Without waiting for an invitation Michael shimmied backwards and lowered his ass on to my face. Instinctively I stuck my tongue out and licked his smooth hole. He hovered just a centimetre or so above my face. I couldn't feel his hard cock resting on my chest and the warmth of his balls on my chin. He then arched his back and sat upright, smothering my face with his ass. I don't know what came over me but I was like a man possessed.

I stuck my tongue out and lapped away at his hole, it tasted sweet and clean, nothing like how I imagined it would be. I couldn't see anything but I could tell that he was wanking his cock at the same time, I could feel his balls bouncing on my chin and his hand moving back and forth.

He continued to grind his ass on my face. My tongue flicking across his hole. I could hear him moaning just like his sister did earlier. He once again leant forward and took my cock into his mouth in one swift movement. He took the whole thing down and then back up again, licking the juice off the end of my cock before bobbing back down all the way. I could feel his tongue on my balls as he deep throated me. I was ready to cum again. I was on the edge and ready to blow when he quickly pulled himself off my cock completely, leaving it jerking in the air as I tensed and tried to bring myself to orgasm.

Fuck this guy knew what he was doing, I came down from my almost-high again with a load groan of hornyness and disappointment, muffled only by Michael lowering his hole back down on to my face again.

He raised his hips up and pushed his hands back, looking through his legs he ordered quietly

"Lick my balls," before pushing back so his balls rested on my lips. I didn't care at this point, my tongue came out and I licked his smooth balls over and over. They tasted salty but good, I took one in my mouth and sucked it a bit and I could feel Michael pulling on his hard cock, his fingers brushing past my chin and bottom lip.

I heard him moan once more, he was fully teabagging me now, dipping his balls onto my tongue. I was loving the sensation. Every so often he bucked his hips bringing his hole back towards my mouth. I licked his hole and then along his gooch before taking his balls in my mouth and then back again.

Michael had now leant forward again and grabbed my cock a bit more forcefully now, he squeezed it hard and my cock ached so bad. I couldn't see it but I knew that as he squeezed more and more pre cum was juicing out of my cock. He carried on bucking his hips, alternating between his hole and his balls on my tongue. At the same time he wanked my cock slowly, making sure he covered every single millimetre of my cock from bottom to top.

It seemed like I had been on edge for hours by this point. He was stroking my cock so slowly that I was twitching with every single little movement. I was so close to cumming. I just needed him to speed up a little bit and would blow straight away but I could tell he enjoyed teasing me like this. Keeping a firm grip on my cock he only moved slowly and if I pushed my hips forward to somehow try and fuck his hand he would release entirely until I calmed back down. It was driving me mad.

All the while he kept grinding his ass on my face. his hole was soaking wet now and I even pushed my tongue inside just a little bit as I felt him opening up further. He released my cock again causing me to involuntarily groan in frustration and without saying anything he reached down, grabbed his stiff cock and bent it down towards my mouth. I didn't have a choice and without thinking I opened my lips allowing him to slide his cock inside my mouth.

He leant backwards and up meaning he was at a better angle and started to lower and raise himself, pushing his cock through my lips and out again. I closed my eyes, I had never sucked a cock before but this was hot. I experimented by flicking my tongue around his head while it was inside my mouth and clamping my lips down around his shaft. He seemed to enjoy it and now I could taste his juices on the end of his cock. His pace quickened. I couldn't talk as his cock kept pushing into my mouth and I couldn't move as I was tied down. He was fully fucking my mouth now and I was loving every second of it. It felt so horny and my cock must have been twitching so much in front of him. He kept quickening his pace, using my mouth as a hole to fuck and it felt like his cock was getting even bigger inside.

Then he caught me by surprise. He groaned loud and shot a large load into my mouth. All I could do was tense and swallow as he filled me. It didn't taste bad, just a bit weird, salty but also a bit sweet, and very warm. After a few seconds he relented and raised himself up pulling his cock out of my mouth.

"Mmm fuck you are a fast learner big boy." he said in between giggles. I was out of breath. Still swallowing his cum and now in a bit of shock, but my cock was still rock hard and I had never been as turned on as I was at this moment.

"Better put you out of our misery" he said as once again he leant forward. This time spitting on his hand and working it up and down my cock. I pushed my head back into the pillow and closed my eyes. It felt amazing. This time his pace had quickened and he replaced his hand with his mouth. Engulfing my cock and bobbing up and down. My hips were bucking uncontrollably, trying to fuck his mouth in the same way he had just done mine. I then felt a new sensation, his hand wandered around past my balls and through my cheeks, finding my hole.

I could feel his finger was wet. I had never had anybody play with my arse before and I tensed up immediately but he forcefully pulled my legs apart, sucking on my cock hard in the process. I felt him twist his finger around until it was right at my opening. Just as I was about to protest he lowered himself back down onto my face, his soaking wet balls and ass grinding on my face as he pushed his finger inside me. This was all too much and as he sucked on my cock once more I exploded. He held his mouth over my head and breathed hard. His finger inside my ass as he sucked and slurped on every last drop I could give him. It was the biggest load I had ever produced. I was sure of it. My whole body was tingly, my nipples were standing to attention and I was dizzy.

My orgasm seemed to last an eternity. I had never felt anything so intense and my whole body continued to tingle. Michael licked me cock up and down, running his tongue across my balls which felt warm and amazing. Every time he reached the tip of my cock I jerked as it was so sensitive. He raised himself off of my face and moved to standing next to the bed again. He was glistening in a combination of sweat, saliva and cum all over and his cock was now gradually becoming more flaccid. It really hung between his legs and still looked huge though.

He ran his hands over his body, pulling at his cock gently as he looked me up and down. He then undid my ankles first before moving around to untie my wrists from their straps. Not a word was said. I lay still on the bed, still in ecstasy and breathing hard. He grabbed his gown and put it back on tying it around himself. You could still see a visible bulge where his cock was as he pulled it tight around him. And with that he grinned slyly and tiptoed across and out of the door, closing it quietly behind him as he left. Leaving me alone and in shock on the bed.

I lay still for a minute or two, my head still spinning. What the hell had just happened? My mouth was full of the taste of his cum and my cock now ached from the huge eruption he had caused. I was so confused by all of this, a little bit scared that Molly would find out or that anybody would find out.

But at the same time I felt amazing. It was the most horny experience of my life and my cock was still at half mast. As I lay my hands couldn't stop but wander down and gently play with my cock. It felt sore but good. I also felt around my arse and my lubricated hole. It was stinging a bit but the stretching sensation I felt was a new one. Overall I was knackered so I decided to just pull the covers up over me and drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow was the day of the party after all.


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