WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own WWE or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Paige (WWE)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes - Chapter 13

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

Sometime as I 'research' my Big Book I have to be inventive with how I secure some footage and pictures of my encounters. Hidden cameras, sneaky camera snaps and so on. So it was rather refreshing for once to have things rather simple. Well, as basic as using the camera on a laptop to record gets. I was surprised that only a little bit of coloured tape managed to hide the usual red light to show it was on.

"There you go! All set up and installed." I said, wiping my hands together like I'd done hard labour work. Truthfully, I was far from a computers expert but I knew the basics. Enough to pass off as one, clad in jeans and a shirt with a little tool belt of sorts to play the part. Having placed my laptop, which I'd claimed was diagnostics purposes, nicely on the PC desk so I'd get a good shot of the room. But clicking a few Yes buttons on a screen and plugging in cables to the right slots? That I could certainly handle.

"Cheers, love..." The thick, British accent of the retired WWE Superstar Paige thanked me as she stepped in with a smile on her full, enhanced lips. Her huge, fake tits on display in a very low cut, fit for attracting viewers on a live stream, black top. With snugly fitting dark pants as well. "I'm sure that I could have gotten my boyfriend to handle this, but it never hurts to get an expert in. Especially if he's a right looker like you." She added with a flirty smirk.

"Guess you were expecting someone in a shirt and tie, wearing glasses like in the TV shows?" I joked with a smile, looking at her as the two of us were side-on to the camera. "It's not every day I get to help out a celebrity like you... I'm sure your viewers will appreciate the hardware upgrade."

"Oh, so you've seen me have you?" Paige asked as she glanced over me.

"I might have gotten a gift sub to your channel a couple of times..." I teased, returning the look from the controversial beauty.

"Didn't pay for one yourself, huh? Cheeky bugger..." She continued the banter as she stepped forward. "And I bet you've checked out some of those videos of me that are floating about online too, haven't you?" She bluntly said, catching me a little off guard.

"No idea what you're talking about, Paige." I lied and for once, I wasn't exactly going a good job of lying.

"Fucking thought so, prick..." She smirked, before she reached forward and helped herself to a feel of my crotch. Making herself gasp and eyes widen when she felt the size of me. "Fuck! Make that a big bloody prick!" She started smiling again, and didn't take her hand off of me.

"OK, maybe I've seen a couple pics or two..." I admitted, groaning as her tattooed hand gripped me. "Do you always feel up a workman that comes to your place? Mmmmm... Or are you trying to score yourself a discount?" I joked as my own grin showed I wasn't complaining about her wild child antics.

"Maybe. Maybe I just want a bloody good seeing too..." She said, licking her lips as she approved of the side of me. "Didn't expect you to be such a big fan of me though..." She brushed her long dark hair back before she got even bolder as she dropped down to a squat right in front of me. Unknowingly staying in perfect position as the camera captured it all.

"In that case, be my guest then, Paige..." I easily, as many a man would, agreed to her demand as I watched her quickly move her hands up to unloop my tool belt to drop it to the floor.

"Oh fuck yeah..." She groaned like a pornstar when she hauled my pants and boxers down and saw my thick, lengthy cock starting to harden. All too easily, despite having a boyfriend, grabbing a hold of me and pumping with both hands. "A nice big fucking dick..." She said with approval as she stroked me off. Soon leaning down as she ran her tongue across my tip, swirling around the fat crown while she pumped. Showing off experience already as she teased with that slow licking over the top. Staring up with a sensual look as the pale beauty easily got me rock hard with the lapping and jerking. Seeing her huge tits on display from her position helping in that regard too.

It wasn't long however before she gave me a taste of those huge, filled lips of hers as she slipped my dick between them and pressed them around me to get me moaning. Sliding her head down my length as she groaned around my thick length. Her chin meeting her hand before she lifted back up and made a sexy 'pop' sound when she pulled off to smirk at me like she approved of the taste of me. "Let's see if you can handle some of me..." She made it sound like a challenge as she went back to work. Diving back down to take me into her warm, wet mouth and this time when she lifted up she kept the bell-end inside. Repeating the sucking as in no time at all she got into a steady motion to run those large lips smoothly up and down my rod. The hand still stroking over the lower part for a well practised double team.

