This is a five-part story in Non-Consent/Reluctance which weaves together sex, hypnosis, psychology, and the evil manipulation of two young adults.

1. Good Old Lazenby, Ch. 01, Donors and Grads: The professors Lazenby hold house parties to match attractive graduate students with wealthy donors, who provide bursaries in exchange for sex. Two students are given 'try-outs'.

2. Student Bodies, Ch. 01, Sex with the Grads: Sandie Weston is hypnotized and used sexually by The Professor and donor June Hendricks. Husband Ben Weston begins to see increased sexuality accompanied by blank spaces in his wife's recall.

3. Student Bodies, Ch. 02, Two Cougars for Marty: Martin Benning is hypnotized and used sexually by The Professor and donor June Hendricks. Both students are researching thesis topics which are akin to their own subconscious conditioning.

4. Student Bodies, Ch. 03, Sex Toy Wife: Sandie and Marty are increasingly influenced by The Professor to behave as her sexual robots. J.C. Hendricks puts pressure on Old Lazenby by demanding sexual access to Sandie Weston.

5. Student Bodies, Ch. 04, House of Cards: Conclusion

The story is entirely fictitious. No identification of specific universities or faculties is intended here

House of Cards

Ben was much too agitated to go back to sleep. Who wouldn't be?

His young wife Sandie had been having sex in her dreams, complete with body movement and sex talk.

"No, Gerry. In her mouth," made it clear that Old Lazenby was fucking her. And it was evident from the countdown afterward, followed by "Sandra, Alive and Well!" that his wife Natalia had hypnotized Sandie before Gerry got at her.

"Have you any idea what you just said in your sleep?" Ben asked forcefully, as his wife rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"No. I must have been dreaming or something. Now, let me go back to sleep."

"Dammit Sandie! You were fucking that bastard Old Lazenby in your sleep while hypnotized by the Professor! You were telling him to fuck you and make you come. That's what's going on over there. No wonder you come home tired and smelling of sex! He's fucking you, that's why!"

Ben was beside himself. His wife shouted back.

"Maybe you had a bad dream, Ben? No way I'd ever fuck that old guy! Now, shut up and let me sleep!"

There was no chance of Ben going back to sleep now. As far as he was concerned, the fog surrounding all of the unexplained events over the past six weeks was clearing. The Lazenbys were hypnotizing Sandie, and probably Marty, so they could have sex with them. That's why they were always so tired after their visits. Now the $250 gift envelopes made sense. The donors were probably paying to have their way with Sandie, and Marty too.

But where was the evidence to lay any charges? There was none, just a lot of strange occurrences and words his wife uttered in her sleep. Ben had to figure out how to bring down the House of Cards built by this evil scam which had drawn in his unsuspecting wife and Marty. He was a cop with detective aspirations. Here was his first big case to crack. Where could he start?

First, he should know as much as he could find about his prey, all four of them. In the wee hours before sunrise, Ben sat hunched over his computer tapping into anything he could find to get his investigation underway. He found bits and pieces of information and assembled some notes:

* Gerhard Franz Lazenby: B.A. (UCLA, 1978), M.A. (UCLA, 1981), Ph.D. (UCLA, 1985). Lecturer, UCLA, 1984-1985, Professor, NYU, 1986-. Psychology Department Head. Departmental administrator of graduate student bursaries. Graduate courses current year: Current Issues in Psychology.

* Natalia Helena Lazenby (nee Fuentes): B.A. (NYU, 1999), M.A. (NYU, 2001), Ph.D. (NYU, 2005). Professor NYU, 2005-. Undergraduate courses current year: Paranormal Psychology; The Psychology of Mind Control. Past-President of the Hypnotic Therapy Association and a member in good standing.

* Jason Connor (J.C.) Hendricks: B.A. (FSU, 1979), B. Com. (FSU, 1981). Founder and CEO of Capital City Investments. Past-President, Regional Association of Investment Counsellors. Directorships in three corporations. Generous supporter of NYU graduate student bursaries.

* June Renata Hendricks (nee Rees): B.A. (NYU, 1997) Active proponent of human rights issues. June Rees was a leader in the feminist movement at NYU in the mid-Nineties, advocating gender equity and wider sexual freedoms. Apprehended, but never charged in student demonstrations.

