All characters featured in this fictional story are 18 years of age or older.


"So what are you doing to fill the time now that you're divorced? You're not dating. You're not hooking up. As far as I can tell you're just working and staying at home right?"

Kendra's friend Sarah had asked her out for drinks specifically to see if she could get Kendra back into dating. She had someone she wanted to set her up with, but needed to feel her out and see if she was ready.

"Well I do have a few new hobbies and I've been reading more."

An executive at an advertising firm, Kendra had very little time, let alone patience for dating. Her divorce was a bad one. Her Ex-husband Daryl was abusive and didn't share her appetite for sex. He'd fought her tooth and nail in the divorce. He hired a high powered attorney and even tried for custody of their son just to piss her off.

It hadn't always been like that. When they first met she made it clear right away that she liked sex and lots of it. Daryl was in great shape. Fit and muscular without looking like those meatheads at the gym. she loved his body, especially his cock.

When Kendra saw her first cock she was fascinated right away and it started a life long obsession. She loved hard ones and even soft ones. Thick, Thin, short or long. heavy cummers or light she made them all feel welcome in her body. She always wanted two at once but Daryl wouldn't have anything to do with that discussion.

In college she discovered that unlike her girlfriends she really liked porn, especially blowjob and handjob clips. Anything that put the cock front and center. To the delight of her dates she loved swallowing cum and receiving facials. It's fair to say she was a cumslut of the highest order. When she fell in love with Daryl, she lavished him with the kinds of sex that other girls turned their noses up at. Anal was a staple of their sex lives. She also bought a dildo the same size as Daryl and practiced deep throating every night. Her roommate walked in on her practicing one time and called her a whore.

Kendra smiled, wiped her chin and said "You know that old saying about the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well fuck that! Everyone knows its through his cock and I'm going to make Daryl propose if it kills me"

And he did! For a solid decade after they were married, she woke him up every morning by slipping his beautiful penis in her mouth and going to town. Then one morning he pushed her off. She felt so rejected. She persisted and he finally relented. As soon as she put his cock in her mouth she knew why he'd pushed her off. He'd been cheating and the reason he'd initially rejected her blowjob was the fact that his cock was coated with the dried juices of another woman's pussy. She knew what pussy tasted like and she confronted him right there. He didn't deny it and that was the beginning of the end She was hurt and angry. Men were pigs. Well, not all of them but most. She promised herself she wouldn't settle for anything less than a man who appreciated her and until she found one she was off the market.

So at this point the idea of dating men was off the table. She just wanted to focus on work, and family and leave the drama out of her life for at least 6 months, maybe even a year. She even opened her mind to going lesbo for a bit like back in college.

She masturbated a lot. She dressed provocatively but not slutty most days. At 5'5" and 110 lbs, she could turn heads for sure. She had a tiny waist and a tight butt. She was self conscious about her A cup breasts but enjoyed going braless often, especially in a sheer top that highlighted her dark brown nipples.

She liked turning on men. Teasing and arousing them was a fun way to interact in a sexy way. One time at the airport she made eye contact with a cute guy in line about to board his flight. He was just about to hand his boarding pass over and walk down the jetway when she smiled and showed him a nipple. It turned her on so much she masturbated in the lavatory during her own flight.

She had zero interest in dating, and she didn't enjoy casual sex like you find on Tinder. She needed a connection or at least some redeeming characteristic. From this point forward Kendra resolved only to give orgasms to truly good people.

"So, What kind of new hobbies?"

Kendra snapped out of her daze.

"Oh? Uhm nevermind. Let's order some more wine."

The waiter Allen was kind and attractive. Now 37, Kendra knew she was done dating boys. This boy was handsome and after a quick glance seemed to have a nice package. She missed cock...not men just cock.

Over the course of their meal the ladies engaged Allen in chit-chat. Kendra caught him checking them out a couple times. Kendra chose a short dress that night, one that showed off her tiny waist and cute butt. The neckline was elastic and she'd pulled it past her shoulders.

19 year old Allen thought they were nice ladies not that much different from his mom but hotter of course. They asked about his job and he revealed that like most, he was paying his way through school. He was living with his mother to keep her expenses low and help her out.

"What a nice guy" Kendra said after he left. "He probably loves his momma and makes sure she doesn't worry. "

Sarah grinned "Did you see his package? Boy do I miss boys like that"

Allen brought a bottle of wine to the table and began pouring a glass for each of the ladies.

"This is on the house. Well, technically its on me. I opened it by mistake and my boss is making me pay for it. He's pretty pissed right now. He stays pissed actually. So at the moment I'm just hoping I have a job after tonight"

"I'm sure your night will turn out just fine" said Kendra flirting just a little.

After filling their glasses, Allen set the bottle on the table and headed towards the kitchen.

"So seriously tell me about your new hobby?"

Kendra took a big swig of wine and said "Tell you what. I'm going to go pee and get our check from Allen. When I come back I'll tell you about my new hobby."

Kendra found Allen near the back of the restaurant rolling up silverware in napkins.

On the way to the ladies she handed him her credit card and kept walking. She never even broke stride. Even someone looking right at them might have missed it.

Allen glanced back and caught a view of her ass which she seemed to be purposely sashaying as she walked. He headed towards the register. When he got there he realized that the credit card was wrapped in a small slip of paper.