"Mmmmm... Not to brag? But I think I can handle you..." I said with confidence as I watch those pornstar lips gliding back and forth as she blew me with eagerness. Feeling the occasional flick of her tongue against my underside as I passed into her. Along with her own lusty groans bouncing off my inches as she in turn easily made me moan from the oral skill of the former WWE Divas Champion. Helping her out to keep focus as I brushed her dark hair back over her shoulder, but in truth I was just ensuring my secretly filming laptop has a clear view of that pale face working over my fat dick as she smoothly bobbed away onto me.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." She continued to groan as she stared up at me. Putting on a show as she moved her hand off from my cock so she could grip her own chest with both palms to squeeze them and make them bounce, moaning herself from the motion. Getting my shaft nicely slick with her spit as she slurped away and pushed her head down further onto my shaft. Considering the neck injuries that contributed to her having to retire from in-ring action, it was a pleasant surprise to see that she could still work and dish out a much far from rated PG form of entertainment. No issue with moving her head smoothly and steadily along my fat prick as she gazed up with smoking desire for me, despite having only met me today.

The Norwich, England-born stunner continued to make her saliva cover my dick as it started to drip from her own chin down to her heaving chest for a bonus sight for me camera. Those large, ripe lips still perfectly pressing around my size as she worked along me and gripped my legs. Further impressing as she pushed that gorgeous, pale face all the way down onto my rod to make us both moan out. Deep throating as that oral passage snugly gripped my member and her tongue slapped around as much of me as she could. Groaning sinfully into my crotch with her chin smearing more saliva onto my balls for good measure. Keeping herself held down for a long time so we could both enjoy the sensations with her not even gagging for a second before she eventually lifted away. Sneaking in another quick round of slurps before she finally pulled properly off to catch some air. Spitting onto my shaft and using her hands to swiftly work it all over my inches.

"Fuck! Some blokes back in the locker room couldn't last that long with me..." Paige grinned at me as she let go of my dick. Moving to stand up as she started lifting her top up to show off the grand tattoo above her stomach.

"Tough luck for them..." I said, my focus being on seeing her large, rounded fake tits being exposed as she tossed her clothing over her shoulder with it landing on an expensive, colourful professional gaming chair in the corner of the room.

"No fucking shit..." She gave a wink. Continuing the shameless strip show as she slid her pants down to show off her thick, pale ass to me.

"Hey, actually? Mind if we bring that chair over here?" I suggested as Paige raised an eyebrow, watching me roll it over and of course, I made sure it was side on to the camera to capture the show as I brought her back over. Having her bring a knee up to rest on it as I leaned the chair back, so she could grip the back and bend over onto it.

"Inventive bugger, aren't you?" She teased, looking back over her shoulder at me with an approving smile. The look only increasing as I entered into her tight, already a little wet pussy from behind to get us both moaning. My hands holding her waist as I started to thrust into her with a nice amount of force as I let her get used to the size of me. "MMMMMM... Oh fuck yes! MMMMM... Nice and fucking big..." She groaned as it wasn't long before she was actively pushing back against my motion. Helping to work my inches deeper into that needy twat of the former WWE Superstar. I was more than happy to oblige as I matched her timing with firm thrusts of my own, filling her up nicely as I watched her ass start to ripple from her motion. She didn't even show any concern about the fact I'd gone into her bareback.

