Carrie and I had been fantasising about her fucking other guys for nearly a year - I wouldn't say it dominated our sex life but it was always a thought not far away. We had even talked about it in a practical way over dinner a few times, how it would happen, what we want don't want etc. She didn't seem keen on an actual date with a guy, although I must admit the thought of seeing her get dressed up to go out with someone does get me very hard.

Anyway, back in February it finally happened. It wasn't a complete stranger, my wife used to work with him before we met but I had never met him. We had booked a romantic/dirty night away, just to get away from the humdrum of a usual weekend.

Anyway, we got there about an hour or so before we could check in so wandered around the shops, went for a coffee - and then decided that something stronger was in order so headed off to a bar.

A couple of drinks in and I hear someone call out my wife's name.

She looks round 'Oh my God, Mark!! I haven't seen you for years.' After a quick catch up Mark told his mates he was going to stay on with us and catch up. He seemed like a really nice guy, fairly good looking. He then excused himself to get some more drinks in.

I took this as my chance 'You have haven't you!?' I grinned at my wife.

'Maybe a few times!' She grinned back, her hand tracing the inside of my thigh.

'Do you want to again?' I asked, feeling my cock get hard and my heart start to race.

'No! Well yes kind of. At least its not a complete stranger but we won't bump into him in the street.' Carrie replied.

'Well let's see how it goes - if not we can always pretend later!!' I say giving her a knowing grin.

Mark came back with the drinks, 'I'm going to have to head off after this one, but you are more than welcome back to my flat for another if you want!'

Carrie and I looked at each other - our eyes said 'This is our chance!'

Carrie replied first 'Sure it is, are you still in the same place over looking the square?'

'Yes, that's the one, ideal location for me.' Mark replied

'Definitely, I have some very good memories of your place.' Carrie grins wickedly at Mark then me.

We finish our drinks and head off the short walk to Mark's place. 'If you want to you can.' I whisper in Carrie's ear. She squeezes my hand and smiles at me, before giving me a peck on the cheek and telling me that she loves me.

The view from Mark's flat is amazing, I can understand why he doesn't want to move. You can see across the whole city out, out to the common as well as all the local architecture. 'Pretty stunning isn't it!' Mark says appearing next to me, 'I'm pretty sure you can only spot us at the window if you really try and concentrate.'

After finishing my drink I look at my watch 'I should probably go and check in at the hotel. Do you want to stay and relive old times? ' I ask Carrie.

'Sure, well only if its ok with Mark - I don't want him to think I am thrusting my self on him' Carrie giggled.

Mark looked at us both, 'Well I have to go out in an hour or so but sure feel free to hang out here, it will be good to see more of you.' Carrie nearly spat out her drink at this. I gave her a long kiss goodbye, trying to hide my hard on at the thoughts of what might happen.

I walk slowly down the stairs and then try and casually look up at the window to see what is going on. As I get across the square I look up and see Mark standing at the window...I can't tell what is going on until I spot Carrie behind him touching him before slowly dropping to her knees...

I grab our overnight bag from the car and check in. I am very distracted by the thoughts of what Carrie is up to and what is going to happen when she comes back. I decided to head back to the bar to resist the urge to have a wank - not that I would find it difficult when Carrie came back but because I wanted to explode just for her.

Down in the bar I wait impatiently for Carrie to message me, trying to watch the tv, trying not to down my pint or look too suspicious...then the message came through: 'Meet me at reception in 10 minutes. Love you xx'

I wait anxiously by the door. Carrie arrives with a beaming smile but stern demeanor. We kiss, my tongue probes her mouth for the taste of cock I know is there. Mmmmm I purr into her mouth as she brushes her hand over my hard cock.

She takes my hand and leads me to the lift...kissing me deeply when we are alone inside. 'Oh my god Dan - that was insane...he came so hard in me, I hope you are ready to help me get clean.' The doors open and we rush down the corridor. I throw Carrie on the bed and help her out of her jeans. Her pink knickers are soaking...what looks like a mixture of both of their juices...a few seconds later I was proved right. Carrie was moaning at the slightest touch of my tongue on her pussy. I pulled her knickers to the side to reveal her beautiful pussy leaking cum. I'd licked my own cum from there many time before but now was the start of a whole new adventure.

Before nerves got the better of me I started lapping hungrily at her pussy, eating Mark's cum from her lips and around her thighs. Hungrily eating her hole she begins telling me how dirty she is...she loves talking dirty and knows how much it turns me on too. 'I was such a slut Dan, I was on my knees in front of Mark before you were even out of the you like me being a slut? You do? Good I do too! That's it lick my pussy, make it clean. Am I a slut Dan? Am I?'

I nod my head as I lick her she is so wet I think to myself, when I fuck her I am going to barely feel her. I look up ' you want me to fuck you now so you have 2 loads of cum in you or make you cum first?'

'Who said anything about you fucking me this weekend get back to eating my pussy!'

I oblige and start working on her clit...knowing it won't take long...Carrie lifts her thighs, covering me in a mixture of juices, hungrily eating she starts to moan and grab my head...before screaming into her pillow.

I crawl up her body, still fully clothed, my cock hard in my jeans. I kiss Carrie deeply. 'I love you...thank you.' she said as she breaks and we drift off to sleep.

I did get to fuck Carrie that weekend...we reenacted her time with Mark with me at the window and then her getting fucked from behind with her knickers round her ankles. Carrie loves it like that,the more she asked me if she was a cum slut the quicker and harder I came in her. Then she sat over my face and made me clean her up.

That was our first cuck adventure. There have been a couple more since which I will get round to writing.,42313379.html & u=1528139

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