My boss tells me that I have to go around to a private address and help the woman there with her laptop, as she's having some problems.

The lady is a friend of the Chairman of the company I work for and told he'd personally asked for help to it's very important I do a good job and leave a good impression.

I get to the house, it's a big posh house. The woman who opened the door was a very attractive lady in her early forties, perhaps nearly twenty years older than myself. She was wearing a leopard print wrap dress that clung to her slim figure. I did notice the rather eye-catching cleavage with a serpent style gold choker necklace dangling into it, also a pair of black shiny high heels. She must have been about 5'10" in her heels, a couple of inches taller than me.

"Ah, you the man who's come to fix my computer?' she said in a soft voice with a welcoming smile. "I'm Melissa. Come on, follow me. I do hope you'll be able to help".

With that, she turned on her heels and was off, "Shut the door behind you."

As I followed her through the house I could help but notice the wiggle in her walk. Also how good her legs looked. She was talking to me but I wasn't listening, I was already mesmerised by this very sexy woman.

We ended up in a room at the back of the house, it had a large glass wall that overlooked the garden. Although a large room the decor was simple, two walls were white. At the far end of the room, the third wall was painted a deep mauve colour, in front of it was an old-style red leather sofa, over it dangled a lamp, held on place by a sturdy looking arched lampstand, perhaps somewhat over-engineered for it's purpose. Directly opposite the sofa, near the doorway we stood in was a rather elegant glass-topped desk. No cables ran to the desk, only an Apple laptop sat open on top. A leather red office chair that matched the sofa was sat behind it.

Melissa walked over to the chair, pulled it away from the desk, "Please, sit! This is the damn thing I'm having a problem with."

As I sat, Melissa quickly tapped in her password, her nails we painted a bright red, clearly well-manicured. I also noticed a gold ring, encrusted with diamonds that matched her necklace.

Melissa explained the problem was with playing video, the laptop was new and just wasn't doing the same thing as her last one. I was told there was a video on the desktop I could try, she just wanted it to play smoothly. Melissa asked if I wanted a drink, so I requested water. No problem she said, she just had a few quick calls to make then she'd bring me the water.

The problem didn't take long to find, the laptop didn't have the right software to play the video format. It was easily solved by downloading the right software, the video on the desktop played perfectly.

I wanted to do a good job so decided to check if there were any other video formats on the computer and ensure they played. A quick search turned up a folder with several videos. The file format was different, I was sure they'd play but I knew it was best to check at least one.

I could hear Melissa on the phone in another room, so I decided to wait a minute or two in case she got off the phone and I could ask if she wanted me to test one of those files. I gave it a few minutes but started to grow impatient, I could still hear Melissa, sounded like she was talking about holidays with a friend so god knows how long she would be.

I decided it would be ok, I clicked the file open. The video sprang open and began to play, my eyes opened a little wider! The video certainly played.

The video showed a close up of what I can only describe as a fully erect big black cock. A side-on view from the waist, down to the top of the man's thighs but the frame was filled with his cock. It looked thick, at least eight inches in length at a guess, maybe more. I continued to watch, there must be more to it, the time bar showed it was twenty minutes in length.

A woman's hand appeared in the frame, reaching around from behind the man. Her nails were bright red and well-manicured, I immediately wondered if it was Melissa's hand. The colour was very similar if not the same as to what she was wearing today. The woman's fingers slide around the thick shaft, not long enough to fully grip its circumference.

I started to feel nervous, intrigued, I could feel myself getting aroused. The nerves kicked in and I clicked the file closed.

My cock was fully hard, straining against the zip of my jeans. I could almost hear my heart as it pounded, it's speed quickening. I felt such a need to see how the video played out.

I could still hear Melissa on the phone, quieter now, she must have moved further away. It would be a big risk but the craving was too strong I had to watch more of the video!

I muted the volume on the laptop then clicked the video open. It asked if I wanted to resume watching, I clicked yes.

The woman's hand released it's grip on the hard cock. She slowed moved her hand to his balls and then proceeded to drag the tips of her fingernails up the underside of the shaft. The cock occasionally twitched as she did so. I watched intently as this action was repeated 4 times, each time it was done in a slow and deliberate manner.

