Gary opened the door. He recognized the face immediately. It was the face of the woman who lived in the apartments where he had been taking photos with his camera. The telephoto lens gave him amazing sharpness. His immediate reaction was, "I'm in for it now. I've been sprung."

Cheryl had been furious from the moment she noticed the telephoto lens pointing through her window. She wasn't sure who she would be facing when the door opened - a dirty old man or a young pervert. It didn't matter. He didn't have a right to invade her privacy. From the moment she saw how young the man was, she knew that she was in control.

Gary was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and barefoot. He had not been expecting any visitors.

"Hello. How can I help you?"

Cheryl didn't speak, she handed Gary a printout of Gary's building showing his camera in the window. It was circled so we couldn't miss it.

There was silence. Cheryl said, "Can I come in? We have a lot to talk about."

She more or less barged in. Cheryl was a few years older and a toughie. Gary was a long lanky 20-year-old, softly spoken at the best times, and definitely intimidated by the aggression that Cheryl was showing. You could tell it in his voice.

"My name is Cheryl. What's yours?"

"I'm Gary."

Cheryl said, "Just what do you think you're doing? Don't you realise it's illegal? I can see the camera over there."

Gary didn't stammer his reply but it was almost a stammer, "I'm sorry. I saw you a couple of times naked and I saw how beautiful you were and I decided to take some photos."

"Praise will get you nowhere. If you think it's okay to see me naked then I think it's okay to see you naked."

In a flash she had pulled Gary's shorts down and his underpants at the same time and he was standing showing everything. Cheryl stared intently. She knew what was there but she was surprised nevertheless. She had ever expected such a big dick but it was the sack holding balls that really grabbed her attention. He reminded her of the young bull.

Gary was in shock. It all happened so fast. Could this be happening? Was it real? Gary's hand swept down to hide his embarrassment and his penis but in that fraction of a second Cheryl had seen that he had a cock whose length was in proportion to his height. Cheryl brushed his hand aside. Cheryl's motive was revenge but the sight of such an imposing dick raised her interest. It was long and uncut. Oh boy.

"You can't do this to me. It's not right. Who Do You Think You Are?"

"You have been watching me through the window and you must know that I'm a lesbian. I've never had a man before and I've never held a penis. I just wanted to compare it to the dildo that I use. I have to tell you that yours is bigger."

"You have no right to come in here and do that."

"Calm down. I have left a copy of that page I showed you with a friend and if anything happens to me you'll be in big trouble. You can either do what I say or resist - it's up to you."

Gary quickly assessed that he was in a deep hole and there was no way out but to acquiesce to whatever she wanted to do. "All right."

"My guess is that you've never been with a woman and that's why you want to look at me naked."

"You are right. I've tried but I never get anywhere."

Cheryl looked him in the eye and without shifting her gaze stripped off completely until she was standing buck naked in front of Gary.

"Is this what you wanted to see?"

Cheryl's surprising action was prompted by the thought that if she stripped off that she would be able to get Gary to let her look at him. She wanted to see him naked. Years as a lesbian had not reduced t her curiosity about men. Cheryl was much shorter and had full breasts and a nice looking body. Gary tried to look her at her without being seen to be looking at her. It was as if he was ashamed to be a voyeur.

"Don't be embarrassed. I'll look at you and you can look at me. Surely it's better to look at me close up than through your telescope. You really want to look at my pussy, don't you? Well, here it is. Do you like it?"

Gary couldn't control himself. He could feel his cock was starting to get larger and it was noticeable to Cheryl too. She reached out and grabbed it before Gary could stop her. He wanted her to stop but at the same time it felt so good to have her soft warm fingers clasping his penis. Nothing in Gary's life had prepared him for the situation he was in. He was shy at the best of times and to suddenly be in the company of a naked woman was beyond his wildest dreams. Thoughts were racing through his mind from many different directions at the same time. Just as he thought his mind was about to explode, he sent a message to himself to stop for a moment, relax, let everything be calm.