By daybreak, Ben had gathered a couple of facts that piqued his interest, but not as much as he had hoped. The Professor was definitely a hypnotist, which would explain the counting and the "Wake up!" phrase that Sandie mumbled in her dream. This was very significant.

Perhaps there was something in June Hendrick's past that connected her to his wife too? It seemed that she may have been a libertine as a student, with her advocacy of sexual freedom. Maybe she was having bisexual relations with Sandie? Of course, he had no way of knowing the significance of the three middle names: Franz, Helena and Renata.

When Sandie finally woke up, she found a note in big capital letters which Ben had left for her on the kitchen table:


She laughed when she read it, thinking only that Ben was getting carried away by his suspicions again. Yes, she had a vague recollection of being very restless in her sleep, then waking suddenly with her husband shouting at her. But to accuse the professors of hypnotizing and having sex with her seemed ridiculous. Sandie resolved to hide future visits from Ben, or else simply lie about it.

Ben wasn't getting anywhere because Suzie had already bonded with the two couples who supported her academically and financially. Furthermore, by skillfully layering actions and phrases into Sandie's subconscious mind, The Professor was gradually controlling the young woman through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. To appease Ben, she told him that she wouldn't go to their house anymore.

That evening, Ben gathered more information using news archives, targeting their names and maiden names. He located a small wedding announcement for Gerhard Franz Lazenby and Natalia Helena Fuentes, dated May 17, 1999. This caught his interest because she had just completed her Bachelor degree in Psychology in the same department where Lazenby taught. Her teacher maybe? Did Lazenby have an attraction to his female students?

He found another news item, an old photo showing June Rees leading a demonstration in New York. She was apparently topless at that moment, partly hidden behind a banner which read, "My Body. My Sex. My Choice" There were other partially-clad women in the background too. This was not your typical Pro-Choice rally. This one was advocating wide open sex.

Ben found that neither Old Lazenby or J.C. Hendricks were on social media; however, June Lazenby was virtually an open book, with comments to friends about how "absolutely wonderful" she was finding student sponsorship. She had married J.C. just two years before and there were honeymoon photos posted. Somewhere in the Mediterranean she was showing almost everything in a miniscule string bikini.


At the police station, Ben had coffee with the soon-to-retire detective whom he knew had attended UCLA in the Eighties. Did Frank remember the name Lazenby from his days there?

"Man, it is a huge campus. Unless he was in the Psych department, I wouldn't know anything. And even then.... Well that's a long time ago."

"Gerhard Franz- 'Gerry'- Lazenby was a grad student there and a lecturer in Psych about 1985. Mean anything to you?"

"Give me some time to think about it. Maybe this afternoon the old brain will have come up with it? I'll check with my wife too. We met there."

Ben made a point of corralling Frank the next day and was surprised by the little kernel of information that the detective had for him.

"The name was vaguely familiar to Corrine. I think Lazenby suddenly left UCLA. Small world, eh! Corrine thinks he may have been fucking one of his students and admin found out."

"Really!" Ben exclaimed because now he realized something. "Thanks, Frank."

"Why are you asking anyway? Something going on with this guy?"

"I only have strong suspicions right now. My wife is one of his grad students and I'm wondering if he has a pattern...."

"Yeah, I see why you might be a bit concerned."

"Definitely. She goes to his house sometimes to meet with his wife, another professor, that she has an assistantship with marking papers."

"If I was in your position, I'd be digging up everything I could about him right now. And keep her away from there."

"Yeah, I told her that. I've been using the Internet and news archives to track his past, but I'm not getting very deep."

"Ben, between us, let me tell you some ways a cop can get deeper than that. How about tomorrow at lunch time. Somewhere private, like my little office."


The Professor had asked Sandie to come to her home on Wednesday afternoon again, this time to continue their discussion of the subconscious for her research paper. She decided that she would go and simply not tell her husband about it.

At 2:00 o'clock, she was standing on the front porch.

Natalia welcomed her in with a big hug and compliments about how lovely she looked in the short, tight, scoop-necked dress she was wearing. Psychological manipulation compelled Sandie to look her sexy best whenever she came to the house. The Professor was making ever-deeper inroads into her subconscious mind.

"Shall we go up to my library now to discuss your research, Sandra?"

"Yes, but could you fix me a strong coffee first? I've been drowsy after our talks and my husband asks me about it."

