We unpacked and he spent the rest of the day on paperwork and making phone calls for his company. I went to the kitchen and worked on something for dinner. When I served dinner, I wore my only dress; the light summer dress that he bought me in Seattle. I left most of the buttons unfastened and wore nothing underneath. I watched as Mike stared at me over dinner. Every time I moved, my small firm breasts were visible to him. He smiled and told me that he enjoyed looking at my thin black body and hoped I would display it for him. I told him that I would wear whatever he wanted because I was his.

"What do you mean?" He asked. "What do you mean 'you're mine?'"

I got on my knees and crawled over to him. I looked up and said, "I made a mistake going to Seattle. I was really stupid. I now know that I need to belong to you. You own my pussy. You own my ass. You own me."

"How do you mean that I own you?"

"I will be your lover, your housekeeper, your slave, your slut, or whatever you want me to be. You can use me however you want. You can use my body whenever and however you want. I need to belong to you and will do whatever you tell me to do."

I spent the night with Mike and he used all of my holes. When I finally fell asleep, I was exhausted and slept like the dead.

Mike took me to the nearby mall and left charge cards there for me. He told me to get casual and dress clothes. He told me to get slutty clothes and bathing suits. He told me to get slinky gowns and seductive sleepwear (although I may never get to wear it). I don't know how many thousands I spent, but it came pretty close to filling a closet in my room. I had never owned so many or such expensive clothes in my life.

Mike spent a long time explaining how I was going to be paid. He set up something called a 401K for me and helped me open a bank account. And he gave me a big salary, but explained that much of it would go to the 401K and the savings account, however, he said I would still get about$350-$400 a week. And he told me that in a year, my 401K with a match (whatever that is) would be worth more than more than $10,000 and my bank account would have almost the same amount. Damn, I would be rich if I didn't fuck it all up.

I liked my job as housekeeper. I kept his house spotless and I learned to cook some great dinners. I tried to wear short sexy outfits that would entice Mike to fuck me whenever he was around home. And he usually did. For dinner, I would always wear something slutty that he couldn't wait to remove from my body. I loved to please him.

When we went out, Mike would tell me to dress casual, dressy, slutty, or elegant. He took me everywhere, and I had clothes for every occasion. Much of the time, I wore outfits that showed off my body. My skirts were usually short or split up the side to my waist. My tops were usually low cut or tight. My shorts were extremely short and my jeans were tight. I loved dressing for Mike because I knew he would enjoy showing off his property and then undressing me later and fucking me like the slut I had become.

As time passed, Mike got more into the idea of owning his own slut. I don't think he was real big on the idea of one person owning another until I voluntarily gave myself to him. Eventually he told me what he expected from me, and I never let him down. He gave me whatever I wanted and I gave him myself for whatever he wanted.

The next two weeks were a dream. Mike worked during the day while I took care of his house. Before he came home, I would prepare dinner, take a bath and dress in one of the revealing dresses that I picked out a couple of weeks ago. Even though he constantly told me that he could get his own drinks, I would meet him at the door with a cold Lone Star Beer. He usually would leer at my body in the revealing outfit as we walked to the dining room. My whole body would tingle when I knew he was ogling me. All I could think about was being close to him and worshipping his big white cock.

I knew he had a trip to Chicago coming up next week and I couldn't believe it when he asked if I wanted to go with him. "You can hang out at the pool or shop while I'm in meetings. Then in the evening, we can go out to eat and maybe catch a play or something," he told me.

I had never been to Chicago or seen a play, so even though I was nervous flying, I jumped at the chance to be with Mike in Chicago. I ran to him and leaped into his arms and kissed his face. "Yes yes yes! I want to go," I screamed. He smiled at me and I asked, "What kind of clothes should I take? Can I be your black slut this trip, baby? Please?" He grinned and nodded his head.

I wore tight jeans and a tee shirt on the plane. We checked in to a suite at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. Within 60 seconds of the bellhop leaving, Mike had me on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked his beautiful cock. I sucked his balls into my mouth and licked up and down the length of his cock. He put his hands on the back of my head and rammed his cock in and out of my willing mouth until he blew his load down my throat. My head was spinning as I swallowed every drop of his wonderful cum.

