I said, "Well Yeah, that's kind of the idea, isn't it?"

Soon as we closed the room door, Alex pinned me against the door and kissed me deeply. Our tongues dueled in my mouth. Alex's hands were caressing me. He pushed my shoulder straps of my dress off my shoulders exposing my braless breasts. He immediately went to work on my erect nipples. He sucked them until they were sore. My dress fell to the floor leaving me in my garter belt, stockings and heels.

I sat down on the bed where Alex removed my heels.

"God, Donna, I love those stockings. Vintage fully fashioned stockings like these are so damn sexy. I wish more women liked them. I know most men love them."

Alex started at my feet, kissing them and enjoying his foot fetish that I was glad to provide. He kissed his way up my leg. Next thing I felt was his warm breath on my labia. His tongue split my pussy lips and bathed my clitoris. I immediately felt my first orgasm building. My toes tingled and curled as my climax overwhelmed me. Fluid gushed from my vagina as my orgasm seemed to go on and on. Kyle guided his eight inch cock into my hole and took me. With every thrust, his swollen glans raked across my G spot sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

"Oh Fuck, Donna. Here it comes."

I felt the first spasm of his cock against my cervix as he coated it with rope after rope of thick pearly cum. My lust for the sensation of his cum oozing inside me overrides everything else.

"Yes, God, Yes, Alex. I feel it. I love the feel of your cum in me. Give it all to me."

There were four more strong spurts inside me before his orgasm tapered off to just little twitches. He looked into my eyes and kissed me again. His dick was still lodged deep inside me.

"Don't pull out yet, Alex. I want to feel you."

Instead, Alex started to move inside me again. He began pumping his cock in and out of me.

I thought, "Damn, he never went soft. He's fucking me again."

I was babbling incoherently as my third orgasm took me to Paradise again. I saw stars and fireworks as my pussy clamped down on him and gushed my own secretions. Then I felt Alex stiffen and his penis swell inside me again.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum again."

My stocking clad toes were at his lips. He was kissing them as he erupted in me for the second time, filling me with more of his sperm. As he pumped his cock inside me, I heard my pussy squishing from the massive amount of sex fluids in me.

As he pulled out of me, we both were exhausted and drained. My body was at peace, sated and tingling. But once again, the guilt and self loathing began. Once again my womb was inundated with millions of sperm embedded in more semen than I thought one man could produce. A few big globs dripped out of me onto the carpet when I got off of the bed. I cleaned myself up the best I could knowing I was carrying a huge load of Alex's baby making cum in me. Once again, thank goodness for the pill.

Alex said, "Baby are you ready for some nourishment. I'm famished."

"Sure, Alex but I've got to get home soon after we eat."

As I moved my food around on my plate with my fork, I thought about Kyle and once again the guilt and shame crept into my thoughts. What was he doing while I'm betraying him and our marriage. Probably planning my exit from his life.

Then I just looked at Alex and said, "Alex, I can't do this anymore. I've got to try to repair the damage I've done to my marriage before it's too late. The sex with you is awesome but that's all there is...sex. I'm not in love with you and all I am to you is a cum dump."

Alex replied, "Okay, Donna. I understand. I'll miss this but been fun. You're right. It's just great sex. Kyle doesn't know what he's missing by neglecting your needs. I hope he comes around."


Kyle was watching the nine o'clock local news before going to bed wondering where his wife was. The anchor announced, "This just in to our newsroom. There was a shooting at one of our local bars about an hour ago. All we know at this point is that a man was killed and his female companion was badly wounded and transported to a local hospital. The shooter was taken into custody by police at the scene. More on this story as it comes becomes available."

To be continued...











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