"Fill 'er up Ted," said Anna as she climbed out of her little sedan.

"Heading out, Goldie?" asked Ted as he walked over to the gas pump and lifted the nozzle to fill up her car. Ted was easily pushing seventy and didn't even work for the gas station. He just liked helping people out and chatting with the locals. The station's corporate bigshots didn't want him there and considered him a liability, but Doris, the gas station's manager, never seemed to mention anything to the elderly man.

"Yup, heading north today," Goldie replied. Born with naturally wavy golden blonde hair, it wasn't until Anna started school she realized her actual name wasn't Goldie. After kindergarten, all the teachers in the school called her by her nickname, and she only needed to explain why she didn't use Anna to the new ones. Most accepted the explanation after a quick glance at her hair. "The trails around here are getting a little too familiar," she continued. "I'm looking for some new scenery."

"You be careful, eh? Take some bear spray with you if you're going north. We've got some in the store. I don't want to hear you ended up a grizzly's lunch. You're too pretty for that."

"Aww, thank you, Teddy," she said before heading inside to pay and grab a few supplies for the trip. Her backpack was ready to go, but she wanted to grab some water and snacks for the road. At the counter, she saw the little canister labeled "Bear Spray" attached to a keyring. Its pink case made the target consumer obvious. Only black bears roamed the woods around her town, and they were so rare she hardly worried about them. But where she planned on hiking was a few hours north of here and definitely within grizzly country.

Plucking one of the bottles from the display, she tossed it on the counter with the drinks and snacks. Back outside, her car had a full gas tank, clean windows, and Teddy was just finishing up checking the oil. She tucked a five into the old man's breast pocket and gave him a kiss on the cheek as thank you before climbing back into her car and pulling out onto the highway heading north.

An avid hiker, Goldie loved nothing more than to spend an entire day wandering around in the woods outside her sleepy little town in western Canada. But today, she was venturing far from her usual trails in search of new vistas.

That was only part of the reason, though.

Like anyone who has been on a long hike, she occasionally needed to stop and answer the call of nature. On a particularly blustery afternoon, she became acutely aware of the breeze rustling through her tidily trimmed golden pubes and caressing her pussy as she relieved herself. Long after her bladder was empty, Goldie squatted there, enjoying the brush of forest air across her sex. It wasn't like it was the first time she peed out in the woods, but that day something awakened within her. Windy days quickly became her favorite time for hiking.

Her new activity progressed into leaning against a tree with her pants pulled down to her knees. She didn't touch her pussy as she stood there exposing herself. Not because she didn't want to but because Goldie knew her attitude towards these little adventures would change once she did.

A few weeks later, she finally succumbed, reaching down to tease her naked sex with her fingers. She came harder that day than she did using her largest dildo back home and had to drive home with the crotch of her pants soaked from where she squirted everywhere. After a few months, her little forays bordered on addiction. At least once a week, she wandered off the hiking trail and found a quiet place to play with herself while exposed to the surrounding forest.

Unfortunately, three weeks ago, someone nearly caught her. He was only stepping off the path to take a piss but ended up coming straight towards her hiding spot. Terrified, she froze in place as he did his business, praying that he wouldn't look in her direction and catch a glimpse of her standing behind a tree with her shorts and panties on the ground by her feet and her hands between her legs. She especially hoped he didn't hear the thin black butt plug humming away inside her rear. Anna didn't care much for getting fucked back there, but the slight buzzing of the toy in her ass often turned these masturbation sessions up to eleven. It was also why she slid her shorts entirely off since cumming hard enough to squirt was common when she used it out here in the woods.

Goldie almost cried with relief when the man finished peeing and walked back toward the trail.

She hadn't gone hiking since and was getting desperate to feel the forest breeze on her pussy again. Anna realized that traveling for hours just to sate her fetish was a bit extreme. Her chosen hiking trail was quite the drive and had terrible reviews online from being poorly marked and maintained, despite having some fantastic views along its path. Hopefully, its lousy reputation meant she wouldn't need to worry about other hikers bothering her.

