Taken and trained by an older woman


Hi, I`m Jim. A twenty-three-year-old guy, living in a small house that my parents gave me. That is in a small town. I work as a sales clerk in a plumbing and heating store. Standing 5 11`, and` about 130lbs average looks, and always on the lookout for a hot chick, though I have watched some gay porn and have fantasized about being with a man.

My dad is a hard-working blue-collar worker. He workes hard and enjoyed going out for a beer and playing pool after a day of work. I would join him at a tavern and have a drink and play. Eightball. Try as I might, I was never able to win many games against him.

In one such meeting we were playing, this "older woman" put up her quarters for the challenge. Of course, I lost, but my dad told me to play her since I needed the practice.

The woman looked to be 60, about my height. Thin with smaller breasts, probably b cup. She did project an aura of strength—sexual attraction.

I racked and gave her the break. This woman was good. She had a four-ball run before missing an easy shot. As I lined up my shot, she started talking to me.

"Honey! I have been watching you are just playing, not putting your heart Into what you're doing."

Ignoring her, I took my shot, missing an easy corner shot. She talked as she ran three more balls, then just missed a two cushion bank on the eight ball.

Lining up my shot, I was a bit shocked when she came up behind me, took hold of my stick, and leaned over me, showing me the shot's angle and changing my finger bridge.

I made that shot, and she assisted me in the next 3. I had a four-ball run going, smiling at her and thanking her. I took my time and made another.

~See honey! A little help from me, and your shooting much better. Just imagine If I taught you more?" Mary`s voice trailed off. We played several games. I lost each but thought my skill was a little better.

Over the next two weeks, while with my dad, I bumped into the women a lot. Her name was Mary, and she was living with a man who wasn`t interested in her. *So she said*.

I received many pointers from her, and my skill level rose. Even beating my dad in a game.

In one of her tutoring sessions, she leaned into me to show me a shot, and her hand lingered on my ass, I lost all concentration on the game, and it showed in my shot selection.

Mary motioned me into the corner of the room, out of sight of the bar and lecturing me. She said If I wanted to become good, listen to her, and pay attention. Slapping my face lightly for emphasis, then to my shock, she reached down and stroked my hard dick through my jeans.

Oh my! she exclaimed." Don`t you have a girlfriend to help you with this? :

Blushing, I responded, "yea. I have a girl. But I am always on the lookout for more. As you can tell, I get turned on quickly."

"Yes! You do, but do you fuck the same way you shoot pool?"

"Mary! If you were closer to my age, I would show you I am much better at lovemaking than shooting pool."

"Honey, I may be older than you, but I still enjoy sex. You probably couldn`t keep up with me,"

Laughing and walking back to the table. I joked! "I would probably put you on the disabled list after one get-together." We dropped the subject and played another game. I lost it again.

Back at the bar, My mind wandered as I finished my drink. My dad broke the thought. He told me that Mary was like a pin cushion because she had so many dicks stuck in her.

My thoughts raced. It would be cool to have an older woman, In bed. I could take it easy and still have a good time, and I could brag about bedding someone over twice my age.

Next meeting, I broached the subject. Asking Mary if she Would like to go out for a few drinks sometime?

"You want to get in my pants, don`t you, boy? She queried, remember I lead you to follow."

Meeting her at the bar Friday night, we had a drink, something to eat. Then to my place,

Inside I fixed her a drink as she looked over the place. Seated on the couch drinking, Mary let her hand explore my leg, then rubbed my hardening cock." Wow! honey, are you always horny?"

"Yes, I am!" as I pulled her lips to mine. Thinking how easy this was getting her in the mood to fuck.I started to take off her blouse, and she gave me a hard slap in the face, then a lecture on not doing things till she told me to.

Following her orders, we went to the bedroom. I undressed for her. Beaming as she checked out my body. She. Then returned the favor. Her body was firm for an old lady, her boobs still pointy, no-sag, no belly, and nice hips.

She took a bottle out of her purse and crawled on the bed, then beckoned me to join. I jumped in, kissing her and playing with her breast. Reaching down to finger her furry bush, I received another slap,

"No hands, honey, the only thing I want near there is your dick."

