I pull you in closer to me as we lay naked with just the warm tropical air circulating above us. Our hands slide over each other; pausing for soft touch, swirling on sensitive spots, teasing at the edges, and running little squiggly lines across the goose bumps as we get aroused from the touch.

Our mouths touch then move closer together with tongues swirling with passion. Our embrace draws heat from the air; we can feel the hotness of our skin building as our hearts beat faster. Your fingers slide and swirl around my cock, up and down, firm and soft, along the shaft and then up and across the head so to bring slight soft shudders. My hands splay across your breasts, gently kneading and softly squeezing them, flicking at your nipples and gently tugging as they become hard and erect. Subtly my fingers trace a line up and down your cleavage, gently wetting it with a lick of my tongue as my eyes show a mischievous look.

Your fingers trace a slight sense of wetness from the head of my cock and you pull your finger up and lick and suck it, then kiss me with your mischievous grin! I continue to run a wet line up and down your cleavage and you again dip a finger into the slight wetness, taking another lick of my pre-cum with another naughty smile. I kiss you deeply, enjoying you enjoying the taste of me.

Gently I push you onto your back and you look at my quizzically...but I simply smile naughtily! I swing my legs around until I am gently mounted across your chest with my hard cock sitting hard between your breasts with their erect nipples proud against the warm air. I slight bead of sweat has formed between your breasts and I slide my hard cock along it, adding my pre-cum to the slippery surface. You reach up with your mouth and gently lick at the underside of my shaft then lick harder and faster making my cock incredibly erect. I pull back slowly and slide my wet cock between your breasts, slipping it up and down, slowly but firmly. Reaching up you tickle just under the head of my cock with a wet finger as it rises up between your breasts and you dab the pre-cum on your tongue with a naughty wink!

Sensing a subtle increase in pace you push your breasts together with a loving smile. The feel of my cock sliding between your breasts is arousing you as it is with me. I slow down slightly and hold at the top of my thrusts allowing you to swallow the head of my cock in your wet mouth with a swirling tongue. As I hold my cock steady for your tongue you suck hard sending shivers up my spine -- the sensation is awesome and incredibly sensual. Gently I pop back out of your mouth and continue to slide up and down.

My thrusting gets harder and faster, you can feel my hard cock getting harder. You push your breasts tighter together, the slippery friction creating warmth and heat. Even though it's only quick, you slip your tongue at the head of my cock as I thrust upwards, licking at thicker pre-cum and hoping for more. My breathing is getting quicker and you gently whisper "cum for me" with a sultry look of devilish sensuality; "cum hard for me" you whisper as you lick your lips. My thrusting gets faster, you lick your lips and pout your mouth with a look as you whisper again "cum babe, cum hard" and then I cum. I cum hard. The first few ropes of cum spray across your lips, painting your cheeks with hot cum. My thrusting slows as my cum sprays your neck and breasts, dribbling down into your cleavage as I catch my breath. You use your hands to rub my hot cum all over your breasts, nipples, neck and licking it off your fingers. Gently you pull me close, allowing me to taste me on your tongue and in your mouth. You paint your cum on us both as we lick it off each other and tasting it on each other's mouth and lips.

A very naughty smile of satisfaction spreads across your face as I roll over beside you. We continue to kiss, rub and slide our hands and tongues across our sticky skin, enjoying the hot sweaty moment knowing that there is always more...











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