of us had ever known.

It is hard to describe the sounds of our coupling, for sex is more than just body parts touching, grinding, moving; it is a mesh of all the senses. We both got lost in the present moment and the deluge of sensations. I tried to hold on to my concentration, for the urge to let lose my sperm was overwhelming. Just as I thought I was going to exploded, Amy let out a cry, her body shivered and I could feel her inner walls contracting against my cock. I exploded along with her. Our juices mixed in this final burst of passion.

As the immediate flash of our organism began to diminish, I could feel a stream of our love making slowly trickling along my balls and down my leg. It seemed like her contractions kept coming as I held her tightly.

"Oh, God, Oh God!" Amy kept repeating.

I was too spent to talk right away. We held each other in a death grip for some time. Slowly our bodies began to relax as we leaned against each other. The feeling of her naked skin against me was amazing. She finally lifted her head.

In a half panting voice, she said, "Let's do it again!"

I realized this girl was going to be a challenge to keep up with. "You bet," I said with a smile. "I love a challenge."

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