A long, dull drive through the Canadian countryside later, she pulled into a tiny parking area off a dirt road. After apologizing to her car for making it bounce along the nasty ruts left by previous vehicles, she pulled her pack and walking stick out of the trunk. Goldie checked her water and food supplies one last time and pulled out her phone to turn off notifications only to see she didn't have any service anyway. Flipping it to airplane mode, so it didn't run down the battery, she checked the straps on her pack one last time before grabbing her walking stick and setting out.


This was it, this was the place.

High atop a hill, the wind gusted through the trees as though inviting her to shed her clothing.

Dropping her pack next to a large boulder, she accepted the breeze's offer and pulled her shirt over her head, humming with happiness as air flowed across her nipples. With a final glance around to be sure she was alone, Goldie unbuttoned her khaki hiking shorts and hooked her thumbs into the waistband. Swinging her hips back and forth as though teasing an unseen lover, she slowly dragged them down over her ass. She imagined the breeze showed its appreciation with a gust that nearly toppled her forward as Goldie pulled them down to her ankles. After a moment of wrestling her shoes through her shorts' leg holes, she laid them on her pack with her shirt.

Now it was just a thin strip of fabric hiding her sex from the surrounding forest. Slipping her thumbs under the string of her panties, she began swaying again in a slow dance. Half closing her eyes, Goldie imagined a handsome wind spirit watching her as she teased him with flashes of her pussy and ass. Her imaginary lover floated around her, the fingers of one hand brushing lightly over her skin as the other stroked his impressive cock.

Oh, how she wanted to be taken at that moment, to have her sylphid prince rip her panties off and fill her pussy. But that wasn't going to happen. He could only touch her with light brushes of his fingers and could never fuck her, no matter how much he wanted to.

Goldie pulled her panties down and moaned as she felt the cool breeze across the wetness coating her lips. Her imaginary lover knelt behind her, staring with reverent delight at the sight of her pussy and ass. It wasn't just some random gust of wind disturbing the golden hairs down there, but his breath. Pulling her panties the rest of the way off, she laid them on top of her shorts. The gusset was utterly soaked and might even be wet enough to seep into her shorts. It wasn't a big deal to her. She quite enjoyed the taste and scent of her pussy, and at the moment, driving back home with the car smelling like her aroused sex sounded like fun.

She looked around again but not with worry. Instead, a flash of disappointment crossed her face as her imaginary lover failed to appear. Not that she really expected him to, but the hope was there. Leaning over against the boulder, Goldie rested one arm against the lichen-covered rock while the other teased her nipples before sliding down her stomach and through her trimmed pubic hair.

A flash of excitement ran through her at the realization she had never been this exposed before. All she needed to do was take her shoes off and she would be completely naked out here. The thought was tempting, but her hiking boosts were a pain to get on and off. Also, if she was wrong about the chance of other people on this trail and needed to make a quick getaway, she wanted to have them on.

With her senses geared toward the light touch of the forest wind, slipping her fingers through her blonde pubic hair and touching her sex was like an electric shock of pure pleasure. Goldie's breath quickened as her fingers spread the wetness coating her lips, and she moaned as two fingers pushed inside her sex. She whimpered quietly as her fingertips found and gently caressed her g-spot.

She hadn't touched herself all week in preparation for this trip, and her first orgasm was building quickly. It took all of her will last night to just go to sleep without lubing up her largest dildo and fucking herself silly with it. She got the blue silicone monster as a gag gift at a friend's bachelorette party and would never have bought something that large on the assumption it wouldn't fit inside her. It took some work, but Goldie didn't think she'd ever been so happy to be wrong.

"First orgasm," she muttered with a laugh that turned into a long moan as she plunged her fingers inside her once again. Normally, she was 'one and done' for fear of being discovered, but Goldie planned on being here for a while. She even had a couple toys in her pack to help out.

Coating her fingers with her fluids, she brought them forward to her untouched clit and shuddered as she drew them across her pearl with feathery touches. A whimper escaped her as she struggled to control herself and not speed up or apply more pressure. She began making small circles around the tiny nub--

Goldie's eyes popped open, and her hand froze at the sound of something large tromping through the underbrush. Fear gripped her as the noise stopped just over the crest of the hill.