I think I surprised her when I slipped down and started kissing and licking her bush. *No slap this time*, I stayed with it, licking and sucking, finding her clit through the Jungle of hair. I felt her stiffen and heard her moan.

Mary pushed my head hard into her cunt, letting out animal groans. OMG, Jim, I haven`t had an orgasm from being eaten out in forever. You are so much fun to use. I cannot wait to see your satisfaction at the end of the night, so let`s put your dick to work.

Forcing me on my back, she used her bottle to lube her pussy, then mounted my dick slowly. Bouncing up and down with lust and excitement. I felt the urge to cum all too soon. Mary stopped, ordering me not to cum until she tells me!

I started to protest, but a slap stopped me. Mary went back to riding me, and again she started moaning, and soon swearing, and rubbing her pussy hard on my dick. She collapsed on me in contentment, lying still for a good 5 min.

"Oh, poor boy! You still need to cum, don`t you?" She asked as she dismounted and laid next to me. Don`t worry. The night is young.

Spilling some lube on her hand, she started stroking my dick softly and steadily.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

Mary shifted her position, and I heard the lube bottle open. Then I felt a finger around my ass hole. She massaged my hole then *suddenly inserted a finger*, working it around in and out.

I started to protest. Never had anyone done this to me before.

Mary told me to shut up and relax that soon I would crave this, and when I came, it would be the best release of my life. She stayed at it. I closed my eyes again and dam if it didn`t feel great, 15 min later I was moaning, and on the edge of shooting my load, I opened my eyes and Mary was smiling and, fingering my ass,

I told her I needed to cum bad. She simply said ok, then more of her ass play. I moaned loudly and had an incredible release of cum that spurted onto my chest.

Damm, I said, how did you do that? You didn't even give me a hand job, and you had me seeing stars as I came.

"Oh, honey, your education is just beginning. I know many things besides how to shoot pool. You listen to me, and you will gain experiences you never believed possible. And you will listen to me! Mary got up and started dressing.

I found myself lusting for more action from her." Honey, you are going to have to give me a ride home. So get dressed."

Driving her home, she toyed with my cock, kissed my ear, and generally kept me excited; arriving at her house, I was invited to come in.

Mary, what about your boyfriend?

"Oh, come on, we live together. Frank has no interest in me or having sex with me. If he says anything at all to you, It would be hello, or a short sentence. He doesn`t talk much."

Still concerned but still lusting for sex, I agreed. Following Mary through the door.

"Frank, I`m home," Mary shouted, say hello to Jim.

Frank appeared in the living room. He looked me over then said Hi before retreating to another room, closing the door behind him.

Mary offered me a beer, and though I was above my intake for the day, I accepted. Sitting on the couch next to her, I commented that Frank was a mass of muscles. He could have beaten me to a pulp and not broken a sweat.

"Relax, honey. We do our things, no worry. Here have another beer."

Drinking it as Mary made a fuss over my body, rubbing and stroking my dick, I finished and said I have got to go. Standing up, I started to sway,

Mary stood and said, "Honey. I can`t let you drive like that. You will have to stay the night."

"But, but what about frank?" I slurred!

"Relax, honey. I have my room Frank has his. Besides, this will be fun sleeping with a young man."

In the bedroom, Mary helped me undress, then herself. Once in bed, she snuggled close to me. I felt her breasts on my back and her pussy close to my ass. Then sleep overcame me.

I awoke hrs Later feeling lubed fingers probing my ass. Laying there with my eyes shut, I enjoyed the feeling. Mary`s fingers withdrew with a pop. A second later, I felt something sliding on my ass cheeks. Opening my eyes to the total dark, I whispered, " Mary, what are you doing?"

No answer but a sudden pain as my ass was penetrated by something large. My drunken mind registered the pain but not what was happening, reaching around to push whatever she was doing away. I felt hair and tough skin.

"Stop No," I screamed. Out of nowhere, Mary appeared, holding my head and telling me to relax.

What, why, I sobbed. What is going on?

"Honey, you remember how you enjoyed it when I put my fingers in you and had a great orgasm. Now we are going farther, and Frank is going to give you pleasure. You relax and enjoy the experience."

But I am not gay, and it hurts.

