"C'mon, Mike," Stacy said. "Brittany said that the relationship quizzes are really good at helping married couples get to know each other better."

"What?" I replied. "She's not even married!"

"But she got a new job working for one of the best marriage counselors in the city," she rebutted.

"So that makes her an expert too?" I shouldn't have said that, but too late.

"You see? This, right here... Uhh! She had a PhD in psychology... This is the reason... Every time we... Uhhh." She was so frustrated at my comment that she couldn't get her thoughts out of her mouth.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Look, all I'm trying to say is that I don't think we need a stupid relationship quiz to--" I could have finished that sentence, but I decided to stop before I dug myself in even deeper. Too late. I should have stopped that sentence four words earlier.

"STUPID? STUPID?" She was at the edge of moving from extreme frustration to downright anger. "Just because psychology isn't a hard science doesn't mean... Oh, to forget it."

She was taking this whole thing easy to seriously. She was becoming very emotional. Her facial expressions changed from one of frustration to despair, fear, and vulnerability.

"Look. I know you think this is silly, but I just don't want our marriage to turn into another statistic."

This time, I made the right decision and kept my mouth shut. She went into deep thought as her gorgeous eyes started to glisten and a teardrop started to form on her left eye. This, of course, meant only one thing. I had to somehow put up with taking the stupid relationship quiz. But I still kept silent. She opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out as the teardrop started rolling down her beautiful face.

I got her a cup of water, but she somehow missed her mouth in her fragile state. Ice cold water turned her white T-shirt see-through as her nipples almost immediately reacted to the cold water. Even though we were in the middle of an argument, seeing her voluptuous double D braless breasts and her sexy black panties in a way T-shirt had an immediate effect on me. (I was already a bit horny because we had just finished watching a livestream of "Sex and the City The Movie.") All of a sudden it occurred to me that I wouldn't be getting any if I don't do something fast. Of course, this made me even more horny.

Luckily for me, a splash of cold water at bedtime is an immediate mood changer. She snapped out of her somber mood as I quickly got her a towel.

While she was taking a hot shower to earn herself up, I decided to take the initiative and search up a relationship quiz on the internet. This way, I can be read through the questions ahead of time.

I came across a quiz that was obviously mislabeled Relationship Quiz, when it should have said Sex Quiz. This was perfect! I quickly hit the back button twice on the browser as she came back to the bedroom from her shower.

"What are you doing on your laptop?" She asked sternly. "It's bedtime."

I had the perfect response. "I thought about what you said, and changed my mind. I am looking for a website for a relationship quiz we can take together." I typed some to gibberish on the keyboard and clicked on the forward button of the browser once.

Intrigued, she leaned over my shoulder to look at the laptop. My plan couldn't have gone better. She be pointed at the exact link that was mislabeled and said, "Click that one." in her excitement to point at the screen, her h town fell to the floor; my penis instantly said up at attention see her voluptuous freshly-showered nude body next to me with her chubby breasts hanging so close to my face as she leaned in to point at the screen. I immediately clicked on the link as she instinctively picked up the towel while keeping her eyes on the screen at her utter disbelief that I actually decided to take the Relationship Quiz.

"Let's make a deal," I said as she covered up her sexy curves with her long towel. "We take the quiz, but you have to take leave the towel off."

"OK," she said as she looked down at my erection. "Note to self," she continued, "the best way to win an argument with him is to undress."

I felt a little guilty about ensnaring her into my two like this, but my erection vetoed my guilt.

We started the quiz. It actually did start out a little relationshippy. But soon, it moved to the sex questions.

--Be very honest no matter how embarrassing, what part of sex do you enjoy most? Each of you have to write your answer on a separate piece of paper then have it to your partner to read. Remember... be honest. Don't just put down what you think your partner wants to here. It is okay to be selfish for this question. Also, use crude rather than proper language when you write the response (for example, dick and pussy instead of penis and vagina).

I put down the obvious answer, "cumming."

I started to feel really guilty when I read what she put down, "your hot cum in my pussy."

I picked up the towel and covered her up and gave her loving hug and kiss. She gave me that look of "I told you so!" and proceeded to click on the Next Question button.

--Is there anything you have wanted to try sexually with your partner but were to shy to ask? Write down one thing and exchange papers with your partner. Remember, be honest. Also, pretend you did not see The answer to the previous question.

A look of embarrassment came over her face. "Maybe you were right," she said nervously. "We don't have to do this."

I had no idea what to say. After a few seconds of deafening silence, she said, "No! Let's keep going."

I wrote, "One night of denial for me. I give make you cum with my fingers or my mouth, then quickly put my dick in your pussy. But before I can cum, you stop me. You tell me to take me dick or of your pussy until after I give you a second orgasm."

I was so nervous about her reaction that I forgot to read her response.

"Oh, really?" she said in disbelief. "you're speed to be honest, remember?"

"Yes. I am being honest."

"Really? And how did you plan on giving me my second orgasm?"