Her eyes about fell out of their sockets when the head of a grizzly bear popped into view as it stood up on its hind legs. Bear and human stared at each other for a moment until a stray breeze ruffled Goldie's hair. A moment later, the grizzly pointed his nose upward and sniffed deeply before tilting its head to the side and huffing at her.

Her expression went from fearful to horrified as she realized the bear found her by following the scent of her pussy.

Slowly reaching down, she gathered her clothes in one arm. Then carefully unzipped the pocket in her backpack with her car keys.

The grizzly growled and grunted in warning when her hand dipped into the pocket. The beast disappeared for a moment before reappearing at the hill's crest, walking on all fours.

Yanking her keys out, Goldie quickly shoved her thumb under the bear spray's safety tab and pushed the button, sending a stream of reddish-orange liquid arcing through the air.

The large animal jerked to the side as the spray jetted towards him, then nonchalantly watched as the fluid fell pitifully short of its target.

The canister began sputtering and puffing out clouds of the spray before Goldie realized she had missed. Tossing her keys to the hand holding her clothes, she grabbed her backpack and bolted down the hill trying like hell to not scream her head off.


A gust of wind blew some of the lingering puffs of spray into the bear's face, making the animal sneeze repeatedly as the human ran away. Stepping to the side so he wouldn't be downwind of the burning red liquid, the bear walked around the puddle over to where the woman had been standing. Putting its nose to the ground, it snuffled around in the underbrush, breathing in the scent of the woman's sex juices before making a noise that sounded a lot like a chuckle. Taking a second long sniff just for good measure, the animal padded off after the human.

He didn't need to be in a hurry. His sensitive ursine easily picked up the scent of wood smoke. Once the human smelled it, there was little doubt where she would be going.


"Hello! Hellooo! Is anyone home?!" Goldie called out as she darted toward an old homesteader-style log cabin in a clearing up ahead. She looked for vehicles around the cabin as she ran toward it, but any cars must have been on the far side of the building.

As she approached the house, she shifted her clothes around in hopes she could at least throw her shirt on. In the process, the canister of bear spray in her hand brushed across her nipple. Goldie hissed in pain from the intense burning sensation and quickly wiped it off with her shirt.

She was alive and not bear food, yet, but her nipple felt like it was on fire. Holding one hand over her tormented breast, the woman ran up to the cabin door and beat on it, rattling the windows to either side.

"Please! Please, let me in?!" she yelled, but her only answer was a grunt from the grizzly bear behind her. Looking back, she saw the bear slowly approaching with what appeared to be curiosity. At least it wasn't charging after her.

"Please!" she yelled, twisting the doorknob. To her surprise, it opened, and she threw herself inside, locking the door behind her. Bolting through the one-room house to the front door, she locked it one as well, then peered out the window to check for cars again. Not only were there no vehicles, but there didn't appear to be any kind of roadway to and from the homestead.

Looking around the inside of the cabin, she noticed only a few items associated with modern living. The doors, doorknobs, and windows all looked like they could have come out of a big-box hardware store. Next to the galvanized steel washbasin of a sink sat a familiar blue bottle of dish soap. The mattresses on the unusually long beds came from well-known online bed-in-a-box retailers even though the bedframes were made of logs and rope.

Goldie backpedaled as the grizzly's head appeared in the window next to her. The weight of her pack threw her off balance, sending her stumbling across the room. Throwing her arms out in front of her, Goldie's hands slapped into the opposite wall, barely preventing her face from doing the same.

Behind her, the bear grunted twice in tones that sounded disturbingly like 'Sorry.'

Goldie shook her head, trying to banish the thought. The stress must be getting to her if she imagined the bear was talking to her.

For the time being, she appeared safe as the grizzly seemed content watching her through the windows. She took the opportunity to slip her panties on but found a streak of red bear spray on the crotch of her shorts. Inspecting the canister, Goldie saw the orange-red liquid slowly bubbling out of the nozzle. Annoyed, she tossed it into a trashcan over in the kitchen area and held up her shorts. Considering how her nipple felt right now, she didn't want that stuff anywhere near her pussy. God forbid it spread through the dampness of her panties and get on her clit.