This alarmed the Professor because she had thought that Sandra's husband had stopped grilling her about the visits. She decided to find out more.

"How does Ben feel about you coming to my house every Wednesday afternoon, Sandra?"

"Not a problem," she lied flat out.

"Good. I'll fix that coffee now because Maria is off for the afternoon, as usual. Gives us complete privacy. Nice and quiet with no distractions."

Then they were upstairs, settled into two comfortable chairs in the library to talk. Changing things up would always make it more difficult for a subject to establish a pattern over time. June wouldn't be arriving until 3:00 today and the Professor had a little surprise planned for her.

"Let's talk about the subconscious mind today, Sandra. You may discover that it is linked strongly to your Multiple Personalities research paper. What did you find?"

The two of them engaged in scholarly discussion about the different levels of the brain and their functions. They explored the connections between the subconscious and the conscious, bringing in research and theory from Sigmund Freud to the present day. The Professor was impressed with Sandra's grasp of the material and told her so. They were relating to one another in a manner completely different from what was to follow.

After about a twenty minutes of discussion, the Professor invited Sandie to come into the office, where she would get her started on some new test marking. She set out the Answer Sheet and had her complete a few of the tests. Then, the Professor suddenly told her student that it seemed that there was something in her eye.

"Sandra, I think that some dirt has fallen into my eye, irritating it. Would you help me out? I'll bring my chair in front of you and I want you to look very closely while I keep my eyes open wide without blinking. Ready now?"

Sandie suspected nothing and came in close and peered into The Professor's wide open eyes. She began to speak softly.

"Look closely, Sandra.... Can you see it?.... Look into my eyes.... You'll find it, Sandra.... Keep looking.... Keep looking, Sandra.... Do you see it?.... Come closer.... Do you see it, Sandra?"

The Professor heard a flat "No" and she waited a few moments more before she spoke again.

"Sandra, who am I?"

"Helena Fuentes."

"Yes, Sandra.... Come with me now."

The Professor led her through the short passage and into her bedroom once more. Sandie had another busy afternoon in store, with June coming soon too. First though, she would enjoy some preliminary sport with Sandra to warm them both up for bigger things. They would play the little 'chase-and-catch' game which they both always liked.

First Natalia slowly undressed Sandie, caressing her and complimenting every part of her lovely body as it was exposed. Then, she slipped off her own dress, revealing very sexy transparent white lingerie beneath. She had Sandie remove them from her while she kissed and touched her body. They went to the bed, where The Professor led them into French kissing while they explored one another's private flesh. Then, the games began.

"Kiss my pussy, Sandra.... Mmmmm!... Now suck it.... Good girl."

"Your turn.... What do YOU want, Sandra?"

"I want you to love me."

"Tell me how, Sandra."

"With your mouth and fingers."

"I must catch you first, Sandra."

They rolled around on the bed, Natalia trying to catch Sandie, while she pretended to get away. Then, she used her mouth and fingers, making the young woman squirm and squeal with pleasure. Next, the Professor would push her away, and predator would become prey. Sandra had become the perfect plaything in bed and absolutely reveled in this sensuous frolic.

Finally, Natalia let Sandie pin her down, her body covering The Professor's to press her against the bed. Then came a full on attack on her pussy with mouth and fingers. In the end, Sandie brought her mentor to an enjoyable little orgasm, one which left her sufficient energy to play more later.

At 3:00, June arrived and Natalia met her at the front door in her robe.

"Warming her up again, I see. Did you leave enough of her for me today?"

"More than enough. You know that she will play as long as you want, June. Come upstairs."

June rushed to the bedroom, where she found Sandra sitting naked in bed, waiting as The Professor had taught her. By now, June was quite comfortable being alone with the hypnotized young woman, confident that The Professor was next door with the door slightly ajar. She took a few minutes to undress and change into pink baby-dolls, conveniently leaving off the bottoms. Now she was ready for some great sex.

"Do you know me, Sandra?.... Who am I?"

"Yes, Renata Rees"

"What do I like, Sandra?"

"You like to love me."

"Do you like it too?"

"Yes, Renata."

June Hendricks climbed into bed beside her and took Sandie's face between her hands, French kissing her. The young woman knew how to respond, locking June in a tight embrace. She gasped at the power she seemed to have unleashed in Sandra, then felt hands squeezing her breasts and pulling at her nipples.