"Well. That is the part I didn't want to write. I know that it your body is to sensitive to be touched after you have an orgasm. I know that the only way you can have a second orgasm is if you have one with my dick in your pussy. So now, I have to wait till your body isn't sensitive anymore."

"Correct, but your not being honest. Your just saying that because of what I said about your cum in my pussy."

"I am being honest. I am just leaving the rest of the fantasy out."

She looked at me impatiently and said, "Tell me the rest. Better yet, get naked and tell me the rest."

I obliged her. I took off my clothes and stuff in front of her with my penis still fully erect (even though he gorgeous body was covered with the towel still).

"The part I left out is that you keep teasing me the whole time even though I am so horny and ready to cum," I replied.

"And how do I do that? Soon after I have my orgasm, I am no longer horny for hours usually. How do I tease you of I have no more interest?"

"Well, that is the weird part. That has kept me from telling you because I don't know how you would react."

"Well, now you have to tell me, no matter what it is. It's all part of the word, remember."

"You make me look at sexy women."

"Huh? Where?"

"Anywhere. Anything. Everything. Porn magazine, porn on internet, anything and everything to make me even more horny. Anything you think would make me more horny. I am sorry. I know it's weird. I couldn't bring myself to tell you."

"No. It's not weird. I could do that." She dropped her towel and have me a hug and a kiss and started to pull me to the bed, but I hesitated for a moment.

"I didn't read your response yet," I said as I unfolded her paper. It said one word, blowjob. "But you told me once that blowjobs disgust to you."

"What I said was that it is probably disgusting, but I don't know. I also said that I would do it if you ask me to. Now I kinda want to try."

"So... if I ask you for a bj right now, ..."

She pushed me on the bed, grabbed my rock hard penis and started inching her mouth toward it. I could see that she was a little disgusted by what she was about to do, if a little curious at the same time. I ignored my dick's pleas to be missed by her soft sexy lips, and said, "I don't get it."

She looked at me quizzically and started fishing her lips closer to my dick as it twitched in anticipation. I lifted her head up to look into her eyes.

She said up and turned her body a bit. In an ashamed voice she said, "I feel guilty every time you make me cum with your mouth and I don't even--not even one kiss--"

"That's not true, by the way. You did kiss it--"

"ONCE. That one time. Brittany told me that it is not fair when one partner give oral but the other doesn't." After she realized what I was thinking but the look on my face, she said, "All she knows is that I have never given a BJ before."

"She is just jealous. Besides, I love licking your pussy, you know that--Wait--Is Brittany the reason you sometimes so me from licking your pussy?"

"No, no, no. I already told you. I like your cum in my pussy. Sometimes I just want your cum in me and I don't care about anything else. Sometimes I purposely tease you a lot and make you cum in me right away just so I can have your cum in me without even having an orgasm myself... Let's go back to the quiz."

-- What would you want your partner to do differently during oral sex?

"To not insist on giving me oral sex those times that all I can is cum in my pussy," she said.

"I think your supposed to write it down," I said and promptly gave her freshly waxed bald pussy a lick. She clicked the next question button.

-- What do you want differently in a handjob.

"Your technique used to be really bad when we first got married, but now, it is amazing. Don't change a thing," she said, as she grabbed my hard dick and started stroking it. I gave her a confused look, to which she said, "Well, you can't answer that question because I have never given you a handjob."

"Yes, you have," I said as she looked at me quizzically. "You hold my dick almost every time I give you a hand job. That drives me crazy to I finally get a chance to put it in you after you orgasm. Just because I don't cum doesn't mean I don't like the tease until I get to cum in your pussy."

Next Question

-- If one of you has a penis, have you tried anal sex? ...

I immediately clicked Next before even reading the rest of the question.

-- If you are a male/female couple, have you tried titjobs?...

I immediately clicked Next without reading the rest.

Stacy protested, "Hey! what are you doing? Go back!" She clicked Back and read the question. "OK. Now I see why you did that. No way I could handle that. My breasts are too sensitive. You got me there. BUT. Let's answer the next question, no matter what." She clicked next.

-- Would you like to watch your partner masturbate?

I wrote "YES."

She wrote, "only if he wants me to. I would prefer his dick in my pussy."

-- Are you and your partner the same sex or different sex?

She clicked on Different Sex immediately.

-- You decide to do watch porn homosexual porn together. What sex do you pick? Possible answers are male, female, or doesn't matter.

We wrote your answers and exchanged papers. Both of us wrote female.

-- If you were to go to a strip club together?

We both wrote female.

-- If you were to have three way sex? Pick one: male, female, doesn't matter.

"Ok. Let's stop," I said. "I told you this is a bad idea."

She wrote something and handed it to me. I wrote female and hand it to her. Her paper also said female.

-- What was her answer?

Stacy clicked on female.

-- What was his answer?

Stacy clicked on female.

-- Ok. So. A threeway with 2 females and one male. Have you ever had a threeway?

"Stacy, honey," I said. "This is getting to weird. let's stop and go to bed." I caressed her bald pussy. She let out a moan as some moisture came out of it onto my fingers. Stacy clicked on NO as she said no to me.

