My first love

My first love was when I was in my early 20's, I didn't mean to fall in love nor did I want to fall in love with her. I knew there was no way we could ever be more than the best friends we had become, why more never happened is still a mystery to me. It all started when Her husband, my friend, maybe my best friend applied for a job I had. It was a good job with a larger computer firm that is still around 30 years later and will be for a long time yet to come. Young innocent me blew off my interview, I no showed, not called, silly me didn't want to compete with him because I knew I would be the winner and they needed the job more than I did.

He got the job, it was a night shift position building computers, and he encouraged his wife and I do spend time together. Which we did, we could cook for one another, we would take drives go shopping, talk sometimes until he came home when I would leave for mine. I felt something that I liked, it was not sexual as I would have expected it to be. She was not a hot woman by those days standards even. We had become friends and maybe something else, but not love. Then one evening we took a ride and wound up going past his work. She called him up and said, "We saw you" meaning his place of work. As we couldn't have seen anything. He became real defensive, "With who" and then she knew. That night I sat with her on the couch as she cried. When he came home I left. I wish I had stayed, as she came up with a serious bruise on he hip from being thrown around. They some how became civil again, the next night there was evidence of that on their couch.

I will admit I was a little upset, and maybe jealous. Anyway, she got into his works computer email and found love letters to him from this girl, which she tried to print but wound up printing on the main printer at work and his boss found them. That, and credit card receipts for hotel rooms, expensive restaurants, even a couple concerts, and even a sex shop that was downtown. next thing he was living with this girl and I was spending more and more time with his wife, who was also my sister, I guess I was in the Friend Zone here but I was so jealous that she loved him so much and I could never have that kind love from her.

The weeks rolled on, we packed his sorry ass stuff for him and I found some very interesting pictures among some of his stuff. This was pre-Digital photography; cell phones were unheard of. The pictures show a lot of my older sister, I was 18 at the time and she was 21. She was a redhead, in the pictures she was a lot more petite than she is now, her breasts were smaller and looked like just over the preverbal handful. Her pussy was covered in a trimmed red patch of hair that perfectly matched the hair on her head. The last of the pictures showed his cock going into her pussy. I'm not sure what she saw in him as it was barely bigger than my thumb. If I had to guess I would say it was maybe 5 inches and probably her first and only. I shoved these pictures in my pocket and ditched them the first chance I could in the glove box of my car.

My sister, being how she is, wanted to see who she lost him to. So in the middle of the night we took our parents SUV and went to stalk him. We dressed in or best stealthy looking clothes and went out for a drive to his work. We got in the back seat where it was nice and dark, and after sitting at their work place for almost an hour, they came out to her car, they got in the backseat and she proceeded to blow him before climbing on top of him. Soon her shirt was off, the car was rocking, he was sucking her nipples and about the time it started to look like they were getting done the car was lit up by spotlights from 2 police cars. The two were ordered out of the car, they both got out, the girl was trying to cover her naked body and my sister's husband stepped out pulling his underwear up over his tiny cock. We slumped back, not wanting to be seen as they allowed them to get dressed, they checked their id's and put them under arrest.

As they were putting them into the back seat of the cruiser a guy came out and said, "Serves you right asshole, fooling around with my wife. Hey, Bitch, Guess what this is all the proof I need to get custody or our kids!"

We waited for a good amount of time after the police left before we decided to leave. My cock was so hard it hurt at this point. My sister saw it but said nothing as I drove us to her place. Of course she wanted me to come in.

She started, "I'm going to change into something more comfortable, these jeans are killing me." With that she went into her bedroom, leaving the door open. About a minute later she calls out, "You can come back if you want."

Thinking nothing of it, my erection finally calmed down from the show earlier I proceeded back to her room. I wasn't ready for the sight I saw when I entered her room, (their old room) Standing before me was my sister, in a little crop style t-shirt and lacy white panties. My erection sprung up in no time, making its self known as it snaked down my pants legs. I'm not small by any means, not porn style big either, just over 8 inches of grade A Prime virgin cock. I said the only thing I could say, "uhhh"

My sister walked over to me and said, "Why don't we get you out of these." She grasped my belt and undid it, took my shirt off followed by her shirt. I was in awe, her nipples were hard and as she embraced me I felt their hardness dig into my chest. A thousand memories of growing up flashed through my head. Sure I've seen her in swimsuits, we have even bathed together when we were younger. But I haven't seen this much of her since we were maybe 9. I already had my shoes off from when I came inside which allowed me to step right out of my pants.

She asked, "You okay?"

I responded, "ah.. umm yeah."

Lowering her panties she asked, "Do you think you could just stay with me tonight?" then she lowered my boxers allowing my erection to stand proudly."

I answered, "Sure, anything you like."

She turned the bedroom light off leaving the only light was from the hall night light. In the faint glow I watched as she bent to turn the covers down before sliding into bed. I wasted no time sliding in beside her. She turned to face me, hugging me tight against her body. My cock found her pubic hair and she kinda froze, "Not yet."

I said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to .." and started to pull away.

She pulled me tighter, moving so my cock was no longer touching her pussy but instead it wound up between her thighs. She said, "You are no long my little brother I see." She wiggled a little and I convulsed. Sending stream after stream of my cum to cover her thighs.

I said, "I'm sorry, I'll go."

She released me and said, "Yes you go, go and get a washrag and come right back."

I did as I was told, when I came back I saw her dip a finger in my cum and bring it to her lips. "You don't taste too bad BIG brother. Turn on the light for a second so you can see what you are doing."

I did, she had the covers pulled back and her legs spread showing off the first real pussy I have ever seen. I said all I could, "Wow, sis that looks nice."

She smiled and said, "Just wash your mess off of me quickly."