Her hand gripped the cock around the middle of the shaft again, holding it tight. In the background, I saw her body move into the frame. It didn't reveal who the woman was, only that she was fully clothed.

It looked as if she was bending forward, then spittle dribbled onto the head of the man's cock. Quickly followed by a finger from the woman's other hand rubbing it all over the large bulbous head. She then used that hand to cup and massage the head. It's at this point the ring came it to view, very distinctive, the same ring I'd seen on Melissa's finger. It must be her!!

I found my hand reaching down to my crotch, rubbing my erection through my jeans. I was so hard. I slid down the zip and eased my fingers in, now caressing my cock through the thin material of my boxers, albeit restricted by the zip opening.

The woman had released her grip on the cock, she now stood square on to him. The woman then started to squat, Melissa's face came into full view. Her eyes level with the head, taking a close look, almost as if as she was inspecting it for quality. I saw her lips move but with the sound muted I could tell what she said.

Using the flat of her hand she pushed the head up against the man's waist, it reached above his belly button! Melissa's head moved forward, her tongue reaching out and caressing his balls. Slowly she started to move her tongue up the length of his massive cock just as she'd previously done with her fingers. Flicking the head with expect precision as she reached the top.

By now I was totally focused on the laptop screen, in a world of my own. I'm not sure I was even conscious to the fact I'd unbuttoned the waist of my jeans, freed my cock and started to wank. Oblivious to anything around me.

It was the tap on the shoulder and the words, "Tut, tut! Who's been a very naughty boy?"

That brought me back into the room. I certainly recognised Melissa's soft voice and it's firm tones.

I acted instinctively, slamming the laptop shut and trying to fumble my hard cock back inside my trousers.

Before I knew it, Melissa had spun the chair around to face her, she leant in, placing her hands either side of me on the armrests. My eyes immediately focused on her cleavage, the serpent necklace nestling at it's centre. Melissa placed a finger and thumb underneath my chin, tilting my head up so my eyes looked into her's.

"Look at my eyes, not my tits!" Her voice remained soft but firm in tone, "One quick phone call and you'll be out of a job."

I went to speak but before I could say anything Melissa quickly took a firm grip of my jaw, thumb down one side, fingers the other, closing my mouth.

"You'll speak if I tell you to, otherwise you'll simply nod or shake your head. Is that understood?" her voice was raised ever so slightly.

I nodded, my eyes fixed on hers. Melissa's grip remained tight on my jaw.

"Good," A wry smile came across her lips after she'd said it.

"Quite simply, you are going to do exactly as I tell you, without question. At any point I'm not happy, I'll be picking up the phone and it's unemployment for you!"

"Think you can manage that?" Melissa asked, once again I nodded.

Her grip released, Melissa took a step back. She stood arms folded under her breasts, weight on her back foot.

"Get you cock out!" Melissa demanded.

My hands stayed in place, I was hesitating, unsure if it was the right thing to do or what might happen.

"Now!" She barked and a short and sharp tone. I once again fumbled at my trousers, my cock was still hard, not easy to pull out.

Melissa smiled again, "Well clearly you enjoyed the video. Nowhere near as impressive as Oliver, my friend in the video but that's to be expected. He's a very big boy, too big in fact. I only ever have oral fun with him, much too thick for me to slide down on to."

The way Melissa talked was just making me more aroused, "Question is, will you be of any use to me? Size wise you'll be ok but I like my men to have one particular skill above all others."

Melissa stepped forward, pushed the chair away from the desk so it was square to it and up against the wall. She then positioned her self with her bottom just resting against the edge of the desk, legs slightly apart. Taking hold of the hem of her dress in both hands I sat and stared as she slowly began to raise it.

Sliding it up above her stocking tops, the taut black straps of her suspenders coming into view. Her hands moved apart, the dress opening to reveal her naked pussy.

"Down on your knees." By now I knew it was best just to obey and although nervous I felt I was going to be given a task I would have begged to do anyway.

"You're going to lick me and don't stop until I tell you. Understood?" Once again I nodded, easing myself onto the floor and shuffled the short distance to Melissa.

