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Monday came & Lisa went to work as usual. When she came home she said to me, "I had a meeting with Mr. Albright this morning. He gave me a promotion and raise."

"Congratulations. Anything else I should know?"

"He also said he and his wife had a great time at our house."

"I thanked him for the compliment and told him we would be there Friday night."

"The meeting was very cordial which surprised me. I thought he was going to say or do something different."

The week went by quickly and before we knew it, Friday was upon us. We were a little apprehensive but still looking forward to an I interesting weekend.

The drive took us about an hour to get to their house...which was a mansion. We took our weekend bags out and rang the doorbell. Adrien opened the door and welcomed us in, giving each of us a hug and a kiss. Her husband joined us and we all exchanged pleasantries.

Adrien took us upstairs and showed us to our suite...bedroom, sitting room and our own huge bathroom with a shower that could fit at least six with multiple shower heads at different levels.

We put our stuff away and went downstairs. Adrien took us to their den where her husband had snacks and wine waiting for us. After a few minutes, she took us on a tour of the house, which was quite impressive, to say the least. Their master bedroom was unbelievable. A huge king sized bed, two sofas and two recliners. Their master bath was huge and ornate.

After a long time, we were back in the den with Mr. Albright relaxing.

Mr. Albright said, "I hope you two will enjoy yourselves this weekend. No formalities here...just relax and have a nice time."

Adrien added, "We did have a very nice time with both of you and, in fact, my husband has something important to say."

Mr. Albright said, "Adrien and I swing but we told you that. But we don't do it much anymore. That is why when I heard about your activity, I took a chance with you to see if you would be interested in swinging with us exclusively."

Adrien added, "We know you guys just started with the cuck thing, like we did years ago and we took it further and enjoyed it. We would like you to also go further and take that next step...with us."

"Lisa responded, "We are flattered that you chose us but we just started and frankly we aren't sure if we are going to continue...even though we do like guys opened our eyes to the possibilities though but we really haven't discussed it."

Adrien said, "That's fine. Then use this weekend to make up your mind. Look, if we continue where we left off at your house, that would be a start. We aren't going to pressure you. If you don't think it's your cup of tea, so be it. In any case let's have a good time this weekend and whatever you decide, we'll understand. Now, let's drink up. I am going to change into something more comfortable. Lisa, why don't you help me pick something out."

The women left and Mr. Albright and I chatted. He said, "I am sure you know I think your wife is special to us...young, beautiful and willing to try new things. You are a lucky man. Oh, from now on please just call me Vern."

I replied, "Well, we both think highly of both you and your wife. You both are very lucky yourselves. To be honest I never thought of swinging. I haven't told Lisa, but I would definitely consider it with you and Adrien."

Then Vern said, "Well Jim, that's nice to hear. I won't say anything to the women though...just let it play out. By the way, would it bother you if I wanted to have sex one on one with Lisa?"

"I don't know if she'll do it, but if she is ok with it, so am I."

The women came down and my eyes opened wide when I saw them. They looked like twins. They had on form fitting white tights and sheer tank tops. It was obvious they had no bras or panties on either.

They walked over to us and Adrien sat near me and Lisa sat near Vern. We talked, had snacks and plenty of wine. As we drank, we chatted and enjoyed feeling up the women. I kept my eye on Lisa as Vern was now kissing her and pulling her to him.

In a second he pulled off her top and her tits were in full view. He seemed to enjoy sucking her erect nipples as much as she was enjoying it. As Adrien kissed me, I saw Vern's hand slide into Lisa's tights. I watched as Vern got her on his lap facing him. His hands pulling her ass to him, her tits pressed against his chest.

Adrien distracted me when she pulled her top off and moved her tits into my face. I automatically started sucking her nipples, trying to watch Lisa & Vern.

In a second, Vern & Lisa got up and he whispered to her that I overheard, "I want to take you to my bed and fuck you without your husband. Will you come?"

Lisa looked over at me, then him and she replied, "No, I can't. It wouldn't be right."

He said, "Your husband said you could if you wanted to. Do you want to?"

She looked at me and smiled and she mouthed 'Can I?' then turned to Vern and nodded an ok and upstairs they went.

When they disappeared I turned my attention to Adrien. I got up and pulled her tights off, leaving her naked.

"I want to fuck you now Adrien."

"Yes, Jim...fuck and me, alone."

She laid on her back on the sofa, her legs spread wide for easy access to her treasure. I moved to her, my cock now at her slit. My cock slipped in her wet cunt easily. As I started fucking her, I heard moans coming from upstairs and I knew my wife had Vern's cock in her.