I made sure to do a good job and getting her clean took the rag back to the bathroom. She was still spread showing off her goods to me when I came in. I asked her, "Can I look a little more?"

She said, "You look like you have never seen one. Oh my God, you haven't have you?"

I just shook my head.

As she guided me between her legs she said, "Of course you can look all you like."

I looked as she held it open, showing me the parts, even explaining a little. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy and said, "I want to snuggle with you tonight, but I will tell you the only thing I'm calling off-limits is you actually fucking me."

I sheepishly asked her, "Can I ah.. can I have a little taste?"

She said, "I can tell you have seen some porn though!! Sure go for it."

I stuck out my tongue and touched her, I licked her and she said, "Okay if you are going to do it, do it right. See that bump, kinda lick it like this." She then made a motion with her tongue and I repeated it to her delight, "Oh... Yes.. just like.. Oh..." and then in no time I was holding onto her hips for dear life as I licked her. When she came down from her orgasm I snuggled up behind her and we spooned, and that's where I fell asleep.

In the morning we showered together, something we hadn't done since we were kids. I got to learn more about her body, and when she soaped up my cock I was in heaven. My cum was quick and washed down the drain after it splattered all over her stomach. I started to return the favor, but she said, "Not now, I slept so good last night with you, will you please stay again?"

We dressed, and went out, ate breakfast, went to get a copy of the ARREST record from last night. Seems, they got nailed for public lewdness and Indecent exposure as well as littering. Seems condom wrappers count as litter.

We went shopping at the mall for a while she it Victoria Secrets while I waited at the food court. We had a very enjoyable day. A time or two I caught myself glancing at her thinking naughty thoughts. We ran into some friends, everything was pretty normal.

That evening her husband came over, she gave him copies of the report and he got a little (read A LOT) upset and tried to rough house her some, I put him in a headlock up against his car, blindside his balls with her knee. I kinda felt bad, but only kinda as he was screwing around on my sister. He decided to leave.

We ordered in Dinner and after it arrived my sister asked me, "Do you mind if I get comfortable before we eat?" She changed in the bedroom with the door open. She came out in a flannel shirt and a pair of regular panties, not lacy, just regular white panties, that the shirt hid mostly anyday. We ate in front of the TV. When we finished eating she cleared the trash and same back with a blanket and said "I want to watch a movie, and my favorite way to watch a movie is snuggled under a blanket, you want to strip down to your undies like me and join me?" Well, I'm not stupid, sister or not, so we settled down and watched a movie me behind her holding her in a spooning fashion on the couch. My hard-on gave up after about 10 minutes and a promise from my sister, "We'll take care of you later, I want to enjoy this."

I can't even remember the movie's name, but it was nice just holding her in my arms. We lost the remainder of our clothes but gave in only to the skin to skin contact. Her body felt amazingly soft against mine. Very relaxing for both of us. Plus because of the promise I didn't feel the need to get off right then. When the movie was over my sister thanks me for being a gentleman and not trying anything.

We showed together, and she dried me off, telling me to go wait for her in the bedroom. I did as I was told. When she came into the bedroom to join me she was wearing a pink housecoat that covered her from her shoulders to her knees. She turned away from me saying, "I hope you don't mind but I wanted this to be special." Turning back to me she let the robe fall to the floor revealing a very RED nighty with white laced trim. The panties had no crotch and I figured I'd be enjoying that feature soon. She hopped in bed with me and before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth and her pussy in my face. I licked as my cock expanded even more into her hot mouth, I've never felt anything like that in my life and as she started cumming I released my load down her waiting throat.

She lay down beside me, head to head and kissed me, "That was amazing."

I tasted my cum on her lips, it wasn't bad mixed with her juices. We held one other and kissed and made out for what seemed like no time but in reality was about 30 minutes. I felt my hard on pressing against her pussy and she did to. She asked, "Can I do something for you?"

I nodded and spoke, "Anything you like."

She moved on top of me and I felt a warm ring of heat around my cock head, then in that same instant the heat surrounded my entire cock and then my world as I exploded my whole being into her. I never got soft and she kept ridding, I flipped her onto her back and watched her pretty face as her breast giggled below be, she was getting close and when she moaned I shot into her again, setting her off.

I collapsed beside her, laying on her breasts as she patted my head. In a little while she got up to go to the bathroom and a river of my semen dripped down her legs and she said, "Want to join me for another shower and then we can change the sheets.

Well we showered, changed the sheets, but it didn't do any good, about 2am we woke back up and started all over. This time the wet spot was on my side of the bed and we just left it and fell back to sleep. When morning came, we showered again and made love in the shower until the water turned cold.

Over the next week, we admitted a lot to one another, she had a crush on me growing up and spied a little, and I had a crush on her but was afraid of getting caught or rejected. When she found my stash of pictures in the glovebox, she kissed me and said "I love you, thank you so much. You know I really do LOVE you!"

"I love you too sis, and more than I should if you know what I mean." I said.

She replied with another kiss and said, "That's what I meant too silly."

After a few weeks and life kicking in and Bills kicking in we decided it was good for me to move in with her. We set up the second bedroom for looks but we spent the nights in each other's arms, sharing our bodies. Her divorce went through with no contest, Her now Ex-husband got what he wanted, he got the girl! He was in an accident at work where a pallet of computers fell and killed him. Leaving my sister a million-dollar life insurance policy, which doubled due to the accident, because it was never switched out of her name. His will wasn't updated either, so she go his only prized possession, a 1967 Chevelle SS which we donated to the Battered Women Foundation for an auction they have. The money we kept. Can we say BEACH HOUSE!! & uid=32261😍-adultpornroll-com-–-links-to-the-best-free-porn-sites

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