"Thanks for the wine. Bring my receipt, my card, and your cock and meet me in the ladies room"

Allen's shitty day just took a turn for the better. He knocked on the door timidly and it opened. She pulled him in and locked the door behind him.

Allen leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away. "Oh no buster. You're not getting that lucky."

Kendra knelt down in front of him. She rubbed his cock outside his pants savoring the moment even though she knew they were short on time. She unzipped him and pulled his pants down a little. Tucking two fingers inside the waistband of his underwear, she slowly slid them down. As soon as the bend of his cock came into view she gasped.

"Oh my!"

With a final tug of his waistband his cock sprung free. Kendra had to lean back to avoid getting hit in the face by this kid's hog! She wrapped her manicured fingers around it and contemplated her next move. She knew she wasn't emotionally ready to blow him. Instead she pulled some lotion from her purse.

"It's a lovely penis Allen. You'll have no problem with the ladies that's for sure."

She pulled out her cellphone and began stroking him. She took a selfie with that glorious cock in her hand. She figured she'd use it for motivation later when masturbating at home.

She knew her way around a handjob. Allen was already moaning. Short strokes followed long ones. Each ending with a twist of the wrist at the top then back down again.

"Does it squirt big Allen?"

Oh God she hoped so. She really loved cum. She craved it. She coveted it like a miner searching for gold.

"Uh huh" was all he could manage.

"Such a nice boy with such a nice cock having such a shitty day. Well don't you worry. Momma Kendra's gonna make you forget all of that."

She pulled her dress off of her shoulders exposing her cute little boobs. She knew how visual men were.

She cupped his balls and gripped his cock a little tighter, still moving slowly so they both could savor the moment.

"So Allen, are you enjoying yourself? I think you are."

Without thinking Allen replied "Yes Ma'am" as his mother and all Southern mothers had taught their sons to reply.

"Well then big boy, Ms Kendra wants you to make your big cock squirt big cum for her. Squirt all over my boobies. Come on now Allen squirt for momma."

She pumped harder now and faster.

"I want that come young man and I mean now. Squirt for Ms. Kendra baby. Give your cum for momma Kendra."

Seconds later he roared, perhaps a little too loudly, and shot out ropes of cum all over her chest. The shear volume shocked her a bit. Kendra felt her pussy tingle and knew she'd be frigging her clit as soon as she got home.

"Oh Allen! You did very well! You have a magnificent cock young man. You will make some lucky girl very happy one day."

Kendra stood up, went to the sink and ran some warm water. She cleaned them both up and pulled her dress back up over her tits and checked her chest, makeup and hair for any cum. Then she turned back to young Allen, tucked his dick back in his pants, and smiled at him.

"Can I get your number? Maybe we could..."

She placed a single finger on his lips

"No Allen we can't. I don't need a date or even a lover. This was simply a reward for being a really nice guy who was also having a shitty day. Keep taking care of your mom, finish school, and trust me there are better places and better bosses than this one. If you get fired today, at least one good thing happened."

When they opened the door Allen's manager was waiting right outside with a look on his face that confirmed this was the last gratuity Allan would be getting at this restaurant.

Kendra smiled at the manager as she walked past him and returned to her seat.

She looked at Sarah and said "I paid the check. Let's get out of here. I'll walk you to your car"

Sarah noticed a glow on Kendra's face.

"You look like the cat that ate the canary," she said.

Kendra smiled. "More like the slut that just jerked off the waiter."

"You did not!"

"Oh yes I did." she said with a shit eating grin.

"No way!"

Kendra pulled out her phone and showed Sarah the selfie.

"It's my new hobby. It's mostly random. I give deserving men handjobs and then I go about my business never to be seen again."

Sarah was in shock and also a little turned on.

"So you've done this before??"

Kendra nodded. "Twice before today. A couple weeks ago a Marine who'd just come home from Iraq came to buy my old couch. He'd lost his leg in combat. I thanked him for his service in my own special way."

"Are you planning to do it again?" Sarah asked.

"I don't plan any of it. But yeah why not? As of now, I have no plans to fuck anyone. Men are mostly still pigs. This is just my way of giving back to the ones that aren't. You should try it! Drinks again? Same time next week? Maybe a new place though?"

Sarah smiled and said "Sure Kendra. See you then and I expect a full report on any handjobs you give between now and then."

They hugged and both women got in their respective cars. Both knew they had sopping wet pussies that needed attention as soon as they got to their homes. Sarah's fingers were already in her panties as she pulled out of the parking lot.


"Hello is this Allen Pierce?"

"Yes who is this?" Allen replied

"Mr. Pierce, my name is Sanderson Harris from Harris & Johnson Investments. A mutual friend of ours suggested I call you. She said you'd be perfect for an entry level position we have here. If you're hired and you go full time, we would pay 100% of your University expenses. Would you be available this week for a short in person interview?"

"Um, sure. Look are you sure you have the right person?" Allen asked.

"I believe so. Our friend said she's already had a one on one interview with you over a meal yesterday. Does that ring a bell?"

"Yes sir, it does. What time tomorrow?"

"10 am. Oh and one more thing. Our friend said to tell you that good things happen to good people. You must have made quite an impression."

Allen hung up the phone and grinned. It was going to be a great day.

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