"No touching with your hands, just your tongue and mouth," she instructed.

Melissa placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in, my tongue reached out and tasted her for the first time. I felt her hips push forward, increasing the contact between us.

Melissa was in total control, she was moving her hips around to change the focus of my licking or to increase or decrease the pressure. Also, her hands moved my head into the position she desired.

I simply kept licking and sucking as best as I could to ensure Melissa's pleasure. I could Melissa make noises that told me I was doing something right. Be it a moan of please, a deep inhale or a simple "yes".

Maybe it was 5 minutes, 10 or longer, I'd lost track of time long ago. Melissa push my head back hard, forcing me away from her. I looked up and she smiled. She eased herself up so she sat on the table, bring her right leg up and around so the sole of her shoe was flat on the table. Her pussy was, even more, expose to me. Bringing her hand round, she used a ringed finger to rub up and down the lips of glistening pussy.

My cock was so hard, still sticking out from my trousers. I really wanted Melissa to touch it but no sign of that happening as yet.

"Mmmmmm! Nice and wet. Now get back to it," I leaned back in and continued my task.

After what felt like an age, Melissa pushed my head back again, my face was covered in her juices.

Melissa eased herself off the desk and stood over me, "Looks like I will have a use for you."

"Strip naked and don't leave your socks until last. I hate it when a man does that."

As I removed my clothes, starting with my shoes and socks, Melissa walked over to the sofa and sat just left of its centre, perching on the edge, almost side-on. The whole time I spent striping she watched me, almost like a predator watching her prey.

Once naked I just stood there with my raging hard cock, unsure what to do next. Melissa patted the couch next to her, an indication that I should come and sit next to her.

I took my place on the sofa next to Melissa, the leather cold against my skin.

Melissa pushed my legs apart, I could feel the nylon of her stockings touching my leg. She reached in and tickled my balls with the ends of her fingernails. My cock twitched the whole time she did it.

Wrapped her fingers around the shaft, Melissa leaned over and spat onto the head of my cock. Moving her hand up the shaft she rubbed the spit over the head but started to slowly wanking my cock. Melissa only did two strokes before stopping and releasing her grip.

"Lovely and hard, I bet you'd like me to lick and suck on it right now, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?" She repeated, I slowly nodded.

"I think there's a danger you'll explode, I can already see some pre-cum. Don't worry I have the perfect way to keep it under control!" That wry smile appeared on her face again.

Melissa stood and walked over to the wall opposite the window, pushing her hand against it a panel released, it was a full-length cupboard, floor to ceiling. From my position I could see inside, Melissa reaching in to retrieve something.

I watched as she turned, she held what looked to be a black scarf between her hands. Melissa walked towards me, pulling the scarf tight, knotting around her clenched fists.

"Hands above your head and interlock your fingers". I obeyed.

Melissa tied the scarf around my hands and wrists, pulling it tight before securing the other end to the lampstand. My arms were pulled straight, no way of moving them.

Melissa stood square in front of me, looking down on me once again. She kicked at each leg, in turn, to spread my legs wider apart. Squatting down, her head was level with my cock Just as in the video I'd seen, she inspected it closely.

"Do you think this is the hardest you've ever been?" she asked, I nodded in response, "I'm going to make you even harder!"

Melissa proceeded to rub her serpent ring up and down my cock. It felt rough, a little sore but watching her do it just made me harder still.

Standing again, Melissa walked back over the to the cupboard. This time she took out a tripod with a video camera attached. Placing it about 10 feet in front of me, she flipped out the screen, switching on the camera then adjusted its position until she had it how she desired.

"Something for us to be able to remember this encounter by, though I don't think you'll need too much of a reminder when I'm done."

I saw the red light flick on as she pressed the record button. Melissa walked over to the cupboard again. I could see what she was doing but she took her time.

When she turned I immediately noticed she was wearing a pair of white latex gloves, the type you see medical staff wear. Melissa also held a couple of small canisters in her hands. Talking her posting next to me on the sofa again, she placed one of the canisters out of my view on the floor beside her feet.