I fucked Adrien harder and told her I was going to cum. She pulled my ass to her to keep my cock deep in her as I shot ropes of cum into her cunt.

As I finished cumming I heard Lisa yelling out, "Oh God, I'm cumming...I'm cumming...yesssss...ahhhh."

I looked at Adrien and said, "I think I can learn to like this swinging stuff."

Adrien laughed as she pulled my face to her tits and told me to play with them.

It was quite awhile before the four of us got together again and when we did, we were all naked. The women had cum still oozing out of their cunts running down their thighs.

Lisa came to me and we hugged and kissed.

Vern served us wine and after a few sips said, "Well, what did you think of swapping partners? Is it something you would consider doing on a regular basis?"

I answered, "Look, as a guy I'm ok with it but as a married man, it would be strictly up to my wife."

Then Adrien said, "May I ask you both for an answer?"

Lisa and I both said yes and she continued, "For whatever reason Jim you decided to venture into being a cuck which basically is your wife fucking another guy, correct?"

I told her yes as did Lisa.

"I don't see the difference between that and swapping, except the guy gets some pussy as well."

"I'm not trying to push you two into swapping but you are basically doing it now, at least one of you are, the wife who is the most important part of the arrangement. That being said, she is already doing a one way swap. Does that make sense?"

I replied, "When you put it that way, I see what you mean."

Then Lisa said, "I never thought of it that way. You're right. I am swapping but my hubby isn't. I understand now. There is no difference from what we are already doing. Ok. I'm in if Jim is in."

"I guess it's all settled. Vern & Adrien, we are ok with swapping with you two."

"That's great. Let's finish the wine and spend tonight sharing our partners with each other."

The next morning we all got up, showered and went downstairs for breakfast. There was no mention of our night and we just talked about minor things. After breakfast we helped straightening out the bedroom and then went down to the den.

The phone rang and Vern answered and I could only hear his end of the conversation...

"Hi Nick. How is everything? We can't...we have friends over for the weekend...Hey, why don't you & Nora join us for dinner tonight at the club, say 7:00? We'd love to have you join us...Fine...See you at the club at 7:00...Bye."

"Adrien, Nick & Nora are meeting us at the club tonight for dinner at 7:00."

Vern then said, "I guess you heard. You guys will like them. They are very nice people. Nick is a sports writer and his wife is

For the rest of the morning we just hung out and chatted. The women got along fine and Vern was a pretty decent guy after all.

By now it was time for lunch and Vern had some pizzas delivered and we had lunch by the pool. It was getting hot so Vern suggested we take a dip in the pool after we ate.

I informed him we didn't bring suits and he laughed..."Hello... last you think you need suits?"

I laughed when he reminded me. "I guess not."

After we ate, we cleaned up and got undressed and went into the pool to cool down. It was funny, all four of us naked and nobody felt out of place or embarrassed. Of course Vern hit on Lisa and I enjoyed it trying to figure out how far Lisa would go with him since she had really loosened up.

After a few minutes, Vern had his wife on one side of him and my wife on the other side. He went from one to the other kissing them and playing with their tits. Then he took Adrien and pushed her to Lisa and told them to kiss and they did. He then told Lisa to suck Adrien's nipples and she did. He looked over at me and I nodded an ok.

He took both women out of the pool and they laid down on a blanket on the grass, with him in the middle. He said to me, "Watch."

Vern laid on his back. He then told Lisa to ride his cock. Lisa looked back at me and straddled his stiff cock. Then Lisa lowered her body until Vern's cock disappeared into her cunt. Then she started riding him. As she moved up and down Vern told Adrien to kiss Lisa and play with her tits in and then Lisa started riding him faster...then she started screaming out, "My God, I'm going explode...I'm cumming. Then her body went into spasms just as Vern shot his cum into her cunt.

They all fell to the side spent.

They rested awhile before enjoying the pool again. I joined them and moved over to Lisa and said, "You are incredible." "Did my husband like it when his big cock disappeared in me?"

"Oh God, was a beautiful sight. Thank you."

Then she said, "Jim, I am beginning to like it more and more...I don't know what's gotten into you hate me?"

"Baby, I could never hate you. If you want more, I'm fine with it. From now on you can do anything you want with anyone. Is that clear?"

"Jim, I do love you more now than ever...I just need it so much now."

"Lisa, you fuck whoever you want, with or without me there...enjoy yourself baby."

She hugged and kissed me.

By now it was time to get ready to go out for dinner. We showered, dressed and headed to Vern's club.

