We joined her in the lounge, and I let go of the leash as Sylvia went directly over and knelt next to Eliza's chair. As I sat down, I wondered just how rebellious she had been to deserve being sent here. Or what she had done before I arrived to deserve her earlier beating. Unbidden, images of Eliza skilfully wielding her crop came into my head. She had looked magnificent, I could not deny it. My own feeling of power mixed into those images and I couldn't help a smile spread across my face.

Whatever her moment of rebellion had been she was certainly not showing any sign of it now. She did seem a little awkward in her enforced nudity but seemed resigned to it. Eliza poured us both a generous measure of brandy from a beautiful cut-glass decanter and sat back. I followed suit, cradling the glass in my hands letting it warm slowly.

"Isn't that a lovely sunset tonight?" she asked me.

I swivelled around so that I could see through the large window. The sky was streaked with red and there was a feeling of inevitable darkness to come. For the moment, however the sky blazed gloriously. I turned back to face her across the empty fireplace with its elaborately embroidered fire screen.

"So, you paid for Jane's education. That's very generous of you."

"It wasn't totally altruistic I assure you. There was a price to pay and which she continues to pay in her service to me. She comes in three times a week and cooks my meals, occasionally more if I need her. She doesn't get paid for that, its all part of the contract. The other days she works in other houses and gets very well paid. In two years' time she will be free to leave, but I will do my best to retain her services even if I do have to pay for them."

"It was still a kind thing to do. I'm sure her mother was grateful."

"She took a little persuading but had enough sense to listen to others who had been in the same situation before her and who had come to me for help. And now she can see that my methods worked."

"And Sylvia?" I asked.

"Ahhh this one," she put out a hand and stroked the hair of the girl knelt at her side. "Her parents are wealthy, and she thought that gave her permission to do nothing but party and live off her credit card. That would not have been too bad, but she was extremely disrespectful to both her parents, rude and uncouth. The language that used to come out of her mouth shocked even me."

"So, they asked you to help?"

"Eventually word got to them and they jumped at the chance. She, however, was not so happy about coming here. One of my first acts, in front of her and her parents, was to cut up her credit cards. She nearly burst into tears, but her father smiled and her mother looked relieved. I think he realised she was in good hands. It also gave me a sample of the crude language she often used, especially when angry or upset and when she couldn't get her own way."

"Do you have plans for her? Like you did with Jane?" I asked.

"She still needs more training. Don't let her quiet submission lull you into a false image of her. Admittedly, since I ... my apologies, since we ... used the crop on her she has behaved but she is still likely to turn back to her former self."

The mention of the scene in the cellar, and the part that I played in it brought memories bubbling to the surface again. I gave Sylvia a long hard stare and she flinched slightly. I examined her properly for the first time.

"Turn and face our guest," Eliza ordered, "let him see how pretty you are beneath the grime."

Undoubtedly, she was very pretty especially with her face scrubbed of grime and devoid of makeup. Despite her kneeling stance and her lack of clothes she still had that pampered look of an over-privileged little rich girl. Her breasts were moderate in size, I'm guessing a C, but I'm not expert. They were certainly young and pert. A small jewel pierced her navel which, for some reason, I found surprising. It seemed odd that Eliza had allowed her to keep it. I finally looked between her spread knees and was astonished to find that the wetness that had appeared after her punishment, had returned. I couldn't help myself, but I had to make myself more comfortable as my dick began to grow,

"Do you find her attractive?"

I had to cough to clear my throat. My eyes refused to stop looking at her pussy. "I agree she is very pretty." I managed to say.

"Sexually attractive?"

Eliza was pulling no punches but her effect on me was becoming harder and harder to deny. I could only nod in reply.

"Would you like to try her?"

I finally forced my eyes upwards to look at Eliza. What was she suggesting? Was it really what I think it was?

"Since she has been here, I have discovered a few of her talents. I have encouraged them of course and used them to give out rewards. She has a skill at oral sex, a skill which I have personally used on more than one occasion. One of the reasons for inviting you this evening is to see how she performs with a man. At the moment I have no idea, but I think it may be a more familiar environment for her. She needed quite severe persuasion to do it for me. Would you be willing to help me test her?"

