When the next cock appeared through the gloryhole, Casey put her phone away and focused on it. The shaft was already fully erect, and it was the first uncut cock she had encountered so far. Casey shifted in closer just the same and slid his foreskin back before taking the head of his cock into her mouth. She worked herself further down his cock, eagerly sucking on him even if she had already sucked off twelve other men today. It didn't seem to matter how much cock she sucked; she was always looking forward to the next one.

At that thought, she did quickly check the time. She had been in the booth for almost three hours now, and it was far past midnight, but she wasn't the least bit bored or tired. Her knees were a little sore; aside from that, she felt like she could do this all night. Casey quite happily bobbed her head up and down the man's cock, taking him down her throat as he came.

His seed slid down into her stomach, and Casey smacked her lips in appreciation. She only just realized she had completely skipped dinner tonight, and she wasn't the least bit hungry. It wasn't as if she wasn't having her fill of cock though. That man had barely left the bathroom before the door opened again and another man stepped in.

She was pleasantly surprised by the lack of wait and already had her mouth wide open. When the man pushed his cock into the booth, he slid directly into her mouth. The truck driver murmured in appreciation, and Casey got to work. The teenager pushed herself along his shaft, coating it in her spit as she went. She steadily worked her way up and down him, pleasuring him as much as she could.

Casey had only been sucking his cock for a few minutes when there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Hurry up in there, I've got to get back on the road," another man called from inside the gas station.

"Hey, I'm finished when I'm finished, wait your turn," the man she was sucking off answered. There was a grumble from outside, but no more words were exchanged between the two men.

Casey slipped her lips off of his cock, stroking him as she spoke. "Sorry about his rudeness. He'll just have to wait his turn." As soon as she finished talking, her lips pressed back against his cock.

"It's alright," the truck driver moaned. "It's just that word got around about this place and now everyone is pulling off the highway to visit you."

Casey pulled back from him again, still working his cock. "What do you mean?" How did people know about her being here?

"Some other drivers were talking about you over the CB radio," the man moaned, "said this was the best gloryhole this side of I-90." He let out a chuckle. "I bet you're gonna have your hands full with all the drivers pulling over just for you."

Casey felt a swell of pride at the man's words. She certainly hadn't thought things would turn out like this, but she wouldn't complain. That did mean she didn't have any time to waste. If men were waiting for their turn with her, she didn't want to keep them waiting long. She took him completely into her mouth again and slid up and down his length in short, shallow movements.

"And they were right," he added. "I haven't had a girl so eager to suck cock in years. Keep up the good work."

Casey murmured her affection around his cock and kept bouncing her head up and down him. She didn't slow down until the driver climaxed down her throat and added his seed to the mixture in her stomach. He pulled out of the gloryhole without another word and left. When he opened the door and vanished, the next man didn't even wait for it to close before he was walking in.

"I'm running late," he declared, stepping up and sliding his cock into the hole. "Make it quick."

Now that she knew she had a reputation to keep up with, Casey redoubled her efforts. As his cock slid into her mouth, she forced herself all the way down his length, letting him fill up her throat in one go. Before she could pull back from him, though, he did. Then he slammed his cock forward again through the hole, filling her mouth again. The truck driver set a fast pace, pounding forward into her mouth. Casey kept her lips sealed around his length, letting him face her at whatever rate he wanted to.

He hadn't been lying about not having time to waste. After less than a minute of frantic thrusting, he was pumping his load down her throat and pulling away from the hole. Casey was left there with his jizz dripping down her lips as the next man entered less than a minute later. He didn't seem to be in a rush, but Casey didn't know if others were waiting their turn.

After sucking on his dick for a few minutes, she pulled off of him. Her hand took the place of her mouth, and she quickly jerked him off. It seemed like he was about to complain about the lack of blowjob, but then Casey leaned forward and pressed her lips against his balls. She kissed her way along them before taking both of his nuts into her mouth and sucking on them. The man let out a surprised but pleased moan at the treatment. It didn't take Casey long to get him off. His cock erupted all over her face, adding a fresh layer of cum to her already messy features. Casey pulled her lips off of his nuts with a smile, satisfied with the job she had done.

For there, it was a hurried pace as more and more truckers arrived. Clearly, her customers had continued to sing her praises and the gloryhole seemed to be attracting every driver that was passing by. Casey did her best to get each one of them off as quickly as she could. The pace, as much as the act of sucking so many strange cocks had her more turned on than ever. Casey moved from sucking one cock to another, sometimes without even a minute between them.

It wasn't long until she had a hand down her shorts and was rubbing herself with one hand as she stroked a dick with the other. As more of the men pulled out of her mouth and shot their loads over her face and her breasts, Casey ended up stripping off all of her clothes, her tank top already coated in cum. More than once, she moaned out as she orgasmed as the man pumped his load down her throat or added it to the glaze on her face.

Casey lost count of just how many dicks she sucked in that few-hour window. It seemed nearly nonstop. It was a blur of cock, cum, and pleasure. All she knew was by the end of it; her entire front was dripping in the cum of over a dozen different men. Jizz was coated on her face, and even her hair was a sticky mess of it.