"Gary, I know you're interested in girls. That's normal. Even though I am a lesbian, I'm interested in blokes. I've never had a boyfriend in my life. That doesn't mean I'm not interested - just that I prefer girls. I'm not going to kiss you or fall in love with you but I am very interested in your body and your dick. I'd like to explore your body and in exchange I'll let you explore mine. How does that sound?"

"Do you mean that? Do you really mean that? Do you mean that you would let me play with your pussy?"

"Yes. Why not? You will get pleasure and I'll get pleasure. It's Win-win. This this Come into the kitchen and we can start."

Cheryl drew up two chairs facing each other and took a glass from the cupboard. She motioned Gary to sit down facing her and she sat down with her bottom very forward on the seat. It meant that her pussy was exposed. She reached over and her fingers formed a tube around Gary's dick and began to move backwards and forwards. It was really large and she loved the feeling of how hard it was and watching his foreskin come forward and retract.

"You can finger fuck me if you like."

"What does that mean? Never heard of it before."

"Give me a finger. You play with this little thing here and when you see me getting excited you put your finger in here, two fingers are better, and move them back and forwards until I have an orgasm."

Gary and Cheryl looked at each other's faces while they diddled each other simultaneously. Cheryl was trying to imagine what was going on in Gary's mind but whatever she thought would have been wrong. Gary was enjoying a dopamine explosion from the delicious feelings on his prick as Cheryl's hand moved and brought him closer and closer to ejaculation while the lubrication from Cheryl's juices on his fingertip sent messages to his brain that he must be playing with a woman's pussy.

Cheryl on the other hand was much more conscious of what was happening and holding herself in readiness to catch Gary's semen with the glass. She didn't know what the signals were but recognised that something was happening and thrust the glass in front of his dick. A few seconds later the first glob shot into the glass followed by a succession of others until there was a little puddle at the bottom of the glass.

"I always wanted to see what happened when the man came. I wanted to see just how much gunk he unloaded into a girl. It's quite a lot. Keep going with your finger."

Gary couldn't have been more embarrassed. What had been private to him had now been seen by a woman and a woman that he hardly knew at that. His erection was disappearing before her eyes. He looked down to see this fingers disappearing in and out of Cheryl's vagina. One of Gary's great pleasures was to look at the hairy pussies of women in magazines and here to his amazement, one had come to life off the page and he had his finger in it right now. He could smell it. It was alive. It was wet. This was pretty close to heaven.

Soon after Cheryl had an orgasm. Gary watched as her face screwed up and little convulsions were visible on her stomach. When she stopped, she just said," Thank you. For a first-time you did brilliantly."

Cheryl suggested a cup of coffee and while they were drinking it, the phone rang. It was Cheryl's partner Alice. When she was finished Cheryl said to Gary, "My partner Alice rang to see how I was getting on. I told I was having a very interesting time. She's coming over and bringing takeaway for lunch."

Gary and Cheryl sat talking. Gary was very worried about what might happen when Alice arrived and Cheryl tried to calm his nerves. Cheryl spent most of the time discussing girls' bodies and how they worked. For Gary it was all amazing. He had no idea and the more he learned the more relaxed he became. Alice arrived with the lunch. "Gary, this is Alice. Alice, this is Gary."

"Hi." "Hi"

"Gary. You've already seen Alice naked through your telephoto lens. Do you want her to get undressed?"

"Yes. She can see me naked and I want to see her naked."

Gary recognised her immediately. He didn't see her through the window nearly as much as Cheryl. She looked very different. She had dark hair whereas Cheryl was blonde. The hair on her pussy was very dark also. He watched as she took off her top and revealed really large breasts. She hesitated when it came to pulling down her panties and looked at him appealingly, as if to say, "Do you really want me to do this?" She gripped the elastic and pulled down slowly keeping her eyes on Gary's. He could see that she had a really dark hairy bush - at least it was neatly trimmed and the hair did not extend down her legs. Cheryl said to Gary, "why don't you sit down on the chair like we did before. I think Alice would like that."

Alice was a bit hesitant to expose herself like Cheryl but even when she did you couldn't see pink. She was just a mass of curls. Alice looked at Gary's penis and said, "I once had a boyfriend but yours is much, much bigger. You've got a really big dick."