I gulped, not really believing my ears. I was being offered a blow-job from this naked girl. Right here and now and under the watchful eye of Eliza, the woman I was in awe of, if not slightly in love. In the end it was my dick that decided for me, growing even harder and pressing against the front of my slacks. It was obvious to both of them that I was fully aroused.

"Go on then, girl," she said suddenly, giving Sylvia a nudge in the back, "show Duncan what you can do."

Sylvia hesitated and Eliza lifted her arm. The crop had magically reappeared and she waved it menacingly. Sylvia dropped forward onto all fours and crawled over to me. There was a yelp as Eliza had leaned forward and given her a thwack on her retreating bottom. Then she sat back to watch what happened next.

I decided, to make it a true test, that I wouldn't make it easy for her and that she would have to do all the work. I put my hands on the arm of the chair and sat back, waiting for her to make the next move. She knelt up and looked at me with a sad expression. She tried to smile but it was a weak effort. I stayed still, looking at her until she realised I was not going to help her and that she was on her own. She placed her hands tentatively on my knees and then slid them along my thighs. Slowly she started to massage me through my trousers. At first her touch was gentle and nervous. As I stayed still, she slowly became bolder. Her touch became much firmer and she squeezed my dick, bunching the fabric around it. I smiled encouragingly.

She tried to loosen my belt with one hand but was forced to let go of my dick and use two. I felt the sudden freedom as she tugged the two ends apart. Then she released the button and slowly pulled down the zip. It seemed to take forever, and it cleverly served to raise my level of excitement. Finally, she reached inside, found the opening of my boxers, and made first proper contact with my erect penis. Her nerves seemed to have gone as she worked it free and let it stand proud.

"Very impressive, Duncan, if I may say so. How is she doing so far?"

"A little nervous I think but she is doing as she was asked."


During this exchange Sylvia had been stroking my dick from root to tip and back again. Then she leant forward and kissed the tip. It was only a peck, almost nothing but it seemed to embolden her to go further. Certainly, I was raising no objection. She kissed it again, more lingering this time and then her lips parted, and she took the head into her mouth. She was delightfully warm and wet, and I yearned to feel more of her. I closed my eyes and let her get on with it. I'm not sure where she'd learned all this, but she'd built up quite a skillset.

She pulled back her head until she had almost released me and then slid back over again, going a little further this time. I could feel her saliva coating my dick in its gooey warmth. She kept lifting almost off and then taking me back. She was teasing me, and I loved it. Each time she went a little deeper and I watched as a little more of me disappeared inside her soft wet mouth. Fairly soon I sensed a restriction. This was obviously as far as she usually went as she gagged and came up spluttering. I was disappointed with her to say the least. I had expected her to try harder. So, I put a hand on the back of her head and pushed it back down. Even though I knew she could go deeper if she really tried, I let her stop at her limit but held her in place. She started to struggle but I kept her there until I was ready. When I relented, she came up coughing her spit all over the front of my slacks.

Eliza was just about to say something, to tell her off in some way but I pre-empted her by grabbing her pony tail and slapping her quite hard across the cheek before pushing her back down again, this time with more force.

"Bitch," I said, "you've ruined my trousers."

I looked over at Eliza and she was grinning from ear to ear, seemingly pleased with my actions so far. I looked back down at Sylvia who was beginning to struggle again. She was having difficulty breathing. I chose to ignore her struggles and held her in place. I counted slowly to ten and then let her up. She gasped for air like a fish out of water and long strings of spit gathered on the head of my cock. I felt she was close to a breakthrough and pushed her back. To be fair she did try her best. I knew from experience that her natural reflexes were a barrier and she tried to ignore them. She managed another half an inch but for this session I let that be her limit. I began to face fuck her instead.

It was plain to see that this wasn't the first time she had been treated this way. Probably by one of her yobbish boyfriends. She might have confused sex for love, but I was under no such illusion. For me this was simply fucking. The more it went on the more brutal my thrusts became. Looking back later I was not proud of myself but consoled myself with thinking of it as a task needing to be done. And, at the moment I was in glorious heaven. At first, she struggled but gradually she became resigned to her fate. Strange garbled and guttural noises came from deep down her throat as I pushed at the barrier she had placed in my way. At one point I relaxed and sat back and made her do all the work. A hand on either side of her head forced her up and down. After a while I no longer needed to force her, and I relaxed even more.