Honey relax, your ass will soon be enjoying the feeling of a dick slipping in and out. She reached under me and took my dick in her hand. I was surprised that I was stiff,

The pain eased up as frank kept fucking my hole Mary using her hand on my cock. My struggling ceased. Frank fucked me steady for what seemed like forever, then stopping and pulling out, he laid next to me on his back.

Mary told me Frank wants you to straddle him and sit on his cock.

I started to protest, but Mary quieted me, telling me not to upset him. Lest you get him mad, she helped me get in position, then applied more lube to his dick, guiding it and my ass to each other as I gingerly lowered myself down.

Mary instructed me, telling me to move up and down than to lean back, then move up and down,

From nowhere, my cock erupted, spraying my cum on Franks's chest. The release made me dizzy, and I wobbled on the cock.

Shoving me off him, he put me on my back, lifted and spread my legs, and went back to pounding my hole. Mary straddled my head and told me to start my mouth magic and help her cum.

Mary came with a shout, her juice covering my face.

A bit later, I felt Frank pushing deep into me. Then I felt my ass filling with his seed.

Frank pulled out his still hard dick, wiped it on the sheet, and left without saying a word. Mary slipped down on top of me, kissing my cum soaked face telling me she would explain in the am.

I awoke a few hrs. Later, my head foggy from the beer, slowly I remembered what had transpired earlier.

Panic set in, I started to get up, but Mary awoke and gripped me tightly.

"Honey, I told you I would explain, so Lay back down, and I will tell you all. I do love the way you lick my pussy. I have had a lot of dicks stuck in me and enjoyed them, but few have pleased me orally as you do. And you do have a high sex drive, another great attribute. Plus, you are easy to lead and are a quick learner."

"Now about Frank, He doesn't enjoy sex with a woman. He enjoys man sex. He loves feeling his cock buried deep into a tight male ass, loves the feeling of male lips wrapped around his cock. When I moved in with him, we had sex, I enjoyed it, but he hardly ever came. After a while, we didn`t bother. I went out and enjoyed the men I picked up."

"Frank was not good at meeting people. Approaching me one day, He laid down the rules for me to live here."

"When I went out, I was to find men that Frank could indulge himself with, not every time but at least once a month till he found a regular to fuck,"

"I have brought home over the last year 5. You are number 6. I am sure you can understand why no one wants a second meeting. It's not that he hurts them, but it is his personality or lack of,"

"I hoped that you would enjoy him, become a regular, and we could share with you. So there you have it. What do you think, honey?"

"You want me to turn gay so that I can have sex with you? that is incredibly stupid."

"Honey, think, when we had sex, you enjoyed me fingering your little hole, and when Frank had His dick buried in it, you enjoyed the orgasm you had, so why not have the things you want most?"

In bed with Mary, having my dick stroked, I tried to reason this out. She kissed me and continued jerking me off in silence,

The door opened, and Frank walked in. He was nude, and his cock was hard and pointed up. Walking to the bed, he grabbed his dick and rubbed it against my lips. Mary, still stroking me, smiled and encouraged me to take it in my mouth.

I started to say no, but when my lips parted, Frank shoved the head of his dick into my mouth.

"It's ok, honey, you will enjoy this," Mary cooed, as Frank kept trying to force all of it in my mouth.

Gagging, I felt like I was going to throw up. But after a few min, nausea left. Mary hand stopped jerking me off and was working her fingers into my ass,

I enjoyed the feeling in my ass so much that I hardly noticed Franks's dick slowly fucking my mouth. He had the entire cock in my mouth, and I wasn`t choking at all,

Suddenly I felt spurts of liquid draining down my throat. Spurt after spurt trickled down. I t was a new sensation and, for some reason, thrilled me. Then realizing it was franks cum, I thought there was no taste to it, very unlike when I had lapped Mary`s pussy, and her juices flowed.

"Honey, wasn`t that nice? Your first blow job, and you took it all deep in your throat." She kissed my mouth, her tongue probing my mouth. Breaking the kiss, she remarked," and not a trace of cum." You did great. Now Frank wants to play a while, so just enjoy yourself.

The door closed, and Frank and I were alone.

Frank climbed on the bed, his dick hard as a rock even after cumming in my mouth.