Alice reached out and fondled Gary's penis while Gary parted the curls searching for the opening to her crack. He had learnt from being with Cheryl and was soon finger fucking her with expertise. Cheryl could see Gary was getting nowhere and moved his finger aside and proceeded to massage Alice's G spot. She knew from experience that this was what Alice needed and sure enough Alice came.

"Gary, you'll have to learn about the G spot. It is very important."

Gary had begun the day scared as a rabbit, lacking in confidence and afraid to assert himself in any way. He imagined that he was sexually inadequate because of his lack of success up to now. The words of praise from Alice that he had a big dick changed the picture immediately. His self-image changed and his self-belief grew. It was certainly a surprise for Cheryl when Gary said,

"You have enjoyed me up to now. It's my turn. I want to see how lesbians make love."

Cheryl looked at Alice and Alice looked at Cheryl. Was he serious? Did he really mean it?

"We'll have to go into the bedroom. We can't do it here."

Within seconds Alice and Cheryl were on the bed kissing, with their hands all over each other and the next thing they were doing a 69. Gary stood watching. It was the most exciting thing he had ever seen in his life. When Cheryl finished and they separated, she stood up and saw that Gary had an enormous erection. It was an invitation not to be missed.

"Gary, would you like to fuck me?"

There was silence as Gary's mind raced. It wasn't that he couldn't make his mind up - he just couldn't think. Alice lay on her back with her legs apart exposing her pussy.

"Alice. He doesn't know where to put it. You guide him in."

Gary knelt between her legs and pushed forward while Alice held his penis and guided it into Cheryl's vagina. When it was an inch in she pushed with her hand on his bottom and he fell all the way in.

"Am I fucking you or are you fucking me?"

"It doesn't matter. The important thing is that I can feel you right inside me and it feels great. Sex is nothing to get excited about. I have no idea who designed the female body and the male body but I do know we were designed to give each other pleasure. Without the pleasure there would never be any babies. So just relax. When you think of your dick just remember that it's designed to please a woman the same way that I think my pussy is designed to please you. Is your dick in a happy place?"

"Yes. It just feels so strange to be doing this. I went out with a couple of girls and they wouldn't even let me put my hands up their jumpers onto their breasts. I hardly know you and I don't even ask you and you have undressed and revealed your open pussy to me. Not only that but you allow me to put my dick into your vagina and you get Alice to help me. I sort of can't believe it. It's the sort of thing you dream about but never believe will happen."

"Relax. You have just committed a natural act. It is completely natural for you to want to fuck a woman. You've got to stop looking at life through your dick. You as a man find doing things with your dick completely normal and I find doing things with my pussy completely normal. You pee standing up and I pee sitting down. You have just got to realise that normal is different for both of us."

"Whatever made you want to fuck me?"

"Lesbians have to make do with dildos and when I saw you standing there with such a really big dick and I thought that I had never tried one and I wondered whether it would feel different and I said to myself - there is only one way to find out. Aren't you glad?"

"Of course I am. I thought it would take years for me to have a fuck and it happened just like that. It feels great. It's not just my dick being inside you but the whole thing. Seeing you naked, looking at your breasts, and feeling your body against mine make it so much better. It's also great to know that you liked it too. Are you enjoying it?"

"It is certainly a different feeling to having a cold hard plastic dildo inside you. Your dick is hard and soft and warm at the same time and you know that it's alive. I can feel the warmth. Keep moving. It's so much better when you are moving. You are lasting a long time and that's because of what we did before. I don't mind if you come. I don't think I can get pregnant but I don't care. I have maternal instincts too and Alice and I have talked about adopting a baby but if I got pregnant, who cares."

"Are you sure? I'm going to come soon."

"Of course I'm sure. I know what I'm doing."

It did not take long and Gary unloaded his semen into her vagina.

They separated and Alice said, "That looked good. I'd like to try it once."

Gary said, "Well I don't mind if you come back. I'll be happy to do it with you."

Cheryl said as she went out the door, "Please don't use your telephoto lens again. Anytime you want to look at me again just give me a ring and I'll come over and Alice will come too if you want her to."

"That sounds like a good deal to me. Bye."

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