I put on a short dress and a thong and we left for dinner. I had never been in places like this in my life. And to think that only a few weeks ago I was flat broke and smelly in Seattle. Mike put his hand on my thigh and I immediately pushed the nightmare of Seattle out of my mind. The food was wonderful.

We left and took a cab to the Chicago Theatre for a concert. The music was wonderful and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Quite a few people paid attention to the older white man and the young black girl in the short dress. Obviously, they thought I was either an escort or his slut, and I loved it.

We took a cab back to our room and as we stood outside out suite, I turned around to face Mike. In a flash, he reached up and ripped the dress from my body leaving it in tatters on the floor. My nipples had never gotten that hard that fast. He quickly reached down and ripped my thong off and dropped it to the floor. I didn't even care if anyone else was in the hallway. I was his slut and I wanted him to own me. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him hard, shoving my tongue deep into his mouth. He unlocked the door and lifted me and carried me to the bed.

He slowly removed his clothes and I got hotter and hotter as I watched him. I wanted him so badly. I needed him to use me and to abuse me. When he was naked, I stared longingly at his big white cock. On my hands and knees, I crawled to him and begged, "Please master, may I please suck your cock?" He grinned down at me and nodded his head. I pounced on his cock and licked and sucked it into my mouth. I worked my way down his cock and licked and sucked his balls. I slowly pushed my head between his legs and then licked around his ass before shoving my tongue deep into his bowels. I was so turned on that I came as soon as my tongue entered my master's ass.

I knew he was turned on and he eventually yelled, "I'm coming! "Aaaah shit!" I tried to get his cock into my mouth before he came, but wasn't quite fast enough. I got most of his cum in my mouth but some of it fell onto the bed. I bent and licked his cum from the bed and swallowed all of it.

We lay on the bed and he eventually began exploring my body with his hands and mouth. He kissed my neck and then spent time on each of my small firm breasts. He bit my nipples and I immediately came. Mike slowly kissed and licked my flat stomach turning me into a quivering mass of black flesh. As his kisses approached my wet pussy, I began to tremble in excitement and anticipation. He continued to kiss my stomach and my thighs. His tongue flicked my dark skin.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled. "Please please please!" I was reduced to begging him. I needed to feel his tongue on my clit and pussy. He continued teasing me with his tongue and his fingers. Oh fuck, I would do anything to have his tongue or his hand on my pussy. I was panting and trembling and when he finally touched my clit with his tongue, I had a massive orgasm. "Aaarrrrggh! Yes! Yesssss! Oh fuck! Yessss!" He licked sucked and fingered me for a long time giving me multiple orgasms. I knew I would do anything for this man.

After one final massive orgasm, I was reduced to a sweating trembling mass of compliant black fuck meat that belonged to the superior white man who owned my body. He lifted up and slowly moved up my body until he gently kissed me. I looked up at him and asked, "May I please put your cock into my pussy, sir?" He smiled down at me and nodded his head.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and guided it into my soaking wet pussy. As soon as the head of his beautiful cock entered me, I came again. Mike's white cock pounded my black pussy hard. After several orgasms, he withdrew and flipped me over and entered me from behind. He pulled my hair and pounded me with his cock turning me into a whimpering wanton slut. He shot his load into my wet pussy and then collapsed onto the bed beside me. Although I was exhausted, I knew my duty was to clean his cock, so I went down and licked and sucked it clean. When I was finished, I immediately fell asleep next to Mike.

The next morning, Mike attended meetings and I spent the day relaxing, shopping and reading. Before Mike returned, I cracked the room's minibar and downed a couple of the small bottles of wine. I knew I was underage to drink, but I wanted to show Mike another good time and wondered what it would be like if I was on a light buzz. I showered and dressed in the sluttiest outfit that I owned. It was a very short tight skirt that just barely covered my ass. It had a three inch wide slit to the waist on the side, meaning no underwear. My top was a tight white button up blouse. Of the six buttons, I left four of them unfastened to well below my breasts so I also couldn't wear a bra.