I wanted Melissa to use me, do as she pleased. I was desperate for her touch, however, that came.

Removing the top from the canister in her hand, I could see it had a pump-action dispenser. Melissa held it over my cock then squirted out the clear liquid, it looked like a lubricant. Using her free gloved hand she started to gently rub it over my cock, it felt so good, despite me feeling helpless. I wanted Melissa to use me, do as she pleased. I was desperate for her touch, however, that came.

Melissa looked at me as she stroked me cock, slowly easing back the foreskin until the head was fully exposed. As I looked down at my clock, it felt and looked more engorged than I'd ever seen.

Releasing her grip Melissa replaced the top on the canister and placed it on the floor. Retrieving the second container and removing it's lid. This one had a spray top.

Melissa took a hold of my cock at its base, her eyes focused on it, using a firm grip to ensure it was upright. With the canister, she gave two squirts of liquid to the underside of the head. Her hand moved up the shaft stopping just short of the head, using her thumb Melissa rubbing the liquid in. It felt so good, her touch was perfection.

Melissa looked at me and smiled, "This is just a numbing spray, it's going ensure you don't lose control and waste that lovely cum before I'm ready to extract it."

God could this woman get any sexier, was it possible to turn me on any more. Melissa looked hot, was it total control and had a voice that had me submit. Even if my hands hadn't been tied I'd still be helpless in her presence.

Melissa sprayed more of the liquid onto my cock, this time from above. Again rubbing it in. Next, she pushed my cock down towards the sofa, administering another two squirts of the spray, one to the head, the second on the shaft. Using that firm grip of hers, Melissa stroked my cock, making sure the liquid was applied all over it.

Melissa placed the top back on the canister before putting it on the floor. I watched as she reached into a pocket on her dress, retrieving a condom. It was quickly and deftly removed for the packet. Placing it on the head of my cock, Melissa used both hands to expertly roll it down the shaft. Already I could feel I wasn't as sensitively her touch.

Melissa stood, retrieved the canisters and discard condom wrapper. Over that the cupboard she put things back in their place and closed the door.

Melissa turned to look at me, "Needs a few minutes for that to take full effect. I'll be back."

The was a pause before she added, "Don't go anyway!"

Clearly, she had a sense of humour, even though she left me desperate and wanting. I sat there, helpless and even more desperate for Melissa to toy with me. Everything she had done so far just turned me even more.

I think about 5 minutes had passed when I heard Melissa approaching, she was on the phone. From what I heard of the conversation she was in the phone to the big boss, telling him how helpful I was being and if he wouldn't mind if she kept me a while longer to help her out. God, if only he knew.

"Well if you think that would be ok Simon? I wouldn't want him getting in trouble with his boss. Wonderful! Thank you, darling, you're always so helpful. See you soon."

Melissa appeared in the doorway, a big smile on her face, phone in one hand, a glass of water in the other. Melissa placed them both on the desk before walking over to me. She stood square on about a meter from my feet, hands on her hips.

"So that's confirmed, I got you here until I get bored with you!"

Melissa took a step closer, squatting in front of me her legs apart, I could see her exposed pussy that had tasted so good earlier. Head tilted she looked at my condom encased cock, without warning she raised a hand and flicked a finger hard against the underside of the head of my cock.

"Feel that?" she enquired.

I'd seen my cock move under the force of her contact but felt noting. I shuck my head.

This time Melissa slapped my cock with the flat of her hand, it liked violent but again I felt nothing.

"You sure?" she asked.

I nodded my confirmation, "Good, ready for me to take some please from."

Melissa stood, turned and walked towards her desk. With her back to me, she slipped off her dress and placed it on the desk. The black suspender belt framed her backside. A matching black bra ran across the back. As she turned, I immediately noticed her exposed nipples, the bra was quarter cup, hold her breasts in the perfect position whilst her hard nipples laid bare. I had noticed them through her dress but how they looked uncovered was amazing. My cock pulsed, getting even hard at the sight of her amazing body.

Melissa walked over in silence, stepped up onto the sofa so she stood close and above me.

"Now let's see if I'm wet enough to take you inside me," With that, she lowered her pussy onto my face.

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