-- Beginners? For beginners, experts suggest that one person in the three-way be a voyeur. Two of the people have sex as third watches without touching. You can decide whether the voyeur is allowed to masturbate, and what kind of sex the two active participants have (handjob, oral, vaginal, etc). Also, you should try to make a list of possible women for the threeway. Discuss what you would want to do with your partner before clicking Next.

I kept caressing her pussy as more moisture came out. I kissed her lips before she could say anything. She stopped me reluctantly.

"We don't have to answer this," I said.

She started caressing my hard dick. She milked some precum out of it. "Well, you seen to be enjoying this" she said. "And, to my surprise, so am I. So? what do you think?"

I knew the right answer... silence.

"WELL?" she pressed.

"Should we be writing this down?" I asked. I intensified caressing her pussy and I put a hand on her left breast. Obviously, I was trying to distract her.

"It says discuss."

I pushed her down on the bed, put both hands on her sensitive headsets and started licking her pussy. Finally, she stopped talking for a few minutes. She rubbed her for on my dick a a few times. Then she picked up my head the way she does when she wants might dick in her pussy more than she wants an orgasm. I didn't miss a beat. I quickly got into position to fuck her pussy, but she does her legs rolled over and stood up. I looked at her dumbfounded.

"You said you wanted to be denied and teased!" she said.

"I wrote AFTER I give you an orgasm."

"Ohh. Too late." She went over to her bed side table, took a Victoria's Secret lingerie catalog, roled me on my back, lied down next to me put her thigh across my body such that her thigh pinned my hard dick against my abdomen. She then started showing me the pictures in the catalog.

"So," she said, "which one you want to have a threesome with??"

Silence from me.

"You have to answer me. It's a part of me teasing you while you are horny, remember?"

"But you're supposed to tease me until you are no longer sensitive from your orgasm, which you didn't let me give you."

She shifted her hip so that her pussy was on my thigh. Her pussy juices started to make my thigh while she continued to pin my dick against my abdomen with her thigh. She started slowly rubning her pussy against my thigh. "I will even masturbate myself against your thigh. You wanted me to masturbate for you too, remember? Now, pick someone for our threesome."

Again, remained silent.

"Actually, better yet, let's pick someone we know," she said, while still flipping the pages of the catalog, showing me each sexy picture as she did. "C'mon, pick someone."

She wasn't letting this go, was she? How can I possibly answer that question and NOT get in trouble?

Then, in my horny stupor, I had an idea. "Why don't you pick someone instead?" As soon as I said that, she started rubbing her pussy against my thigh harder. Her pussy juices seemed to be streaming down my thigh.

She put the catalog down, took her thigh off my dick, and set up straddling my thigh with her pussy. She started really masturbating herself on my thigh.

"Hey, I have an idea," she said, "How ... How about... How ha ha ha." She stopped vocalizing. I recognized her breathing pattern. I thought I knew what was next. But I wasn't really ready for it. She he had a full squirting orgasm with her pussy juices all over my thigh. I had made her squirt before, but never this much. She collapsed in bed next to me. I was so horny, I had to fuck her right away.

But again, she stopped me. "This is what you wanted. Denial after I have an orgasm. Now, back to my question. Who is our threesome going to be with?"

"I thought you picked someone."

"Yes." She started herself over my dick facing me. She put my dick in her shopping at pussy in the cowgirl position. I was so horny, I nearly edged when she did that. But she completely stopped moving. She didn't like the cowgirl position for sex because she always wanted me to be in control. But now, she was in charge.

"I have the perfect person in mind," she continued. "I have seen her naked in the locker room at the gym. She has an amazing body. Her pussy is waxed bare just like mine. She is pretty, too. And we both know her."

I was doing to know who she was thinking of. But I knew better than to ask.

She waited long enough food my dick to calm down so that I don't orgasm when she dismounted my dick. She then collapsed next to me.

Suddenly, she blurted out, "Brittany. You have seen her in a bathing suit. You have also seen her in a bikini. What do you think? She is hot, don't you think? The next question is... what will it roles be? I picked the girl. you have to pick the role."

From me? Silence.

"You have to pick the roles," she repeated, "I won't take this from you any longer. I am sending you any more orgasms till you do."

"Ok, Ok. I'm too horny not to answer you. How about the two of you get naked, and she masturbate herself as she watches me give you oral sex till you orgasm."

"And then what?"

"What do you mean?"

"That's it?"

"Then she can wait outside the room as I full your pussy with my cum. I want her to understand that it is perfectly ok for me to lick your pussy without you having to lick my dick."

"Hmm. What if she decides she wasn't to touch us? What do we do then? Do we let her."

"What do you think?"

"You have to give me an answer if you want me to let you cum again."

"She can lick your pussy too."

"You know I can't handle a licking after an orgasm! What's wrong with you?"

"How right, honey. I'm too horny too think straight. Can cum now? Please?"

"Ask me tomorrow morning. Good night."

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