I stared down, seeing that wonderful, juicy backside of hers slide back and forth over my size as I fed myself into her twat. Her pussy walls gripping my cock pleasurably as she easily took my pole. The slight squeak of the suspension of her chair being heard as she used it to rock against my pumps. Only just heard above both of our moans as I tapped her from the back. Making her look like she's more suited for streaming a cam-girl performance on a porn site than playing video games in terms of service testing clothing. My cock deeply plunging in and out of her box as I picked up the pace much to her groaning approval as I made her tits swing back and forth under her pale frame as she was bent over the chair.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yes! Come on, you hung bugger! MMMMM!! Bloody stuff me good!" The first ever NXT Women's Champion demanded, tossing her long dark hair back as she gazed back with strong lust as I fucked her snatch. Not looking like a woman in a relationship as she let me fill her up from behind as my crotch started to smack off her plump, pale ass cheeks as I took her. "MMMMM... Bet you bloody wanked yourself off... AHHHHHH! Fucking dreaming of doing this..." She licked her lips as she kept the shameless dirty talk going. Groping one of her jiggling tits for a boost of pleasure while she kept shifting her hips back and forth towards me. Keeping her twat sliding along my cock as I used it like a piston into her wetness. Turning her live streaming room into a little sex den for us, and something told me from how easily she was pushing back against my pumps that this might not have been the first time she's ever done this.

"AHHHHH... I might have had a nice dream, once in a while..." I said back with a smirk as I groaned. Loving how that hot, wet pussy felt wrapped around my thrusting dick as I went balls deep into that British snatch. Giving back as good as I was getting as her forceful pushes back to meet each fresh incoming pump was as stiff as my own swift motion. Making sure that slap of her pale skin meeting my frame rang out around her gaming room. Easily heard along with our moans as I kept her filled up to take full advantage of having a horny beauty who was down to fuck. Despite the fact that she was openly in a relationship and that I was most certainly not her boyfriend.

"OH FUCK... FUCK!! MMMMMM... Big fucking dick... MMMMM!! Deep in my fucking dirty pussy..." She licked those full lips of hers as sweat started to form over that already delicious and more than just a little surgically enhanced body of hers to make her look even hotter than ever. Pinching her nipple as she kept rocking back and forth, utilising the wheels of her gaming char for momentum, so that she could keep her ass smacking forcefully back into my waist to keep me stuffed deep into her snatch. "AHHHHH FUCK!! Bet a kinky fucker like you... MMMMM... Would fucking love to shag me on camera, huh? You... MMMMM!! Filthy bastard..." She teased with a devilish smile. Having no clue that was currently going on as my laptop was recoding her getting taken from behind by a man she's only met earlier this day as I pumped away stiffly and steadily into that tight love tunnel of hers. With how horny this beauty is being I was starting to wonder if I should have just whipped my dick out when she'd opened the door and asked her to blow me rather than this elaborate plan.

"MMMM... Would you be mad at me... If I told you my laptop over there was filming all of this?" I decided to be bold and tell her the truth, thinking she'd just get more filthy knowing it.

"Ooooooooh... You filthy fucker..." She let out a saucy laugh as she shifted forward, making my dick fall from my cock. "I thought there was something up with you..." Paige smirked at me as she stood up from the chair.

"So, wanna keep going anyway?" I offered as I pulled the furniture back into place for the camera, and helped myself to sit down onto her own gaming chair to rest back.

"Only if you fucking promise to give me a copy..." Paige grinned as she all too easily accepted not just my verbal offer, but the one of my cock as she climbed onto my lap. "And make sure to not leave it on your cloud storage..."

"Sounds like a deal, Paige..." I smiled, before we were both soon moaning again when she eased that already wet pussy slowly down onto my prick. My hands clutching her body right at the sides of her tattoo below her bust as she ground her crotch against mind to enjoy being filled up once again. Giving me another lewd grin as she gripped my shoulders and started to bounce. Testing out the suspension of that high-end gamer chair as the squeaking of the joints was heard as she rode my dick. Giving me the fantastic view of those big, round, pale tits jiggling as she handled my cock with pornstar skill as my own loud, shameless moans easily proved.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK YEAH! MMMMM!! FUCK!! Fucking fuck me, you dirty prick!! MMMMM!!" She demanded, gazing at me with desire that a beauty with a boyfriend shouldn't have. Bouncing on my shaft clearly not enough for the former WWE Divas Champion. I was all too happy to follow orders as I began to thrust upward into that still snug but now soaking wet snatch of hers. Timing my motion just right so that whenever she dropped down onto me I was there to fire my cock up into her. Ensuring she was stuffed up to the hilt and moaning in delight as I banged her. "AHHHHH... SHIT!! Yeah, like fucking that! MMMMM!! OH FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM..." Her filthy talk would even make a veteran pornstar blush but it was fitting for the moment as she rode my pumping dick. Making that slap of skin keep ringing out as she dropped into my lap over and over. Showing that despite her wresting career being doing, she's still got the body and energy for a different kind of hot and heavy action.