When Mike saw me, he broke out in an ear to ear smile. "You look hot, Marci. Wow!"

He took me to one of Chicago's famous pubs for dinner. Mike said, "Every man in this bar stared at you as you walked to our table, Marci. You look hot and I can hardly wait to get you back to the room tonight."

I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I can't remember ever being this happy. Maybe it was the wine, but I flashed my breasts at Mike all through dinner, and he even suggested flashing others in the bar. He seemed to enjoy watching the men around me sneaking glances as I crossed and re-crossed my legs. When I stood up to go to the restroom, I made it a point to flash my pussy at a table of young men next to us. I made sure the waiters could see my breasts as they served our dinner and removed out plates. By the time we left the bar, my body had been on full display to quite a few of the men there, and for some reason, I found that exciting and I knew my pussy was dripping.

I wanted to go back to the room so my master could ravish me, but he wasn't finished showing me off yet. We went to another bar for a nightcap and Mike insisted the we sit on the bar stools. It's challenging in a short skirt to climb on and off of a bar stool, so I took the opportunity to flash my pussy to as many men as possible. Others stood near me at the bar, and I knew they were looking down my blouse at my bare breasts, and it was making my nipples hard. Every once in a while, Mike would reach over and twist one of my nipples making me moan. Oh fuck, all I wanted was to take him back to our room and suck and fuck him. A few times, I even put my head on his shoulder and begged him to please take me back and use his slut. He just smiled at me. I'm sure that everyone thought that I was just a bought and paid for whore that was his property for the night.

When Mike was ready to leave, he said, "Unbutton your blouse all the way."

"Yes sir," I replied as I unbuttoned my blouse.

We stood up and he lifted my skirt and put his hand on my bare ass. As we walked to the door, my tight top pulled open leaving my small breasts on full display to the patrons of the bar. Everyone stared at me. They all knew that I was Mike's property and that he could have me however he wanted me. And when we got back to the room, he did have me however he wanted me.

In the morning when my head had cleared, I said, "You made me feel like your personal whore last night." Mike furrowed his brow when he looked at me. I continued, "I loved it, Mike. I liked dressing for you, and I liked you showing my body off to the other customers knowing that we would come back here for you to use me. Can we do it again sometime?"

The night we got back home from the trip, we were sitting in the living room when Mike said, "Marci, I really enjoyed showing you off last night. Your hot little body was driving every guy near us crazy. You have the greatest legs I've ever seen. I think you may enjoy being a little bit of an exhibitionist. "

I snuggled up to him and said, "Thank you Mike." I giggled and said, "You might be right. I do enjoy it when you show me off in public. I'm your bitch, baby." I leaned my head against his shoulder and thought that I couldn't remember ever being this happy and content.

He looked at me with those beautiful eyes and in that deep Darth Vader voice, that I first recall hearing back in Seattle when I was just about to be raped, said, "Are you really sure about this Marci? You're asking me to treat you like my own personal slut. I have to admit that it's kind of a turn on, but I've never treated a woman like that before."

"It's kind of funny, babe. I went to Seattle to be an independent hard assed bitch working at one of the big companies. At least I thought that's what I wanted to do. You saved me and didn't ask for anything in return. Hah! None of those ass holes would have done anything like that. Besides, you're hot and a good fuck. And now I'm addicted to your beautiful white cock. I want to be your slut, baby. You know I'll do anything you tell me to do." I reached over and ran my hand over his chest, down his stomach and grabbed his cock through his pants. Mike grinned at me as I unzipped his pants and slowly got on my knees between his legs.

I looked up at his as I removed his cock from his pants and began licking it. He smiled down at me and I kept eye contact as I put as much of his big cock in my mouth as I could. I don't know how long I licked and sucked his cock because time seems to go by so quickly when his cock is in my body. When he put his hands on my head, I knew he was ready to cum. He pumped his load down my throat and I licked his cock clean when he was finished. I loved this man and his wonderful cock.

Our life was good for the next month. Mike worked every day, sometimes from his home office and sometimes from his office in town. When he worked from home, I always took lunch into his office and begged to suck his cock while he was eating. Once I even sucked it during a Zoom meeting with others from his company. I kept his house spotless and prepared his dinner ever evening.

