Sulphurette stood on the sidewalk in the dark and pouring rain. She was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a long coat with the collar turned up to keep out the rain. She hailed a taxi coming up the block, and quickly opened her mind to the driver's deepest erotic desires. Images of Bollywood flooded through her mind: slender, chai-colored women with long black hair, dancing sinuously in time with wild music. Her shape morphed to match as the cab approached the curb.

As the cab stopped, she hurried up to climb in and nearly collided with someone! It was hard to make out much in the dark and wet, but he was wearing an expensive overcoat and hat and was clearly some kind of businessman.

"Pardon me! So sorry! I was distracted and wasn't watching what I was doing. I saw the cab stop and didn't even think..." he prattled, slowly coming to a stop and just staring at her. Sulphurette had quickly composed herself, and turned her full seductive gaze on him. "Umm. Ah. Wuh... Why don't you take this cab, I'll get the next one."

She'd been interrupted mid-hunt, and was still struggling to regain her focus. However, not for nothing had she once—long ago—been known as the cleverest woman in Venice. This could actually be an amazing opportunity.

Staring winsomely up at him from under her eyelashes, now dripping with rain, she asked: "Well, where are you going? Maybe we can share?" He named an address a good ways uptown. It didn't actually matter *where* he was going. With a delighted smile, she said: "That's just around the corner from where *I'm* headed!" With that, she climbed into the cab and slid across behind the driver. A moment later, he climbed in beside her. He gave his address to the cabby, and they were off.


Preoccupied by the news that his divorce had just been finalized, the man pushed his way through the revolving door of his office building, and abruptly noticed that he was getting soaked. A cab was just pulling up to the curb, though, so he rushed over to get inside and nearly collided with a much smaller person also rushing to get in. He was making his apologies when she turned her face up to look at him, and all thought was blasted from his brain.

She was so stunningly beautiful that it just about took his breath away. She wore a bell-shaped hat with a wide brim. Intense, deep brown eyes looked up at him with crystalline drops of water clinging to her thick eyelashes. Her face was narrow with a long nose, a wide mouth, and perfect skin the color of milky tea. Rich brown hair—almost black, but not quite—cascaded around her face in long, loose curls. He was reminded of the women he met attending a friend's wedding in New Delhi, but this woman was so beautiful as to almost seem unnatural.

As he offered her the cab, she looked up at him with an expression which was part damsel-in-distress, and part temptress. When she offered to share it with him, he couldn't resist. As she climbed into the cab in front of him, he caught the outline of a full, round ass covered by her coat and smooth slender legs underneath. Sliding in next to her, he saw the cabby looking back at them with wide eyes. He was a big man wearing an orange turban which nearly pressed against the ceiling of the car. Despite his obvious youth, he already had a long black beard. With a deep voice and a pronounced Indian accent, he asked where they wanted to go. Giving his address, the man looked at his new companion, but she just shook her head, waved a tiny hand, and leaned back into the seat.

As they started off, the only sounds were the squeak of the windshield wipers, the rumble of traffic, and Indian pop music playing quietly on the radio. The woman was looking out her window, absently unfastening the buttons on her wet coat. Seemingly unaware of her surroundings, she let it flop open to reveal a nightgown in shimmering pink satin which only just reached her thighs. Like her face, her legs were long, smooth, and gorgeous. Between the cold and the shear nightgown, her nipples stuck out prominently, making long ripples in the fabric which highlighted them even more.

The driver not-so-subtly shifted his mirror for a better view while the male passenger swallowed hard, and tried not to get caught peeking. Then, much to his shock, she casually reached up one tiny hand and started gently twisting a nipple through the nightgown, and then the other, giving soft sighs as she did so. The man could feel his cock stir in his pants, and he wondered if he had just stepped into some kind of Bollywood porn movie.

Eyes closed, she slid down in her seat, causing her nightgown to ride up and expose matching panties. Still tweaking a nipple with one hand, she reached down to slowly rub the mound of her panties with the other. The man's attention was momentarily drawn away as the car jerked erratically. Flashing his eyes away from the woman beside him, the man could see that the driver only had one hand on the wheel, and was obviously spending a lot more time looking behind him than in front of him.

