I was walking through the dark bowels of the dungeon when I came across Sharir. I'd seen her before from a distance and had immediately committed myself to chasing her. She was a black girl in her 20s, dressed as a goth, with a black shirt falling off her shoulder, black hot pants, a leather garter and black suspenders. From across the room I watched her with interest, but since she was kneeling at the feet of someone else, I decided to try to find her later and wandered off.

The sensual, repetitive throb of the music filled the dungeon when I came across her about an hour later. She was leaning against a wall, facing away from me, watching the crowd, her body half-hidden by dry ice. I walked up to her with the hint of a wry smile flickering on my lips.

"I've had a sudden urge to slap that arse,' I said as she glanced up at me. 'But I might get into trouble.'

She blinked in surprise, but a somewhat hesitant smile crept onto her own full lips. 'Maybe, Sir. Maybe not,' she said, then playfully, 'Was my ass in the way?'

I laughed and told her that it could never be in the way. As she spoke I'd noticed two things about her. First, an accent that sounded vaguely African, and then something on her shoulder. It was, strangely enough, a rat, peering at me and sniffing me, its fine long whiskers twitching. I raised my brows as I looked back to Sharir.

Still smiling, she said, 'He's my friend, Sir.' His name is Ratzi. He followed after me one day after I gave him a bit of apple.'

I looked at her questioningly, as if she was a little touched in the head.

'Your friend, eh? Does your friend bite?'

I tested this out immediately by stepping close to Sharir, taking her by the chin and tilting her head up to admire her beautiful features. She caught her lower lip in her teeth as she looked up at me.

'Well, Sir, I'm not Razti's boss, but he doesn't usually bite..' she said, sounding a touch unsure, but Ratzi just sniffed my hand and then snuggled deeper into Sharir's hair, perfectly content to let a stranger molest her.

My eyes wandered over Sharir's big brown eyes, down her nose to her full, enticing lips.

'Pretty, aren't you?' I mused, before I glanced back to Ratzi, pondering the rat for a moment. 'Does your Master or Mistress mind that you carry a rat around with you?' My eyes wandered down to her breasts and then I simply took one in my hand and squeezed it.

The hint of a blush spread across Sharir's cheeks at the compliment and she caught her breath and shuddered as I took possession of her breast. I could feel her nipple standing to attention against my palm.

'He doesn't mind,' she said, her eyes still on mine, 'He even gave Ratzi a cage and food. I wash Ratzi all the time, anyway, so he's as clean as a cat.'

I was watching her reaction with satisfaction, then I took her by the hip and turned her around to look over her arse and legs.

'Who's your Master? I might know him,' I said, looking over the soft, inviting curve of her arse a moment before I said, 'I bet he enjoys fucking that.' I glanced back to her with a faint smirk, 'He does, doesn't he?'

Sharir let out little gasp as I manipulated her around, trying to peer over her shoulder to look back at me, her eyes excited and a little frightened. Her Master's name wasn't familiar to me but Sharir mentioned that he was an older man and then immediately looked a little guilty having described him that way.

This look quickly passed, however. I'd unbuttoned her hotpants and slid them down, leaving a bare arse for me to inspect. I regarded it a few moments. Strobe lights hit us just that second, making the sight intoxicatingly erotic. Sharir was breathing heavily and blushing furiously as she looked back at me, and I smirked and slapped it her arse hard, watching the jiggle of the soft round cheeks.

Then I grabbed a handful of her arse and looked up to her. 'So your Master is too old to ride this arse?' I asked with the hint of an amused smile on my lips. She blinked back at me in surprise, then looked away. 'Maybe,' I said, 'he should get an older model he can keep up with.'

I left her, wandering over to a nearby seat to sit down. She stood there a few seconds, staring off into the distance as if there was something very interesting there. Finally she approached me, eyes on mine and flashing in anger. 'No, my Master is a good man, Sir' she said with conviction. 'He does...' She paused and seemingly searched for the right words. 'He looks after me...' she finally said, seemingly a little flustered and tongue-tied.

I watched her, now naked except for t-shirt and suspenders. I clicked my fingers and pointed to the ground in front of her. 'Kneel,' I ordered. Then a thought occurred to me. 'Where exactly are you from?'

She took a deep breath as she stood gazing at me, and then she reluctantly knelt. Her eyes as she looked up at me were a mix of anger and excitement. 'South Africa, Sir. Nelspruit. Near the Kruger National Park.'

I pointed to my leather boots. 'Crawl to my feet and kiss and lick the leather,' I ordered. 'South Africa. Interesting,' I said, looking down at her. The hint of a smile played on my lips as we gazed at each other.

'I think I can tell a natural submissive just from the look in their eyes,' I said. 'You've come to accept that about yourself, haven't you? You were born to love giving pleasure to a demanding personality. Weren't you?'

She regarded me for a few seconds, seemingly struggling with herself. Then, with her eyes still on mine, she bent down, crawled to me. With her naked arse in the air, she breathed heavily, slowly kissing and licking my boots. Ratzi peered at my boots with interest, his whiskers twitching.

'Maybe Ratzi want to kiss them as well,' I said. Sharir looked up at me, her eyes still both defiant and excited.

I said, my voice more serious now, 'Since you've decided to kiss and lick my boots reluctantly, you can keep kissing and licking them until I'm satisfied that you're showing enough enthusiasm.' I glanced over to a switch that had been left on a table near us. Sharir's eyes followed mine.

'Don't take too long, though,' I said, 'if you don't want to annoy me.'

Sharir looked down at my boots for a few moments, as if she were struggling with herself again. Then she said quietly, 'Yes, Sir,' and began licking and kissing the boots with a little bit more enforced devotion.

I watched her in satisfaction, my cock quickly hardening in my jeans. A rush of exhilaration flowed through me as I watched the lights play on the soft curve of her naked arse, pointed up in the air. Her hair flowed over my boots, hiding her face as she obeyed my order. I could feel her breathing heavily as she worked to clean the leather, humiliation mixed in with her arousal.











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