Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Peg moaned softly as Tyler kissed her. She moved her hips against his finger in her pussy, her breasts pressing hard against his chest. Her fingers lightly scratched his balls as she kissed him back and sucked on his tongue in her mouth.

"I wanna try Aunt Peg." Tyler said, pushing her away slightly.

Peg nodded. "Try what Tyler? Tell Aunt Peg what you want."

"I want... I want you to pee on me..."

Peg giggled. "You sure?" She stepped into the shower cubicle beckoning Tyler to follow her. She kissed him again and then pushed him down by his shoulders till he was kneeling before her.

Tyler looked up at her pretty face and then to her trimmed bush. Peg slowly spread her legs, lifting one of them and placing the foot on the upraised corner of the shower stall. Tyler could see her pussy clearly now. And he could smell it too. His cock lurched hotly.

"H...How do we do this Aunt Peg? God you look so fucking hot..." Tyler cooed.

"Well... first time, it's always best to lick me a bit first. Then I'll pee in your mouth, or your face. Or..."

"Or what?" Tyler asked, his heart fluttering with an excitement he couldn't explain.

"Or you could just kneel there and I'll start pissing. My bladder is full."

Tyler's heart quickened with lust and anticipation. He moved his head forward and pressed it against his Aunt's pussy. He began to lick earnestly. Peg moaned and pulled his head deeper into her crotch.

"Oh fuck... lick me Ty... Oh god..." Peg moaned. She suddenly relaxed her bladder and bits of pee dribbled out into Tyler's mouth. He gasped and pulled away instinctively. Peg arched her hips and relaxed her bladder completely. The piss streamed out first in a slow stream and then gathered up speed, splashing into Tylers mouth and face.

"Oh Goddd" He groaned as he opened his mouth and took the piss in. It was hot and salty with a slight bitterness. He groaned again as he felt it spilling out his mouth. He took a quick swallow, feeling a slightly acidic and metallic taste in his throat as he did so. He opened his mouth again, letting his Aunt's thick yellow piss fill his mouth, some of it spilling out all over his chest and running down his body. His cock so hard and rigid!

"Oh Tyler... I'm pissing on you baby. Drink your aunt's piss honey... Oh fuck" She shuddered as if having a mini orgasm. The fluid slowing down and then running down her thighs as the stream abated.

Tyler followed the slowing stream till his mouth was back at her pussy and he began to lick and clean her dripping, pussy, cunt.

Peg reached down to pull Tyler up and then suddenly kissed him deeply, her tongue moving into his mouth. Tyler kissed back passionately then broke the kiss.

"Wow... that was... that was..." he started to say.

"Indescribable right!! Hard to explain but just so kinky!" Peg giggled. "I think I may have come watching you drink my piss."

"You just kissed me Aunt Peg... my mouth was just filled with your piss and you kissed me."

Peg giggled again. "Tyler! I've swallowed your cum, had your cock in my mouth, tasted my pussy on your lips. Who cares about pee!" Her hand moved to his cock. "You want this taken care off?"

Tyler nodded softly, moaning as Aunt Peg stroked his cock slowly. She slowly lowered herself to the ground, looking up at her nephew. "I'll suck it okay. Lets give little Peg a bit more time to recover."

Tyler let out a groan as his Aunt's mouth engulfged his throbbing cock. She mewled as she sucked hard on his cock, tasting the precum and bits of her pee that had dribbled down his body onto his meat. She sucked hard and fast, bobbing her head back and forth on his hard shaft.

She knew Tyler was really turned on and wouldn't last too long. That was another reason she didn't want him in her pussy just yet. Her eyes looked up at Tyler as she sucked, moaning hotly on his cock. Tyler felt his legs go weak. Aunt Peg was sucking him so hard! She usually started slow and gentle and erotic but this time she was sucking like she really wanted him to spurt inside her. He tried to pull back a little from her but that just made her suck faster. He felt the cum building up in his balls.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... Aunt Peg... Aunt Peggggg... Aaaahhhhhhh" Tyler gritted his teeth as his body tensed and his cum flew out into Aunt Pegs mouth. He heard her moan as she continued bobbing her head faster on his cock.

"Aaahhh... Ohhhh Fucckkkk Aunt Peggggg..." Tyler cried out. His stomach felt like it was clenching and his thighs were trembling. Aunt Peg moved her head back to suck on his cock head, draining it of every bit of cum. She pulled back and opened her mouth, showing him the cum in her mouth before swallowing it. Tyler continued trembling. He reached out to grab the side railing to steady himself as he felt his cock deflating fast.

Peg smacked her lips and then licked the cum that had dribbled out. "Piss on me now Tyler. Piss in my mouth and all over me." She opened her mouth, moving closer to his flaccid cock, dripping trails of semen.

Tyler aimed his cock at his aunt's mouth and willed himself to piss. It was always difficult starting a stream right after coming. The stream soon started, filling his aunt's mouth. She gurgled as the hot piss filled her mouth then closed it and swallowed. She moved her body under the stream, letting her nephew bathe her all over her body with his piss. She rubbed the piss into her skin, over her breasts and tummy, moaning as she did so. "Oh fuck yes... piss on me Tyler... piss on your Aunt Peg." She moved her mouth back to his cock, drinking in more of his piss as his stream slowly subsided.

The smell of Tyler's piss was strong and filled the bathroom air. Peg stood up, her body dripping with piss. "That was so hot Tyler... so fucking kinky and erotic." She cooed as she reached to turn on the shower.

"It... it was Aunt Peg. It was like you said. So illicit yet somehow so intimate."

"mmm Hmmm." Aunt Peg smiled. "Your father taught me that. Now I have someone else to think off when I have a piss!" she laughed as she stepped into the shower stream and began to wash off the piss. Tyler helped soap her up.

"Aunt Peg?"

"Yesss Tyler?" Peg teased.

"Can we... can do this again? Or maybe we try the pee soaked panties... like you did with Dad?"

Peg laughed. "Anytime you want baby. But lets finish showering and then get dinner. After that we can try the pee soaked panties then little peg wants a long night of this guy." She said as she toyed with his cock.

Tyler smiled happily. The thoughts of more sex with Aunt Peg causing his cock to stir just a little. This motel visit was getting to be a lot more interesting and fun than he had thought...

*** To Be Continued ***

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