Soon, she was moaning very clearly over the other sounds in the car, and slipped her hand inside her panties for better access. The fabric, stretched tight over her knuckles, danced rhythmically as her hand flicked back and forth faster and faster. The man couldn't help but rub the bulge in his pants as the sounds of her orgasm drawing closer sent the blood throbbing through his body. She finished with loud whines of pleasure as they were stopped at a traffic light. At this point, he was just starting at her openly as she slumped back in the seat next to him.


Still gasping, Sulphurette opened her eyes to find both men staring at her in a state of amazed arousal. Seeing that she had them both well under her spell already, she said: "Mmm... that was nice. But I want more. Driver, why don't you find us all a quiet spot to get better acquainted?" He nodded eagerly, flicked off the meter, and gunned it as the light turned green.

Turning to the man beside her, she sized him up for the first time. He was middle-aged, caucasian, with a handsome face, and touches of gray in his dark hair. He was wearing an expensive overcoat above a gray business suit. His tie was loose, his top button undone, and a small tent obvious through the thin material of his trousers. Stretching one thigh over his lap, she lightly pulled his face to hers as her other hand gently caressed the tent in his lap.

She kissed him deeply, tongue exploring his mouth. She could feel him flinch as he noticed the forked tip, but he quickly got into the spirit of things, and she felt a hand exploring her breast. This lasted only a minute before the driver pulled into an underground parking garage, and—tires squealing at every turn— took them to the lowest—and most deserted—level.

As soon car pulled into a space in the farthest corner, Sulphurette stopped snogging the man beside her to grab the driver by the collar, and whisper in his hear: "I want your cock inside me: now!" She then opened her door, and stepped out onto the concrete so that her backside was just sticking out of the car door, while she turned her attention back to the man beside her. He already had his pants undone, and was just pulling out his cock when she turned back.


The driver was having the night of his life. He'd only recently moved here from northern India, and was just driving to pick up some cash until the semester started. Of course, one gets wild ideas about America from the movies, but everyone knows that real life isn't like the movies. But, here he was! Right in the middle of a crazy American movie!

The girl looked almost exactly like his favorite Bollywood star, but even more beautiful. He'd never even seen anyone like her in real life. He'd already been jacking off watching her, and when she suggested adding him, he hightailed it to the nearest garage. Now that the car was parked, he just about tore the door off its hinges in his excitement.

When he got out of the car, he could see that she was bent over with her ass sticking out the door. The tails of her coat were hanging around her waist, and the rest of it was oddly bunched up in a large lump over the center of her back. He paid it no attention, though, since her nightgown had slid up along her back exposing a gorgeous ass waving back and forth in front of him with the thin line of a thong just barely covering her privates.

Pulling down her thong, he could see wispy black hair covering her labia below the pink pucker of her asshole. She wiggled her butt invitingly, as her mouth was still busy inside the car. Stepping forward, he slid his cock into her pussy. It was *amazing*. Hot, slick, and very tight; granted, he was a big guy in general, and definitely a bit above average downstairs. He could hear sloppy wet sounds from inside the car, and his passenger was groaning encouragements loudly.

He started thrusting inside her in long deliberate motions, determined to last as long as possible and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


As soon as her hand left his crotch, the businessman worked open his belt and trousers. By the time she turned her attention back to him, he'd just about managed to wiggle his stiff cock out of his pants. As soon as it was exposed, she whipped off her hat and dove down to take it in her mouth. She was wearing something funny on her head, but he was soon in no condition to care. Her mouth was on his cock, and he could think of nothing else.

Her head was bobbing up and down vigorously, sinking all the way to the base of his cock each time: one of the advantages of being less well-endowed. The two parts of her tongue twined around his cock like two strong, wet fingers. Without thinking, he started a litany of dirty talk punctuated with groans while she deep-throated him repeatedly and massaged his balls. Reaching down to grab her head, he jabbed himself painfully on the weird headband she was wearing, but that was only a momentary distraction as she keep up her expert attentions.

