"Oh yes," he said, "It's been a while now since I saw a pussy that nice."

"Feel free to show me exactly how much you're enjoying it," I told him.

He looked at Paul for approval, and Paul simply told him he couldn't touch me unless I permitted him. I started pushing my fingers in and out of myself, and the man unzipped and got out his cock. It wasn't massive, about six inches long, but it was very fat and very hard, and the head was so purple it looked like it was going to burst. He started to wank while watching me, and I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. His strokes were slow and steady, but I was pushing my fingers in quicker and quicker.

Paul suddenly stood up, pulled down his shorts, and thrust his already erect cock towards my face. I instinctively licked the head, then engulfed his cock, Paul pushing more and more into me until I was almost gagging. He knew I could take all of his eight inches down to the base, but only on my terms. He stopped moving so I could work my mouth on him, using my tongue on the underside of his shaft.

My fingers were a blur now, and I gazed over at the old man. He was transfixed on the sight in front of him, and I heard him say he was close to cumming. I took my mouth off Paul's cock long enough to instruct him to rub my clit with his other hand, and the old man obliged. Before Paul had the chance to say anything I quickly went back to sucking his length.

With my mouth full of cock, my fingers a blur on my pussy, and the old man working his magic on my clit, it didn't take long before my body shook with an almighty orgasm. I hadn't stopped convulsing before the old man groaned, and I felt splashes of his semen across my thighs, and one splash hit me directly on the clit. He sat back down just as Paul also started to come, coating my throat with his load as I took it all in.

A few seconds passed before the realisation of where we were hit me, and I noticed we were slowing for another station. I saw the old man sitting there looking at his now flaccid cock, and threw my thong over to him.

"Use those to clean yourself up as much as possible," I said, "And you can also keep them as a memento."

He thanked me and took a good sniff of them before wiping his cock with them. He dressed back up and then looked out of the window. The train was slowing to stop again, and the old man stood up, shook Paul's hand, and then took my hand and kissed it.

"Thank you for making an old man's day, or even year!" he said, "But I need to get off the train here."

"That was really good timing," exclaimed Paul.

"Not really," he answered, "My stop was about 30 minutes ago and my wife will be wondering where the hell I've been!"

To be continued...











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