As we drove up, we saw how beautiful the place was. Vern took us inside and his friends, Nick & Nora were at the bar. Vern introduced us and we were taken to our table. I thought to myself,. 'Vern was right, Nora was drop dead gorgeous.' She was about 5'8" maybe 130, auburn hair hanging over her shoulder, green eyes and full tits, with a trim body and looked about 30. She wore a black mini dress without a bra which caught everyone's eye.

Her husband looked like he was around 40, maybe 5'9", guessing around 180, athletic build, brown hair & brown eyes.

Over the course of dinner I found them to be very down to earth people. I also got this feeling that they are or were swingers...just a feeling and it didn't bother me but I wondered if this was a set up for things to come.

We spent almost two hours at the club and went through a couple of bottles of wine before we left.

When we got back to Vern's, the men went into the den and the women went into the kitchen to make coffee and put out some desserts.

After awhile we were all sitting in the den enjoying the coffee and desserts.

We all chatted and got to know each other and we all seemed comfortable with each other.

About an hour later, Adrien said, "Anyone interested in playing a game?"

Vern asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"How about a game of 'Couples Strip Poker'?"

"What the hell is that?" Vern said.

"Strip poker but couples are a team. If the couple loses the hand one of them has to remove a piece of clothing. The winning team is the one with clothes still on either team member. Lastly, the winning team gets to chose a prize.

"It's ok with me," Vern said.

"I'm ok with it," Said Nick.

I told them I was ok with it as did Lisa and Nora

Adrien brought out the cards and a bottle of wine and glasses. The six of us sat around the coffee table as Adrien dealt the cards..."Five card stud" She said and dealt out the cards.

The men picked up the cards and shared them with their wives. Then Adrien said, "Show us what you got."

Nick showed a pair of tens...I showed a pair of kings and Vern showed no pair and he & Adrien lost.

Vern & Adrien whispered and Vern removed his shirt.

Now, the game went on for awhile as it started to get interesting. By now Vern was down to his briefs, Adrien was left in her thong, Nick was in his shorts & Nora was down to her g-string. I was left with my briefs and Lisa had her thong & bra still on.

The next hand was dealt and cards were shown. Lisa and I lost. Lisa removed her bra and all three women were topless and the men only had briefs left.

The next hand was dealt and Lisa and I lost. I looked at Lisa and we decided that I should remove my briefs.

One hand later Vern lost and Adrien removed her thong.

Losing next was Nick. He told Nora to get naked and she removed her g-string.

Continuing, I lost the hand and Lisa got naked and we were out

The next hand had Nick winning and now Vern was naked and Nick & Nora won.

We applauded the winners and drank a toast to the victors.

Then Adrien said, "Congrats you two. Now, pick your prize."

Nick & Nora looked at her and Nick asked, "What's the prize adrien?"

Oh, as the winners, you can have anyone here for an hour...your choice."

I looked at Lisa and she looked at me and we both shrugged our shoulders waiting for a decision.

Nick said, "I'll take Lisa and Nora wants Jim."

Lisa quickly said, "Ok but Vern & Adrien have to watch."

Nick said that was fine and Adrien led everyone upstairs. Before we got on the bed, Nick removed his briefs and his rock hard cock popped out and it was impressive. His cock wasn't thick but long, maybe 8 or 9 inches and on the thin side. Now, all six of us were naked. The four of us got on the bed while Vern & Adrien sat on a sofa and watched us.

Nick was all over Lisa and Nora was all over me. Nick was enjoying playing with Lisa's tits and Nora had a good grasp on my cock. She wasted no time in getting my cock in her mouth.

As I was getting sucked, Nick got Lisa on all fours and wasted no time in slipping his cock in her cunt. He started fucking her as I watched his cock going in and out. Then, he pulled his cock out which glistened from her juices then he lined up his cock to her asshole. I watched closely as he started pushing his thin cock into her ass. Lisa started moaning and saying that it hurt.

Adrien yelled out, "Lisa, enjoy it baby. He's almost in you."

Then, Nick pushed his cock deep into her ass as far as he could go and stopped. I didn't think she would take his cock but she did.

I yelled out, "Fuck her ass Nick."

As he did, she started moaning and pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts.

Adrien went over and laid on her back underneath Lisa and started sucking her nipples as Nick fucked my wife's ass.

He started fucking her ass harder and as I watched, I told Nora I was going to cum. In seconds, I filled her mouth with my cum, then she went to Lisa and kissed her, sharing my cum with her.

In the meantime, Nick yelled out that he was going to cum. Then he shot his cum in my wife's ass. When he pulled out his limp cock, his cum started oozing out her ass as she fell on her stomach.

We waited awhile, long enough for me to get hard again and I had Nora get on her back and I mounted her and wasted no time in fucking this beauty.

Look for Part 4

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