The sound of a motor broke through the haze of pleasure filling his brain, and he realized that another car was coming down the ramp to their level. The girl slid backward out of the car, grabbing his tie and pulling him along.

Getting out, he could see the tall driver lying flat on the ground, his feet almost under the car, and his body stretching away into the adjacent spot. His big, brown cock looked like a beer bottle balanced on his groin. The woman, crouching over him, squatted down on top of it, her butt thrust out back toward the car as she bent low and started kissing the driver. Looking back over her shoulder, she took out a condom and a small bottle of lube from her pocket and demanded: "Put it in my ass!"

Indeed, the little pink pucker winked invitingly at him above the pussy stretched wide to encompass the driver's cock. Giving a look around, he could see the other car pull into a spot about a half-dozen spaces closer to the exit. Kneeling down with the other two behind the shelter of the car, he prepared to do *exactly* as the lady requested.


It had been a long time since Sulphurette had managed to get two men at once, and her fellow passenger's less intimidating cock had inspired with the perfect place to put it. She lowered herself all the way down on the lovely, thick cock underneath her, and handed a some supplies to the other man. After waiting eagerly for too many seconds, she felt a touch at her back door. First one lubed finger and then another worked their way into her hole, and she squirmed and clutched at them with her ass. After only a few seconds, they disappeared, and she felt the other man's cock—perfectly-sized for unplanned anal—pushing its way inside her.

Once he was all the way in, Sulphurette took a few moments to revel in the magical feeling of being *completely* full. She was dimly aware of laughing, chatting voices a little ways off as she started rocking slowly back and forth on the two cocks. Biting her lip to keep quiet, she couldn't help a low huff on each stroke as she impaled herself to the limit again and again. Planting one hand on the driver's broad chest, she freed up her other hand to start flicking her clit: adding to the mounting ecstasy. Her orgasm came quickly after that, and she thrust herself back onto the two cocks and stayed there spasming for nearly a full minute.

Once she recovered, she pulled herself off the two cocks, and spun about. She lightly pushed her fellow passenger backward, and he let himself fall across the seats: legs and cock still sticking out of the car. Discarding the condom, she went to work on him in earnest.

Below her, she heard an admiring moan and something like: "Kya ek yoni!" followed by some shuffling. In short order, she could feel some ineffectual lapping at her vagina. She thought: "Ugh... Doesn't anyone teach young boys about the clitoris anymore? At least, I'm already two orgasms in..."

Sucking hard and fast, she extended her powers into the man in front of her, taking hold of his balls, prostate, and other organs. When he finally started to cum, she exerted her will to drive his body into wave after pulsing wave of orgasm: and wave after wave of semen which passed immediately down her throat. She could feel her physical form grow more solid and powerful with each spurting jet.

As the man in the car went limp, she turned her attention to the large and eager cock now immediately below her. She started stoking him rapidly: working her tongue all over the head of his cock. His earlier ineffectual lapping become completely useless and he started issuing vociferous encouragements in a language Sulphurette didn't know. As before, she worked her power into the man's organs, pushing them to produce beyond their limits. It wasn't long before he gave out a massive groan, and a flood of semen surged into her mouth. She could barely contain it all, but was determined not to lose a drop. As before, she could feel the ecstasy of energy surging from man's body into her own: locking her spirit tightly into her physical body.

When she was done, she felt a tingling from her ears to her toes. As much as she had enjoyed sex as a human, the poor creatures had no idea how good sex could *really* be. She congratulated herself not only on catching two men in the same hunt, but having done so without either ever realizing what she actually was. She was going to enjoy making some humble pie for The Agency with that when she got back home: particularly after what they said to her after her last, failed, hunt.

As she stood, settling her clothes in place and looking down at the results of her evening's work, she started to giggle, and then laugh out loud. Everything happened so fast that these two would probably forget everything all the way back until before they'd even met her. Imagine their surprise waking up in a few hours, cocks hanging out, in a deserted parking garage, with a discarded condom on the floor next to them! But, she thought, the benefits they received would be more than worth the confusion. The elevator arrived, and she took it back to the street level, still giggling quietly to herself. & u=4896

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