The quick pace of customers only seemed to slow when she spotted the first signs of sunlight. Casey had been at this all night, and while she was getting a little tired, she didn't want to stop yet. Of course, she knew this had to end at some point. Her dad would come looking for her to get breakfast, and she couldn't be in here sucking cock at that point.

Her first customer after the flurry of truckers arrived next. "Just wait in the car, Mom, we'll get going when I'm done." The door to the bathroom closed, and he moved in front of the gloryhole, but his cock didn't slide through. Casey could hear him breathing on the other side, sounding close to nervous. "How does this work exactly?" he asked weakly.

Casey couldn't help but laugh. After her treatment from the truck drivers, it was a strange change of pace to hear someone unsure of themselves. "Just stick your cock through the hole," she murmured. "I'll take care of the rest."

"Alright," he answered. He sounded younger than all of the other men, and considering he had been talking to his mother; she would say he was about her age. "I've never done this before."

"That's alright," she answered. "You'll love it."

His cock appeared after a few moments, and Casey decided to take things slow. There was no reason to rush now with the truck drivers no longer lining up outside. He was smaller than the men who came before, but that didn't matter. Casey's hand came up, and she ran a finger along his cock, causing the young man to jump. She couldn't help but giggle at his response. The funniest thing about his age was he would actually be the first man she was with who was an appropriate age for her; every other man had been old enough to be her father.

Her hand slowly wrapped around him, and she began to teasingly stroke him. "Is this your first time with a girl?" she asked.

He didn't answer for a few moments before he offered a weak, "Yes."

"That's nothing to be ashamed of," Casey replied. "Just enjoy yourself, alright?" She shifted closer to him and kissed the head of his cock. "What's your name?" she murmured against him.

He let out a moan at the first touch of her lips. "Andrew," he almost stammered.

"I'm Casey," she replied. Her lips wrapped around the head of his cock, and she gently sucked on him.

Andrew's entire body stiffened in response, and he let out a moan. "That feels so good, Casey."

She slipped further down his cock, slowly taking him deeper against her tongue. He squirmed against her, clearly overwhelmed by the sensation. Casey could have made him cum quickly, but why not take things slowly? She could give Andrew a first time to remember. His cock steadily pushed deeper between her lips until his entire length was inside of her warm wet mouth. As his cock quivered inside of her, Casey quickly pulled off of him, giving him time to relax before she continued.

Casey licked her way up and down his cock, tasting every inch of it. Then she ducked down and kissed her way along his nearly hairless balls. It was much easier to suck them than the older men. She slowly worked his nuts back and forth, bathing them in her spit.

"You're really good at this, Casey," Andrew moaned.

"Thank you," she answered with a smile. "That's nice of you to say." Casey pulled back from his cock, slowly stroking him as she thought. Was there a reason not to do it? Not really, and it would be even more fun for both of them. "Andrew," she said. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes." He didn't even hesitate.

Casey rose from her knees and bent over. She put her hands on the opposite wall and facing away from him. The teen reached behind her and took hold of his cock, and guided it forward to her pussy. She was soaking wet after multiple orgasms and sucking so many cocks now she wanted a proper fucking. Casey pushed back until the head of his bare cock was pressing against her.

"I can't believe this is going to happen," he stammered.

"Just take it slow, alright?" Casey said. "I'm going to let you do the moving, just let me know before you cum."

"I will, Casey," he promised. Andrew would agree to just about anything if he got to fuck her, she suspected.

She pushed back against him, letting his cock sink into her tight welcoming folds. Casey slid back until her ass was pressed against the wall of the gloryhole, and his cock was buried inside of her. Andrew let out a gasp at the new sensation, and Casey let out a moan at finally properly having a cock inside of her again. Maybe she should have been fucking the truckers instead of sucking them off?

Andrew stayed there, feeling her warmth wrapping around him for almost a minute before he started to pull out of her with a moan. Then he pushed forward, sinking back into her wanting sex. He didn't take things slowly at all. Andrew's pace was almost frantic. He shoved his hips forward, sinking his cock into her again and again. The teenager was more eager than any of the older men Casey had been with.

His pace only increased as he slammed forward, moaning out loudly. Casey's groans joined his. After a night of being on edge, it felt amazing to finally be filled up. Andrew's breathing became heavy, and Casey knew what he was building to.

"I'm so close, Casey," he gasped. "This feels so good."

It was a struggle for Casey to pay attention as she was on the verge of her own climax, but she focused on his cock, and just as it started to pulse inside of her, she pulled off of him. Her fingers went to her clit, rubbing herself to her orgasm as Andrew's cock slid up between her asscheeks, shooting his youthful cum all over her lower back. He kept thrusting forward, rubbing himself against her and shooting a few more ropes of spunk onto her.

"That was amazing," he said, catching his breath as he finished. "I can't thank you enough." Casey could hear the smile on his face.

"It was, I'm happy I could help." Casey had never taken anyone's virginity before; it was fun.

Andrew did up his pants, but he didn't leave right away. "Casey, do you think..." He cleared his throat before continuing. "Could I have your number? Maybe we could text or something."