A surge of lust flowed through June, leaving her tingling with anticipation. The promise of hot sex, and the thrill of power over this lovely little blonde had June excited for more today!

Then she felt other hands on her body and turned her head. Behind her, the Professor had joined them, wearing only her silky bra and panties. June wasn't sure what to say or do next, but Natalia could see that she was aroused enough to be open to her proposal.

"We can both love her together June. I'd like that, and I think you would too. Let's play with her now. We know that she has more than enough for both of us."

June gave her a lusty little smile and nodded agreement. Then she went back to kissing Sandra's mouth and tits while the Natalia spread the young woman's legs and pleasured her pussy. Between the two of them, they soon had Sandie moaning and rolling her hips, before she managed to slip out from underneath. She just wanted to play some more.

Then it was June's turn to be sexually mauled by two female 'lovers'. Sandra and The Professor found every private part of her and lavished it with their lips and tongues. The woman was taken to another place, a sexual wonderland where she need only lay back and be physically loved. Her whole body felt alive, on sensory overload, stimulated like it had never been before.

It didn't take long for her overheated brain to slip into her exhibitionist impulses. If being loved by two women was amazing, then imagining herself being WATCHED with two women was even better! With her mind locked onto this fantasy, June was soon gasping and calling out for the two of them to make her come. Then, June had a smashing orgasm at their hands!

Now, Sandie waited again, crouched on the bed, sitting on her haunches, knees bent, legs spread far apart, pelvis tilted upward. Her shaved pussy was fully displayed to her appreciative partners. She had an inner sense of what was expected next and she was alert for instructions.

"Love yourself, Sandra.... We will watch.... Do you want to?"

"Yes please, Helena."

She brought one hand to her wet labia and began to finger herself. With the other hand, she tugged at a nipple, drawing it into a long peak. Her head instinctively tilted back; her eyes closed, and a soft moan of pure pleasure came from her open mouth.

More and more, while hypnotized like this, Sandie had become a sensate being, operating only on physical stimulation. The Professor was gradually taking control of her subconscious mind, turning Sandra into her personal toy. Touching her sensitive pink flesh on command for Helena always felt so good. She wanted to love herself for them.

To watch Sandie shamelessly caressing her clitoris and kneading her soft breast, one would hardly recognize the academic young woman discussing her thesis a short time ago. Her sleek body was the same, though now completely displayed, but there was a glazed look on her face. She was someplace else.

Her conscious mind was powered down now, while her senses were heightened. It felt as if her clitoris was a hungry thing that must be satisfied, must be fingered until that wonderful gripping and clenching of muscles took place, the peak of her pleasure. Why? Ask a bird why it flies. Sandie only knew that she wanted this, needed this now.

"Come for us, Sandra.... Show us how.... Come hard now."

"Yes, Helena."

"You must ask, Sandra."

"Please, can I come for you, Helena?"

"Yes, come now... my precious."

Immediately Sandie's fingers began to fly across her clitoris as she leaned backward, supporting herself with a straightened arm, and offering her body to them. She could feel it rising in her, growing stronger and more urgent. Her breathing changed to gasps and her soft moaning to a wail from deep in her throat. Then she began to chant as the wave inside rose higher.

"I'm your toy... your sexy toy.... See me come.... See me come.... Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!... Ohhh.... Ohhhhh.... Yes!... Yes!... Yesssss!"

Sandie's senses were on auto-pilot now, shaking her body, lifting her thighs off the bed, and leaving her trembling with pleasure. Slowly she came back down and took her fingers away. Then Sandie sat watching The Professor, catching her breath and awaiting further direction.

"Amazing! She never ceases to thrill me, Nat... Helena. What a little treasure!"

"I'm only getting started with her submission. I have so much more planned for her.

Bondage. Private sex shows. And she's ours as long as you continue with her bursary, Renata."

"Wonderful. Our personal little fuck toy! Oh my god, the things that money can buy!" June cruelly joked.

It was time to go through the ritual. The dressing, the washing and straightening up, the sitting down in front of work with pen in hand. While Natalia meticulously went through these steps, June quickly dressed herself and went to the kitchen to drop off her gift envelope. Then she let herself out the side door.r"

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