The front of my trousers was now totally ruined as her spit spilled out all over me. Then I knew that my climax was close. I stilled her bobbing head and held her in place, my dick deep inside her mouth. I could hold it back no longer and let spurts of hot cum fill her mouth. She started to struggle free, but I held her in place until I let the last few drops go. Fuck, that had been a good one!

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself then let things linger as I slowly softened inside her mouth. She waited patiently, knowing that her ordeal was almost over. My reverie was interrupted by Eliza.

"I think we can safely say she knows what she is doing, don't you?" All I could do was nod in agreement. "there's room for improvement, there always is but it was a good try. She should go deeper next time, don't you think? But it may still be a talent I can exploit."

I smiled weakly and then as my dick shrank back to normal, I let it slip from between her lips. She clamped her mouth shut. She was holding my cum in her mouth waiting for instructions. I looked over at Eliza.

"Spit or swallow do you think?" I asked her.

"You choose."

"I think she deserves a reward. It would be a shame to waste all that natural goodness."

I lifted Sylvia's chin and forced her head back. "Open!" I told her and she dutifully did so, proudly showing me her cum filled mouth. "Swallow!"

She did so without hesitation. I think she knew this was the final act, the final humiliation and she was happy this moment had arrived at last. I watched as she cleverly gulped while still keeping her mouth open. Like watching water drain from a sink the gooey creamy liquid slowly disappeared. When she was done, she theatrically licked her lips and smiled at me, hoping for my approval.

"Very good," my voice as stern and hard as I could make it, "now, fuck off!"

As I started to tuck myself away into the front of my sodden trousers her face looked sad as she turned and crawled back to Eliza. I no longer wanted to see my guilt reflected in her pitiful face.

"So, verdict?" asked Eliza.

"She has some rough edges," I mused, "but on the whole not bad at all. She needs more practice of course and she needs to relax and take it deeper. But mostly good I'd say. I'd give her a seven out of ten," I joked.

"That's pretty much what I thought watching her. To be fair she seemed to be trying."

"Will you do the same for her as you did for Jane?" I asked.

"Ahhh, Jane was an exceptional talent. Sadly, I don't think this one has it in her. She is stuck firmly in the bimbo category. I'll probably place her as a maid for a couple willing to pay her. I am sure her parents will be happy with that. She'll be out of their hair and not be a financial burden to them."

It was strange to talk about Sylvia as though she wasn't in the room. I picked up my half glass of brandy and took a sip. Sylvia was looking sad but with an air of resignation. I could imagine her in some stereotypical sexy maid's outfit servicing the man of the house and possibly even the lady of the house as well. Eliza seemed to be training her up for that dual role.

Suddenly Eliza was standing up. "Time for me to take this one to bed," she announced, "perhaps I could make use of your help again. She has yet to be tested as far as actual fucking is concerned. I'm sure you wouldn't be averse to helping with that," and she grinned at me.

With that final word she tugged on the leash still attached to Sylvia's collar and led her, still crawling on all fours to the door. She paused and turned back to me.

"Can you find your own way back?" she asked, "no rush. Take your time. Enjoy your brandy. Feel free to pour yourself another one if you want. I may come and visit tomorrow."

With that she turned away and left, Sylvia struggling to keep up. I sat there stunned. I still couldn't quite let everything sink in. Had this evening actually happened? Did she just invite me to do what I think she did? It certainly sounded as though Sylvia's work was not over for tonight quite yet. I looked at the front of my trousers as a sort of confirmation of what had happened. My belt was still hanging open, so I buckled it. Slowly I sipped my brandy. It was warm and comforting and for some reason I felt I both needed and deserved it. Eliza was a curious and enigmatic woman and I wondered if she had more surprises in store for me.

Eventually I got up and made my way back to the kitchen, switching off lights as I went. The night air was hot and oppressive. Not a night for comfortable sleeping. I needed a shower but for a while I sat on the patio gazing into the darkness trying not to think about what had happened.











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