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A quick fix for this particular business would’ve been to just park their limos in front of a fancy 5-star hotel and take a few photos there, and that alone would change the current company image dramatically. One of the websites we analyzed a while back had on its “fleet” page the photo of the company “parking lot” with their two limos. It was a small, gravel patch of land, behind a hand-made wooden fence, next to a cattle ranch. Black limo services cater to a very specific audience, they are ready to pay more for the service, but they also expect a higher standard of service. If you have a website that is older than 5 years or hasn’t been updated in 3 or more years, then you can be sure that you need a new one. If you do not have one, you are losing a significant portion of your internet potential.

But if you try the things listed here, you will most likely succeed in surpassing your competition. If you get a bunch of people in your party limo who paid you 600$ for 8 hours of your service, surprise them with free food at near end of their drive. Even if they truly have the greatest night in town with your service, it’s really difficult to sell that service to anyone not acquainted with your company, due to generic descriptions and promises of having fun.

For almost 30 years, the t&m limousine service from hamburg has been one of the leading service providers in the field of chauffeur service in northern germany. A luxurious appearance is within reach with our stretch class for everyone. An automotive experience for special occasions and special guests.

It’s more of a branding thing than anything else, but it’s a great way to make your limo company a ‘purple cow’, a completely memorable and different from all of your competitors. Now, most people use something they offer for free as a selling point, which you shouldn’t do. Most of them offer ‘best night out in town’ or some other variation, which again – begins with “best”.

In this particular case, it’s a word so often used that it lost its meaning. I’ve already covered the text content handicaps on limo websites in the previous segment. Usual complaints range from lack of punctuality, impolite staff, reservation problems, and badly maintained limos. Staff problems can be resolved with a lot less investment than fleet problems. You can also check yelp to see what your customers are saying about your service and address those issues accordingly.

Whether you're organizing an event, board meeting, a high class travel experience, or need a premium ride service for whatever reason, we can have a limousine and local chauffeur pick you up in over 60 countries worldwide. So whether you're in new york or los angeles, paris or berlin, you can enjoy a safe and professional journey with your own personal chauffeur with sixt ride's premium limousine service. When you book a professional blacklane car service in frankfurt, you get more than just a chauffeur. Our airport limo allows you to reach your end destination in a relaxed and comfortable manner, something that is next to impossible with any taxi or public transportation. Simply input your flight details during the booking process to allow your chauffeur to track your flight, ensuring he is there upon arrival.

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