I laid on the bed trembling, partly scared, part excited, His calloused hands exploring my body, for a hard man, he was surprisingly gentle. He played with my nipples rubbing them between his fingers, and damm, it felt so good. Then his lips were on one sucking it, pulling it into his mouth,

"Oh," I moaned." Yes, that is so good." He continued till my cock was throbbing hard, reaching down; he gave it a few strokes. My pre-cum was leaking freely. I was now like putty in his hands waiting to be molded into his creation,

Frank rolled me over and lifted my ass as I put my knees under me to support the position. My head and shoulders on the bed, arms back by my knees. I thought, ok, here comes the dick, and I am ready for it.

His hands spread my cheeks, and I sighed with pleasure. I felt something different happening back there and twisted to see Franks head by my ass. His lips kissed my hole, followed by a tongue probing, in and out. Omg, I shouted as I erupted in orgasm, sobbing with pleasure,

Frank stopped, applied some lube, then startled me when he spoke,

"You like that, don`t you, boy? I have more for you, but I want you to beg me for it, you understand, boy?"

"Yes," I said breathlessly,

Well, tell me what you want, boy.

The words flowed out of my mouth." I want you to fuck me, Frank, please fuck my ass."

Without hesitation, his dick entered my hole, plunging till his balls bumped my ass. The pain shot through me then quickly went away. The sensation of his dick pounding my ass was. Intense, I surrendered, and every thrust sent waves of pleasure through my body.

"Oh, YESS, fuck me hard!" I cried out.

Frank fucked me like a man on a mission, his cock working like a machine, fucking me in and out. His thrusts were as deep as humanly possible into my willing ass, which pushed back wanting even more. In the twenty-some min, he fucked me. I felt like I had one continuous orgasm. I cried with the pleasure I was in a place I never wanted to leave.

All too soon, Frank started releasing his load inside my ass, spurt after spurt filling me till the cum started leaking out around his cock.

He pulled out, and I collapsed onto the bed as he stood and held his still hard dick to my lips.

"Here boy, taste what was giving you pleasure, clean it off right,"

His Cock in my mouth, I sucked and licked it clean. Frank pulled out and left the room without another word,

Mary spoke, startling me.

"Honey, you look very content. I think you enjoyed that a lot. Pushing me over to the side of the bed, she pointed out the massive amount of cum I had released onto the bedsheet. Then straddling me, she presented her pussy to my lips. Ok, honey, show me again how you use that magic mouth.

Mary spread her pussy lips as my mouth and tongue went to work. Minutes later, I was gasping for air as Mary was grinding her bush hard onto my face,

"Yesss honey, she cried as an orgasm racked her body. Oh, god, your good."

Standing up, she pulled on my arm, making me stand up, both of us weak from our lustful encounters.

She was leading me to the shower. We got in together and washed each other off. Mary then Made me watch as she used a douche to clean herself out, then grabbing an enema ball. She said that since I had cum in my ass, I needed to clean it out and be fresh,

Inserting the nozzle in me, she squeezed the ball as I felt fluid filling me up, I told her when it started to feel uncomfortable, and she kissed me then told me to sit on the toilet and let it out,

Making it to the toilet without dripping, I sat and released in a gush. Surprised that even that felt erotic, mary dried off and stood by me smiling," Honey, you are turning into a slut. I saw it in your eyes when you emptied. I am thinking you're going to be wanting to see more and more of Frank."

I told her probably that's true. The experience was mind-blowing, I wiped, stood up, and Mary and I embraced.

"Honey, do you still think I am just an old woman? Are you not learning things about yourself? This is only the beginning. You listen to me, and you will experience a world and something you could not imagine," Hugging me and kissing me as I stood in front of a toilet.

"Tomorrow," she stated with a great deal of confidence." We will start planning your future. You do want to be successful, don`t you?"

"Yes, Mam, I would love to be successful, but I am not the smartest person around. I struggled through high school."

"That's no problem, honey. If you work as hard as you enjoy sex and listen to me, you will be very successful and be able to brag at your high school reunion. Now I need to know, are you ready to let Me lead you to more success and fun than you ever imagined you would achieve?"

I Kissed her passionately to seal my trust and loyalty to her.


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