But the best part of every day was when we slept together at night. Before going to sleep, we sometimes made love. Other times we fucked. And then other times, he just used my body as his personal fuck toy. He used toys on my body and made me rim his ass hole. He spanked me and called me names. And when I asked him to piss on me, he eventually concurred after much begging. I submitted to him completely.

After a month, Mike told me that he had another three-day trip. I was puzzled when he didn't ask me to go with him. He could tell that I was hurt so he said, "I would take you, but I'm not sure you would go. I'm going to Indianapolis."

I was stunned and didn't know what to say. That was my hometown and it had been a few months since I had left home after my Mother's dipshit boyfriend had tried to rape me. He said, "If you want to go, I would like to have you come with me. But I thought it might not be pleasant for you."

I sat quietly for a long time and then I smiled at him and said, "I'd like to go with you Mike." He looked at me kind of funny so I added, "I wouldn't want you to find a new slut while I'm not around." He smiled at me, nodded his head and then lifted me in a big bear hug. I wrapped my legs around his waist, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. We kissed for a couple of minutes which made my whole body tingle and my nipples hard. Damn could this guy kiss! I finally said, "If you give me a minute to take off my shorts and your pants, I'd like to get back in this position.

Mike smiled and nodded his head so I jumped down and took off my shorts and unfastened and dropped his pants. When he stepped out of his pants, I jumped back up and wrapped my legs around him, reached down and slid his cock into my soaked pussy. AS my arms went back around his neck and his cock slid all the way into my cunt, I came quickly. "Aaarrrrgggh! Aaaahhh yesssss!"

He looked at me and said, "I need a beer," and started for the kitchen. Each step moved his cock inside of me. Every once in a while he would take a small jump which made me climax and squeal immediately. I was impaled on him and I loved it. He grabbed his beer and began drinking it while walking around the kitchen. I was coming over and over and over again as he smirked and drank his beer.

He was putting a very minimal effort into this fuck but he was driving me insane. "I-I'm y-your slut!" I gasped. "Uunngh! Oh yesss! Oh baby, fuck your bitch." He took another drink and then set down the can. He grabbed my hips and began pounding me hard. I was almost delirious with pleasure and when he finally came, I was almost unconscious. He kissed me and then gently lifted me from his cock and put me on the counter. He smiled and tweaked my breasts which drove me to the verge of another climax. I dropped to the floor and licked and sucked his cock clean.

We drove to Indianapolis a few days a later and checked into the hotel. After a great dinner at a downtown steak house, Mike gently made love to me and then we fell asleep in each other's arms. As I lay next to him, I thought how much I enjoyed our lovemaking, but I preferred when he was rough and treated me like his whore.

I spent the next day visiting some of my old haunts around town. I saw a few friends from high school and lunched with some of them. That evening, I dressed in a short summer dress that Mike said looked like it was spray painted on me. I wore three-inch heels. Mike smiled all evening and had trouble taking his eyes off of me. He told me that all of the men in the restaurant watched my legs and ass as I walked to the table. When I sat at the table, my dress rode up my legs until they were on full display. I pretended to be unaware, but just thinking about it made my nipples hard, and that was obvious to anyone looking at the top of my dress. I guess I really do enjoy being an exhibitionist.

When we got back into the room, I pleaded with Mike to treat me like his whore. He roughly removed dress and panties, and then undressed himself. My pussy was so wet that he had no trouble ramming his cock into my pussy. "Aaaah fuck!" I screamed. "Fuck your whore, baby. Aaarrg!"

Mike pounded my slutty pussy for a long time before dumping his load into me. I eagerly cleaned his cock. After lying next to each other for a few minutes, Mike began twisting my nipples and fingering my hot pussy. I was moaning and writhing all over the bed having climax after climax. I don't know how long he worked on my body, but I was just a quivering mass of fuck meat when his cock was hard again. He flipped me over and shoved his cock deep into my ass. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass and called me his personal slut and cum dump. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a vibrator that I hadn't seen. After turning it on, he began working on my clit and pussy making and I begged him to use me and make me his whore forever.






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