The moment even filthier now that she knew she was being filmed fucking a stranger she's only met a few hours ago. My camera recording the wonderful sight of her rounded, juicy ass rippling away with each bounce she delivered on my cock. Glimpses of my dick shown when she lifted up to just above the mid-way mark on my manhood before firmly sliding all the way to meet my crotch rising up to ensure I was lodged nice and deep into her. Beginning to sweat myself as the far from tame beauty handled my shaft with clear experience and skill. The both of us pushing the joints of her chair to the limit as it rolled slightly back and forth from how wildly she was riding my stiffly thrusting dick.

"FUCK! FUCK!! Come on... MMMMM!! Harder, you fucker! MMMMM!! Fucking wreck me! Fuck my shit up!! MMMMM!!" Even with me being already balls deep inside her, she was still demanding more red hot action as I kept my cock ploughing upward into that snatch as she was already more than doing that job herself with her quick, needy bounces on me. Not one to turn down a beauty in heat like she clearly was, I went to target those rippling titties of hers as I captured both. "MMMMMM FUUUUUCK!! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS MMMMM..." She groaned her approval, running fingers firmly through my hair in desire as I groped away at her fake mounds. Soon bring a nipple to my lips to seal around it. Loudly slurping as my moans were now being muffled by all that ample, pale and sweat-coated flesh. She kept bouncing away on me, making her mountains sliding against my face to almost motorboat me. Switching between her British boobs as I continued to drive my dick up into her twat while making out with that rounded chest.

"MMMM... MOTHERFUCKER!! FUCK!! OH FUCK... OH FUCK!!" She groaned out, clutching the back of her own chair as her climax approached. Gasping as she came to a stop on my cock and I took over the task of driving her over the edge with some rapid, stiff thrusts that kept her moaning. Still feasting on her tits as I pumped away to drive into her slot deeply. Making my balls smack up into her juicy as as I drove in to the hilt each and every time. Making her keep putting on a performance that would easily get her video game streaming channel banned if this went live online. "FUUUUUUUCK!! YES!! CUMMING! GONNA... FUCKING!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOHH!!" I glanced up, seeing her eyes rolling back in delight as an intense orgasm flowed through her. Grunting myself as her snatch clamped around my member as I kept on thrusting away to ensure she enjoyed all of that peak. Her juices flowing down my prick as it dripped onto her chair that we've been using as a sex aid for this wild, shameless action. Her boyfriend was a damn lucky man to get to enjoy this freak in the sheets every night.

"Mmmmmm... Fuck, I needed that..." Paige said, licking her lips as I lifted her up to slide my cock out of her well-fucked snatch. "A girl's got to have her needs with my man away on tour..." She claimed, giving me another sinful smirk. "Something tells me you already knew that, with you being sneaky with your filming and all."

"What a coincidence... Your boyfriend being out of town when I decided to try some moves on you..." I said with a chuckle, being shameless to admitting to what she suspected.

"Sure... And this fat fucking cock of yours is still hard... Guess I'd better take care of that..." She said, dismounting my shaft. "Hey, have you got any fucking lube on you?" She bluntly asked to keep me smiling.

"Check the tool belt. You'll find a bottle." I replied, staying in her gaming chair as I watched her fish into the front pocket of that belt to find it.

"I've got plenty in my room, but let's not waste time..." She purred in her thick English accent as she poured some lube onto my cock to make me moan. Despite me being already coated in her juices she still took the time to properly stroke the liquid over me, showing that she's clearly no stranger to some backdoor action. Further proving that as she put on a show for me, bending over and reaching a hand back. Sliding a finger into her asshole to spread the lubricant down into herself with a groan. Biting her lower lip as she did a quick round of finger banging to ready that passage for me and my lengthy, fat shaft that's already been balls deep in her other two pleasurable holes and about to complete the trip.








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