She was taken aback by that. "I doubt we'll ever meet again, but I don't see why not." She gave him her number, and she straightened back up.

"Thank you so much for everything," he said happily. "I really have to run, my mom is going to be furious I was in here so long."

"Bye Andrew," Casey replied. "Oh, before you leave can you ask the cashier to bring me a t-shirt?"

"Sure thing, bye Casey." Andrew rushed out of the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Casey heard the door to the gloryhole open and Antonio appeared. "I assume you're finished then," he said. His eyes moved over her naked body, admiring the sight of her and the amount of cum that still clung to her. "I didn't expect you to be working for that long, or to have that many customers. Here's the shirt you wanted."

"I didn't expect that many either, but it was a lot of fun." He offered it and Casey took it but didn't pull it on yet. She didn't feel ashamed of being in this state in front of him. As if to prove it she ran a finger through the cum staining her face and licked it up off of it. "Do you know how many there were in total?"

"There were thirty-nine," Antonio answered. "Are you professional or something?"

Thirty-nine? Casey must have lost count at some point. "I'm not," she replied with a smile. "I just needed some fun." Her eyes turned to the wad of cash he was holding. "And some pocket money wouldn't hurt."

"Here you go," Antonio said, holding it over to her. "Your share of the cash."

Casey let out a whistle as she saw the amount. "This seems like a lot." She had well over a thousand dollars in her hand. It had been thirty-nine men but still. This was more cash than she had ever had at one time in her life.

Antonio laughed. "I'd say you earned every dollar." His eyes stayed on her naked body as she stood. "Are you going to come around again tomorrow?"

"Sorry," Casey said, pulling the t-shirt on over her head. Her nipples stood out against the thin material proudly. "I'm gonna be leaving in a few hours."

"Before you go then, I think it's only fair that you pay for the use of the booth. You get to keep your share of the cash, I had something else in mind." He looked over her barely covered body and Casey could see just how far his pants were bulging out.

As he began to undo his pants, Casey smiled. "Why not make it an even forty?" One more cock wouldn't take much time.

She moved to squat down in front of Antonio but he caught her shoulder and instead turned her around. Casey was about to protest when his cock thrust into her slick pussy from behind. Her protest transformed into a moan as his dick filled her up. He was bigger than Andrew and after her orgasm, she was still on edge herself. Antonio's cock slamming into her was exactly what she needed right now.

"You got so wet sucking all of them off," Antonio hissed. One of his hands stayed wrapped around her shoulder but his other hand hiked the t-shirt up slightly and bared her ass again. "You're such a slut." His hand slapped down on her as to punctuate the statement.

Casey moaned at the smack, the flash of pain faded away and was instantly replaced with pleasure. She did feel like a slut right now, covered in cum and dressed up in an oversized t-shirt. How many women could say they had taken this many cocks in one night? It was more than most women experience in their entire lives and Casey had done it in one go.

Her mouth was hanging open as she turned back to look at Antonio. "Harder," she cried, referring to both his fucking and his smacking.

He delivered on both, slamming up into her pussy and bringing his hand down to decorate both her cheeks with his palmprint. "Shame you aren't sticking around. I didn't think I'd make so much cash off of your pretty mouth. If you stayed I'd be making a pretty penny and I'd get to fuck this pussy every day."

The idea was tempting. Casey would have all the cock she could ever want and would be making a great living. If she didn't have such a love for hunting she might have actually considered the offer. This had been an exciting one-off experience, but Casey was ready to get back home and back to her real passion.

"My dad might not like me staying," she groaned. Casey pushed herself back against him, taking his dick as deep as she could.

Antonio chuckled. "Traveling with Daddy and you snuck off to be the suckpet for truckers?" His palm met her ass again. "You are a naughty slut."

His thrusts slammed into her harder than ever and his hips smacked against her ass. Casey was nodding along with his words, whimpering as he fucked her. She couldn't even answer him as another orgasm drew closer. It was so near that she didn't even notice that Antonio wasn't pulling out of her. As her climax washed over her, his cock erupted inside of her, pumping her pussy full of his cum. His hips bucked forward a few more times, emptying the last drops of his load into her before he pulled out of her and gave her one more spank before stepping away.

"Stop by next time you pass by," Antonio chuckled, doing up his pants. "I think we both enjoyed this arrangement."

Casey nodded weakly, unsteady on her feet for a few moments. She ducked down and picked up her clothes and her cash and moved to head back to the hotel. Walking past him she made her way back to her motel room. She nearly sprinted her way back. With just the t-shirt on, she wasn't wearing a bra or pants and more than a dozen cumshots still covered her face and hair. She didn't want to be spotted in this condition. As soon as she was back in her room, she fell backward onto her bed, not even bothering to clean up first. She felt bad for whoever had to clean the sheets, but she needed to catch whatever sleep she could. It had been a long fun night, after all.

Tomorrow she would finally get back home, and maybe things would go back to some form of normalcy. Casey still had the mark on her, but it could be managed. Perhaps she could convince her dad and the other hunters to let her go on more hunts as well. Her time with the werewolf seemed so long ago now, but she was still interested in what experiences other monsters had to offer her."

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