Tucking her shorts into her pack, she then pulled out her cell and turned off airplane mode. No service, as expected. That meant she couldn't depend on anyone else to help her. The homestead's owners could, but Goldie had no clue when they might be back and felt guilty they would have to deal with a grizzly bear on their doorstep upon coming home.

Since the bear wasn't trying to get inside, maybe she could hide. If she was out of sight and out of mind, there was a possibility it would leave. Unfortunately, all the nice, double-hung windows in the one-room cabin left virtually nowhere to hide. She couldn't even crawl under the beds because they were barely a hand's width off the floor.

Her best option seemed to be hiding under the covers on one of the beds. Two beds were pushed together on one side of the room while a third took up the opposite corner of the cabin's back wall. It also didn't have a window looking over it where the bear could bust through the glass and snatch her up for a quick meal.

Goldie pulled back the covers on the smaller bed then led the grizzly on a merry chase around the cabin, making it switch from window to window to keep her in sight. As it raced around the corner of the house, she dove into the bed and pulled the covers over her.

The bear ran from window to window, grunting, huffing, and growling in what Goldie interpreted as disappointment and confusion. With luck, if she didn't move for a while, the beast would lose interest and wander off.

Her fantastic idea lasted all five minutes until the doorknob jiggled. Daring a peek out from under the covers, she saw the bear's head in the window at the top of the door. Seconds later, the knob jiggled again.

Who the fuck was the asshole who taught this bear how to use a door?

The noises outside quieted for a moment, and for a few seconds, Goldie dared hope the creature left. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming out loud when a soft click came from the door's lock. What the hell! Did these people use doorknobs like her apartment's bathroom where you could unlock it with a fingernail!

As the door swung open, the grizzly made a series of low grunts that sounded almost like chuckling.

The animal wasted no time coming straight toward her. Tears sprung to Goldie's eyes as it set its large paw on the foot of the bed. Instinctively, Goldie jerked her legs up and wigged into the corner at the head of the bed before curling into the tightest ball she could manage.

As the bear tried to drag the blanket off her, she desperately held on to the top edge, as though it were somehow the shield protecting her from certain death. A few seconds later, the blanket at the foot of the bed rose, exposing her ass and feet.

Whimpering as tears rolled down her face, she began whispering, "Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me..."

Goldie shrieked as the grizzly's large nose pressed against her pussy and inhaled deeply.

"Lady, if I were to eat you, I'm sure you would enjoy every second," said a gruff, rumbling voice.

Hope burned bright in Goldie's eyes as she threw off the covers and tensed to run to her rescuer. But there was no one else in the room, only the grizzly drawing in another deep breath with its nose pressed against her sex.

Her hope turned to despair as she assumed the voice had been her imagination. She was on the verge of tears when a movement made Goldie looked down. The bear's body appeared to be growing and changing shape.

The grizzly groaned in happiness as it pushed itself off the bed and stood up, "You smell positively delectable."

Goldie's body jerked as though shocked by electricity as she stared up at the animal's face. The bear's lips moved with the words. She suddenly realized its lips also moved against her ass when it spoke a moment ago. The bear finished growing, but it didn't look right anymore. It was still covered in fur and huge, but its legs had lengthened and shoulders shifted back. It struck her that the bear's body now matched human proportions, and it looked perfectly comfortable standing there grinning down at her. The animal's muzzle appeared to have shrunk slightly, but the most significant change was its eyes. The orange-brown pupils that stared in through the windows at her were now bright green and looked very... human.

Her gaze traveled down the creature's body to a pink protrusion jutting out from a hairy sheath above a lightly furred scrotum. She was no expert on bear anatomy, but that thing looked very human, and very large.

"Did... Did you just talk?" Goldie asked in hushed tones, hope welling up within her again.

"I suppose I shouldn't have, but yes," said the bear.r"


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